The True Owner of the 3rd Phantom Sword: Ashrah by SinisterSamantha


As the search for the sacred jewel shards moves on, only two shards remain. The gang is running out of time before Naraku completes the sacred jewel and wreaks havoc on the world. In pursuit of Naraku, the gang stumbles upon their helpful friend Myoga, who warns them that Naraku is not only after the sacred jewel, but after Inuyasha’s father’s last sword as well. Inuyasha and the gang must find the rightful owner of the sword, before Naraku gets to it first. However, will Inuyasha and the gang be able to handle the hidden family secret that will soon be unveiled?

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1. 1.) Myoga and Old Lady Shoga by SinisterSamantha

2. 2.) Like Looking in a Mirror by SinisterSamantha

3. 3.) Her Sword by SinisterSamantha

4. 4.) Family is Key by SinisterSamantha

5. 5.) Kaede's Hut by SinisterSamantha

6. 6.) Her Story by SinisterSamantha

7. 7.) Hot Spring Chaos by SinisterSamantha

8. 8.) Why We Hate Naraku by SinisterSamantha

9. 9.) Koga vs. Ashrah by SinisterSamantha

10. 10.) Naraku's Plot and the Human Ashrah by SinisterSamantha

11. 11.) Naraku's Plan in Motion by SinisterSamantha

1.) Myoga and Old Lady Shoga by SinisterSamantha
Author's Notes:

This chapter is kinda short, its mostly a filler.

A nasally voice broke the pure silence of the dark forest.

“Old Lady Shoga!” Myoga yelled through the grass. “Shoga!”

A rustling caught the small flea’s attention, sending him into a panic.

“Shoga….?” Myoga asked as he shook with fear on a tall grass blade.

Suddenly something smacked right into him, and began to squeeze him tightly.

“Oh, my Myoga! How I have missed you so much!” A familiar voice cried out from the silence.

Myoga pushed the voice away, “Shoga! We don’t have time for the lovey dovey stuff right now.”
Myoga was a bit irritated with her love struck ways; this was no time to discuss wedding plans.

“But why my love? Why have you asked me here alone, in such a rushed manner if not for lovey dovey things?” Her eye twinkled in the moon light as a slight blush fell over her face.

“It has to do with Sounga.” Myoga said seriously as he sat cross legged on a twig, which in comparison looked like a tall tree.

“What about the sword?” Shoga’s blush faded, and her face became serious as soon as he mentioned the name.

“Give me the status of it.” Myoga ordered.

“Nothing unusual, it has been dormant since that human that fought against Inuyasha and Sesshomaru wielded it.” Shoga informed as she took a seat next to Myoga.

“Inuyasha’s eighteenth birthday is only days away. In other words…” Myoga trailed off.

“Sounga will soon awaken.” Shoga finished for him.

“Have you informed the girl yet?” Myoga asked.

“No, I still don’t believe she is powerful enough to handle Sounga’s power…” Shoga said shamefully as she looked at Myoga. “You saw how easily Inuyasha was possessed by the swords power, what if the same scenario happens to Ashrah?”

“The great demon chose to give Sounga to her for a reason, she must have a will that Inuyasha doesn’t….” Myoga concluded.

“I don’t see how. She acts just like him; stubborn and a pain the butt.” Shoga revealed truthfully.

“We don’t really have much of a choice but to get it into her hands as soon as it awakens…” Myoga finalized.

“Why do you say that?” Shoga asked questioningly.

“Sounga’s power is bound to attract demons, as well as evil humans.” Myoga answered. “A petty demon wielding that sword would be devastating enough, but can you imagine the amount of catastrophe would occur if Naraku got his hands on it?!” Myoga shuddered at the thought.

“There wouldn’t be a world to save anymore.” Shoga agreed.

They both sighed as they gathered their thoughts.

“Have you told Inuyasha about this?” Shoga asked.

“Are you kidding me?! With his short temper! He’ll kill me for not telling him!” Myoga yelled with pure terror in his eyes.

Shoga shook her head in agreement, “Those two are so alike.”

“I better go before Master Inuyasha wakes up and realizes I have left.” Myoga said as he stood up and whistled to a nearby crow.

Lady Shoga nodded in agreement. “Yes, they both have such short tempers that we had better go.”

Myoga grabbed Shoga’s hand before she took off. “I will meet you and Ashrah in three days, when Sounga will be awakened.” He said as he released her and jumped on the crow.

“I look forward to seeing you again.” She smiled as she disappeared into the darkness of the night.

“Let’s go crow!” Myoga ordered as the crow flew in the direction of the camp.

2.) Like Looking in a Mirror by SinisterSamantha

3 days later…

Inuyasha was waiting impatiently at the bone eaters well for Kagome to return.

“Damn it. She’s been gone for three days already! Where is that Kagome?!” He thought allowed as he placed his hands on the rim of the well.

“Would you quit complaining?” Kagome’s voice rose from the depths of the well. “And help me out?”

Inuyasha held his hand down the well for Kagome’s. As he hoisted her up he groaned loudly.

“God damn it Kagome, your bag is heavy! Or have you put on weight?” He said looking at her body.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome yelled at him. “SIT!”

As his face hit the ground Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo appeared from the trees.

“Inuyasha, you don’t tell a lady she has gained weight.” Shippo lectured as Inuyasha began to get back up.  “And Kagome looks as skinny as ever.”

“Thanks Shippo.” Kagome smiled to the fox demon standing next to Sango for protection.

“Ow.” Inuyasha complained.

“What is it now?” Kagome asked annoyed.

Inuyasha lifted his hair to reveal Myoga sucking blood right from his neck. Inuyasha smacked the flea flat and held him in his hand in front of him.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Myoga.” Inuyasha said unsurprised.

“Must you be so rough on an old flea?” Myoga asked popping back to size.

“What are you doing here Myoga?” Kagome interrupted before Inuyasha could snap back.

“You didn’t run from trouble this time did you Myoga?” Sango asked with a sigh.

“Not exactly… I actually came to get Lord Inuyasha.” Myoga answered and looked at his master.

“Came to get me?” Inuyasha asked confused.

“Yes, I have something I need you to see…” Myoga confessed to him. “Your friends may come with you, but I need you to come with me at once!” Myoga ordered.

“Since when do you call all the shots around here you little pest?!” Inuyasha yelled as he went to smack Myoga again but Kagome caught his hand.

“Inuyasha! Maybe you should listen to what he has to say first before being to conclusive!” Kagome barked.

“Hmmmph. Fine. What is it flea?” Inuyasha said clearly annoyed but scared that Kagome may make him sit again.

Myoga then sat cross legged in Inuyasha’s hand and the gang crowded around him as he spoke.

“Sounga has returned to this world.” Myoga informed them.

“What?!” Inuyasha exclaimed.

“Wasn’t Sounga the sword that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru sent back to hell where it came from?” Miroku asked Myoga.

“Indeed it was.” Myoga confirmed.

“Then how is it that it has come back from the netherworld then?” Sango asked.  

“Totosai travelled to the Netherworld and retrieve it.” Myoga began to explain.

“What?! You let that sword back into our world?!” Inuyasha bellowed as he smacked the flea.

“Master…” Myoga said trying to recover his strength from the blow, “It’s true owner lives in this world. The one who can actually subdue Sounga lives in this world.”

“It’s rightful owner?” Kagome asked questioningly.

“Yes. Totosai has cast it into dormancy until that rightful owner takes hold of it. However, there is another who wishes to possess Sounga.” Myoga informed them.

“Naraku.” Inuyasha said under his breath.

“Precisely.” Myoga confirmed.

“We have to get to that sword as soon as we can.” Miroku concluded.

“Right.” Inuyasha said as he nodded his head in agreement.

“Myoga, take us to it.” Inuyasha ordered.

“That’s where I’ve been trying to take you in the first place!” Myoga exclaimed. “The owner is already on their way!”

“Then let’s move.” Sango said as she, Miroku, and Shippo climbed on top of Kirara and Kagome jumped onto Inuyasha’s back.

As Inuyasha ran full speed in the directions Myoga gave him, Kirara followed. Soon they came to a forest that had a bare spot in the middle of it that was completely vegetation free. In the center, sat Sounga, the 3rd phantom sword. As the gang began to examine the sword a females voice was heard in the trees.

“Shoga, why did I have to wait so long for it?!.” The voice yelled aggravated as it became louder.

“I’m not sure why he wanted it this way…” Shoga replied.

“Well, I think it…” The voice went silent as a female demon walked out of the trees and caught sight of Inuyasha.

As the two locked eyes, Inuyasha and the female demon’s mouths dropped and the gang was in shock. They all thought the same thing, ‘she looks just like Inuyasha!’

“Who the hell are you?” They both barked in unison as they regained their senses.

3.) Her Sword by SinisterSamantha

Kagome examined the female demon in front of them as Inuyasha blocked her with his body. She didn’t look very old, about Inuyasha’s age. She had long white hair and golden eyes just like him. In fact, the only difference between them is that the female looked more feminine, she wore a blue robe and she was a bit shorter than Inuyasha.

“What is your business here?!” The female barked as she stared at Inuyasha.

“That was exactly my question.” Inuyasha snapped back as their eyes locked.

“Ashrah! Stop!” A smaller female yelled.

“Huh?” The female demon exclaimed as she looked to her shoulder.

Old lady Shoga stood tugging on a strand of her hair. “Ashrah! You must not fight with him!” She exclaimed frantically.

“And why the hell not?!” Ashrah yelled at the flea on her shoulder.

Before she could reply Sango spoke, “Old lady Shoga? Is that you?”

Ashrah looked to the demon slayer then back to her shoulder, “You know them Shoga?”

Old lady Shoga looked over at the demon slayer and the rest of the gang. “Yes. and Hello.” She bowed lightly in respect. “It is nice to see you all again.”

Inuyasha and Ashrah stood dumbfounded as they stared at Shoga.

“Myoga.” Inuyasha called.

“Yeee…. Ye…sss?” Myoga stuttered.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Inuyasha barked.

“Yeah Shoga! What IS going on here?!” Ashrah barked as well.

“Well…. Ah…” The two fleas stuttered in unison.

“Well?!” Inuyasha exclaimed.

“Maybe you all should sit down…” Shoga suggested. “So we can explain.”

They all sat cross legged together, except Ashrah who sat on the opposite side of the gang. The two look-alikes had the same expression on their face, clearly annoyed.

“Well… I suppose there is no choice but to tell you two the truth now that you are old enough to handle it…” Myoga sighed as he gestured to Ashrah and Inuyasha.

“Handle what?!” They barked in unison.

“Sh…. Shoga…. Maybe you should tell them….” Myoga whispered as he hid behind her.

Shoga sighed. “Ashrah, Inuyasha, I don’t know how you are gonna take this… but ah… well you are…” Shoga stammered.

“We’re what?!” Ashrah barked.

“You’re… twins…” Shoga revealed.

Inuyasha and Ashrah looked at each other and then back at the fleas standing in front of them.

“We’re what?!” They both yelled as they stood.

“I thought so!” Kagome exclaimed.

“Shut it human!” Ashrah yelled as she looked gravely at Kagome.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Inuyasha yelled to Ashrah as he began to rise defensively.

“Inuyasha, its fine.” Kagome said as she touched his shoulder.

“Hmph.” Ashrah huffed. “That ridiculous ingrate that is controlled by a mortal is supposedly my brother?! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

“So now I am an ingrate?!” Inuyasha yelled as he stood.

“MY brother would never fall under the control of a mortal girl! Where is your sense of Half-Demon pride?!” Ashrah yelled as she took a step closer to Inuyasha so they were only inches apart. “And I suppose your excuse is that you’re “in love with her.””

“Hey! There is nothing with us being together!” Kagome yelled at Ashrah.

“That’s enough!” Inuyasha yelled as he grasped the Tetseiga.

“You wanna know what’s wrong with you being together?! Humans always betray demons! Always! Even if they have a human heart!” Ashrah barked as she ignored Inuyasha’s threat. “Even if they have given birth to the demon they betray them and leave them for dead!”

“What are you referring to?!” Inuyasha barked as she began to draw Tetseiga slowly.

“I’m referring to the fact that -” She was then cut off by a loud crashing noise from behind her.

A tree branch fell from a tree behind her, missing her by inches. After the crash had subsided, a deep, raspy laugh could be heard. Where the branch had broken stood a shape.

“What the hell is that?!” Ashrah exclaimed. “A baboon?”

“Naraku.” Inuyasha muffled under his breath as he drew Tetseiga from its sheath. As he did, Sango took hold of her Hiraikotsu, Miroku took hold of his staff, Kirara transformed, and Kagome drew an arrow into her bow.

“Why are yal getting all worked up?” Ashrah said unknowingly. “It’s just a stupid monkey.”

As she spoke Naraku interjected, “Brother against Sister, what a joyful sight to see.”

“Huh?” Ashrah exclaimed as she looked at the baboon in the tree. “What the hell do you want?”

“Hmmm. There are many things I desire. However, the only one I am interested right now is what lies before you.” Naraku said in his slimy voice.

As Ashrah looked at the baboon in confusion Inuyasha barked, “Well you’re not gettin it!” As he spoke he raised his sword, “move Ashrah if you know what is good for you!”

Ashrah looked at the sword he held she thought to herself, ‘That’s Tetseiga! Maybe what Shoga said is true after all…’

“Wind Scar!” Inuyasha yelled as he let the swords magnificent power flow to the baboon in the tree. Ashrah ran just in time for the wind scar to miss her.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me?!” Ashrah yelled to him. Before he could speak a giant explosion took place where the baboon once stood, but he too was too fast for even the wind scar.

As Ashrah stared at the explosion she felt a hand  grab her arm lightly and began to drag her to her feet. It was the girl that she had been arguing with previously, Kagome. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Look, you can hate me later, but right now we have bigger problems!” Kagome yelled as Ashrah got to her feet.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Ashrah yelled as Inuyasha unleashed a second wind scar.

“I’ll explain later!” Kagome yelled. “Right now you need to take hold of Sounga!”

Kagome began running, dragging Ashrah with her. Ashrah released her arm from Kagome’s grip, “And what if I don’t?”

“Then we will all be killed right here!” Kagome pleaded.

Ashrah looked at the girl in front of her, she had never been afraid of death, but at this moment, something boiled to the surface, making her completely terrified. Ashrah nodded to Kagome and ran as fast she could to the sword. With every step she took, the baboon got closer to the sword as well. She was finally only inches from the sword she had been pursuing; she stood in front of it for a few moments, like she had been frozen in place. Naraku stood only feet from Sounga and lunged for it. At that moment something clicked in her head. She reached out and took hold of Sounga pulling it from the ground.

Then, all was silent.

4.) Family is Key by SinisterSamantha

As Ashrah lifted the sword in her hand, it felt light. In fact, it felt like any other sword that she had held.

“Hey Shoga, what’s the big deal? I thought you said this thing a powerful sword, and that it wasn’t easily controlled. This thing is a piece of jun-” her words were cut off by a searing pain in her arm. As she looked at her arm, she realized that the sword had literally sewed itself in to it, “What the hell is this damn sword doing to me?!”

“The sword is reacting just like it did when Inuyasha wielded it!” Kagome yelled. “She is being possessed by Sounga!” She yelled to Inuyasha who was running full speed to Ashrah.

“I can see that!” Inuyasha replied as Ashrah’s eyes were encased by a fiery red.

“Master Inuyasha!” A small voice yelled at his shoulder.

“Huh? Myoga? What are you doing here?” Inuyasha asked the frantic flea on his shoulder.

“You must get rid of Naraku! With Sounga still subdued and unstable, he can still strip it from Ashrah!” Myoga warned as he jumped from his master’s shoulder. “Good Luck!”

“You coward!” Inuyasha yelled behind him as he approached Ashrah. Naraku had already reached her and was beginning to tug the veins of Sounga away from her arm with a slimy tentacle.

“Naraku!” Inuyasha bellowed as he brought the Tetseiga down on the tentacle that was tugging away at Ashrah’s arm. “I am your only opponent here!”

“Inuyasha, I am growing tired of your meddling.” Naraku replied with a hiss. “I will finish you off once and for all, and I will use your own twin to do so!”

“What the hell do you mean by that?!” Inuyasha countered as Naraku grabbed Ashrah’s arm.

“Sounga, I ask you to do my bidding. Destroy the half demon that tried to subdue you before you were cast back into hell.” Naraku spoke to the sword.

“I do no one’s bidding!” Sounga roared. “This girl thought she could control me?!”

Ashrah growled under her breath as held her arm.

“Inuyasha and Tetseiga” The sword said with distaste, “We meet again.”

“In the flesh!” Inuyasha yelled to the sword. “Ready to defeat you again.”

“Inu… yasha…” Ashrah said through bared teeth. “Take care of this man behind me. Sounga is my sword to subdue.”
“But… you can’t do it!” Inuyasha yelled to his twin sister that was battling with herself.

“It was our father that decided that I was the one to wield Sounga, there must be a way!” Ashrah said as she gripped the Sounga.

“As you wish…” Inuyasha agreed reluctantly. “It’s time for you to die Naraku!” He then swung his sword releasing the Wind Scar.

‘You honestly believe you can subdue me?!’ Sounga spoke in her head.

“How the hell are you in my head?!” Ashrah spoke allowed to the sword.

‘I control you. I control your every thought. Now obey me! Start your reign of destruction by slaughtering those lousy mortals over there!’ Sounga instructed as its aura grew.

Ashrah then could not stop herself from walking toward the mortals that had been helping Inuyasha to protect her.

‘Remember, all mortals will betray you eventually. Why not destroy them now before they get the chance to?’ Sounga egged on as she resisted.

“Miroku look!” Shippo yelled as he pointed to Ashrah.

“Oh no! Sango! Ashrah has become completely possessed by the sword!” Miroku exclaimed to the demon slayer in front of him.

“She will try to kill us if we stay here. But if we leave we will leave her, Inuyasha, and Kagome in grave danger.” Sango contemplated.

“Then we must try to hold her off as long as we can.” Miroku concluded.

“Exactly.” Sango confirmed.

“But… But what if she invokes the Dragon Twister?!” Shippo yelled with pure terror in his voice as Inuyasha invoked the Wind Scar again.

“Then we will take the blow.” Miroku said solemnly. “We stand with our friends Shippo, even if we have just met them.”

“We cannot leave Inuyasha and Kagome to fight this battle alone.” Sango added.

“And we certainly can’t leave Ashrah to be possessed by Sounga then eventually killed.” Miroku added. “Even though we just met, Ashrah is Inuyasha’s twin, which makes her our friend. Besides, I see great good in her along with power.”

Shippo then nodded and put on the bravest face he could and stood with them. “You’re right! We have to help!”

And with that, Ashrah stopped in her tracks.

‘They are going to stand and fight this sword even though it may cost them their lives, to protect me… and my brother…’ Ashrah thought.

‘Enough you stupid girl! Kill them all!’ Sounga ordered as the sword began dragging her to them.

As Ashrah approached the gang, she heard a loud cracking noise as Inuyasha and Kagome were both thrown into a nearby tree. Ashrah then stopped and could not look away from her twin and his girlfriend’s mangled bodies against the tree.

“You see Inuyasha.” Naraku laughed as he walked to the unconscious bodies in front of him. “You cannot defeat me. So now, you may say good-bye to this world, and hello to the Netherworld!” As he laughed and began torturing the two before killing them, a voice echoed in Ashrah’s head, but it was different from Sounga’s. It was a gentle voice.

‘Ashrah.’ The voice called.

“Who is calling my name?!” Ashrah yelled into the distance.

‘Enough! Kill them!’ Sounga urged as it tried to drag her with little progress.

‘Ashrah, save him. That is the key.’ The voice spoke. ‘Save Inuyasha.’

“But… this sword… it will not do my bidding.” Ashrah whined.

‘You must find the strength that Inu no Taisho gave you, that I, your father gave you.’ The voice said.

“Father?” Ashrah looked at the demon sword in her hand then felt an unexpected warmth in her hand.

‘Subdue the sword my daughter, I know you can.’ Her father whispered as the voice disappeared.

“Yes father.” Ashrah nodded to thin air.

“Enough of this!” Sounga yelled aloud. “Kill them!” Sounga began dragging her again.

“I will not!” Ashrah yelled to the sword in her hand.

“What?!” Sounga replied as its aura began to deplete.

“You will do my bidding Sounga!” Ashrah ordered as her eyes began to return to their original golden color.

“What… the hell… is happening?!” Sounga yelled.

“I am your master, Sounga! Your only master!” Ashrah ordered as the veins of the sword unwove themselves from her arm and the aura of the sword mixed with her own.

A series of awes from the gang escaped their lips as she turned to Naraku.

“Naraku!” Ashrah yelled to the demon in front of her.

“Enough play time, say hello to Kikyo in hell for me Inuyasha!” As he said this, a tentacle raced for Inuyasha’s heart, just before reaching it, Ashrah had lifted Sounga high above her head and very calmly called forth, “Dragon Twister!” It stopped the tentacle only inches from the two bodies and scattered pieces of Naraku everywhere.

“We shall meet again girl.” Naraku said as he disappeared into a cloud of miasma.

As he disappeared, Ashrah and the rest of the gang rushed to the two lovers sides, Ashrah laid her brother in her lap. As he opened his eyes, he looked up at her and said, “Slick move, Sis.” Then he fell unconscious once again.

5.) Kaede's Hut by SinisterSamantha

It was the brink of sunset when Lady Kaede saw the gang approaching her small hut. Kirara carried a very fragile and unconscious Kagome on her back and Ashrah carried her much bigger brother in her arms as Miroku and Sango led the way.

“Lady Kaede!” Miroku called out. “We are in urgent need of your help!”

“Good heavens child! What has happened?” Lady Kaede asked the young monk.

“Naraku…” Miroku concluded, but Lady Kaede did not hear him because she was staring at the Inuyasha look-alike in front of her.

“I’m sorry Miroku, I must being getting more senile than I thought. I swear I see two Inuyasha’s.” Lady Kaede said as she wiped her eyes.

“I am not my brother.” Ashrah said sternly but with a tad bit of gentleness when talking about her brother.

Lady Kaede look stunned as the girl spoke.

“We’ll explain later. Right now these two need URGENT care. Naraku would have killed them if it hadn’t been for Ashrah.” Sango rushed.

“Oh yes! Of course! Bring them in at once!” Lady Kaede said as she held open the doorway for them.

Ashrah hesitated looking over the hut and the old woman.

“Come child, I will not harm ye or Inuyasha.” Lady Kaede spoke softly. “I can see ye have become very distrustful of humans, but I assure ye I am a friend.”

Ashrah looked at the old woman with a plain expression of shock across her face that quickly turned to annoyance.

“Hmph, you don’t know me.” She said as she stalked into the hut.

“Yep, ye both are definitely related.” Lady Kaede mumbled under her breath with an annoyed look.

Ashrah laid Inuyasha gently down on a bed next to Kagome.

“Ashrah?” A small voice rang through the silence of the hut.

“Huh?” Ashrah replied as she looked down at the small fox demon in front of her.

“Inuyasha and Kagome will be fine with Lady Kaede. We can all rest easy tonight.” Shippo assured her as he tugged the bottom of her kimono.

Ashrah quietly followed Shippo in front of a small fire burning in the middle of the hut, where Miroku and Sango were already fast asleep. As Ashrah sat on the edge of the fire Shippo joined the two lovers and began to nod off himself.

“Ye have been through a trouble past, haven’t ye child?” Lady Kaede said in a soft voice as she tended to the wounds on Kagome’s body. Ashrah’s body stiffened at the comment, but she made no comments.

“Life is a hard road for anyone.” Lady Kaede continued.

“Hmph. What do you know? A human can never understand the hardships a half demon goes through.” Ashrah said with a salty tone. “You are never accepted. Not by demons, or humans. You’re on your own.”

Lady Kaede continued to bandage Kagome’s wounds as she spoke softly.

“Ay, I know the life of a half demon is harder than the life of those of pure bred. Your brother has made that very clear.”

“He doesn’t know what it is like. He knew mother… I was on my own from the very start.” Ashrah said as she placed her chin on her knees.

“He has been through more than ye may believe.” Lady Kaede defended as she began bandaging Inuyasha.

“Hmph. I see he has made friends with humans.” Ashrah said slightly bitter. “You will all betray us eventually.”

“I see, ye have a grudge against humans.” Lady Kaede concluded.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ashrah said slightly raising her voice. “Every time a human came into my life, they betrayed me!"

As she raised her voice Inuyasha stirred slightly. Ashrah hurried to her feet and to his side. Inuyasha opened his eyes slightly and grimaced.

“Where… where am I?” Inuyasha managed to whisper.

“You are at an old lady’s hut.” Ashrah said with a worried tone.

“Lady… Kaede…?” Inuyasha asked as he looked at the old woman.

“Ay, child. Rest, ye are horribly injured.” Lady Kaede said as she placed a cool cloth on his head.

“These are just scratches.” Inuyasha shifted his gaze back to Ashrah. “Where… where’s Kagome?”

“She’s beside you…” Ashrah said quietly. “She is badly hurt as well.”

“What… What happened to Naraku?” Inuyasha asked as he tried to sit up to look at Kagome.

Ashrah pushed him back down slowly, “You need to stay laying down. You may heal quicker than humans, but you are seriously injured.” She lectured as he laid back down. “He disappeared when he came in contact with the Dragon Twister.”

Inuyasha let out a small moan when Kaede tightened a bandage around his left arm.

“I think the best thing for ye right now is to get some sleep Inuyasha.” Lady Kaede informed as he began to nod off again. “That goes for ye too young girl.”

Inuyasha nodded as he began to drift off. “Thank you for saving Kagome’s life.”

Ashrah nodded as he fell unconscious once again. Ashrah then walked to the fire once again and laid down.

“Get some rest child, ye are safe here.” Lady Kaede said as she finished the rest of her bandaging.

“Ashrah… My name is Ashrah.” She said as she closed her eyes.

“Ay, get some sleep.” Lady Kaede said as Ashrah fell asleep, Sounga tightly in her grip.

6.) Her Story by SinisterSamantha

Ashrah awoke at the brink of dawn. Everyone in the hut was still fast asleep. Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara were all huddled together beside the once blazing fire that now was nothing more than a smoldering pile of ashes. Kaede laid in the farthest corner of the hut, sleeping away on the floor, while Kagome laid motionless on her back in what Ashrah assumed was Kaede’s bed. But there was one body missing. Inuyasha was nowhere to be found.

Ashrah jumped up on her feet as fast as she could, following the scent of her twin brother. Inuyasha hadn’t gone far as Ashrah expected.

‘He may have demon blood, but even a full bred demon would have some issues moving very fast with his injuries.’ Ashrah thought to herself as she followed her brother’s scent.

Ashrah found Inuyasha only twenty feet from the hut, lying underneath a small tree. He was breathing heavily with his eyes closed. He seemed like he was breathing in the morning air more than trying to sleep. Ashrah assumed he caught her scent, because as she approached him, he opened his golden eyes and looked directly at her.

“What’re you doing out here?” He asked her bluntly. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Ashrah raised an eyebrow at him, “Shouldn’t you be in bed resting those wounds?”

Inuyasha smirked. “I told you, these are no more than scratches. I’m fine.” As he tried to stand, he fell right back down.

Ashrah giggled lightly and sat beside him leaning her head back against the tree.

“You’re not superman you know. You need to take it easy.” Ashrah sounded honestly concerned for her brother.

“Keh, I’ll be fine.” Inuyasha scoffed.

There was a silence between them for a long while, until Inuyasha finally spoke up.

“Why do you care about me healing anyways, just before Naraku showed up you were ready to fight me with everything you had?” Inuyasha questioned.

Ashrah sighed lightly. “I guess I feel protective of you… You’re my only family…”

Inuyasha looked at her and chuckled a bit, “Well, not your ONLY family.”

Ashrah looked at him confused.

“We have a half-brother. His name is Sesshomaru.”  Inuyasha almost spit the half-brother part. “But he hates me, so I’m positive he will hate you too.”

Ashrah raised an eyebrow. “And what makes you say that? You and I are nothing alike.”

Inuyasha looked at her like she was crazy, “Other than the fact that if you had on a red kimono and you were a bit taller and you were a man, you’d be my clone.”

Ashrah looked at Inuyasha and then hands, “Oh… right…”

Inuyasha looked at her; he had never been close with Sesshomaru, so he wasn’t sure how to be a brother that wasn’t trying to kill his sibling. But he could tell that not having a family bothered Ashrah. “It’s not me he hates; he doesn’t even really KNOW me. He hates me because I am a half-demon… why I said he will hate you as well.”

Ashrah sighed, “Even our own family member hates us because of what we are.”

Inuyasha wasn’t sure what to say.

Ashrah looked at Inuyasha, “You have friends Inuyasha… and you have a woman that loves you… in yet you are a half-demon…” She paused for a second. “They know you are a half breed, in yet they stick by your side anyways… and even though I am a half breed, and they don’t even know me, they fought against that demon to save my life.”

Inuyasha looked down at the ground, “They are very unordinary humans.”

Ashrah laughed lightly. “I’ll say.” Ashrah turned to her brother fully now. “Inuyasha… what was she like…?”

Inuyasha looked over to her, “Who?”

Ashrah was dead serious, “Our mother.”

She saw the pain in Inuyasha’s expression. “She was beautiful, and had the personality to match. Mother was the most gentle of all humans I knew.”

Ashrah looked upset, not angry or resentful, but just upset. “Inuyasha, I was the first to be born.”

Inuyasha looked at her totally confused at the change of subject. “So?”

Ashrah was playing with a stick in her hands, carving into it with her long claws. “That’s why mother took you with her and not me as well…”

“I’m confused.” Inuyasha said bluntly.

“I am sure you heard the story of how our father perished.” Ashrah started out.

Inuyasha nodded silently.

“When Lord Takemaru stabbed our mother in the birthing room, he missed you… and got mother and I instead. By the time father reached all of us, I was so innocent and weak that I was easily claimed by the demons of the afterlife that it was too late to save me… but he used Tensaiga to save mother so she would be there to take care of you.” Ashrah said with obvious sorrow in her voice.

“If you died as an infant, how are you sitting here now?” Inuyasha asked Ashrah as he placed his hand on her arm.

“After mother and you escaped from the burning mansion, father and Takemaru battled until their deaths. Father won obviously, even with his immense injuries that he undertook during his battle with Ryukotsusei. Just before father passed through the gate to the underworld, Tensaiga spoke to him, and gave him a simple ultimatum. Father had the choice of returning to the land of the living, or he could sacrifice his life with you and mother to save my life, a life that had not even seen the light of day or breathed its first breath. He looked at me, and without a second of doubt he told Tensaiga to give me a chance at life.” Ashrah concluded.

“So father sacrificed a life with mother and I to save the life of his child, even though he knew she would be a half-demon child that would face the hardships of life.” Inuyasha contemplated.

“Yes, but he believed that I was destined for greater things than even he could imagine, or else Tensaiga never would have given him the option to save me.” Ashrah said clenching the Sounga. “When I was found, I was amongst the rubble of the burned down mansion, I had no memory of what had happened in the afterlife... An elderly couple took me in and raised me until they were murdered by their neighbors for sheltering a half breed when I was thirteen years old. Ever since then I’ve kind of been wandering around the land, running from demons and humans alike…” She looked away from Inuyasha, “I had friends, some demons, some humans, but every time I would get even remotely close to them, they would turn my backs because I was a half breed… So I just stopped trusting people and demons alike.”

Inuyasha understood the way she felt. He didn’t trust anyone either until Kikyo came into his life. And it was even harder to trust Kagome after the biggest betrayal he had ever encountered, but he knew by experience there were good people in the world that accepted half demons, they were just extremely rare.

“When I took hold of Sounga yesterday, I heard father’s voice. It was him who helped me subdue Sounga… it was only when I heard his voice did I remember everything that had happened to me in the afterlife.” Ashrah looked at him. “I am all alone… I am all I have Inuyasha…”

Inuyasha had never been sentimental, but even with his injuries he wrapped an arm around his sister and hugged her to him. “You are not alone anymore. From now on, our group is your family.”

Ashrah hugged Inuyasha back lightly. As she put him on her back much like he had done to Kagome so many times.

“Hey! What the hell?!” Inuyasha exclaimed as she lifted him and tried to fight her off.

Ashrah held him tightly to her. “You’re going back to bed Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, “Oh, what? Story time over?” He remarked sarcastically.

Ashrah walked back into the hut and jumped lightly making Inuyasha hit the top of his head on the door frame. “Yep.”

“Ouch!” Inuyasha complained quietly.

“Oh shut up, you better get used to this LITTLE brother.” Ashrah laughed lightly as she let him down gently on the bed next to Kagome.

“I am never gonna get away from the “little brother” comments.” He said as he lay on the bed looking at the ceiling.

Kagome startled Inuyasha as she giggled lightly, “Welcome to having a family.”

Inuyasha looked back the ceiling and chuckled lightly while he thought quietly to himself about the battle ahead.

End Notes:
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7.) Hot Spring Chaos by SinisterSamantha

Inuyasha healed quickly as expected, but Kagome healed faster than any human Ashrah had ever seen, she figured it had something to do with the fact that she was a priestess.

“We have to get moving if we don’t wanna lose the trail on Naraku.” Miroku stated as the entire gang gathered outside of Kaede’s hut.

“Take care now young ones. Naraku may be weakened by the last battle ye fought, but he is still strong.” Kaede warned.

The gang nodded as they began heading west. As usual, Inuyasha was leading the pack, but now, instead of being alone, his female clone walked next to him, both of them with the same look of annoyance and impatience on their face.

“Is it just me, or are those two actually being nice to each other now?” Sango asked Kagome as they rode on Kirara’s back together.

“I have definitely noticed it. Wherever Inuyasha goes, Ashrah almost always follows.” Kagome said as she looked at the two look-alikes.

Ashrah looked back at the two whispering girls, “You know I can hear everything that you are saying… right?”

Kagome and Sango both blushed and looked away. As the day grew into night, the gang stopped to make camp. To the girl’s delight, there was a hot spring close by.

“We are gonna go take a much needed bath.” Kagome said as she began walking in the direction of the hot springs.

“Don’t even think about peaking you perverted monk.” Sango glared at Miroku as she walked with Kagome. Shippo clung to Sango’s leg as she walked.

Ashrah looked up as the girls were leaving; she had been helping Inuyasha collect firewood since she was obviously the strongest in comparison to all of her human friends. She then ran up to the girls cutting them off. She had a very strange look on her face, almost of embarrassment.

“Um…” She stuttered, “Do you think I could join you…?” She asked nervously.

Sango and Kagome looked at one another. “Of course!” They said in unison as they looped their arms through Ashrah’s and began walking again.

Inuyasha and Miroku looked at them dumbfounded as they walked away. “Women.” They both muttered under their breath.

The hot spring was exactly what all of the girls needed.

“Ahhh, this feels so good!” Kagome exclaimed as she gently submerged herself under the water.

As Ashrah began entering the water, she noticed the huge scar across Sango’s back. Curiosity took over and she couldn’t help but ask.

“Sango?” Ashrah asked her name as if she were a child asking her mother for just one more cookie.

“Yes?” Sango replied sweetly.

“Your back… What happened to you?” Ashrah asked with mere curiosity across her face.

Sango submerged herself before she spoke. “My brother… My brother did this to me.”

Ashrah looked shocked. “How could he do such a horrible thing to his own sister?”

Sango smiled lightly, she knew Ashrah didn’t understand. “He didn’t do it… Well… His body did but his mind didn’t.”

Ashrah raised a brow. “I don’t follow.”
Sango then began explaining how Naraku had controlled and still does control her brother Kohawku and made him kill his family and even try to kill her.

Ashrah shook her head, “That’s awful… That is the same demon that tried to kill you and Inuyasha… isn’t it Kagome?”

Kagome nodded her head.

“Well… I can see why you all hate him so much…” She concluded.

The girls nodded together as Shippo swam over to Ashrah.

“Ashrah, what happened to you? Why didn’t Inuyasha know about you until now?” Shippo asked in his sweet little voice.

Ashrah looked at him and then to Kagome and Sango. “Well… I might as well share my story as well.”

Ashrah explained to them what had happened to her in the birthing room the night her father was murdered. The girls sat quietly listening to every word. Shippo hugged onto her when her story was finished.

“I know how it feels to lose a momma and a papa. My parents were killed a few years ago… That is why I started travelling with Kagome and Inuyasha.” Shippo said as he hung onto Ashrah.

Ashrah hugged him back lightly. He reminded her of what she thought having a little brother would be like. Just as she began to speak again, a sudden world wind began blowing the trees and bushes around the hot springs. Sango and Kagome ducked to their necks in the water and Ashrah followed suit.

“Hey Kagome!” They heard a male voice yell.

Soon a wolf demon was standing at the edge of the hot spring waving at Kagome. As he caught sight of Ashrah his eyes widened and he began growing furious.

“Hey mutt! What the hell do you think you’re doing bathing with Kagome!?!” He screamed from the bank of the hot spring.

Ashrah raised an eyebrow to Kagome. Kagome was shaking her head lightly as Koga continued to yell from the bank.

“Okay, if you’re not gonna come out of there; then I will come and get you myself.” Koga then jumped into the water and headed straight for Ashrah. As he approached her, she raised her hand up, exposing her breast distracting Koga, and at just the right time for Koga to run smack into her fist, breaking his nose, just in time for Ginta and Hakkaku to witness the scene.

“Who the hell are you calling a mutt you mangy wolf?!” Ashrah spat at him as he recovered himself.

Suddenly all that was heard was Inuyasha’s laughter from the other side of the hot spring, Miroku giggling along beside him. Ginta and Hakkaku looked between Ashrah and Inuyasha dumbfounded. When Koga finally collected himself, he looked up at Ashrah, her breasts now fully exposed, she was most definitely not a man.

“Who the hell are you? And why do you look so much like that flea bitten mutt Inuyasha?” Koga spat at her.

“My name is Ashrah. And I am Inuyasha’s twin.” She glared at him.

Koga looked at Inuyasha then back to Ashrah and passed out, falling back in the water. Ginta and Hakkaku rushed to save their leader from drowning.

Inuyasha continued laughing hysterically as the wolf demons pulled Koga to shore.

Miroku walked to them quickly, “Would you like to eat dinner with us?” The boys agreed without a second to waste as they lifted up their leader. “Koga has been running us around all day without a bite to eat.”

“Great, we can all eat dinner together.” Kagome said.

“Now can all the males,” Sango continued.

“GET OUT OF HERE?!” They yelled together as all of the boys darted off back to the camp.

Ashrah looked at them both as they got out of the water to get dressed, “What the hell just happened?”

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8.) Why We Hate Naraku by SinisterSamantha

When the girls returned to the camp, Koga was laid out beside the fire still unconscious. Ginta and Hakkaku were waiting patiently for Inuyasha and Miroku to take their portions of the meal they prepared. Ashrah looked at them curiously; she had seen wolf demons before, but none ever this polite or obedient. Kagome inhaled deeply to the smell of fresh meat and of course ramen.

“Inuyasha! Did you cook all of this?!” Kagome exclaimed while she ogled the food in front of them.

“Keh, yeah right. Miroku made the meat. I just made my ramen!” Inuyasha said as he guarded his noodle dinner like a puppy guarding their bone.

Ashrah raised her eyebrow to him as the two girls sat around the fire and began taking their share of the meal that Miroku had so generously prepared. “What’s…. ray…. Man?” She asked dumbfounded as she looked into the cup in Inuyasha’s hand.

“Only the best food ever be made!” Inyasha exclaimed as he downed a huge bite of noodles.

“Inuyasha, why don’t you give Ashrah a bite?” Kagome had forgotten that Ashrah wasn’t used to the things of her era.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome as if she had completely lost her mind and downed another bite. “Nah uh. This is mine.”

Kagome glared at him, “Inuyasha…” She took a deep breath as Miroku, Sango and Shippo covered their ears. “SIT!”

Inuyasha crashed to the ground with his arms up in the air to save his precious ramen noodles. Kagome then took the bowl from his hands and wrapped some noodles around the fork Inuyasha was using. “Here.” She said to Ashrah as she held the fork out to her. Ashrah took a bite and fell in love with the chicken flavored noodles.

“He’s right, these ARE amazing!” She exclaimed as she downed the entire bowl before Inuyasha could get it back from her.

“What the hell?!” Inuyasha yelled as he struck Ashrah on top of the head. “That was mine!”

Ashrah stood up and got into Inuyasha’s face, “Hit me again, and you’re gonna end up like that mangy wolf over there.” Ashrah said pointing to the unconscious Koga.

“Oh yeah,” Inuyasha said like a child, “and what makes you think that you can kick my ass like you did Koga’s?”

“Kagome?” Ashrah said as she looked towards her.

Inuyasha gave Kagome a look of terror as she commanded ‘sit’ again.

Inuyasha began tugging at his subjugation beads, “Kagome! Are you ever gonna take these damn beads off of me!?”

Kagome giggled lightly, “Maybe if you stop being so rowdy.” They all laughed together as Inuyasha and Ashrah rejoined the circle of friends around the fire. As the gang was finishing their meals Koga finally began coming to.

“Koga!” Ginta exclaimed.

“We thought you were gonna be out for days.” Hakkaku added.

“What…. What happened?” Koga said drowsily. “I had the weirdest dream that there were two Inuyasha’s except… one wasn’t Inuyasha… it was a woman…”

“That wasn’t a dream ya mangy wolf.” Inuyasha said as he stood over Koga. “You got knocked out by my sister.”

The girls began giggling as they looked at Ashrah.

“What the hell?!” Koga exclaimed, “First Sesshomoru, and now you have a sister?! How many more of you stinky mutts are there?!”

“Don’t worry, we didn’t know about each other either up until a few days ago.” Ashrah said as Koga began sitting up. “Hell, I didn’t even know about Sesshomaru until yesterday. I haven’t even seen him yet.”

Kagome looked over to Koga, “Koga, would you like something to eat?”

Koga then suddenly didn’t feel all drowsy anymore as he rushed to Kagome’s side, holding both of her hands in his. “Dear sweet Kagome, I would love to eat anything that you have prepared.”

Inuyasha then got between the two, “Get your hands off of her you mangy wolf!”

“Inuyasha…” Kagome said as she sighed and shook her head.

Miroku then interrupted the two snarling rivals as he handed Koga a plate of what was left of the food he prepared. “I am afraid that it wasn’t prepared by Kagome, but will this suffice?” He asked politely.

“Um…. Yes… Thank you.” Koga said as he nodded to Miroku.

As Koga ate, Sango, Miroku, Kagome and Shippo all retired to sleep, leaving all the demons and half demons awake.

“So what are you all doing this far west anyways Inuyasha?” Koga asked as he set the plate down on the ground in front of him.

“We are following Naraku.” Inuyasha concluded matter of factly.

“You have a lead on where he is?” Ginta and Hakkaku said with excitement on their faces.

“Well… no not exactly.” Inuyasha said as he poked the fire with a stick. The smiles on the two minions faces faded quickly.

“We aren’t sure where he disappeared to… about two weeks ago we had a big battle with Naraku. He was after our father’s sword…” Ashrah held Sounga out in front of her. “Inuyasha and Kagome were both seriously injured… I managed to scatter him into pieces with Sounga, but he still managed to elude us and get away.”

Koga looked at the ground, “Hm… Naraku’s physical body cannot be destroyed unless his human heart is destroyed first.”

Ashrah raised an eyebrow to the wolf demon, “His… Human heart? You make him sound as if were a half demon like Inuyasha and I.”

“That’s because he is a half demon. But not one like us.” Inuyasha clarified. “Naraku was once a human bandit named Onigumo. He was burned terribly in a fire and was cared for by a priestess named Kikyo. He craved her so, but she was in love with a half-demon… so he called upon the demons of the land and allowed them to devour him in exchange for their power. After realizing that Onigumo was still in control, Naraku cut out his human heart and hid it somewhere in order to keep fighting without being killed.”

Koga, Ginta and Hakkaku looked at Inuyasha with sorrowful eyes. “You were the half demon she loved… weren’t you Inuyasha…”

Inuyasha nodded his head. “After being devoured by the demons, Onigumo set out for the one thing he wanted most in the world, Kikyo. He made himself look like me and attacked Kikyo… nearly killing her. But he also made himself look like Kikyo, making me believe she attacked me… Pinning us against one another. I resorted to stealing the sacred jewel of four souls to transform into a full-fledged demon. But Kikyo used her last bit of strength to pin me to the sacred tree. Then she died and was burned with the jewel.”

Ashrah could see the pain in his eyes, “And that is why you parsue Naraku with such unrelenting force.”

Inuyasha nodded.

Ashrah then looked to Koga, “Alright, so what’s your story wolf? There has to be a reason why you are in pursuit of Naraku as well.”

Koga looked up at Inuyasha’s sister. “He killed my brethren.”

Ashrah stayed quiet listening intently.

“Naraku’s incarnation Kaguara killed over two hundred of my comrades and family.” Koga said conclusively.
“Incarnation? As in, a demon he made from himself?” Ashrah asked Inuyasha.

“Yes.” Koga answered for him. “I vowed to kill that bastard for what he did to my pack.”

Ashrah looked down at the ground. “Then why don’t we all travel together in pursuit of Naraku?”

Koga shook his head. “Are you crazy?! Me travel with that flea bag mutt?! He couldn’t keep up anyways.”

“What was that wolf?” Inuyasha said as he glared at Koga.

“All I am say is…” Koga began.

“HEY!” Ashrah interrupted as Ginta and Hakkaku ran behind Ashrah out of fear of a brawl. “Together we stand a better chance of fighting Naraku and anything else he sends our way.” She thought for a moment. “And, if you stay with us you can ensure Kagome’s safety Koga.”

Koga smiled, “I never thought of it that way. Maybe we will stay with you all. At least for a little while.”

9.) Koga vs. Ashrah by SinisterSamantha

The next morning Kagome was the first to awake. To her surprise her eyes caught sight of Koga. ‘What is he still doing here? I thought he would have taken off last night when he came to.’ She thought to herself as she made her way to the still blazing fire. Ashrah was sitting across the fire from Koga poking the logs with a large stick to keep the flame big.

“Good morning Kagome!” Ginta and Hakkaku said in unison as Kagome approached them.

“Good morning.” Kagome looked at Koga as he rushed to her side. “Um… hi Koga.”

“How did you sleep Kagome?” Koga asked as he took Kagome’s hands.

Kagome had an expression of embarrassment across her face as Koga took her hands, “I slept well… I am glad to see that you woke up without any problems.”

Koga smiled at Kagome, “That puny mutt’s sister couldn’t hurt me if she tried.”

Ashrah looked up from the fire at him, “Says the wolf demon that I knocked out for three hours last night.”

Koga gave her a death glare as Kagome giggled lightly. Feeling as though his honor had been challenged in front of his “mate” he approached Ashrah.

“I was just taken off guard because I didn’t realize that you were a female and not the mutt.” He bolstered as Ashrah stood face to face with him. She was only about two inches shorter than Koga, but he still found in entertaining that he had to look down to talk to her.

“So you think you could beat me in fight huh?” Ashrah said with an eyebrow raised.

“Keh, he couldn’t beat Shippo in a fight.” Inuyasha’s voice came from behind Kagome.

“HEY! I heard that Inuyasha!” Shippo exclaimed as he ran to Inuyasha and punched him in the leg.

Inuyasha then kicked Shippo into the air. Kagome looked at him with a pissed off expression. “Inuyasha…” Inuyasha then began waving his hands back and forth,

“Kagome! I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again!” He pleaded. “SIT!” Kagome yelled as Inuyasha’s subjugation beads forced him to the ground with a crashing sound.

“So what do you say wolf boy?” Ashrah said with her arms crossed across her chest. “Let’s battle. First person to be pinned to the ground is the winner.”

“You got it she-mutt.” Koga said getting into fighting stance.

“As a lady, I should make the first move, but seeing as you got knocked out last night, I will let you make the first strike.” Ashrah said with a cocky grin that reminded Kagome of Inuyasha.

“Gladly!” Koga said using the jewel shards in his legs to speed him up. His fist made contact with the left side of Ashrah’s face, but to his surprise, unlike any other demon he had fought, Ashrah’s body did not go flying at the impact. In fact, her body didn’t move at all.

“Amazing!” Hakkaku exclaimed.

“She didn’t even flinch when Koga hit her!” Ginta followed up.

“Now it’s my turn.” Ashrah said calmly as she struck Koga in his torso sending him back into Ginta and Hakkaku which were ten feet or so behind him.

“Not bad, she’s got power, but no style.” Koga said as he used his minions to pick himself up.

“Koga! Ashrah! Please stop!” Kagome exclaimed.

“Kagome, just let them fight it out.” Inuyasha said watching the fight in amusement. “There is no point in trying to break them up.”

“If she is anything like Inuyasha there is no talking her out of anything anyways Kagome.” Shippo said returning from his “flight.”

                Inuyasha looked at him annoyed and pulled his fist back to strike Shippo, but before he could Kagome again commanded him to “Sit,” sending his head into the ground.

As Inuyasha collected himself the fight between Koga and Ashrah got more intense. Koga’s continued punches to Ashrah had begun to tire the half demon out tremendously.

‘Those jewel shards in his legs are making him damn near impossible for me to stop him.’ Ashrah began thinking. ‘I’ve got it!’

Koga smiled at his opponent. “You don’t fight half bad for a half demon little girl. But you can’t defeat me.” Koga knew her plan, and he was ready for it.

Koga charged at Ashrah with full force. As he approached her, Ashrah ducked under his fists and wrapped her legs around his tripping Koga, forcing him to the ground with her. While he was dazed Ashrah took her chance and pinned his shoulders to the ground.

“1!” Hakkaku yelled.

“2!” Ginta followed with the counting.

Just as they began yelling three, Koga kicked Ashrah sending her flying forward as he did a reverse backflip. Koga then pinned Ashrah to the ground as their faces were inches apart.

“1!” Hakkaku once again yelled.

“2!” Ginta followed!

“Come on Ashrah! Get up! Don’t let that wolf win!” Inuyasha yelled.

Ashrah struggled under Koga, but it was no use, she could not free herself.

“3!” The two wolf demons yelled in unison. “Koga wins!”

Koga leaned down to Ashrah’s ear, “And that’s how you win a demon fight.”

Ashrah growled at him lightly as Koga stood up. Being a gentleman he held his hand out for her to help her up. Everyone expected her to smack it away, but to everyone’s surprise she took his hand as he helped her up. Their eyes locked on one another as Ashrah bowed to Koga in respect.

“I’ll get you next time wolf.” She smiled lightly as she walked towards the fire and began tending to it once more.

Koga stood a bit dumbfounded as did everyone else. Except Kagome. She knew that look and smile all too well. She had found herself giving someone else that every same look once before.

10.) Naraku's Plot and the Human Ashrah by SinisterSamantha

“So Inuyasha has a twin sister?” Hakudoshi asked Naraku as he healed himself inside of a barrier of demonic energy.

“Yes. I knew there was something odd when Sounga mysteriously reappeared in the world of the living.” Naraku concluded.

“So what shall we do?” Hakudoshi asked with a pissed off expression across his face.

Naraku smirked as he looked out of the window of his castle, “Do not worry Hakudoshi. I have a plan for the girl and her demon sword.” He watched as the sun began to sink and the darkness took hold of the sky. “Fetch Kagura. The moonless night will buy Inuyasha and his friends some time to relax… for now.”

As Hakudoshi left the castle in search of Kagura, Naraku sank below to slumber until the moonless night had come to an end.


“Damn that mutt being a half breed.” Koga said angrily as Inuyasha’s friends began setting up camp as the sun began to set.

“Koga, Inuyasha cannot help that he loses his demonic power.” Kagome said as she looked off into the distance that Inuyasha had run to scout for Naraku before losing his demonic powers.

“It’s still incredibly irritating.” Koga said impatiently as he tapped his foot.

“It’s not as though we exactly care for this night to come along either.” Ashrah said as she gave Koga an annoyed glare. “Being a weak human is not exactly our idea of fun.”

“Hey! Not all humans are weak!” Sango said frustrated with them both.

“When compared to the strength we have, being human is torturous.” Ashrah said with a sigh.

Just as Koga began complaining again, Shippo came running as fast as his little legs would take him to Kagome and Sango. “Kagome! Sango!” He yelled as he jumped into Kagome’s arms.

“What is it Shippo? I thought you went with Inuyasha.” Kagome said with a worried expression on her face. “Where is Inuyasha?!” Kagome exclaimed worried.

“Don’t panic Kagome.” Inuyasha’s voice came from the bushes in front of her. “He is just excited about what he found.” Inuyasha then appeared out of the bushes, still in his half-demon form.

“I found a spring just a few meters away from here! It’s all covered with shrubs and bushes so we can bathe in peace!” Shippo squealed excitedly.

“Two hot springs in a matter of five days?! What luck!” Sango exclaimed as she gestured Shippo to lead the way.

“Please Shippo. Show us the way.” Ashrah spoke up as she walked over to the girls.

“Why do you have to go with them Ashrah?” Koga said as she was walking away.

“Why do you care? I may be half demon, but I am also half human, and a woman. I like my baths.” She said as the girls disappeared into the trees.

“Women.” Koga muttered.

“Hmph. Tell me about it.” Miroku agreed.

Just as they approached the hot springs, Ashrah felt a pulse within herself.

“You and Inuyasha should change into your human forms soon. The sun has set.” Kagome said as she looked behind her. To her surprise, Ashrah looked completely different from how she had two seconds before.
“You’re a little late for that.” Ashrah said with an irritated expression across her face.

“Wow…” Was all Shippo could say when he looked back at her. “You look like a princess.”

“Lady Izayoi?” Kagome asked confused.

“Kagome? Who is Lady Izayoi?” Sango asked looking back to see Ashrah’s changed appearance. “Wow… you sure look different.”

“Lady Izayoi was my mother Sango…” Ashrah looked at Kagome. Her once golden eyes were now an ice blue. That was the only difference between Ashrah’s appearance and her mother’s.

“You look almost exactly like her Ashrah…” Kagome said as she snapped out of her daze.

“Really?” Ashrah looked down at her reflection in the hot spring.

“The only difference is your eyes.” Kagome concluded. “Your mothers were brown.”

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful blue.” Shippo said looking into Ashrah’s eyes.

“Indeed. You are beautiful as a human Ashrah.” Sango said as she slipped into the steamy hot water.

“Thank you.” Ashrah said undressing herself and walking into the spring to join her friends. “Hang on. Kagome, how do you know what my mother looked like?”

Kagome then began explaining the incident between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru the day that Inuyasha received Tetsaiga.

While the girls bathed, Inuyasha and Koga were continually fighting. Even though Inuyasha was a human, he did not show any signs of fear towards Koga.

“Amazing. Even without his demonic power, Inuyasha still has no fear of Koga.” Ginta told Hakkaku.

“He is a stubborn one that is for sure.” Hakkaku concluded.

“You honestly think you can defeat me in that pitiful little human form?” Koga asked as the two men were face to face.

“I don’t need demonic powers to defeat your scrawny ass.” Inuyasha said drawing Tetsaiga from its sheath.

“Your sword won’t even transform!” Koga began laughing. “It couldn’t cut wet paper in that form.”

“We’ll see about that!” Inuyasha yelled as he jumped at Koga.

“Inuyasha SIT!” Kagome yelled as the girls began returning to the campsite. “Can you stop fighting with him for just one night?!”

“What was that for Kago-“ Inuyasha stopped speaking as he caught sight of Ashrah. “Mo… Mother…?”

Ashrah looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “Don’t kid yourself Inuyasha. Mother died long ago.”

Inuyasha was dumbstruck. But no one’s face changed more than Koga’s.

‘She is beautiful…’ Koga thought to himself.

“And Koga thought Kagome was beautiful.” Ginta whispered to Hakkaku.

“Yeah… Inuyasha’s sister reminds me of a human princess. She is stunning.” Ginta agreed.

“Forgive me Ashrah.” Miroku interjected. “But would you do me the kind honor of baring my children?”

Before Sango had the chance to strike him with Hiraikotsu, Ashrah slapped Miroku across the face as hard as her human hand would allow.

“Pervert.” They all muttered.

The sight of Ashrah had Koga in a daze.

“Hey wolf boy!” Ashrah said walking over to him. Her raven black hair blowing back as she walked. Her ice blue eyes locked on his. Koga looked down at Ashrah who was now directly in front of him.

“Stop staring and close your mouth, flies will crawl in there.” Ashrah joked as she punched his stomach only to retaliate with a shriek of pain.

Koga kneeled down to her, gripping her hand with his own. “I am sorry.”

Ashrah looked up at him with a slight blush across her face. “Um… It’s okay… It was my fault… really.”

“Oh gross!” Inuyasha yelled. “Just give them some privacy.” He then walked away to the fire, Kagome at his side.

Miroku nodded as he pulled Koga’s two wolf minions to their campsite along with Shippo.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Ashrah asked Koga as he tore a piece of his clothes to wrap around her broken hand.

“I am really not sure.” Koga replied as he finished wrapping her hand.

“Let me guess. I look like a human, so now you are bewitched by the way I look. Right?” Ashrah concluded as she pulled her hand to her chest.

“Maybe, but maybe not.” Koga replied with a husky voice.

The faint blush that crossed Ashrah’s face was now apple red. “Well, thank you for wrapping my hand, but it will be completely healed by morning when my demonic energy returns.” Ashrah then rushed back to the campsite completely unsure of what just happened.

Koga just laid in the grass beside where Ashrah had been just moments before, lost in his own mind and thoughts.

11.) Naraku's Plan in Motion by SinisterSamantha

Ashrah returned to the fire where everyone was gathered around, watching Shippo perform some of his fox magic. Ashrah took a seat beside Kagome. She noticed Inuyasha and Kagome were sitting differently than usual. Normally, they would sit next to each other, but about 6 inches apart. Now, they were sitting side by side and Inuyasha’s left arm was wrapped around her waist lightly. ‘I wonder if emotions change as well as our demonic power…’ Ashrah thought to herself as she remembered Koga wrapping her hand and blushed.

“Hey Ashrah, what’s with the face? You’re blushing.” Kagome asked with a smile on her face.

Ashrah hadn’t even realized she was smiling. “Oh, was I making a face? I didn’t even notice. I was just… ah… daydreaming. That’s all.”

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at his sister as Koga rejoined the group. His cheeks had a bit of color that was beginning to fade. He sat between Ginta and Hakkaku, who were staring awestruck at the little fox demons tricks.

Suddenly, Koga caught a scent in the air and was back on his feet in seconds, Miroku gripped his staff and Sango her Hiraikotsu and stood at almost the same time as Koga.

“I sense a strong demonic aura, and it’s closing in quickly.” Miroku exclaimed. “Quickly, Inuyasha, Ashrah, hide in the bushes!” Kagome yelled.

“Forget it Kagome, I’m not hiding from anyone!” Inuyasha boasted as he took hold of Tetseiga.

“Well, you better be ready mutt. Cause this is Naraku’s stench.” Koga said as he balled his fists and wind began forming around his ankles. Ashrah took hold of Sounga tightly as she stood behind the group ready to defend themselves.

A woman’s laughter was heard as Kagura landed on the ground in front of them, “well, well, it looks as though I have caught you at just the right time.” She tapped her fan against her chin lightly.

“Oh yeah, and what’s the occasion?” Koga barked as he ran to attack her.

“Dance of Blades!” Kagura yelled as Koga was incased in a blast of razor sharp blades. “I am not here to play today, I have a mission and I just want to get it over with and leave!” She sounded extremely annoyed. Suddenly, Ashrah screamed from behind the group.

“Get me the hell out of here!” She screamed as she banged on the walls of a barrier.

“Quiet you!” Hakudoshi yelled as he lifted himself and Ashrah higher and higher off the ground.

“Ashrah!” The entire group yelled as she was lifted into the air.

Hakudoshi took hold of Ashrah’s head making her stand. “I will make you our greatest weapon.” Hakudoshi smirked as he spoke. Ashrah swung Sounga, hitting Hakudoshi in his side. “Naughty girl….” He struck her with his free hand.

“Don’t worry Ashrah, we will get you down!” Kagome yelled as she pulled an arrow into her bow.

“Dance of the Dragon!” The unexpected attack left the entire group motionless on the ground.

“Now, watch as your precious friend becomes part of us.” He pulled a tainted shard from his sleeve and placed it on Ashrah’s forehead, where it sank immediately into her skin. Ashrah’s eyes went completely blank as Hakudoshi dropped her on the ground. “Kagura, bring the girl back with you once she is done with them.”

“Hmph, as you wish.” Kagura huffed, and with that Hakudoshi disappeared.

Inuyasha began to move more easily as the sun finally rose over the horizon, regaining his half demon power. “Ashrah!” He exclaimed as he rushed over to her. He lifted her up into his lap. “Sister, wake up!” He begged.

Suddenly, Ashrah’s eyes sprang open and her hand wrapped around Inuyasha’s neck, her eyes once again blood red. Her fangs had grown as had her claws. She snarled at him as she stood and pinned him to the tree directly behind him.

“This is where you end Inuyasha, you and all of your friends!” Her voice was different, it was pure evil, she had no emotion but anger, rage, and hate.

She pushed herself away from him and pointed her sword at him, “Inuyasha, draw your tetseiga, I wish to see what you may offer me…” She grinned as he drew tetseiga from its sheath.

“I won’t fight you Ashrah.” Inuyasha said as he lowered his sword. Unfortunately for his pride, he loved his sister, and did not want to do anything to harm her.

“Oh? Then your passivism will be the death sentence for you and your friends, including those disgraceful humans!” She twisted Sounga around in circles, “perish.” She spoke in Naraku’s voice.

A dragon engulfed the ball of energy that took form within Sounga’s twist, and Ashrah spoke ever so softly, as if she were whispering into a lovers ear, “Dragon Twister.”

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