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I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

Written for MirKagFic's May Patience of a Saint oneshot theme.


Chapter 3 - Not the Wrong Number



He was still a perv. No misunderstanding. No miscommunication. It hadn't been a joke when he asked her the question that caused her to clock him with her purse. But he was cute, and the longer she spent with him, the more fun he was. Miroku was playful, that was certain. He was also awesome at paying compliments, even if they were incredibly inappropriate. Really, what guy told his date that her breasts were beautifully symmetrical? She had the urge to smack him, but the desire to laugh won out.

"Would you care to dance, pretty lady?" he asked her with a waggle of his eyebrows.


Kagome giggled and nodded, allowing him to lead her out into the pulsing crowd in the middle of the club. His hands started innocently enough on her hips, but as they moved to the beat, they began a slow but steady trek to their true and final destination, her ass. Again, the urge to knock him out was overcome by the humor of the situation.


"I can't believe Inuyasha did this," she laughed. "How did he even know we met?" She watched as the male dressed in tight blue jeans and a purple silk shirt actually blushed slightly.


"I had mentioned my encounter with a beauty on the train. I had no idea he knew her... er... you."


"Really?" Kagome asked. "You know, I was going to apologize for hitting you, but I think you deserved it."


He smirked at the girl who hadn't hit him once the entire evening, not even when his 'cursed' hand found its way to her perfectly squeezable rear. "You are probably right. My mouth does tend to get me in trouble."


"Not just your mouth by the feel of things," she grinned as she reached behind her and moved his hands back to her hips. "I take it you get hit a lot then?"


One hand came up to rub his left cheek, the one that would have been sporting a handprint if she were any other girl. He knew she was special, but he had no idea how much. "More often than not." He smiled when she laughed again. Never before had he been so focused on just one girl, but the club might as well have been empty  aside from the two of them because no one else existed, just this one goddess in his arms.


"Let's get out of here. It's too loud." Miroku nodded and followed the perfect girl for him out of the club, her hand holding tightly to his like she was afraid of losing him in the crowd. They were halfway down the short flight of steps that led to the sidewalk when her heel snapped and Kagome came frighteningly close to smacking her face into the concrete.


"Omph," she grunted before opening her tightly closed eyes, wondering what had stopped her fall. He had pulled her into his arms just in time.


"If you wanted to get to know me better, you only had to ask," he joked.


She shot him a playful glare. "Thanks." Kagome straightened and tried to take a step, hissing in pain.


"Shit, I think I twisted my ankle."


She held tightly to the railing while Miroku knelt down and slipped off the broken shoe before carefully examining the already swelling joint. "Looks like you'll need some assistance then." Before she knew what was happening, she was in his arms, and he was walking towards where his car was parked.


"If I didn't know better, I'd say you planned this," she laughed, looping her arms around his neck.


"Where to, my lady? Your chariot awaits."




Kagome groaned as she searched the table for her cell phone. "Hello?" she grumbled groggily.

Inuyasha frowned at the phone. He had meant to call Miroku. He shrugged, deciding he must have hit the wrong number, and it didn't matter who he talked to first. "So, how was it Kaggie? How many times did you have to hit him?"


"You know what; I didn't have to hit him once. He's a sweetheart, too. I hurt my ankle, stupid shoes," she growled slightly. "And he carried me inside, got me an icepack and everything."


"Wait, he took you home? And you didn't smack him even once? Damn, Kagome! How drunk were you?"


She laughed at her friend. "Not even a little. Can I call you later? I'm tired."


"Sure thing, babe," Inuyasha replied before clicking off. "I was sure she'd have knocked his ass out by the end of the night," he thought aloud. "She's never been a patient one." He pushed a few buttons and listened to the ringing while he waited for Miroku to answer his phone.


"Hello?" a frustrated, familiar, and definitely female voice answered.


"Kaggie?" he asked in shock before pulling the phone away from his ear and checking. He was sure he dialed Miroku this time, and the glowing display confirmed it.


"Inuyasha?" she grumbled. "I said I'd call you later."


"How in the hell did you... never mind." The hanyou closed the phone and just stared at it for a minute. It wasn't possible. There was no way in hell his Kagome would have taken Miroku home with her for the night. It had to be some mistake. Maybe they accidently switched phones. Deciding that had to be it, he dialed Kagome's cell number.


"Yeah?" a familiar and thankfully male voice answered this time.


"You and Kagome musta' got your cell phones mixed up. She said she didn't have to hit you once! How the hell did you pull that off?"


"Why Inuyasha, I don't know why you're so surprised. She has the patience of a saint. Didn't get mad at me once..."


"For fuck's sake! Would you tell him to leave us the fuck alone?" Kagome's irritated voice could be heard in the background.


"Hmm, it seems like she's not feeling so patient with you at the moment, my friend. Perhaps you shouldn't call quite so early in the morning. Oh, before I forget... thanks!" Click.


Inuyasha's jaw was hanging so low he could have tripped over it, and he stared at the phone in his hand like it had just sprouted arms and legs, and was dancing the Hokey-Pokey. "He... she... holy shit." Of all the outcomes he imagined... Miroku actually thanking him later wasn't one of them.

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