Summary: This is a challenge not for those under the age of 18. This challenge is one of Sadism and Masochism. Must be during the modern era, but in a small town. It is to illustrate that despite their practices in this, they are embarrassed. Eventually you will have to have their activities exposed and write the reactions of the community and the couple's response.

One character must be the pastor's daughter who is about to head off to college. Family raises horses too. Never has had a boyfriend. Has a dirty guilty pleasure.

One character is the bad boy type underneath, but always the 'golden boy' in public with his reputation as a scholar and a very good athlete. He too has a guilty pleasure and catches our main female character in her moment in the stables.

Other character backgrounds can be as they are. Please try to keep their personalities straight despite the AU setting.

Character duo can be 2 major or 1 minor and 1 major character within InuYasha.

The type of things done must ONLY be done using the following:

- Must use horse bit
- whip
- English saddle with stirrups
- black leather

This cannot be a one-shot. It must be at least 5 chapters and the chapters have to be at least 1500 words (not including author note.)

If a challenge is met, I will create a graphic recognizing your achievement and post it to your story's table of contents and also to your profile. Also, your story will be plugged at the IYFF Yahoo! Group so others can see.

If your entry is very good, your fic might become a candidate for future featured fanfics.
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