Chapter 2: Defection by OmuYasha

InuGenki begins to hit it off well with a priestess named Mitsuki whom he met at the Bone eater's well. After hearing about his father, Mitsuki's children make themselves known. Their mother teaches them a valuble lesson on making allies with strong youkai instead of fighting them.

 InuGenki leaves to recieve his father's momento from Totosai. After donning his father's armor, he arrives at his mother's castle where she outfits him with his father's clothing and hairstyle. Unbeknownst to him, his father's allies await for him outside to pledge their allegience to him.

After his meeting he comes back to rescue Mitsuki's youngest daughter, literally butchering the youkai like a pig. Mitsuki chooses to reward our hero for his deeds. 

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Defection by OmuYasha


Chapter 2: Defection 

As they entered the village, some of the villagers working in the rice fields watched on curiously, but they went back to work after seeing them enter the tea house. Inside he waited for her to prepare an impromptu tea ceremony. “My apologies, I know this isn’t much to what you’re used to, but…” she said before InuGenki interrupted.

“You’re doing alright. You’re doing quite well with what you have, and I appreciate your gesture” he said.

A light smile came onto her lips, and she bowed to him. “Thank you, milord” she said before she looked up to him happily. “By the way, my name is Mitsuki.” she said as sat on her knees beside him. She touched his hand curious to see how he would react to her advances.

He turned his hand and held onto her’s, which she almost squealed with excitement. “My name is InuGenki” he told her.

After the tea and meal was presented to him, she sat her hands into her lap and looked up to him curiously. “If you don’t mind me asking, what where your father’s last words to you, Lord InuGenki?” she asked.


He recalled back to meeting his father on the snowy shores of Sado Island. The thought of his father being in such a condition made his stomach churn. He remembered it vividly, and he told her the story.

"Your wounds...what happened?" he muttered.

His father did not bother to look back at him as he reflected on his life. "Don't worry about me...InuGenki" He said wearily.

InuGenki clenched his fist and growled. "I would have helped you with Ryukotsusei...had I known he’d give you that much trouble" he said.

His father smiled faintly. "It was my fight not yours anyway…I got careless, nothing more” he said before he sighed heavily holding his side in pain. “I want you to watch over everything for me...while I'm away" he said calmly.

InuGenki's eye twitched at that notion. "What? What do you mean everything?" he muttered in disbelief.

His father looked off into the ocean. "You know as much as I do that I won't survive these wounds for much longer..." he said plainly.

InuGenki frowned. "I don’t believe that! You are going to her aren't you?" he asked.

His father sighed heavily before he suddenly coughed up blood. "If you had a choice to lay around and lick your wounds or give your life up to save another's life...would you pick the latter?" he inquired.

InuGenki looked at the blood on the ground and grew angry. “I don’t understand why I can’t help you. I know how to use both Tensaiga and Tetsusaiga. I can save her while you rest!" he shouted.

His father grew impatient with him. “No! I know when I don’t have enough energy to recover from these wounds. I’m not going to fight youkai…it’s just simple humans” his voice boomed.

InuGenki bowed to his father. “I won't let your sacrifice be in vain" he said firmly.

His father looked up and smiled. "You've made me proud InuGenki…" he said before he drew Tetsusaiga. InuGenki looked up at his father surprised before he took it from him. “But there is one thing you can help me with. I want you to put a barrier on Tetsusaiga for me” he said with confidence.

Myoga were both stunned. "What are you thinking? InuGenki won’t place that strong of a barrier" he yelled.

The father looked at the flea youkai intensely. “The barrier on Tetsusaiga shall be based off InuGenki's youki and not mine. If was based on my power it would break once I die. As InuGenki gets stronger, so will the barrier. Only InuYasha is meant to wield it" he said.

InuGenki’s concentration was broken to this news, which he raised an eyebrow. "InuYasha?" he asked.

The father smiled happily. "He's your little brother...take care of him for me" he said.

InuGenki cracked a slight smile and laughed as he regained his composure. "You’ve already picked a name for him? How do you know it’s a boy?” he said as his hands started to glow. Brilliant yellow electricity arched around the mighty sword and soon after it pulsated and hummed.

His father nodded. “Izayoi picked the name if our child was a boy. Toki if our child was a girl” he said as InuGenki handed Tetsusaiga back to him.

“I can tell by the taste of a woman’s blood whether she’s having a boy or a girl” Myoga chimed in.

The father chuckled at this and stowed Tetsusaiga away. “I heard you commissioned for Totosai to forge a fang of your own. I have to admit it's going to be a beauty when it’s done...great design and ability too..." he said before he grabbed his chest in pain. He started to frown remembering his own plight. "All I ask of you is to get rid of Sounga, establish your own land, keep an eye on InuYasha, and produce me many grandchildren" he said with a big smile.

InuGenki stared at him speechless before he nodded slowly. " coming Myoga?" he asked as he walked up to them.

"No...I need a few more moments with master" he said.

His father reached up to pat him on the back. "You've made me proud, my son. Go to your mother and tell her the news" he said before InuGenki nodded.

“Thank you, for everything…Father” he said. He transformed into his giant dog beast form and flew off leaving behind a contrail. He growled lowly seeing Sesshomaru ahead, which their eyes met, and it felt like years instead of seconds for the time it took to pass each other.


He snapped out of his flashback, and he looked around to see where he was. He noticed the priestess snuggled up to him with her hand slid underneath his kimono rubbing his chest. “So what am I?” He pondered.

She reached up to touch him on the cheek to make him look at her. “You’re your father’s legacy” she said as she reached under his breastplate to rub his chest. “You’re by far the strongest youkai I’ve ever encountered, InuGenki; you’re most likely the strongest one I will see in my lifetime” she said hoping to boost his confidence.

Two girls young rushed in with bows in hand. The eldest girl shouted, “Mommy, mommy, mommy! I did it!” Her eyes went wide seeing her mother on top of a youkai getting cozy with him. She trembled feeling his immense youki, which she did not understand why her mother would be afraid of him.

“Mommy? Who’s that?” the youngest daughter asked unaware of his youki.

“A very good friend” The priestess said with a giggle.

“But he’s a youkai! How can he be our friend?” her eldest protested.

She hoped that InuGenki had a good temperament towards children. “Don’t think of good and bad as black and white. Learn to judge someone on character and not looks. You never know when you can make powerful allies with someone. Lord InuGenki here is the son of the Great Dog Youkai, and he has that same benevolent youki” she said patting his chest.

“You have children?” InuGenki asked.

“Yes…My husband died before my youngest was born. It’s really hard raising two girls on your own and do my duties” she said with a hint of exhaustion.

He glanced at them and smirked. “Your mother is very tired. Why don’t you pick some herbs?” he asked.

They bowed to him and ran off before he chuckled to himself. “Cute kids…” he said before Mitsuki sighed happily in agreement. He smiled at her. “You’re quite young to have this many children” he said.

She smiled with a very bright red hue to her face. “Thank you…you know…I really wish you were human. You make really good company” she said before she looked up at him embarrassed. “It’s difficult to find a good man. They just don’t want to deal with someone else’s children” she said.

“I don’t find ‘em much of a problem. Maybe I could learn a few things” he said before she giggled at him. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing…I just thought I misheard you. Did my ears deceive me or did you just agree to being their father?” she said.

“Hmm, I guess I did” he said while putting his hand to his chin. “We are friends after all” he said before he chuckled to himself lightly seeing to eyes peering in from the threshold. “I know you are there” he raised his voice in amusement. The two girls flinched and ran away, but their mother smiled cheerfully.

“I’ve been always weary about taking them out to exorcise their first youkai. I know that you can give them proper advice, milord” she said before she bowed to him.

“I think I can give you help with that” he said before he stood up. “Must take my leave now” he muttered as he dusted himself off. “I have business to attend to, but I shall return whenever I can” he said before he left the tea house. She watched him leap up into the sky and turn into a large dog beast running across the land.

He made his way to Totosai’s home in the volcanic wastelands. The smell of sulfur was strong and almost suffocating. Totosai was hard at work with a sword, which InuGenki stopped outside waiting for him to reach a stopping point. Totosai soon stopped hammering and set the blade aside. “Well, well, well…if it isn’t the famous InuGenki?” he said sarcastically.

InuGenki looked around and crossed his arms over his chest. “You said father left me something, old man?” he asked.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot” Totosai mumbled before he went to the back of his home and pulled out the Great Dog Youkai’s armor from behind a barrel. “You may not have gotten his fangs or his land, but he did say his armor and clothes would look best on you” he said presenting the armor to him.

“Wow, thank you” InuGenki said bowing to him. He started to remove his own armor, and he slid his father’s armor on. He changed from intimidating to terrifying, and he adjusted some straps on his vambrace, gauntlets, and armored boots. “Hey, it fits” he said.

Totosai stared at him and stroked his chin. “You know…I do think you look better. You almost look just like him” he said before he cleared his throat nervously about bringing up a touchy subject with him. “Your mother has his clothes at the castle” he said before he went back to his job. InuGenki sighed wearily and started to walk off. “…InuGenki?” Totosai muttered. InuGenki stopped and looked back at him as he set his hammer aside once more. “You’re a good kid” he mumbled lowly.

InuGenki stopped and looked at him strangely. “What happened?” he asked.

“Nothing that you don’t already know…I’m proud that you aren’t seeking Tetsusaiga’s power, and rumor has it, most of your father’s allies are very upset with Sesshomaru’s foolishness. If I were you, I would talk to them. They are very powerful allies to have. Your mother has been telling them on your behalf that you’re ready to lead them” Totosai rambled.

“Mother? Why would she want to have anything to do with me?” InuGenki asked coldly.

“Your mother found out about what happened during the Panther tribe invasion, and something that big can’t stay hidden for long. Your mother was very surprised” he said before InuGenki interrupted him.

“Does she think that I’m just going to forget her neglect?” he raised his voice.

“Neglect? Hmmm, that’s a very strong word to use. She didn’t abandon you after you left her womb. I know she gave Sesshomaru more attention…and favored him…” Totosai rambled before he noticed InuGenki glaring at him.

“And your point is!?” he growled.

“My point is, she’s still your mother. She was young when she had you two. We all make mistakes…especially when we were young” Totosai advised him.

InuGenki paused and looked at the ground thinking to reflecting on what he said. “Big wounds take a longer time to heal” he said before he walked off.

“Give it time. Your mother will still want to reconcile with you” Totosai told him as he left.

InuGenki flew off and lost in thought. “She only wants to reconcile with me because I didn’t turn out to be a weakling” he said.

“Master, I think she may realize that you are more competent and responsible than Sesshomaru at a time where it matters most” Myoga chimed in.

InuGenki rolled his eyes. “Do you find it a coincidence that I turned out more like father and Sesshomaru turned out more like mother?” he asked.

“It’s not a coincidence. Your mother saw herself in Sesshomaru, and your father saw himself in you, so they picked favorites. It’s not a surprise how you both turned out. Although, your father was much older, he still put in effort with Sesshomaru” he mentioned.

“Huh, I guess I didn’t realize how much father favored me” InuGenki said as he landed on the steps of the castle in the sky. He walked past many youkai guards who stared at his armor in shock and pride. His mother sat on her throne beaming with satisfaction as her eyes traced his new armor. It appeared she was waiting for him for a while.

She stood up with outstretched arms and looked at him with longing eyes. “Come and give your mother a hug” she said warmly. He walked up to her awkwardly, and she glomped onto him holding onto him tight. “You make your mother very pleased” she said as she started to rub his back. “So strong! So responsible! So handsome!” she said with a devious grin.

She let him go before she headed inside the castle. “Come with me. I have things your father wished for you to have” she said casually. He sighed and followed her to a closet which she pulled out most of his father’s clothes. She handed him a set, but she got playful and shoved them into his chest. “Try them on!” she told him firmly.

He looked at her annoyed, but she smiled at him with excitement. He entered an empty room to swap clothes, while his mother left to fetch some things out of her bedroom. When he opened the door, she came in and grabbed his hair. “What are you doing?” he asked. She giggled as she put his hair in a high ponytail and tied it off with a purple strand of fabric.

“There! You look much more respectable now!” she said before she showed him a mirror.

His eye twitched seeing what she was up to. “Are you trying to make me look like father?” he asked.

“Oh no, I’d have to slice off those adorable dog ears of yours” she said before she let out a macabre giggle. “I don’t know why you have those ears…they make you look less of a pure bred” she stated.

He glared at her. “If they got a problem with my ears, they can kiss my ass” he muttered. He looked at her amused. “Do my ears bug you that much?” he asked.

“No, no! I love them. I’m just worried that other youkai won’t take you seriously thinking that you aren’t as strong as you are” she said.

He smirked. “Well, how do you think I get my kicks?” he muttered.

“You’re a naughty dog” she said as she patted him on his pauldron.

A guard approached them, and he bowed. “Excuse me, milady, but there are very important daiyoukai here to see Lord InuGenki” he said.

“Lord InuGenki? I like the sound of that” his mother said.

InuGenki looked at him strangely, and he walked outside. There were over forty daiyoukai waiting in a row at the top of the large stairway. They stood up erect and were shocked at first believing that the Great Dog Youkai was still alive. They are even more shocked to see just how closely InuGenki resembled their leader. They remained silent as they all bowed to him. InuGenki was caught off guard with their gesture, but he looked back seeing his mother smirking with satisfaction.

“Uh, Why do you all bow to me now?” he asked.

They looked up at him intensely. “Your brother has abandoned his duty as the successor to your father. We will not tolerate his priority in his selfish endeavors over the security of the Western Lands. We give your lands and resources to you, milord” the wolf youkai.

InuGenki stared at them in shock, but his mother laughed with her hand covering her mouth. “Oh my! Isn’t this a twist” she remarked as she looked at the men. InuGenki looked back at her suspicious that this was her doing, which she got impatient with him. “Well? Aren’t you going to accept their proposal?” she raised her voice.

He sighed heavily and looked back at them. “Very well. I suppose if you feel I am best to lead you, then I shall” he said.

“This castle shall remain on the border between the Eastern and Western lands. It is to be neutral” she said.

InuGenki closed his eyes visualizing his lands. “Border huh? This castle is well away from the border” he mentioned.

“Oh, well, there are a lot of broken parcels of land that will be given to you. It’s not going to be a pretty border but most aren’t” she said casually.

“Tch, sounds like a bit of a pain later on” He mumbled to himself.

“There will be more who will join you…they just haven’t come to you yet” his mother said confidently.

InuGenki looked to his new allies and bowed instinctively. “Thank you, I’ll do my best” he said modestly.

After having a formal meeting with the daiyoukai, he found that his territory was a significantly larger than he thought covering the entire Hokuriku and Northeastern half of Kanto regions. There were exclaves all over the Tosando region. InuGenki left for the village where he met Mitsuki from earlier.

When he drew near, he could smell youkai nearby and blood. He picked up his seed, and he saw that there was a fight against a giant fat boar youkai and his underlings. He had already slain some of the farmers, and he was holding her youngest daughter as a meat shield. Without a second thought, he swooped in and sucker punched the boar snapping a tusk in half.

The boar lost consciousness and dropped the little girl, which she instinctively scrambled to her savior’s side. InuGenki looked back at the Mitsuki and flashed her a warm smile. “Hey” he said casually.

She blushed and brushed a strand of hair off to the side. “Hey” she said being coy.

InuGenki looked down at the little girl and looked at her sternly. “Go to your mother. I can handle it from here” he said watching the underlings go to their leader’s aid. He pointed at them and smirked. “You three will make the perfect meal for me! I’ve been craving pork all day!” he said with an evil smirk.

The underlings gulped and their knees wobbled in fear. Their leader awoke and picked himself off the ground. “That was pretty dirty what you pulled right there” he muttered.

InuGenki rolled his eyes at him. “You should quit your complaining. I’m sure you’re used to filth as it is” he said as he flexed his claws.

The youkai took a good look at him, and he scratched his head. “That’s funny…I thought you were the Inu no Taisho for a moment. I forgot that he’s dead” he said.

InuGenki smirked and pointed to himself. “As of today, I’m the new Inu no Taisho of these lands” he said before the youkai laughed. InuGenki charged at him as a white blur, and he appeared behind him. The youkai fell silent, and his underlings watched in horror as their leader’s head severed clean off and dropped to the ground rolling away from his body as it collapsed to the ground.

The underlings were horrified, and InuGenki looked at them coldly. “Tell everyone what you saw…make sure you let them hear that I’ll do that same to them if they cause trouble!” he said grimly. He transformed into a giant dog beast and devoured their leader whole. The underlings fled in fear, but the villagers were shocked to see such a massive dog.

Mitsuki approached him and bowed before him. “Thank you for saving our village again, Dog god” she said before she reached up as he lowered his massive head, and she scratched behind his ear. Soon the rest of the villagers bowed to him, and he reverted to his human form.

“Dog god?” He muttered.

She took his hand and smiled. “Oh yes, how can I ever repay you?” she asked as she walked them behind a house out of view.

“Oh, Just give me a good meal, and I’ll call it even” InuGenki said before she pushed him into the side of house and planted a smooch on his lips.

“You just ate a big meal…how about I offer my body to you my lord?” she said.

A smirk crept on his lips. “You’ve got my attention” he said as he placed his hands on her wide hips. She looked up at him happily giving him another smooch while caressing the side of his face. “Come with me…I know a place where we can be alone” he said before he scooped her up and flew her away.

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