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Challenge: Cross-over (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood/ Black Butler/ Itazura Na Kiss/ Fruits Basket) with one of thoses anime titles listed above. If you have a different anime please send me a message by going to my profile and messaging me through

Reasoning: I want to see how fanfiction writers combine two different worlds. Of course though there has to be rules.

Rules: 1. If there are pairing they must stay within the anime they came from. They can mingle and be friends with others from a different anime, but Inuyasha people must be with Inuyasha people, and the same goes for the other anime.

2. Main characters, Inu/Kag (as a couple)

3. Please no homosexual character, I have nothing agaisnt it but I'm not very fond of reading Roy and Ed getting it on, or Kagome and Sango either. Unless the character calls for it like Grell, Jakotsu, Kikyou (from Itazura Na Kiss), etc...

4. The era doesn't matter, past, present, it doesn't matter to me. As long as the era chosen fits with the anime chosen. 

5. Make it work! I really want to read a good crossover, so please have the time period and characters being used make sense with the plot. 

Tips: Here is a huge tip on how to make a good cross-over fanfic. The charcters being used in either anime (for whatever world -the said anime- is placed in) don't have to be exactly like the chacters they are in the actual anime series.Charactes from the show it's being crossed over with could just be there, already with in the story. There is no need for the well to 'suddenly have Kagome end up in some different time period that isn't the feudal era or her home town' and nor is there a need to have another anime charcter come bursting out of nowhere (or the well) in to the feudal era (unless it makes sense of course).

Example: Edward Elric doesn't have to magically end up in the feudal era, he could just automatically be there with some secret of alchemy.

 I made two cross-over fanfictions on, I read them know and I can't help but to think what the hell was I thinking. The Naruto one (which is as anime I can't stand, so don't bother asking -_-) had a good plot and a reason why they ended up in the fedual era, but it's kind of a draggy feel once the Inu group has to explain everything about demons and the shikion jewel, and the subjugation beads, and the well...see takes up too much time and a perfectly good chapter. 

Please do your best and do not be afraid to inbox me for questions or support! :D


p.s. for the catergory options I just put down some type that I like. It doesn't have to all of them, just one or some. Or whatever you perfer. 

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