Love made for what is lost by allaroundgirl_inukag
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Summary: This is for any couples that are not outside the manga or anime. They can have as much excitement and adult features as possible but will not be accepted if InuKik is here, only NaruKik for Kikyou. This has to start with a sad beginning to continue up to the couples.
Categories: Humor, General, Drabbles, Drabbles > Adult, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome, Romance > Miroku/ Sango, Romance > Kouga/ Ayame, Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagura, Romance > Naraku/ Kikyo
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Summary: Kagome has little experience in her sleep and needs some reasurrance.
Categories: Angst/ Drama, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome
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Series: Love made for what is lost
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 08 Nov 2008 Updated: 08 Nov 2008