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I am a mother of two boys and a home maker. When I was working I was a Home care giver which went to the homes of the elderly and handycaped. (for thoses who didn't know what home care giver was) I've been reading Inuyasha fanfictions for many years.  I started reading at suericfanfictions and sometime at the end of last year a freind of my soon to be ex-hustband pointed me to this site and I showed her the one I've been on. 

Soon I am thinking of going to Collage and Getting my CNA Degree and start on a Coreaer since I am now going to be a Single Mom now. I did start on a story but I lost it on my laptop that was sold a while back. When I acualy get the nerve and Time I may start up another one, But I will whrite the hole story before I start posting the Chapters that way when I do post the story It will be compleate I have so many Ideas running in my head I just need to figure out where to start.


Anyway I've been thinking of writing some my self but I'm a little to shy, my spelling is not always good, and when I do start to get going I don't always remember to put down commas, periods, and such where they belong maybe some day.  I love reading Inuyasha and kagome romances there is only one sessy and kagome romance I like so far only cause they did't turn Inuyasha into a compleate A** hole .  thats one thing I hate is when Inuyasha is made to be a bad person and I don't like it .  I prefer Inuyasha and kagome togeather unless I find atleast some that are deacent with out making Inuyasha the bad guy.

Also I have one other accout on IFA and my name there is Shortsh1t they wouldn't let me use Angie27 on there I guss it was already used since Angie is a common name I hope my stories turn out good I may have rushed thrue my first one but right now im slowly working on my second story. Anyway please feel free to critic me I welcome it all anything to make your reading expeariance better I don't like doing things half assed and i don't like reading half assed stories ether.  So go ahead and flame away if you want just be polite about it and I wont take ofence.

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