The Next Generation by shai

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it's seventeen years after Inuaysha, Kagome and the gang finally defeat Naraku and finally got together. Kagome and Inuyasha lead a peaceful life, unitl their only children decide that they're old enough to go off and see the world on their own. Let's see what happens, shall we? :)

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1. Kaya&Chiyo by shai

2. In Preperation by shai

3. In a Town by shai

Kaya&Chiyo by shai

Even now, Kagome can easily remember the day they were both first born. It was a hot summer day, she could feel the sweat sliding down her back between her shoulder blades as shewalked back from Miroku and Sango's house, just a little ways away from her own. She was carrying back home a book Miroku lent her, balancing it on her swollen belly as she walked, but suddenly it slipped, and as she bent down to pick it up, her water broke. At first she couldn't believe it, she just stood there, frozen on the ground where she stood, and the second it hit her, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Inuyahsa!!!!!!"

He came of course, with one glance he was able to tell what the matter at hand was, and swiftly picked her up and ran them back to their own home. After tucking her into their shared futon, he left, showing up five minutes later with Sango in his arms saying to her, "Help her," as he set Sango down in front of his wife. It was time, and he was completely on edge, he had no idea what to do with himself, Kagome was in pain, and he could do notihng but wait for it to end. He couldn't draw his sword out at the perpitrator as he normally did, because this time it was his own child.

Inuaysha rushed around the house doing what Sango instructed him to do unitl Kaede and Rin showed up and shooed him outsode to wait with Miroku and Shippo. Pacing back in forth in front of his house, Inuyahsa waited, hours on end as the birthing process took it's time. Night had finally fallen when Inuaysha heard the cry of not only one child, but two. Before anyone could invite him in, Inuaysha was in the house, by Kagome's side, looking her over before he could even pay his children the slightest bit of attention, he needed to be sure she was okay first. Kagome smiled him a hello, and still somehow managed to look beautiful with bags under her eyes and her skin flushed. "We have twins," she said to him.

"Twins? Two babies?" Inuaysha said with uncertainity. 

"Yes," Kaede said, offering one of the babes to Inuyahsa, "Ye have twins. Two beautiful baby girls."

"Girls? Two?" Inuaysha repeated like a parrot, dumbfounded as he took the tiny, swaddled child in his arms, careful not to sratch her with his claws. He peered into the face of the girl as she waved her tiny little fists at him, and with surprise, he saw that at the ends of her fingers, she had delicate, almost transparent little claws. he raised the gril closer to him, shifted her so he had a better grip on her, Kagome would kill him if he dropped one of the pups so soon. But as he did so, the hood of the blanket slipped off of her head an on her head he saw she had sliver ears just like his own. "She-" he looked up to his wife, speechless as she showed him that the other babe too ahd claws and ears, though hers were black as ebony.  

"What are you guys going to name them?" Sango asked the couple.

Kagome smiled and turned to her husband,"You name one and I'll name one, okay Inuaysha?" 

He nodded in agreement and said, "This on is Kaya."

"Pure?" Kaede said, then nodded, "That is a good name for the child of this one," she pointed to Kagome, "and what of the other one, hmm, Kagome?"

"She is Chiyo," Kagome smiled.

Now she watched as her daughters, teenagers now, only three years younger than she was when she had them. Kaya favored a dark green kimono with a short skirt, while her sister, Chiyo favored a kimono of pure white that she never let stay dirty for too long. THe girls learned all the basics from their father and mother of fighting, Kaya favoring a short sword and Chiyo favoring arrows, truly they were their parents' children. However, their tastes did abberate from their parents in some ways or another, for example, Chiyo, though quick to draw and arrow, she perferred to throw thin, tiny knives that she hid in the folds of her kimono, while Kaya learned how to heal exceptionally well. ANd as the two girls grew older, Kagome saw more and more assertation of their independence in the two of them. She knew that in the times she lived in, and raised her girls in, they were considered adults already, and of the age to marry. She knew they would leave her side soon, and she was right.

Kaya couldn't stop fidgeting, and biting her lip, even thuogh she knew the threat that her extra sharp canine theeth held. But she couldn't help it, she was going crazy, she loved Ma and Papa, but she wanted to go away, see the world, and meet new people besides the ones she saw every day in the village. Even though she knew what she wanted, she was nervous on how she and Chiyo woud get it. It wasn't as if they would do anything extreme, such as run off without telling their parents, they just intended to tell them that the two of them were leaving. But Papa had a temper, and Ma, even though she was reasonable, she had a deadlier temper than Papa. So oyu can understand why Kaya couldn't help but fidget as Chiyo began to tell their parents.

"Ma, Papa, me and Kaya are planning to leave. We are old enough now, and we intend to explore the world," Chiyo said simply.

Inuaysha looked at his daughter with wide eyes as she said this, then looked at Kagome, and then back at his daughter, "You wanna leave?"

"Not permentately, we'll be back every once and awhile to visit, Daddy," Chiyo said, amping up the sweetness in her voice and softening her eyes. 

Kagome turned to her youngest daughter, "Kaya, is this what you want?"

Kaya looked up at her mother, "Y-yes Ma, i do want this."

"Well then fine," Kagome smiled brightly, "We'll have to start getting the two of you ready, shouldn't we? Now you two are both going to need little bags to put food and such in, hmm..I wonder what happned to those bags i made that one summer..."

"You mean we can go?!" Kaya exclaimed, she was all prepared for the worst, and was surprised to see that all of her anticipation had gone to waste. 

"You mean they can just go?" Inuayasha exclaimed as well, surprised that his mate was letting go of their girls so easily, their pups who were just tiny and squirmy just the other day, but now was grown and tall.

"Yes, you can," Kagome said calmly, "Now go off to Sango's house and ask her if she's seen those bags i made awhile back, i know they're around somewhere..."

The two girls nodded and ran off, Kaya tripping a little as she left the house. As Kagome watched them leave Inuaysha said, again, "Are you really letting them go?"

"Yes," she nodded, "They're older than me when i first met you, and besides, we can always drop in on them and see how they're doing, can't we?"

Inuyahsa scooted closer to his wife, "I you think they'll be alright?"

"I hope so, and I pity the fool that harms our girls, beacuse they'll have to deal with us, right?" she smiled at her husband.

He twicthed his nose, "Yeah..." he admitted relunctantly. 


In Preperation by shai

That afternoon, Kagome went to Sango's home, to see if she had that bag she made...or at least that's what she said she was going to do, in all honesty, no matter how good of a front she put up that she was cool with her twins leaving her, she was honestly worried about it, and just needed to talk it over with her best friend. 

Sango was mending one of Miroku's kimonos for him when Kagome arrived, she greeted her friend witgh a dmile and told her to sit and keep her company. As Kagome sat Sango said to her, "So how was your day?"

With a sigh, Kagome replied, "Oh, I've had better...nothing exactly went wrong today, but, the girls are preparing to leave."

"And go where?" Sango looked up from her work, surprised.

"To have an adevnture somewhere, you know, like we did when we were younger."

"Hopefully they do not meet a foe like ours," Sango muttered as she pulled her eyebrows together. She was quiet for awhile as she resumed her work, and after awhile she said, "Do you think I should let my girls go too? Akahana has become quite proficient with her boomerang bone, and Airi uses her kusarigama well...they travel with their father and even Kohaku from time to time, slaying you think i shuld let them go?"

"But if you let them go, wouldn't  Miyastu want to go to?"

Sango shook her head no, "He is still studying to become a preist like his father, though i hope he won't pick up his father's...habits."

Kagome laughed, "Miroku is lecherous as ever then, eh?"

"More so than when he was younger...I suppose I shall let them go, they're going to want to anyways when they hear the other twins, who are younger than they, are going. I will say they must travel together if they wish they were."

"That's a good idea, we'll make them watch after each other," Kagome agreed. "You know," she said suddenly, "With our children gone we'll have more times to ourselves..."

 The two wives sat in silence for awhile before jumping up in rejoice, "Yes!" they said in sync, "we'll finally be able to think about ourselves!"

"I can give myselves facials," Kagome said, 

"I can go visit some hotsprings!" Sango exclaimed.

"I'll have time to visit my mother! And Souta! Last time i was there he was dating some woman, for all I know, they could be married and have kids!"

"I can go visit my father's grave!"

The two woman looked at each other, their eyes wide, "WE CAN GO ON VACATION!" they sung together, and danced around the room a bit.  


In the forest that's name used to be Inuaysha's Forest, but had since been renamed the Well's Forest, was the daughters of both of the said women who were at that moment, dancing in their house. Airi was swing her kusarigama around, aiming at the middle of a tree, and hitting the center two times out of three. Her sister chatted with Chiyo while Kaya sat in the tree above them, mending a bow.  "So you're mother is really letting the two of you go?" Akahana said, the disbelief in her voice was thick. 

"Yes! She is, she ven sided with us against dad! Kaya and I were thoroughly surprised!"

"Do you think our parents wold let us go?" Airi said from her spot a couple of feet away from her much abused tree.

"I should hope so!" Chiyo turned to the girl, "You two are older than us by two years! I'm surprised you guys havn't left eariler!"

"We just didn't think of it, I suppose, we were happy and didn't have the itch to trvel, right Hana?" Airi said to her sister.


The girls soon left the forest after that conversation, Akahana and Airi ready to present their wish to their mother, only to find that their mother had already began preparing for their departure. The girls only looked at each other and shrugged, leaving their readied speech unsaid in their throats. After a short converstion with her husband, who had only returned from a jod that night, Sango had completed everything nessesary for her daughters' trip, and in the morning, a little after dawn, Akahana and Airi met up with Chiyo and Kaya, who were stocked with their own bicycles as gifts from their mother and Grandmother, the four girls left for their trip, where only their own skills and charms would assit them in situations, not their parents.

In a Town by shai
The four girls, all very eye cahtching, may i add, for all were identical twins, two had dog ears and claws, and all were eye-catchingly beautiful in their own ways. Kaya ahd more of a feirce air to her, similar to her fathers, and was proud, not moving out of the way for people as she walked for she expected they should move for her (which they readily did, for she had ears). Chiyo was far more refined and sweet, than her sister, at least she appeared to be, like both of her parents she had a temper, it was not easy to anger her, unlike her sister and their father, but once she did, she was an unstoppable machine that boiled with anger, who just loved crackin' skulls. Akahana was similar to Chiyo, much more ladylike than her sister, but in a much more lecherous way. Let's just say, she watched the way her father flirted with women, readily giving them special treatment if they were beautiful, and so she used her apperance to her advantage, flirting mercilessly with guys to get what she wanted from them. Airi was pure, and in many ways, like a child, giggly, sweet, interested in bugs, is suspected to have no idea what sex is, and always somehow manages to get some mysterious stain on her kimono that Akahana labors over all night to get out.   So one can very well understand why, upon entering a small farming town, they immediately stuck out like a giant, pussy red thumb.  They traveled a lot before finally reaching this town, and therefore, was very tired and hungry, and seeked a place to reat and eat. But every shop they entered refused them, and every inn they went into turned them out. The times being what they were, they could not even bully themselves in for no one was afraid of a mob of girls, even ones with ears.   The girls stood at the edge of the forest that was about a hundred yards away from the said town, with their stomachs grumbling and their feet aching, they groaned and complained quiet a bit of the mean, narrow minded townspeople.  Airi jumped up suddenly, after hearing her twin complain of an empty stomach for the hundreth time, "I'll go and try to find food. Maybe we'll get lucky and i'll find a bear, hmm?" Her sister, worried for her twin, opened her mouth to say no, but before she could, Airi was gone.     Airi ran through the forest at full speed, the green of the forest wizzing by her in a green blur. She hummed to herself a bit before hearing a rustle in the trees, and she stopped in her tracks, the dirt under foot created a small could as she skidded. She was as still as a corspe, and watched the surrounding forest with sharp eyes. She crept closer to a bush as it continued to rustle more, Airi sunk to the floor and crept closer, and with a considerable amount of force, Airi threw herself over the bush and onto the creature that was making all the rustling.    "Yeow! My back!" a wrinkle, withered old man said as Airi landed on him and pushed him onto the ground. Airi stared at him with wide eyes, surprised that her expected boar turned out to be nothing more than a withered old man.   "Well? Are ye going to get off of me?" "Oppsie daisy!" Airi said, and rolled off of the old man. "What'cha doin' there jumpin' out n' onto people like so,eh?" the old man groaned.  "I thought you were a boar," Airi said to the man. "A boar? why would a lass like ye be lookin' for a boar? Boars don't run in this part of the forest, don't ye know?" "Noooooope, i didn't know, i'm not from around her and i'm just passin through. My friends were hungry, so i went to look for food. i was hoping to find a boar, that we could roasy over a fite pit."The old man looked at Airi, considering things. Finally he said, "Well i suppose ye and ye's frinds can come on ova to my house n' i'll cook for ye.""Really? That'll be great!"
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