Inuyasha Afterwards by nerdybunny5
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Kagome relize that she miss home for than ever and was going to get marry with Inuyasha in a few weeks so she wrote a note and left. She broke the well so Inuyasha won't follow her. But everything frose there. Few years has past and she is marry with Hojo and have twin boys named Abel and Arthuro and a dauther name Georgie. When it was the first day of 9th grade for her and 10th grade for her brothers. There where off to school tild Abel books fell and when they were picking them up they were suck in the well now Georgie, Abel and Arthuro and now with Inuyahsa and the gang. 

Categories: Action/ Adventure, Romance, Romance > Hojo/ Kagome
Characters: Kagome Higurashi
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