Kagashe Trillogy Part 2 Kagashe's World by Kagashe_AliAnn
Summary: Just as the title says it is the future world that Kagashe came from with more charactors that weren't mentioned in part 1
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Chapter 5 The Night by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 5

The Night

It has been three months since everyone moved, and there have been soldiers coming but in small numbers. Kagome said, “Is it just me, or does it seem like Sesshomaru has taken over what would be Inuyasha’s job” Kagashe got up and headed outside. “If he wants to save me, then why does he act so mean to me?” “Hey, Kagashe,” Kouga said, startling Kagashe. “Wolf-man, where did you come from?” Kagashe asked. “Best get inside. The sun is setting,” Kouga said. Kagashe nodded and she and Kouga came in. When Kouga came in, Kagome said, “Kouga, its you!” Shippo said, “I thought I recognized your scent.” Kagashe went into a corner, and sat down. “Why didn’t she pick up his scent? She usually tells me,” Kagome said.
Just then, the sun set as did Kagashe’s powers. Kagome looked at Kagashe and said, “Oh yeah! We’ve been in so many battles that I forgot what night this is.” Kagome looked down and Kouga said, “Don’t blame yourself.” Kagome looked up and nodded.
Just then a giant worm tried to destroy the house, but was destroyed by a whip of light. Sesshomaru landed, and Kouga came out. “What the… have you been following my Kagome?” Kouga asked. Sesshomaru, who was busy with another bunch of demons, ignored him. “Hey are you listening?” Kouga yelled. Kouga decided to help him out, and as the demons continued to come, the two continued to destroy the demons. The night as usual passed by slowly, but when morning came, Kagashe went outside, and said, “Hey, demons, go away.” Sesshomaru and Kouga got back, because she had drawn the Tetsaiga, and the demons started cackling.
Kagashe ran towards the demons, and the demons were chopped to bits. Sesshomaru said, “She still hasn’t learned the Wind Scar.” Just then a scream was heard and Sesshomaru took off. Jaken was seen trying to get A-un to catch Rin, who was falling off a high cliff, when Sesshomaru showed up, catching Rin.
Just then five worms tried to attack Jaken and Jaken said, “If you don’t cut it out, I’ll come after you even in death.” Sesshomaru noticed the tired look on Jaken’s face, and Rin woke up. Sesshomaru put Rin down, and killed the five worms with the whip of light.
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