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fanfiction/6374/images/InuGenki.pngThe Dog Demon General has passed away. Lady Izayoi is left to fend for herself with her newborn, and Sesshomaru is out on the prowl searching for Tetsusaiga's power. But, InuYasha has another brother? What motivates him to side with her? The Dog Demon General bestowes his clothes and armor to his second son, and with Sesshomaru gone, factions swear alliegence to InuGenki and break away starting his own Territory. Quickly, he recieves Tohoku and Hokkaido as dowry increasing his lands ten fold. Unfortunately, during preparations for his wedding, he finds out about Lady Izayoi's passing, and it's up to Lord InuGenki of the Northern Lands to find InuYasha before he gets killed!

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Categories: Humor, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance, Adult
Characters: Custom
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