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Sesshoumaru's mokomokosama (that furry thing on his shoulder)... people think it's a tail or a something else. What do you think it is?

His tail?
His tail? 47%
A demon parasite that he can store some of his power?
A demon parasite that he can store some of his power? 9%
A boa as a fashion statement?
A boa as a fashion statement? 9%
Just an extension of himself that he can add his power to?
Just an extension of himself that he can add his power to? 28%
Other? 4%
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Summary: Ten years before the Shikon Jewel returned to Sengoku Jidai, there was a band of ruthless mercenaries...
Categories: Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance, Adult, Romance > Other
Chapters: 7 | Rated: R | Word count: 16081 | Read Count: 93 | Published: 08 Jan 2020 | Updated: 13 Feb 2020
Summary: High school is filled with drama. What will happen when the Soccer team leader meet the shy archery girl...
Categories: Angst/ Drama, Romance, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome, Romance > Miroku/ Sango, Romance > Other
Chapters: 11 | Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star | Word count: 29998 | Read Count: 1583 | Published: 27 May 2013 | Updated: 16 Jan 2020
Summary: A Naraku x Kagome fanfiction inspired by the song Rewrite The Stars told in short chapters. Kagome lets...
Categories: Romance > Naraku/ Kagome
Chapters: 4 | Rated: PG-13 | Word count: 2651 | Read Count: 1609 | Published: 14 Jun 2019 | Updated: 14 Jun 2019
Summary: The thunder demon Hiten searches for sacred jewel shards, only to find Kagome holds a secret.
Categories: Action/ Adventure, Adult
Chapters: 1 | Rated: X starstarstarstarstar | Word count: 1807 | Read Count: 236 | Published: 20 May 2019 | Updated: 20 May 2019
Summary: Kagome was a modern girl with modern sensibilities, but there were some things she tried to hide from...
Categories: Humor
Chapters: 1 | Rated: PG-13 | Word count: 757 | Read Count: 222 | Published: 22 Mar 2019 | Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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