Family Ties by Love_bug
Summary: Inuyasha is single father and the vp of  Takahashi industries, Kagome is also to hard working single mom looking for a job and try to hid her dark past read to find out more.
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Okay so this chapter is a short it beacuse I want know if you guys like befor I keep going and don't my not going to working on my story life just so you know and I do not own Inuyasha

1. Chapter 1 by Love_bug

Chapter 1 by Love_bug
Author's Notes:
Okay so this a short chatper but I want to thank my beta reader Deana f

It was around three o’clock in the morning. It was still dark outside and the sound of thunder and rain was scaring a little five year old girl who was standing by her door. She had a plan to run really fast over to her daddy’s room.            

 “On the count of  three, I’ll run to my daddy’s room. One. Two. Three.” The girl counted in her head. Once she counted the three, she took off and was standing at her father’s doorway. She quickly opened the door to her daddy’s room and ran inside.          

  “Daddy, daddy.” The girl called out to her father.      

      The young man let out a groan and opened his eyes and saw his  silver hair, hazel eyed daughter looking at him.           

 “Sayuri? What are you doing awake sweetie?” The young silver head hanyou asked.”           

 “The storm is really scary. I don’t like the big loud sound it makes.”           

 “Oh, you don’t like the thunder. Well come on, hop in the bed with daddy. You can sleep with me tonight.”           

Sayuri climbed up on her daddy’s king size bed and snuggled up to her father who was rubbing one of her puppy ears. Sayuri closed her eyes. Inuyasha listened as his daughter’s breathing even out, signaling that she had falling asleep and Inuyasha followed her shortly after.           

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            The sun was up. It was shining through the white blinds. It’s warm rays shined on the young woman who groaned. She turned over to look at her night stand. She looked at her alarm clock and it read: eight fifteen. Her  eyes widen in shock, she overslept.           

“Oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no this can’t be happening. I can’t believe I overslept.” The young woman named Kagome ranted. She rushed  to her closet and pulled out a navy blue skirt, a white button down shirt and a navy blue dress jacket. Kagome ran down stairs and down the hall to her son’s room. “Toshiro baby. Wake up. It’s time for day care.”           

  “Mommy, the daycare closed today. Remember?” The three year old hanyou said .           

 “Oh no, I forgot all about that. Well, you’ll just have to come with me to my interview, but you have to be good.”         

   “Don’t worry.  I’ll be a good boy.”          

  “Okay sweetie. Do you think you can put on your clothes while I get ready.”           

“Yes mommy. I’m a big boy.”         

   It only took ten minutes for Kagome to take a quick shower and change into her clothes. Kagome walked downstairs to see him all dressed. The only thing wrong  was that he had his shirt on backwards.           

 “Oh baby, come here your shirt is on backwards.”         

   “No mommy. I want it this way.” 

 “Okay sweetie, you leave it. Come on let’s go.” Kagome picked up the three year old and they were out the door. 

End Notes:
Okay so tell me I should keep going to or not but I hope you guys liked the chapter
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