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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: i dont own any of the inuyasha characters but the other characters (that arent in other animes) are mine.

Ch. 3 The Feudal Era And The Encounter


Asuna had passed out after they had been transported and didn’t see Kurama fight the Centipede Mistress. She had wanted Asuna’s powers because it would be as powerful as the Sacred Jewel. Kurama killed her and then went to see if Asuna was okay. She was breathing but still unconscious. He picked her up and then started to walk. He was happy to be back home in the Feudal Era. He smiled because now he had to explain everything to Asuna. He looked at her sleeping face and smiled to have her in his arms. Since she was unconscious, he decided to transform into his half-demon self to make things go faster. He transformed and then ran to his hut. He turned back into his human self and waited until Asuna woke up. He saw her eyelids flutter and then she opened her eyes. He was relieved to know she was okay and rushed to her side. She sat up and looked around. She was surprised to see that she was in a hut and not in the ally. The ally she thought what happened to the ally and those arms, she shivered at the thought of all those arms grabbing her. She looked at Kurama and was happy to see that he was okay. He sat by her and asked “Are you okay, did you get hurt?” “Nope” said Asuna with a smile. He sighed with relief and then stood up. He got a cup of water and gave it to her. She thanked him and was surprised at how thirst she was. The shock must have gotten to her because she only gets real thirst if she is really scared, shocked or both and she was both. She looked around again and asked “Kurama, where are we?” He smiled and said “We’re at my house.” “Your house?” said Asuna and looked at him questionably. “Yeah, I carried you here when we arrived” he said and Asuna asked “Arrived where exactly?” A huge grin spread across Kurama’s face and he said “In the Feudal Era of course!” “WHAT!” Asuna yelled and Kurama had to cover his ears. He didn’t need to have demon hearing for her yelling to hurt his ears. He tried to calm her down but gave up because there was no way she was going to get calm. Asuna had had enough, first her family isn’t her real family, then she meets Kurama, some freaky arms take her somewhere, and now this. She sighed angrily and looked at Kurama with a scowl on her face. He smiled nervously and tried to think of a way to explain it all without her freaking out again. He took a deep breath and said “Asuna, this is where I am from and part of who you are.” He waited to see what her reaction was and she looked confused. He smiled and said “You have two souls in you, one is your own and the other one is from another person named Asuna from 50 years in the past from today.” Asuna couldn’t believe what she was hearing and she was upset that all of this was happening on her birthday. She scowled and Kurama felt a bit worried. He then sensed a demon coming their way and said seriously “I’m sorry that this is all happening to you but now is not the time for talking.” He helped her up and she looked a bit worried. He smiled and said “Don’t worry nothing is wrong, we just need to keep going if we want to find your sister.” She had forgotten about that and nodded. They left the hut and they kept walking although Kurama was trying to go a bit faster. Asuna thought he must really want to help her find her sister and tried to keep up. They had walked a lot and Asuna was tired. The demon had gone away so Kurama decided to slow down. He looked at Asuna and she looked exhausted. He stopped but she kept going because she was lost in her thoughts. She sighed and then noticed that Kurama wasn’t at her side but before she could stop and look for him, she was scoped up onto Kurama’s back. She was about to protest when he said “Don’t worry about it, it is my pleasure to assist you.” He smiled at her and she blushed. She decided to let it go because no one she knew would see her. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. He blushed but smiled. They kept going and then Asuna sensed something weird. She told Kurama about it and he knew what it was. He went faster and Asuna hold to hold on tight because she didn’t want to fall. They arrived at a well and there was someone coming out of it. Asuna got of Kurama’s back but didn’t get any closer to the well. A girl with black hair and wearing a school uniform, like Asuna’s but green instead of blue, stepped out of the well. Asuna was shocked to know that someone else from the future was here. She went up to the well and then the girl spoke. “Hi, who are you, how did you get here and where did the shrine go?” “My name is Asuna Suzuki and I didn’t see any shrine, did you Kurama?” Asuna said. Kurama just shook his head and tried to hold back a smile. The girl said “I’m Kagome Higurashi and I just fell down my family’s well and don’t know which way my house is.” Asuna gasped and couldn’t believe that she had found her sister but her mom didn’t tell her what her sister’s last name was. She turned to Kurama and he nodded. She gasped again and then looked at Kagome.

Chapter End Notes:
There's chapter 3. hope you liked it and please review and give any advise. Thanx to the people that have read it. bye ^_^
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