Kagashe Trillogy Part 2 Kagashe's World by Kagashe_AliAnn
Summary: Just as the title says it is the future world that Kagashe came from with more charactors that weren't mentioned in part 1
Categories: Action/ Adventure Characters: Ah-Un, Inu Yasha, Jaken, Kagome Higurashi, Kagura, Kikyo, Myoga, Naraku, Saimyosho, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo
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1. Chapter 1 The Begining of the End by Kagashe_AliAnn

2. Chapter 2 Captured by Kagashe_AliAnn

3. Chapter 3 Sucked In by Kagashe_AliAnn

4. Chapter 4 The Rescue by Kagashe_AliAnn

5. Chapter 5 The Night by Kagashe_AliAnn

6. Chapter 6 Shippo's Demise by Kagashe_AliAnn

7. Chapter 7 The Bells by Kagashe_AliAnn

8. Chapter 8 Sesshomaru's Request by Kagashe_AliAnn

9. Chapter 9 The Wind Scar by Kagashe_AliAnn

10. Chapter 10 Not Listening by Kagashe_AliAnn

11. Chapter 11 The Final Search by Kagashe_AliAnn

Chapter 1 The Begining of the End by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 1

The Beginning

Of the End

One crescent moon night, Inuyasha and Kagome were sitting next to each other in a hut. “Ah-choo!” Kagome sneezed. Inuyasha took off his cloak, and put it on Kagome. “You might want to stop eating those pickles, so you don’t catch anything or at least for now,” Inuyasha said. “Thanks, but someone is probably gossiping about me, that’s all,” Kagome said putting down the pickles. Inuyasha put his arm around Kagome, and she leaned her head up against him.
All of a sudden, a loud argument was heard. Inuyasha said, “Can’t they get control of her?” A young 10 year old girl stormed out of Lady Kaede’s house, which Inuyasha and Kagome were not in. The young girl had Sango’s appearance, but Miroku’s eyes; she wore a demon slayer outfit, but had prayer beads wrapped around her hand. Sango walked out of the hut, and yelled, “Sanku, come back.” Lady Kaede went to the doorway and Sango said, “What am I going to do with her?” “First, ye must calm her down, then ye decide,” Kaede said.
Meanwhile, deep inside a Miasma castle a human-like girl, with red hair and bright blue eyes and Naraku were arguing. “I gave you life, and I can take it away,” Naraku said. “That may have worked on Kagura, but it won’t work on me! If I die, so will you,” the girl said.
Kagura peered around the wall, but decided not to barge in. Kagura said, “So if Kanincha dies, then I am free.” Just then Kanna showed up. Kagura swiftly turned around, and said, “Why are you trying to scare me?” “It is time we go, Kanincha will kill Naraku, and then us if she gets a hold of us,” Kanna said. Kohaku heard the two talking, and went with them out of the castle. Naraku still hadn’t noticed the three of them leave, and annoyed Kanincha for the last time. Kanincha then killed Naraku, using a sword. Once outside, Kagura pulled a feather, and the three of them left on it.
End Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Characters they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea it belongs to Akira Toriyama. 

Sanku and Kanincha I created.

Chapter 2 Captured by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 2


It’s been almost a year since Naraku was killed. Kanincha has made clay soldiers, and those soldiers made a tall building. Most everyone has been forced to go underground and get in tunnels. They leave only to get food and water.
Kikyo was walking down a road, when an orangutan demon attacked. Kikyo pulled her arrow, and destroyed it.
After she demolished the demon, an evil laugh started, and Kanincha appeared. Kikyo drew her bow and arrow once again, and asked, “Is this all Naraku’s doing?” “Are you still worried about that stupid-o?” Kanincha asked, as one of her guards broke the bow Kikyo had. “Take her in, we can use her as bait,” Kanincha said. As Kanincha’s shadow crept over, Kouga was on his way to alert Inuyasha of what was going on.
An hour later Inuyasha and Kaede were talking, and Kaede said, “Inuyasha if ye truly want to get on with life, then ye must break the bond ye have with my sister, Kikyo.” Inuyasha got off the fence, and left. Kagome had just woken up, when Inuyasha came in. Kagome looked up and said, “What are you going to do about Kikyo? I can’t break it.” “I know. Don’t worry it’ll be broken, I have to break it,” Inuyasha said. “Okay, good luck,” Kagome said. Inuyasha nodded, and left.
About thirty minutes later, Kouga showed up with Ginta and Hakakaku. “Where’s that mangy dog?” Kouga asked. Kagome said, “He left to break the bond with Kikyo thirty minutes ago.” “What!?” Kouga said, “There isn’t any time to lose, Ginta, Hakakaku, watch after Kagome.” Kouga then sped off.
Meanwhile, Inuyasha had caught Kikyo’s scent, and was following it, when he ran into Kanincha’s guards. “Get out of my way, or else,” Inuyasha yelled, grabbing his sword. Just then Kanincha, and 1000 more guards snuck up; prepared to also battle him from behind. Inuyasha turned to face them, and said, “Well, if that’s the way you want to play it.” He then pulled his sword out and Kanincha’s guards attacked. Kikyo yelled, who was in Kanincha’s hands, “Inuyasha, your daughter’s name will be Kagashe.” Kanincha said, “Shut-up for good Kikyo.” Inuyasha said, “Kik…yo!” A guard hit him from behind, and another swatted the sword from his grasp, making it fly towards Kaede’s village. Once he was out, Kanincha killed Kikyo, and said, “Throw her into the miasma river, and take him to the building.” The guards blinked, and Kanincha said, “She is of no further value.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Charactors they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea, it belongs to Akira Toriyama.  I created Kanincha.
Chapter 3 Sucked In by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 3

Sucked In

Three years after InuYasha was captured, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Sanku, Kagome, Kagashe, and Kirara were in Kagome’s house, when suddenly Shippo spoke, “Hey, isn’t Naraku dead?” he asked. “That’s what Kouga overheard Kanincha say,” Kagome said. “Then why does Miroku still have the wind tunnel?” Shippo asked. Kagashe and Kagome turned towards the door. “Kanincha is Naraku’s heart,” Kouga said, who walked through the door. “Wolf-man,” Kagashe said. Kouga looked at Kagashe and smiled. “No luck,” Kagome asked. “No, the building not only has guards at the front, but booby traps at the back and sides. He just captured another 100 people, also,” Kouga said, “I just wish I had gotten to him in time to help.” “No, if you had shown up, then you would have been captured as well,” Kagome said. “Well who do we have left?” Kouga asked. “Well Sesshomaru and his team are still around, and Kagura is now under his protection. Other then us they’re the only ones,” Kagome said.
Meanwhile, miles away, Kohaku and Kanna were fighting for their lives against Kanincha. Kanincha said, “Time to stop playing games,” with one swipe killed Kanna. He also took the shard from Kohaku, killing him.
Three nights later, Miroku, Sango, and Sanku, were at Mushi’s house, when a cloud of demons appeared. Miroku said, “Sango, Sanku get back.” Miroku ran out in front, and opened the Wind Tunnel, sucking in the demon cloud. He then closed it but with difficulty. After closing it he looked at his hand, which spat wind for a second and then stopped from under the prayer beads. Sango ran out to him and said, “Miroku are you okay?” “For now,” Miroku said, “Sango, don’t get too attached to me I doubt I have much longer to live.” Sango nodded, and the two of them went inside for the night.
Sanku stayed outside and Mushi looked at her; Sanku sat down and Mushi said, “Sanku, I’m afraid Miroku’s fate will be soon, and when that time comes try to remember the good times.” “I don’t get it,” Sanku said, “Are you saying my father is about to die?” “I just hope you won’t be present,” Mushi said.
The next morning, Miroku and Sango were outside, waiting on Sanku, when Miroku looked at his hand and took off. Sango yelled, “Miroku?” The staff had been left behind, and Sango ran after him, dropping the boomerang. Mushi saw them take off, and yelled, “Sango, stop!” Sango was out of earshot though. When Sanku and Kirara finally came out he grabbed her to stop her from following.
Meanwhile, Miroku had not noticed Sango following, and had come to a deserted area near where his grandfather had been sucked into the curse. Miroku stopped, and turned; he then noticed Sango, and yelled, “Sango, run!” Sango stopped and blinked. All of a sudden the prayer beads broke, and a gust of strong wind from the wind tunnel appeared, but as Miroku was trying to get control of it, it only got stronger. Sango still hadn’t figured out why Miroku was acting that way, until he raised his hands to the sky, and by then it was too late to run.
Meanwhile, miles away, Kagome came out of her house, only to feel a slight aftershock of the Wind Tunnel. Kouga who was visiting asked, “What is that? “Oh, no! Miroku must have lost control of the Wind Tunnel,” Kagome said.
At that same time, the wind had finally subsided, and Mushi let go of the thirteen year old Sanku. Kirara transformed, and roared into the sky. Sanku looked out in the distance, and said, “Mom… Dad… noooo!” Mushi shook Sanku slightly and said, “Sanku… Sanku, listen, you have to be strong, you are the only hope. Kirara take care of Sanku; Sanku I do believe your parents would want you to have their weapons.” “Yes, you’re right,” Sanku said. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and picked up her parents weapons. Kirara followed close behind, in her kitten form. Mushi said, “I hope you have better luck then Miroku, and everyone up to your great grand-father’s time.

End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters.  I do not own the idea.  They belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Akira Toriyama.
Chapter 4 The Rescue by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
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Chapter 4

The Rescue

A year later, Kagashe said, “Mom, I’m going out.” “Oh no, you’re not, you leave and we’re all dead,” Kagome said. “HUMPH! Try and stop me,” Kagashe said. “Kagashe, sit!” Kagome said. Crash! Kagashe fell face first on the floor. Shippo, who was in the corner, with Kaede said, “Yep, there’s no mistaking she is “his” daughter.” Kagashe got up off the floor and said, “Why did you do that? And why did you use the word sit…” Crash! Kagashe fell back to the ground. Kagome just stared in shock at Kagashe, and Kagashe picked up her head and said, “Oh, man.”
All of a sudden, one of Kanincha’s soldiers appeared in the doorway. Kagashe got off the floor, and grabbed the Tetsaiga. The soldier attacked and Kagashe sliced it in half.
Kagashe looked out the doorway and said, “You people stay here.” Myoga, who was on Kagashe’s shoulder, fled. As Kagashe left through the front door, she was faced with Kanincha’s army, and suddenly the Tetsaiga began to pulse. Kagashe said, “Finally.” Kagashe transformed the sword, and began to destroy the army, but wasn’t getting anywhere. “Oh, man, no matter how many I destroy more keep coming,” Kagashe said. Just then a whip of light destroyed 17 soldiers that were standing straight in a row. The soldiers were only clay statues, but were powerful. Kagashe was starting to wear out, and Jaken, Kagura, Rin, and Ah-Un appeared in the sky; they flew to Kagashe. Jaken said, “I’ll handle this.” Jaken then put the staff in front of him, and yelled, “Feel the power of the staff of two heads.” At that, fire shot out of the staff, destroying the soldiers in front, but more came.
All of a sudden Sesshomaru landed beside the five of them. “Jaken find the leader,” Sesshomaru said. Rin said, “Isn’t that it?” Rin pointed to an unusual blue soldier among the brown ones. Sesshomaru who had just killed another slew of soldiers, turned to the leader and said, “Behold Dragon Strike!” A blue light came out of the Tensaiga he was holding, and the leader along with the army was demolished.
Kagashe, who was on the ground on one knee, stood up. You could see how tired she was just by looking at her. Sesshomaru put up the sword, and turned to her, “Get going, they’ll be back with greater numbers.” Kagashe went inside and told the group, “We’ve got to move on.” Kagome nodded; everyone packed their stuff and headed out. Kagome asked, “Did you do all this?” She saw the battlefield. “No, Jaken and uncle Sesshomaru did most of it,” Kagashe said. “Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked, “You mean “he” came to your aid?” Kagashe nodded. As they were leaving, Kagashe noticed that Sesshomaru and his team were continuing to follow at a distance, but didn’t say anything to anyone.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea it belongs to Akira Toriyama.  Kagashe I created.
Chapter 5 The Night by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 5

The Night

It has been three months since everyone moved, and there have been soldiers coming but in small numbers. Kagome said, “Is it just me, or does it seem like Sesshomaru has taken over what would be Inuyasha’s job” Kagashe got up and headed outside. “If he wants to save me, then why does he act so mean to me?” “Hey, Kagashe,” Kouga said, startling Kagashe. “Wolf-man, where did you come from?” Kagashe asked. “Best get inside. The sun is setting,” Kouga said. Kagashe nodded and she and Kouga came in. When Kouga came in, Kagome said, “Kouga, its you!” Shippo said, “I thought I recognized your scent.” Kagashe went into a corner, and sat down. “Why didn’t she pick up his scent? She usually tells me,” Kagome said.
Just then, the sun set as did Kagashe’s powers. Kagome looked at Kagashe and said, “Oh yeah! We’ve been in so many battles that I forgot what night this is.” Kagome looked down and Kouga said, “Don’t blame yourself.” Kagome looked up and nodded.
Just then a giant worm tried to destroy the house, but was destroyed by a whip of light. Sesshomaru landed, and Kouga came out. “What the… have you been following my Kagome?” Kouga asked. Sesshomaru, who was busy with another bunch of demons, ignored him. “Hey are you listening?” Kouga yelled. Kouga decided to help him out, and as the demons continued to come, the two continued to destroy the demons. The night as usual passed by slowly, but when morning came, Kagashe went outside, and said, “Hey, demons, go away.” Sesshomaru and Kouga got back, because she had drawn the Tetsaiga, and the demons started cackling.
Kagashe ran towards the demons, and the demons were chopped to bits. Sesshomaru said, “She still hasn’t learned the Wind Scar.” Just then a scream was heard and Sesshomaru took off. Jaken was seen trying to get A-un to catch Rin, who was falling off a high cliff, when Sesshomaru showed up, catching Rin.
Just then five worms tried to attack Jaken and Jaken said, “If you don’t cut it out, I’ll come after you even in death.” Sesshomaru noticed the tired look on Jaken’s face, and Rin woke up. Sesshomaru put Rin down, and killed the five worms with the whip of light.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  I do not own the idea, Akira Toriyama does.  Kagashe I created.
Chapter 6 Shippo's Demise by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 6

Shippo’s Demise

As the day passed a large ogre came upon Sesshomaru’s team, and this one was like Naraku only more powerful. While Jaken and Sesshomaru fought the ogre, Kouga had left, and an hour later, a large accumulation of bugs appeared where Kagashe and Shippo were training. Kagashe said, “This place always did smell of bugs.” She then pulled out the Tetsaiga, and Shippo got behind Kagashe. Kagashe ran at the bugs and began to destroy them with the sword, but was not getting anywhere. “Where is that uncle of mine when I need him?” Kagashe yelled, not noticing that the bugs were heading strait for Shippo.
Meanwhile, Sesshomaru and Jaken had finally destroyed the ogre, and Sesshomaru said, “Wait with Rin, I’ll be back.” Jaken said, watching him leave, “Not again.” Kagashe who had finally defeated the bugs on her side said, “Shippo, lets get out of here.” When Shippo didn’t answer, Kagashe turned around. “Shippo!?” Kagashe yelled. There were bugs surrounding an enlarged body. “You bugs are going to pay!” Kagashe yelled. Her anger was starting to rise, and she put up her sword. Kagashe yelled, “Iron Stealer!” As more bugs than usual were killed, Kagashe noticed their attack formation, and realized that she didn’t have the power to kill them all. Just then Sesshomaru showed up; Sesshomaru said, “Kagashe!” Kagashe turned and immediately got flat on the ground, because Sesshomaru had the Tensaiga drawn. Sesshomaru said, “Behold, Dragon Strike,” and all the bugs were destroyed. Kagashe sat up, and Sesshomaru walked over to Kagashe, who was trying to control her emotions. “Kagashe, lets go, I’ll walk you home,” Sesshomaru said. Kagashe got up and the two left.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters; I do not own the idea.  They belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Akira Toriyama.  Kagashe I created.
Chapter 7 The Bells by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 7

The Bells

When Kagashe got home, Kagome let her in and said, “Why don’t you rest up, Kagashe.” Kagashe nodded, and went into her room. Kagome turned to Sesshomaru, and asked, “What happened, and where is Shippo?” After Sesshomaru told her what he saw, Kagome said, “I see. Thanks for saving her. If it gets much worse there won’t be much we’ll be able to do. I just hope we won’t have to use a time machine.” Sesshomaru nodded and left.
Six months later, Kouga, Ginta, and Hakakaku were running down a path, looking for Kanincha, when they fell in a hole that was covered with leaves and branches. Kouga looked up, and Ginta said, “What is this?” “You got me,” Hakakaku said. “You two stay here. If I’m not back in an hour, don’t come looking for me. I won’t be around,” Kouga said. Koga then jumped up and took off.
Thirty minutes later, a few hundred bugs attacked him; Kouga was able to fight them off but was stung in the process. Just then Kanincha appeared with an army of soldiers and said, “Take him to the building. The soldiers did as they were told, and a bug appeared near Kanincha. Kanincha nodded to the bug, and then said to the remaining soldiers, “Three hundred large ogres have joined our armies. The plan is only half complete, or at least the first part. We need more demons though; I know we’ve been collecting demons, but we also need dragons.” Just then a guard from the building showed up and said, “That dog is loose again.” “Err… why does he keep falling down?” Kanincha said, annoyed.
Four days later, Ginta and Hakakaku were in a hut by themselves, when Kanincha spotted them. Ginta said, “Hakakaku, I wonder what happened to Koga.” Hakakaku said, “No telling but…” Hakakaku started. Kanincha dissolved the hut around them, and the two started to run. Kanincha stopped them, grabbing them by the arms, and taking them to the building.
The next day, Kagashe, Kagome, and Myoga heard the loud bells. Everyone knew the loud bells from the building told of the death of Koga, Ginta, and Hakakaku. Everyone was very upset.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and charactors, nor do I own the idea.  Rumiko Takahashi and Akira Toriyama own them.  Kagashe and Kanincha I created.
Chapter 8 Sesshomaru's Request by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
Sorry for the late update, Word has been acting wierd.
Chapter 8

Sesshomaru’s Request

Three days after the tragedies, Kagashe looked out the window of the hut, and Rin, Jaken, Ah-Un, Kagura, and Sesshomaru appeared at Kagome’s and Kagashe’s doorstep. Kagashe smiled wearily, and Kagome saw them so she went to the door. “Please come in,” Kagome said. Rin, Jaken, Kagura, and Sesshomaru walked in, and Kagome said, “What brings you here?” “Kanincha’s planning something,” Sesshomaru said. “Yeah, I’ve noticed that too,” Kagome said. “If there was ever a time I wished my little brother was here it would be now. Kagashe needs to learn the Wind Scar, and quickly.
I don’t know what Kanincha is planning, but if Kagashe doesn’t know the Wind Scar by the time Kanincha’s army is complete, there will be no hope,” Sesshomaru said. “But how, I mean the Wind Scar can’t be taught,” Kagome said. “Maybe, I can force her to see it; like I did with her father,” Sesshomaru said. Kagome looked at him and then at Kagashe who was staring out the window. Kagome said, “I’ll ask her. Kagome walked over to Kagashe and said, “Kagashe I know that you want to take revenge for Shippo, but first you need to be prepared.” Kagashe looked at her and said, “Why did it have to come to this? Even Kouga is gone.” “Kagashe, nobody is blaming you; things like this just happen,” Kagome said. “But it is all my fault; if I hadn’t insisted on training in that spot, then Shippo never would have died,” Kagashe said.
“Kagashe, listen Sesshomaru has asked if you’d be willing to train with him; something big is coming and we all need to be ready to face it,” Kagome said. Kagashe nodded and said, “If I can kill Kanincha, then it’s worth it.” “Exactly what I want to hear,” Kagome said. Kagashe walked over from where she had been standing and said to Sesshomaru, “I’ll train with you.” Sesshomaru nodded and said, “Rin, Jaken, Kagura, would you keep Kagome company?” Rin said, “Yes, my lord.” Jaken stood there with a stupid expression on his face, and Kagura sat down with Rin. Sesshomaru and Kagashe then left.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea, it belongs to Akira Toriyama.  Kagashe I created.
Chapter 9 The Wind Scar by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
I've heard rumers that this will happen in the end of the Manga, but even though I know it isn't true I put it in.  Want proof go to www.onemanga.com and look at chapter 558.
Chapter 9

The Wind Scar

Kagashe is now five years of age, and she and Sesshomaru have taken a break from training so Kagashe could entertain Rin and Jaken, and Kagura could spend some time with Sesshomaru. Three days later, Kagura, Kagashe, and Sesshomaru were at a canyon, and the sky was filled with demons and dragons; each was from the highest range of power. “Now I get it,” Sesshomaru said. Kagashe said, “Uncle Sesshomaru?” “Kagura, you and Kagashe go somewhere safe,” Sesshomaru said. “No, I want to help,” Kagashe said. “Kagashe, you should know that you act the same as your father did,” Sesshomaru said. Kagashe blinked and said, “Your point is?” “This battle is bigger than both of us; I doubt we would be able to destroy all of them. This Sesshomaru will make sure you survive. Here give this to Rin and Jaken,” Sesshomaru said, giving Kagashe an envelope. “I can’t let anything else bad happen,” Kagashe said. Sesshomaru took Tokijin off and gave it to Kagura, who nodded. He then turned to Kagashe and said, “Kagashe, take care of Rin, Jaken, and your mom, and tell your mom to use the backup plan.” Kagashe asked, “What backup plan?” “You’ll find out from your mom,” Sesshomaru said, and at that he knocked her out.
“Take Kagashe and get somewhere safe,” Sesshomaru said. Kagura put the sword at her waist, and bent down to pick up Kagashe. “You won’t survive, you must know that,” Kagura said. “Hurry and go,” Sesshomaru said. The two took one last look at each other, then Kagura used her feather ride with her free hand, and left with a teary look in her eyes; Kagashe still had the envelope in her hand.
Sesshomaru turned to face the battlefield and said, “You want me here I am.” “Just what does Kanincha think she’s doing? That’s enough power to kill five hundred Sesshomarus,” Kagura said, while heading away with Kagashe.
When they were at a safe distance, Kagura let down her feather, and once on the ground, Kagashe woke up. Kagashe sat up, and upon seeing the battlefield said, “Why? When I get my hands on Kanincha, she’s going to wish she never killed anyone.” Kagashe pulled out her sword, and could see the Wind Scar, and upon realizing that Sesshomaru had sacrificed himself for more than just Kagashe, Kagura got back and away from Kagashe. The demons were heading strait for Kagashe and Kagura, and at that Kagashe sliced the Wind Scar, killing all the demons and dragons. Once all of the creatures were killed, Kagashe dropped to her knees and cried, “Uncle!”
Three hours later, Kagashe and Kagura returned to Kagome, Kagome took one look at Kagashe and knew what happened. “Mom, it’s time we use whatever backup plan we have, Kagashe said. Kagashe looked at Rin and Jaken and walked over to them; she gave them the envelope. Just then the Tensaiga, which was flying fell into the ground. Kagura said, “I better go, Sesshomaru told me to go someplace else, if he didn’t survive, three days ago.” She pulled out a feather and once outside, she left. “Well, I guess we make a time machine,” Kagome said. Kagashe turned around and said, “I’ll be able to help, now that the Wind Scar has been unleashed.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea, it belongs to Akira Toriyama.
Chapter 10 Not Listening by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 10

Not Listening

It has been three years since Sesshomaru made his Sacrifice, and Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un now live with Kagome. Kanincha is on the rampage again and is looking for any stray creatures. Kagome and Kagashe are still working on the time machine; they have gotten it light enough to carry.
Three days later, Rin and Jaken are told to stay in the house because Kanincha is around; Kagashe is now eight years of age, and three hours later, Rin decides to pick flowers. Jaken yelled, following Rin, “Wait, we were told to stay inside.”
Kagashe and Kagome were so busy with the time machine that they did not notice them leave or the fact that it suddenly got quiet; that is, until they heard a scream. “Rin!” Kagome and Kagashe said, but they got to the doorway one second too late, as Rin and Jaken were killed by Kanincha.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  I do not own the idea, Akira Toriyama does.  Kanincha and Kagashe I created.
Chapter 11 The Final Search by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
Prepare yourself for the final installment of the Kagashe Trillogy, Kagashe's Return!
Chapter 11

The Final Search

It has been a few years since Rin and Jaken were killed and Inuyasha, Kagome, Kagashe, and Myoga were all heading towards the well. (Flashback) “Well, well if it isn’t the boogie-man!” Kagashe said. “Gross what is this… thing?” Kagome asked. “Well Ciro, obviously,” Kagashe said. “You must be Kagashe,” Ciro said. “Oh, I see, you’re looking for Kanincha, but can’t find her so you want to kill us, and steal the time machine. Your song and dance is as old as time,” Kagashe said. Ciro took out Sounga Jr. and Kagashe aimed her arrow at Ciro, shooting him in the eye. “Let’s destroy this creep before he takes the arrow out,” Kagashe said. Kagome prepared her bow and arrows, Kagashe took out the Tetsaiga, and Inuyasha took out the Tensaiga. Ciro was turned to ashes, and Kagashe, Inuyasha, and Kagome headed to the well.
When they got to the well, they had a surprise, because Sanku and Kirara were sitting by the well. Kagome saw them and said, “Sanku? Sanku where have you been? We thought you were dead.” Sanku got off the grass and said I would have been had Master Mushi not grabbed me. Is this Kagashe?” “Yes, and InuYasha has been in the building,” Kagome said. Sanku’s eyes widened with shock, but said, “I guess you’re going to head to your parents’ world.” “Yeah, but just until I can get some supplies,” Kagome said. “Can I join you when you get back?” Sanku asked. “Of course you can,” Kagome said, cutting Inuyasha off. Kagome, Kagashe, and Inuyasha jumped in the well, and Sanku and Kirara sat back down on the grass.
On the other side, Souta, who had grown up, had a daughter by the name of Kaja and a wife by the name of Hitomi, and he was walking around outside, when Kagashe, Inuyasha, and Kagome came out. Souta looked over when he heard the door open, and said, “Inuyasha, Kagome!” “Uh, Souta?” Kagome said. Souta ran over to them and hugged her. Kagome hugged him back and Souta let go. “Is this Kagashe?” Souta asked. “Yes it is,” Kagome said. Just then Kaja came in from school; she had Souta’s hair, but Hitomi’s eyes. The five of them went inside, and talked for a while; Kagashe’s grandmother came in and said, “Kagome, welcome home!”
Three hours later, Inuyasha, Kagashe, and Kagome left to go back to the feudal era, with supplies. Sanku and Kirara got up, and Inuyasha looked to the west once everyone was out of the well. “What is it?” Kagome asked. “It smells like Naraku,” Inuyasha said. “Calm down its probably just Kagura,” Kagome said. “What?!” Inuyasha steamed. “Inuyasha if it wasn’t for Kagura, Kagashe would probably be dead now. She took Kagashe to a safe distance after Sesshomaru knocked Kagashe out to save her,” Kagome said. Just then a heavy breeze blew, and Kagura appeared, with a five year old boy. The boy had a crescent moon, red eyes, a white kimono, and a sword at his side. “Hello I figured it was time Kagashe met her cousin, Shanaru, and I would also like to join you,” Kagura said. Kagome said “Of course the more the merrier.” Kagura nodded, and said, “Shanaru, meet your cousin Kagashe, your uncle Inuyasha and your aunt Kagome.” After they talked for a while, Kagome said, “So let the final search begin.” But what she didn’t know was what was in store for them.

To be Concluded…
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea, it belongs to Akira Toriyama.  Kagashe, Kanincha, Ciro, Sanku, and Shanaru I created.  Hope you enjoyed the first two parts of The Kagashe Trillogy, because the next is even more fasinating.
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