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I'm a die hard Inu/Kags fan. I will never read a Sesshomaru/Kagome story! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! Or even worse... Koga/Kagome or Hojo/Kagome  Ugh! Make me puke! And don't get me started on Kinky Hoe/Inuyasha (Note: I don't own the phrase Knky Hoe for Kikyo's name. It belongs to my good friend MeganR.)

Other than that I want to promise you all that I will ALWAYS finish my stories. Don't you hate when someone doesn't? It's annoying and frustrating. Especially when it's a good story. It's like 'Oh I'm so loving this!' to 'WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! DAMN YOU PEOPLE!!!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!! DO YOU GET OFF SEEING ME SUFFER!!!!'

Yeah, I know. I'm crazy. Oh well! :)

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