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11 - The Move - Monday


"I can't believe you're doing this," Inuyasha said as he carried several boxes up the stairs to Miroku's apartment. "Your first relationship to make it a month, and you decide that means you have to move in together?"


Miroku grinned. "She said yes. It can't be that crazy, can it?"


"At this rate, you're going to be married by the end of the year," the hanyou said, plopping the boxes at Kagome's feet.


The miko smiled. "I doubt it. Moving in together is a big enough step. Getting married would be skipping a few."


Inuyasha looked from one friend to another, taking in their happiness. "So, you really think it's going to work?"


Miroku swept Kagome into his arms, one hand cupping her ass. "I have never been happier, Inuyasha." He pressed his lips to hers, and the hanyou groaned.


"I don't need to see this, dude."


Once he had thoroughly kissed the love of his life, the monk turned to look at Inuyasha once more. "There's plenty of boxes to carry. No one is asking you to watch."


Kagome giggled and pulled Miroku into another kiss while the hanyou stomped out of the apartment towards the moving truck. "This shit did not end up how I thought it would. Now they get to make out while I carry all of the wench's shit? Not fair."


Though his complaints never paused, he couldn't keep the smile off his face. He had done a good thing, bringing them together. He just hoped they hadn't moved too quickly. He didn't want to end up stuck in the middle if things didn't work out. For his own sanity, and for his friends' sakes, he would keep his fingers crossed.


The End

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