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The four girls, all very eye cahtching, may i add, for all were identical twins, two had dog ears and claws, and all were eye-catchingly beautiful in their own ways. Kaya ahd more of a feirce air to her, similar to her fathers, and was proud, not moving out of the way for people as she walked for she expected they should move for her (which they readily did, for she had ears). Chiyo was far more refined and sweet, than her sister, at least she appeared to be, like both of her parents she had a temper, it was not easy to anger her, unlike her sister and their father, but once she did, she was an unstoppable machine that boiled with anger, who just loved crackin' skulls. Akahana was similar to Chiyo, much more ladylike than her sister, but in a much more lecherous way. Let's just say, she watched the way her father flirted with women, readily giving them special treatment if they were beautiful, and so she used her apperance to her advantage, flirting mercilessly with guys to get what she wanted from them. Airi was pure, and in many ways, like a child, giggly, sweet, interested in bugs, is suspected to have no idea what sex is, and always somehow manages to get some mysterious stain on her kimono that Akahana labors over all night to get out.   So one can very well understand why, upon entering a small farming town, they immediately stuck out like a giant, pussy red thumb.  They traveled a lot before finally reaching this town, and therefore, was very tired and hungry, and seeked a place to reat and eat. But every shop they entered refused them, and every inn they went into turned them out. The times being what they were, they could not even bully themselves in for no one was afraid of a mob of girls, even ones with ears.   The girls stood at the edge of the forest that was about a hundred yards away from the said town, with their stomachs grumbling and their feet aching, they groaned and complained quiet a bit of the mean, narrow minded townspeople.  Airi jumped up suddenly, after hearing her twin complain of an empty stomach for the hundreth time, "I'll go and try to find food. Maybe we'll get lucky and i'll find a bear, hmm?" Her sister, worried for her twin, opened her mouth to say no, but before she could, Airi was gone.     Airi ran through the forest at full speed, the green of the forest wizzing by her in a green blur. She hummed to herself a bit before hearing a rustle in the trees, and she stopped in her tracks, the dirt under foot created a small could as she skidded. She was as still as a corspe, and watched the surrounding forest with sharp eyes. She crept closer to a bush as it continued to rustle more, Airi sunk to the floor and crept closer, and with a considerable amount of force, Airi threw herself over the bush and onto the creature that was making all the rustling.    "Yeow! My back!" a wrinkle, withered old man said as Airi landed on him and pushed him onto the ground. Airi stared at him with wide eyes, surprised that her expected boar turned out to be nothing more than a withered old man.   "Well? Are ye going to get off of me?" "Oppsie daisy!" Airi said, and rolled off of the old man. "What'cha doin' there jumpin' out n' onto people like so,eh?" the old man groaned.  "I thought you were a boar," Airi said to the man. "A boar? why would a lass like ye be lookin' for a boar? Boars don't run in this part of the forest, don't ye know?" "Noooooope, i didn't know, i'm not from around her and i'm just passin through. My friends were hungry, so i went to look for food. i was hoping to find a boar, that we could roasy over a fite pit."The old man looked at Airi, considering things. Finally he said, "Well i suppose ye and ye's frinds can come on ova to my house n' i'll cook for ye.""Really? That'll be great!"
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