Glory Of Love by sesshoumarusmistressofthewest
Summary: *OneShot**Songfic* Her hero in red gone in a blink of an eye. How is she suppose to go on without him. kag/inu
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1. Glory Of Love by sesshoumarusmistressofthewest

Glory Of Love by sesshoumarusmistressofthewest
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and co. or this song. I'm simply borrowing them for the time being.

Song – Glory of love by Peter Cetera

Glory of love

They told her she should be feeling something, it was expected of course when you lose someone close to you. Hell she knew the routine; she had been through this before when her father died. The death of her father had been a blow to the heart an immense sorrow had flowed through her but this was different she felt nothing, completely numb from the inside. Her emotions seemed to have washed away when her best friend perished, leaving a hole where there should be none.

They were all at his grave, the dirt unsettled showing that it had been freshly done. A large stone lay on top marking it for the entire world to see, a dog etched within it. Seeing this should have made her feel some emotion but again it did not. Why was she so cold? How could she be so heartless not to feel anything for her best friend? He deserved more from her then what she was experiencing right now.

The soothing voice of her monk friend could be heard mingle with the noise of nature, it seems if goes on even when you wish it would stop. “Inuyasha left me something in case this situation should arise.” He pulled from within his purple robes a CD case, lifting it up for all to see the square container. “He told me to play this.” His gaze shifted to hers as if he was really speaking to only her and not the others. “That Lady Kagome needed to hear it.”

Kagome watched as he brought out her CD player, placing it on the ground and slipping in the circular disk. Many questions flew by her. She had only showed Inuyasha once about the computer and that was only because he came to drag her back to the past and she was downloading music and burning them onto disks at the time. He had asked questions about what she was doing and of course she explain the best that she could to him though she figured he wouldn’t remember it any way. Guess she was wrong, he had actually been listening to her, he had been complaining through the whole damn thing but he had been listening and he had planned something incase of his death, like he knew his time was to come.

The melody of the music floated from the speakers and a soft masculine voice drifted on the wind. “Tonight it's very clear as we're both lying here. There's so many things I wanna say. I will always love you.”

She sucked in a sharp breath, her heart that she thought was gone shattered into a million pieces, falling piece by piece to the ground. Love, how many times did she want to hear those words utter from his lips? How many times did she think her love for him was only one-sided and that her wait for him was truly in vain? Gods he loved her and the cruel truth was she would never hear those words from him ever.

I would never leave you alone.”But he did leave her alone. Sorrow washed over her, it was overwhelming her senses making her mind swim with memories. None of which were good. Inuyasha had left her with his last shutter of breath, leaving her alone to walk in the aftermath heartbroken and cold. If he loved her why didn’t he try to fight? Why did he give up when she needed him? Her screams of pain echoed in her mind: "INUYASHA!”

It happened so fast one minute he was up then the next he was on the ground bleeding profusely. She knelt beside him, ripping off a piece of her tattered skirt and covering the hole in his stomach, trying desperately to stop it from bleeding.

Tears ran down her dirty face, leaving trails in their wake. “Inuyasha?”

His eyes twitched, and then slowly opened, his breaths ragged and uneven “I… don’t… think… I’m… gonna… make… it.”

She shook her head; of course he was going to make it. He always did. All he needed was time to heal that’s all. “Yes you will. All you need is some rest to heal.”

His eyes held sorrow as he looked up at her “No…heal…hurt…too…bad…this…time.” Unbelievable he was half-demon, surely this would heal just like the rest did. He would be up in no time, yelling and screaming at everyone once again “No, your going to be okay.” Inuyasha didn’t even bother to respond, his eyes drifting closed.

She felt herself begin to panic, her voice becoming high pitched “Don’t close your eyes; you need to stay with me. Do you hear me, stay awake?”

Sleepy.” He mumbled his eyes stayed close, his breathing more labored; a slight gurgling sound accompanied it. This couldn’t be happening; she could hear him getting worse and still couldn’t compute what was going on. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, not this way, not without him. What the hell was fate doing? Why was she being so cruel? “Inuyasha you need to wake up, I know you want to sleep but you can’t okay not right now. I need you to open your eyes. Please open them.”

His body trembled underneath her blood soaked hands; he kept taking long labored breaths, the gurgling louder than before. His eyes finally slide open, amber hitting blue a tender goodbye could be seen in the liquid pools.

NO.” Her vision blurred, tears spilling down her face like a waterfall. He didn’t say anything, his eyes softened more. She felt herself bagging him to stay, her desperation bordering “Please, Don’t go. You can’t leave me, you promised.” His golden orbs fill with tears, his lids coming down before the liquid could spill. She felt him take in a large breath and knew this would be his last one, no more breathe came after. Her head laid on his stilled chest her raven locks mingled with silver and began to sobbed “INUYASHA!”

Sometimes I just forget. Say things I might regret.”She shut her eyes; she could hear his voice like he was standing right next to her. “Wench you could never be like Kikyou; what the hell did you do with him? What the fuck were you thinking I told you to stay out of the way. Damn it you’re useless.” His words had cut deep, so deep that she would cry when she was home and finally alone. “It breaks my heart to see you crying.”Maybe she hadn’t been quite alone as she thought. Had he been their when she sobbed into her pillow, crying away the pain that she endured? Had he been right outside her window?

I don't wanna lose you. I could never make it alone.” What about her? how was she going to make it now that he was gone? Her love, her friend ripped from her life in a blink of an eye.

I am a man who would fight for your honor.” Kagome's chest began to tighten. Yes her hero in red always there to save the day even if that meant getting hurt in the process. Gods how many times did he have to come and be right knight in shining armor? There were too many to count, as well as too many to remember.

I'll be the hero you're dreamin of. We'll live forever” No they wouldn't. Never would Inuyasha walk the same earth, breathe the same air as she. He was taken forever from her grasp, never to return, never to be.

Knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love.” Tears filled underneath her closed eyes. “You keep me standing tall. You help me through it all. I'm always strong when your beside me.”Gods she needed him so much that her very soul ached for some kind of contact. She wasn't strong enough to go on her own, not without him. I have always needed you. I could never make it alone.” A lone tear escaped from her lashes, sliding down her cheek and falling onto the disheveled ground.

I am the man who will fight for your honor. I'll be the hero you've been dreamin of.” And he was her dream, her world revolved around him. She had thought he was invincible, that she would go first since she was human. He would be around long after she passed on. Never did she imagine the roles would be reversed. Fate was a bitch and gods did she hate her. How could she do this to her, to them? Why couldn’t they have had the happy ending they deserved? Why did she rob them of what they could have had?

We'll live forever. Knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love. It's like a knight in shining armor from a long time ago. Just in time I will save the day. Take you to my castle faraway.”He should have let her die, it was suppose to be her, it was meant for her. Fate had it out to get her since she was pulled into the well. He wasn't supposed to save her; he should be the one standing not lying in the ground. More tears came rushing forth; she couldn’t stop them they fell like rain. She felt like she couldn't breathe, her chest was tighter then before.

I am a man who will fight for your honor.” Damn him. How could he? “I'll be the hero that you're dreamin of. Gonna live forever. Knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love. We'll live forever.” Kagome fell onto her knees, her hands spread on the freshly dug earth. “NO!”

Her sobs cut through the music, drowning out the words. “I love you please come back. Inuyasha please don't leave me.” Strong sleek arms grabbed a hold of her drawing her up and away from the grave. Kagome tried to escape; she needed him to hear her. He needed to come back. “Inuyasha, please.”

Those same arms encased her fragile form “Miko.” Tears cascaded down her cheeks, her face buried in his chest. “Why won't he come back? Why won't he take away the pain? It hurts so much. My heart hurts.” The man picked her up and began to walk away not looking at the other mourners “Come. The Miko is not ready for this.”

The others looked at each other then collected the things they brought with them. Even with the music stopped you could hear the song continue on the wind.”Knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love.”

The monk paused at the crest of the hill, turning back to look at his fallen comrade. “We do crazy things when we're in love, eh.” The wind picked up around him, leaves blew every where. He could feel his friend around him. “Do not worry we will take care of her. Goodbye my friend.” Turning back he made his way to the village to help with his heartbroken companion.

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