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Story Notes:
This was written for the new mirsan_fics community at LiveJournal. The prompt was "Change" and the word count was free.

Disclaimers: I do not own InuYasha or any of the manga/anime characters. They belong to the wonderful genius Rumiko Takahashi. I just enjoy making them play with each other.

Midnight Change

Miroku felt as though his eyes had just closed when he was jolted awake by a cry. No, make that cries - in stereo. He scrunched his eyes tightly shut and tried to pretend it wasn't happening.


That one word of warning was all it took for his eyes to spring open. When she reverted to calling him "Houshi," she was deadly serious. "Yes, my lovely wife?"

"Don't `yes, my lovely wife' me. Get up and help," Sango ordered.

Miroku closed his eyes just long enough to sigh and throw the blanket back so he could roll to his feet. "Coming."

Sango snickered. "You might not be having this problem if you hadn't done that so many times already. You're the one who wanted me to `bear your child'." In the time it had taken for him to wake up, she had already changed the first and offered the baby her breast.

Miroku was actually a little jealous as he watched the infant greedily suckle for a moment before he went to her twin. He used to have the privilege of... oh well. "There, there, my sweetie," he cooed as he changed her before he picked the girl up and started to rock her. "Your mommy will be ready to feed you as soon as your sister is finished."

The monk smiled as he watched his wife nurse their child and couldn't help but to reflect on everything that had happened during the past year. Never in his life had he expected to undergo so many changes in such a short period of time: Naraku had been defeated and his Kazaana had vanished as a result, he married Sango as he had promised, and now he had two beautiful girls. Two! That fact he had a harder time believing than almost anything else. Sango had no idea that twins ran in her family, not that she had anyone to ask.

That thought made Miroku rather somber as he continued to comfort the hungry child in his arms. His wife and daughters were the only real family he had. The only other relatives Sango had was her brother Kohaku, and he was a traveling youkai exterminator now, so they rarely saw him. The monk was doing everything in his power to be a good father and husband - and that included abandoning his womanizing ways and becoming a steady provider.

Actually, toning down his lecherous tendencies had not been as difficult as he thought it might be. He had a beautiful wife after all, and then there was that well placed threat that InuYasha had promised to fulfill if he ever caught Miroku propositioning another woman. He shuddered at the thought of what the hanyou had threatened to cut off because it wasn't his cursed hand. So now, though he might occasionally look, his groping was confined to his wife - in private.

The monk honestly never expected to have such a life, for he was fully prepared to die either battling Naraku or from the kazaana curse in his hand. His musings were interrupted when Sango indicated that it was time to trade the hungry infant for her well-fed sister. As he patted the now content baby's back until she burped, he considered that he couldn't be any happier and that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Miroku stifled a yawn as he put the one child back to bed and waited for Sango to finish with the other so they could all go back to sleep together - at least until they were again awakened by the cries of the twins. He had to admit that he couldn't wait until they no longer had these feedings so many times a night, and he might actually be able to get a little sleep. That was another change he was definitely looking forward to.

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