Home Made Chocolates by Kittyb78
Summary: Kagome decides to treat Bankotsu to a special snack. Ban/Kag
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1. Home Made Chocolates by Kittyb78

Home Made Chocolates by Kittyb78

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, or any of its characters, only this plot is mine.

Happy Birthday White-Stars.

Bankotsu sat waiting by the spring. It was they're second year as a couple. She'd brought him many of her foreign foods, over the past two years, and he had to admit her cooking was top notch.

He sighed as he waited, she should have been there ten minutes ago, and he was beginning to worry. A few minutes later, he relaxed, as he'd heard her feet scurry. "Sorry I'm late," she panted.

Bankotsu glad to finally be near her said, "'S okay," and shrugged, before wrapping his arm around her waist. He frowned as he noticed she was holding something behind her back.

Looking into her creamy brown eyes, he asked, "What's that you got?" before pulling her giggling form into his lap.

She held up the box between them answering, "This is why I was late; I made these for you, and had to make sure they had time to finish."

She opened the box, and reached inside, holding up something to his mouth. He inhaled the sweet aroma and opened his mouth. She placed the morsel into his mouth and watched him intently, trying to judge his reaction.

He closed his eyes as he felt the confection melting against his tongue. He swirled his tongue around his mouth, pleased by the unexpected sweetness. Once it had melted away, he opened his eyes and asked, "What was that?"

She smiled answering, "It's called chocolate, a few of each of the different flavors. That one was milk chocolate. Mama gave me a recipe book on chocolates, and I made these myself." she ended with a blush.

Bankotsu reached for another one, popping it in his mouth and exclaimed, "This is really good!" adding with a smirk, "You taste much better though." pulling her in for a kiss.

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