Bad Girl by DrFoxy
Summary:  Kagome lived on the streets for most her life, then at 17 years old she transferred to a mostly girl school in Japan! Read more to find out!
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1. New school by DrFoxy

New school by DrFoxy
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first chapter hope you like it! <3 DrFoxy Out!

 Kagome stalked out of he car, nervously fidgeting with her tanktop. Kagome was adopted by the Higarashi family, but before they adopted her she lived on the streets with her real parents. Kagome's real parents didn't give a damn what she did. At the time Kagome mastered pit pocketing, lock picking, and many more things including manipulation. She has been living on the streets since she was 6, the sreets were too dangerous for her, so she started jumping rooftops.

 When Kagomes adoptive parents took her in it took many things for Kagomes sweet side to come in, but it always dissapeared. On the streets she had to run, fight, and climb to avoid kidnappers. At school she outran everyone in track, beat everyone, even the coach in wrestling, and when the tests for rope climbing came in she was all the way up the rope in 4 seconds. Kagome didn't do well on things as homework, It bored her to no end. Kagome was practically Born an assassin.

 Kagome walked on the path leading to the school, ongly a few people were outside, and all of them were eyeing her curiously. Kagome came to Japan from America, even though she was Japanese her adoptive parents moved her out there, but that was a bad idea. Kagome was wearing American clothing, tight light blue jeans, black stylish boots, and a fully black tangtop to compliment those boots. Kagome hated makeup to no end, it made her eyes ich, and ohh lipstick, no lipstick ever again. Her face was all natural, and she didn't need makeup.

 The school was beautiful, and Big. Another building was neighboring it on the left, probaly the dorms. Kagome walked up to the door and braced herslef, she swung it open and was surprised to see the hallways empty. She peeked into the classroom and was shocked, it was a Friday And nowone was at school. Kagome walked around some more, lost in the maze of hallways. About to give up and go Kagome bumped into someone, she looked up to see one of the most sexiest faces she's ever seen. A well built young looking man look at her with powerful, golden eyes, white hair in a high ponytail. Kagome wasn't looking for a boyfriend yet.

 "Uh scuse me do you know where the office is?" Kagome asked nervously, his golden eyes examining her. Giving her the directions  she went on her way, but before saying "thanks and I'm Kagome."

  Sesshomaru was arguing with himself when he bumped into someone. He look down to see the beautiful young women before him, clearly a transfer student. She had dazzling blue eyes full of life, long dark wavy hair, she was thin, and tall. She suddenly asked where the office was. Giving her the directions she looked back and said. "Thanks and I'm Kagome." So Kagome was her name.. Hn.

 Kagome Finnally found the office, thinking of who that guy was. She let it go and headed in. A beautiful women greeted her behind the counter, after signing in Kagome,left the building to the dorms. Suddenly someone pulled her aside as she stepped in.. 

End Notes:
 Who pulled Kagome aside? What does that person want from Kagome? Stay tuned and find out!
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