Cleaned up Spam "Fics"
Recently, sonofzhon2 reached out to me to let me know that there were a ton of fanfics that were submitted by spammers. I've gone and removed those. I will be looking through member profiles and doing a cleanup there. That will take some time. I did a cleanup last year, but looks like I need to again.

--Nile on 08 Feb 2024 8:52:01 PM 4 Comments
eFiction is Updated
Just finisheed updating to the latest version of eFiction. Please note that I may be playing with a different skin for the next theme, so the site may look different at times until I'm satisfied with the look. I'll post back when everything has settled.

--Nile on 16 Feb 2023 12:06:37 AM 1 Comments
eFiction Update header img update
It's February 2023, and eFiction finally has some updates that I will need to upgrade the site's script for security reasons. I'll also be changing the site's header image. Please note that we're taking donations this year to keep the site up for another year... our 15th year. Please consider donating.

--Nile on 13 Feb 2023 8:59:11 PM 2 Comments
Huge thanks!
Super huge thanks to Son of Zhon for supporting IYFF. We were able to make the quota for year and good for 2021. It's our fault we were a bit late announcing to the group about donation gathering for the website, to keep it open. It was hard getting out the word, as we relied on the FB page for that. Somehow FB took it down based on saying that the site header image (which was fanart), violated some copyright, rather than just remove the image itself. Anywho, I asked Nile, our founder to see about changing the site header. The site has been up for about 13 years and we've had like 3 header designs, so it's time for a new one. Again, thank you for supporting the site, especially our long time member of the community, Son of Zhon (it may be 2 at the end of their username.)

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 24 May 2021 12:56:08 PM 1 Comments
Need your help!
I know in January, we were late to opening up donations for the year. We still have yet to raise the $300 left to keep this site open another year. Slowly the Inu Yasha fanfiction community is dwindling. We are one of the few last ones outside the larger sites, to remain. Please consider donating. You can learn more at or use the PayPal donation button in the sidebar

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 13 Apr 2021 12:47:19 PM 1 Comments
Happy New Year!
Wow! We got through 2020 already? It's already a strange 2021, but it's here. I'm not much into making resolutions, but if it were, it's less time on Facebook. Since it's a new year, that means we'll be opening up for taking donations to keep the site open. Things are tight, but I donated $200. So, there's about $300 left that we need to raise. You can learn more at or use the PayPal donation button in the sidebar. Every little bit helps. We're one of the few archives left, other than the bigger ones, that specifically focus on Inu Yasha fanfiction.

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 07 Jan 2021 1:05:40 PM 0 Comments
Hope everyone is doing well
This pandemic has been crazy! Hope you all are well. I checked in with the mods and Nile, and everyone here is doing well. As for the site, good news! Only $50 left for what we needed for this year. So excited to share that news. It's a bit late, but my job is in health care, and I've been working over time lately.

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 15 May 2020 9:48:09 PM 1 Comments
Site was down for a few days / Other News
Site was down due to malware, and I had to get Nile to clean it, so we could get the site back up. So, we're back and cleaned up. Things happen. As for our yearly donations, we've only got $125 left to raise for this year. I'm so grateful for those who've contributed in order to keep this site up so long.

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 08 Mar 2020 11:55:12 AM 0 Comments
It's nearly 2020!
It's almost a new year. I went ahead and pre-paid half of the hosting bill for the next year for IYFF. That being said, with good news, that means only $250 needs to be raised for next year.

We are one of the very few InuYasha fanfiction websites left. It's amazing how long this site has been up. Nile and I, as well as the rest of our mods here, thank you so much for supporting this site. We'd like to also thank one of our largest supporters last year, SonofZhon2.

That being said, if you'd like to keep this site up, you can donate via PayPal to (You can read more details at if you'd like.)

Have a happy holiday and hopefully a fantastic new year!

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 19 Dec 2019 4:19:04 PM 0 Comments
IYFF good and bad news
So, some jerkoff reported the IYFF Facebook page for copyright infringement and it was taken down. Not sure how to handle that issue, but that was a really bad move. The page clearly had fanart for the header, clearly said InuYasha Fanfiction and was for a website. This definitely didn't indicate that we were trying to mislead people. As for the good news, the donation call was taken down because we're up for another year. I'll be getting in the payment to the host and domain registrar. Thank you so much for contributing and keeping this site going.

--Lydia on 18 Jun 2019 5:23:07 PM 0 Comments
WOW! Major huge thanks to SonofZhon/ SonofZhon2 for donating
IYFF will be able to stay up another year, and it's been by the amazing SonofZhon/ SonofZhon2... author of A Silver Shadow and Legacy of Hate. I'm away from my computer for work, so when I get back, I'll edit the notice on the front page for donations.

--Lydia on 09 Jun 2019 4:12:23 PM 0 Comments
Updates and that time for donations
(copied from Facebook) Can you believe it? is still up, and in a few months it will be 12 years. We had a generous donor that paid some months into 2019, but when the site is up for renewal, on June 25, 2019... we will need to come up with $500 for the hosting to keep it up for 2020... in the next few months. The good news is that this aligns our hosting and domain registration for the site to fall at the same time.

IYFF is one of the last couple sites outside of's InuYasha fanfic collection, that doesn't have advertisements to keep it running.

If you'd like to see the site up for another year, you can donate: or send via PayPal at


Other news - I recently updated the site's eFiction script to it's latest version.

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 21 Mar 2019 10:02:19 PM 0 Comments
Happy Holidays!
Great news! One last donator came in and covered the last $150. This is amazing! I've got 1 IY fan art commission to finish, but just wanted to get the news out that we're going to be up for 2018, and ad-free. I'm hoping that sometime in 2018, to make the site a little more mobile friendly. Right now, it's been about time, so let pray I get that so it will be easier to view the site on most device widths.

--Nile on 29 Dec 2017 11:52:06 AM 3 Comments
Happy Thanksgiving!
Just wanted to pop on to let everyone know - Happy Thanksgiving. Also, I wanted to mention that we've only got $150 to raise for the site to stay up and ad-free for 2018. For December, if anyone donates over $50, I will do a custom fan art piece. I'm best at InuYasha, Sesshoumaru and Kagome. However, I've done others as well. If you do, please specify that you'd like a custom fan art piece in your donation note, as well as up to 2 IY characters that you'd like in your piece.

--Nile on 24 Nov 2017 7:20:38 PM 3 Comments
Donations & next year?
I was concerned to see that Nile paid the rest of the bill, but she said she was fine with it. I said that there had been 2- $50 donations by one of our members. After talking with Nile, she said that the $100 can go towards 2018's web hosting.

Thank you "B.McG." (I'm just putting initials as I didn't know if it was suppose to be anonymous, but I figure initials keeps some anonymity.)

Everyone who has contributed their stories to the site, and has donated to keep it advertisement free for all, is amazing! I'm blown away by the Inuyasha fanfiction community. It warms my heart. Than you.

(I realize this post is on April 1st, but it's not an April Fools' Day joke.)

--Raven_Clover/ Lydia on 01 Apr 2017 7:56:39 PM 1 Comments
We didn't make the goal.
This is probably the last 3 months I can keep the site up without ads. We only raised $170 of the $500 for the hosting for this year. March 1st was the due date and I ended up with paying the hosting in full. If you wish to keep the site without ads, and keep it up...

--Nile on 04 Mar 2017 12:25:12 AM 0 Comments
It's that time again! Need your support for IYFF
It's that time of the year. is going on 10 years, and we're needing to raise $500 for keeping it up and hosted in 2017. We've done pretty good keep the site up with little downtime over the last 10 years. Your donations have kept our site without advertising of any kind, which is what the community voted on years ago.

We've been grateful for all the help, but it's a new year, and we're hoping to get the hosting fee paid before it's due in March of 2017.

If you've found any value in the website (even a little bit of entertainment) throughout the years, please considering donating.

You can find out more at or donate via PayPal to donations AT inuyasha-fanfiction DOT com (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a . and make sure there are no spaces)

Again thank you, and we hope to keep this site open for it's 10th year!

--Raven/ Lydia on 14 Nov 2016 12:14:47 PM 0 Comments
Brief Downtime (June 25, to at the latest June 30)
IYFF website will be down June 25, until June 30. It will be undergoing some maintenance for the fan fiction software that it uses.

It's also time for the domain renew, and it's better for me to do this at this time, and not have to rush.

Please excuse the downtime. I don't have a lot of time to spare on updating, so I've had to piece out a little time here and there for the next few days.

Stay calm and we will be back up. In the mean time, Try and their extension InuYasha fan fiction collection.

--Nile on 24 Jun 2016 7:04:50 PM 0 Comments
We did make our goal for this year
It's my fault. Nile-sama (or Taiyoukai_Nile) asked me to post and I hadn't. We made our goal mid-March for the hosting this year of

Some people offered to make pictures, but that really didn't entice people last year. We barely scraped by this year, but you all came through at the very last where the bill was due.

From the records, there's been $35 extra that will spill over to 2017 hosting. This includes the $5 sent today.

Again, thanks for supporting the website. AND, I'm sorry to deliver the news late!

--Raven/ Lydia on 25 May 2016 5:05:14 AM 2 Comments
Happy New Year (2016) & Direly Need Your Support
We hope that your 2015 went well and that 2016 will be the year for you.

Unfortunately, for, we may be facing our final year. We were REALLY lucky to skate by last year on donations because we had someone generously give to keep us open. We cannot expect that to happen again.

As for January 7, 2016, for the hosting this year, we've only collected $73 out of the $500 we need. If you'd like to keep IYFF open another year, please consider supporting us. You can either click the Paypal button on the front page, or go to to donate.

Again... thank you for your support.

--The IYFF Mods on 08 Jan 2016 1:02:19 AM 2 Comments
It's that time of year again!
Hi everyone! Can you believe how fast 2015 has gone by? It's actually that time of the year again. We need to raise $445 of the $500 that is needed to keep going. This is for the 2016 year, to keep up and running.

Please read about how you can help keep our website alive for another year at -

In the mean time, have a very Happy Halloween. If you're cosplaying or if you have children dressing up at InuYasha characters, please send in your pics... perhaps we'll display them. :)

Also, it's almost that time to change up the featured posts... so be on the look out in the next month or two. :)

Thank you for being a part of our family. Love, from all us admins at IYFF!

--IYFF Admins on 30 Oct 2015 7:24:56 AM 0 Comments
We're covered!
After some extremely generous donations, we were able to fulfill this years hosting bill so we won't have to start bothering anyone again until August 2015. You are welcome to donate ahead of time for the next year, but we're securely able to keep open another year without adding any advertising. This is exciting news!!! You all are amazing!

--Nile on 31 Dec 2014 9:12:35 AM 0 Comments
Nearly Half-Way There!!!
We're nearly half there - $235 raised out of the $500 needed to keep us open for the next year. Lydia emailed you all earlier as a reminder. I've been busy with helping with my stepmom and also trying to work when I can, so the site hasn't been on my priority list.

I still come by and read, do upkeep and such.

As I said to Lydia (and she put it in the email blast to you all), I've not ignored commissions. I will get to them shortly after the holidays as this has been hard on my family. I'll still honor doing fanart commissions if your donation happens to be at least $50.

We're going to update the site header for 2015 and probably do some script upgrades.

I want to thank the other mods for helping on our main site as well as our groups on LiveJournal and DeviantArt.

--Nile on 20 Dec 2014 12:08:38 AM 2 Comments
Anyone want to put together and submit a funny caption to be placed on the front page? You can email me nile AT blondish DOT net, with the image and I'll put it up. I think we need something fresh.... don't you think? ;)

--Nile on 01 Apr 2014 1:01:54 AM 3 Comments
Please support our site
Last year we did not make our quota and that really means that this year could be the last time that InuYasha Fanfiction may remain up. The mods chipped in, mostly Nile, and covered the remainder of the hosting. The page for the donation info is at -

We really appreciate the support over the last few years and hope to see this site remain for some time. It's amazing to read all of the fanfics, especially the variations in both Canon and Alternate universes.

--IYFF Admins on 03 Feb 2014 4:45:09 PM 12 Comments