The Kagashe Trilogy: Part 3: Kagashe's Return by Kagashe_AliAnn
Summary: The conclusion of the Kagashe trillogy has Kagashe returning to the past, with some shocking surprises towards the end.
Categories: General, Action/ Adventure Characters: Ah-Un, Ayame, Entei, Ginta, Hakkaku, Hakudoshi, Hitomi, Hojo, Inu no Taishou, Inu Yasha, Jaken, Kagome Higurashi, Kagura, Kirara, Kohaku, Kouga, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru's Mother, Shippo, Souta Higurashi
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1. Chapter 1 Bad News by Kagashe_AliAnn

2. Chapter 2 The Final Appearance by Kagashe_AliAnn

3. Chapter 3 The Reveal by Kagashe_AliAnn

4. Chapter 4 History by Kagashe_AliAnn

5. Chapter 5 The Wolf Boy & Servici by Kagashe_AliAnn

6. Chapter 6 Rin's Request by Kagashe_AliAnn

7. Chapter 7 The Past of Sesshomaru's Mother by Kagashe_AliAnn

8. Chapter 8 An Unanswered Question by Kagashe_AliAnn

9. Chapter 9 Kagon's Discovery by Kagashe_AliAnn

10. Chapter 10 Kagon's New Weapon by Kagashe_AliAnn

11. Chapter 11 The Fight by Kagashe_AliAnn

12. Chapter 12 Sesshomaru's Threat by Kagashe_AliAnn

13. Chapter 13 The Problem by Kagashe_AliAnn

14. Chapter 14 The New Moon Part 1 by Kagashe_AliAnn

15. Chapter 15 The New Moon Part 2 by Kagashe_AliAnn

16. Chapter 16 Servici's Power by Kagashe_AliAnn

17. Chapter 17 The Monkey God by Kagashe_AliAnn

18. Chapter 18 Another Sibling and A Wolf by Kagashe_AliAnn

19. Chapter 19 The Final Sibling by Kagashe_AliAnn

20. Chapter 20 Closing In by Kagashe_AliAnn

21. Chapter 21 The Mask of Kohaku by Kagashe_AliAnn

22. Chapter 22 Tsubaki's End by Kagashe_AliAnn

23. Chapter 23 Hakadoshi's Mistake by Kagashe_AliAnn

24. Chapter 24 Hakadoshi's Demise by Kagashe_AliAnn

25. Chapter 25 Servici's Assistance by Kagashe_AliAnn

26. Chapter 26 The Final Departure by Kagashe_AliAnn

27. Chapter 27 First Plans by Kagashe_AliAnn

28. Chapter 28 Inu's Sword's Power by Kagashe_AliAnn

29. Chapter 29 Inu's Unanswered Questions by Kagashe_AliAnn

30. Chapter 30 The End by Kagashe_AliAnn

Chapter 1 Bad News by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 1

Bad News

It has been four years since the sacred jewel shard search began, and Kagashe is now fourteen, Shanaru is now nine, and Sanku is traveling with Inuyasha’s team. Kagashe, Kagome, Inuyasha, Shanaru, Kagura, Sanku, and Kirara were walking along, when a giant ogre showed up. Everyone prepared to destroy the ogre, and the ogre charged at them. Sanku got the Hiraikotsu ready, Shanaru pulled Tokijin out, Kagura prepared her fan, Kagashe pulled out the Tetsaiga, Kagome prepared her bow, Kirara transformed, and Inuyasha pulled out the Tensaiga.
After the ogre was destroyed, a lizard on two legs walked up. The lizard said, “So you destroyed it. You should know that Ciro is the least of the nightmare.” “Who are you? What do you want?” Kagashe asked. The lizard ignored her and Kagome asked, “What do you mean?” “My name is Jin Jin, and you should know that there is a creature with purple hair, and a spider on his back, which is more powerful than Ciro, was.” “So what?” Kagashe said. “That is only the tip of the iceberg,” Jin Jin said, “Even if Lord Sesshomaru had survived, and you all teamed up, he still wouldn’t have been stopped.” Everyone blinked, and Kagashe said, “How do you know all this?” “It is said that this creature is Naraku’s backup plan,” Jin Jin said, “This creature also has millions of servants under his control, plus a horse, which are all more powerful than Ciro, and the creature is also more powerful than all the servants put together.” “So someone has seen this incarnation of Naraku?” Inuyasha asked, picking up Jin Jin. “Yes, Jin Jin and myself,” a pink creature with floppy ears said, “His name is Hakadoshi.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Jin Jin, Kagashe, Shanaru, and Sanku I created.
Chapter 2 The Final Appearance by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 2

The Final Appearance

“Who are you?” Inuyasha asked, putting Jin Jin down. “My name is Shalokasuo, and actually we are two of several men saved from death by your grand-father,” the creature said. “We really should find out if the stories are true,” Kagura said. “How true, no need to use the time machine, unless it is necessary,” Kagome said.
Meanwhile, Hakadoshi, was in a cave, when two of his servants came in. “What is it,” Hakadoshi asked. “Well, it seems that Shalokasuo survived the attack, because we just checked, and …well there were footprints walking away from the place where he was,” one of his servants said. “What?!” Hakadoshi yelled. The two servants, which were tall toads, looked at each other. “Can’t you two find any good news?” Hakadoshi asked. Hakadoshi got up and went out the cave entrance and told his men outside, “Group A bring me back Shalokasuo.” Group A, which was made up of 300 servants, said, “Sir!” Group A then left.
About an hour later, Inuyasha and his team were heading down a road, when Group A showed up. Shalokasuo looked at them, and said, “Oh no, Hakadoshi must have figured it out.” The fight began, and even three minutes in, everyone realized that none of them were a match for even 1 of the 300 servants. All of the servants, who looked like lizards with swords and armor on were within an inch of all of them, pointing their swords at them; they were about to kill them.
But, when all seemed lost, all of a sudden, a great big dog appeared with a ghostly glow around it. “What?” Jin Jin said. The dog stopped all the swords, throwing them back, and breaking them against large rocks. “You aren’t trying to kill “my” family, are you?” Inu no Taisho asked. “What of it,” said one of the servants. Another said, “Shut-up, or do you want to be killed?”
“Man, I thought we were done for that time,” Inuyasha said. Kagashe got up and asked, “Who is that? He kind of looks like Uncle Sesshomaru, except there isn’t a crescent moon.” Inuyasha looked at her and said, “It has to be father. Even Sesshomaru wasn’t that large.” Inutaisho, looked at the servants, and said, “You are never going to heaven now.”
Then in the blink of an eye Inu no Taisho destroyed the entire Group A; once all were gone Inu no Taisho changed to his human-like form. “Inuyasha, Kagashe, Kagura, and Shanaru, this is the last time I can come to this world, but remember I’ll always be here. There may be a chance to kill Hakadoshi, so good luck,” Inu no Taisho said, then he vanished.
After he vanished, everyone stood in shock, and stared. Jin Jin asked, “Uh… just what did he mean I wonder.” Nobody had an answer to Jin Jin’s question, because nobody knew the answer.
Five hours later, everyone was back at Inuyasha’s Kagome’s, and Kagashe’s house; the time machine was being rejuvenated. “It’s done,” Kagome said, after a while. Kagashe looked around, after putting the time machine on, and Kagome said, “Good Luck!” Kagashe nodded, pushed a button and vanished.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumoko Takahashi.  Jin Jin, Shalokasuo, Kagashe, and Shanaru I created.
Chapter 3 The Reveal by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
I know some of this is dry, but its all leading into a adventure.
Chapter 3

The Reveal

It has been a few years since the defeat of Ciro through Kagashe, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kagome; Kagashe is now ten, Sango and Miroku now have a five year old girl named Sanku. Sesshomaru and Kagura have an eight year old boy named Shanaru, and everyone with the exception of all the couples, is separated. Shippo who has been living with Kaede, has a girlfriend named Satloni, who is one of the villagers. Nobody knows what Kouga has been up to, except he went into the mountains seven years ago.
On the other side of the well, in the modern era, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kagashe are about to leave, when Souta and Hitome, Souta’s fiancé, walk in. “Souta, where does your sister keep running off to?” Hitome asked. Souta looked at Kagome, who nodded. “You must never reveal what I’m about to tell you, and you probably won’t believe half of it, but here goes,” Souta said, and then he told her the story about Kagome and the well.
After he finished, Hitome said, “Interesting! I guess it is hard to swallow, but it makes sense. Don’t worry her secret is safe with me.” Souta smiled, and said, “Kagome, you’ll be here in three days, won’t you?” “I’ll try, but if I’m not, make sure to get a film of your wedding,” Kagome said, and they left.
When Kagome, Inuyasha, and Young Kagashe got out of the well, they were greeted by Sango, Sanku, Miroku, and Shippo. “What’s up?” Kagome asked. Young Kagashe asked, “Uh, who’s that, she looks like me.” Kagome and Inuyasha looked over at future Kagashe, and Kagome said, “I think that she is you.” “You mean the girl from the future?” Young Kagashe asked. “Yes and it looks like she has grown since last time,” Kagome said. Future Kagashe walked over and said, “I’m sorry to intrude but Ciro was the least of our problems.”
Just then, Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken, Ah-Un, Kagura, and Shanaru appeared. Future Kagashe as usual didn’t look at Sesshomaru. “Hey, Kagashe answer me one question,” Kagome said. “Uh, yeah?” Future Kagashe said, without fear. “Why is it that you never look at your uncle?” Kagome asked. “He saved my life more than a dozen times, and yet I couldn’t get Rin to listen to me long enough to save her and Jaken’s life. She and Jaken were killed by Kanincha when I was eight, while we were working on the time machine. She was told to stay inside, but didn’t listen. It was bad enough that Shippo was killed because I wasn’t paying attention to the bugs, but that…” future Kagashe trailed off. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Kagome started. “Its okay, you would have found out anyway,” Future Kagashe said.
End Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters Rumiko Takahashi does.  Ciro, Present Kagashe, Sanku, Satloni, Shanaru, and Future Kagashe I created.

Chapter 4 History by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 4


Sesshomaru said, “Now I don’t blame you Kagashe, but didn’t you call everyone for something?” “Yes, it seems Ciro was the least of our problems. Apparently, there was one more powerful; in fact we ran into about 300 servants of his, and barely survived. In fact, if it wasn’t for an apparition of grandfather, nobody would have survived,” future Kagashe said. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Kagura, Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken, Shanaru, and Ah-Un blinked. “Uh… you saw…” Inuyasha started. “…You’re grandfather?” Kagome finished. “He said that this was the last time he could come to this world, and that we would be able to defeat Hakadoshi. I still haven’t figured out what he meant, but anyways, you said that Kouga went towards the mountains,” future Kagashe said.
“Yes, but we don’t know why,” Miroku said. “I’ve got a pretty good idea, I heard through the grapevine that he was engaged years ago to a wolf-demon named Ayame, and that was before he met any of you,” future Kagashe said.
“Why should we go after that mangy wolf anyway?” Inuyasha asked. “It is said that Hakadoshi is more powerful than Sesshomaru; if he had survived, Shanaru, Sanku, Kagura, you two, and myself combined, that’s why I came,” future Kagashe said.
“Wait, you didn’t mention Sanku, or Shanaru, last time,” Sango said. “Well at the time we thought Sanku and Kirara had been sucked in as well, but after we returned to the village, Kagura and Sanku appeared and joined us on the jewel shard quest,” Kagashe said, “Of course Shanaru was only five when we met at the well.” “Five, wait I don’t get it,” Kagome said. “We hardly had time for anything after I was born, and Miroku and Sango you two should know that I never met you, but anyway Sanku was actually a teenager when I was born,” Kagashe said. “We’re heading out right?” Shippo asked. “Yes, we need to find Kouga,” Kagome said.
End Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Ciro, Kagashe, Sanku, and Shanaru I created.

Chapter 5 The Wolf Boy & Servici by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
And so it starts to get interesting. Please read and review, or rate.
Chapter 5

The Wolf Boy



Deep in the south a purple haired kid in a cave said, “So there is another one.” “Yes, Master Hakadoshi and this one could be more powerful than the other two combined,” a weasel demon said. “So where is this sister of theirs?” Hakadoshi asked. “Nobody knows, why even the elder one has never heard of her. After Servici’s father died, she was taken east, but some say she is the oldest of the three. Also she has command over the land of the dead, and can see into the future,” the weasel said. “Then we must kill her at all costs,” Hakadoshi said, “And not let them team up.”
Just then Hakadoshi sensed something and said to his horse, “Go kill whoever is listening.” The horse nodded, and left. Six half-demons took off from their hiding place, behind a large boulder. The oldest girl out of the six had blue-green ponytail style hair, a necklace, and a yellow kimono on; the youngest had a necklace, a pink kimono, and short hair in a bun. There were also two twin boys, who had blue-green kimono’s, but one had mostly green hair, with a spice of orange hair near the neck, and the other had mostly orange hair, with a spice of green hair near the neck. There was also another boy with purple hair, and a white kimono, and a golden haired girl with pigtails and a green kimono on; all of the six had a sword apiece. All of a sudden, the girl in the pink kimono fell down, and the girl in the yellow kimono said, “Ai!” She then stopped, and helped Ai up. Ai said, “Asagi?” “Come on,” the purple haired one said, “We’ve got to let Inuyasha and his friends know about this.”
Meanwhile Sesshomaru’s team was heading South-west, and Inuyasha’s reformed expanded team was heading north. Future Kagashe said, “We’ve already passed the den, now where are they?” “Hey maybe that castle there will have information,” Kagome said. “Then lets go,” Inuyasha said. Myoga who had seen everyone from a tree, hopped onto Inuyasha’s shoulder. Future Kagashe looked at him and said, “Why are you here?” Inuyasha looked at Myoga and Myoga said, “After I heard of a village being slaughtered, I went to find you, only to hear you had returned to your time three years earlier.” “Yeah, and?” future Kagashe said. “I’m actually looking for Servici, and heard rumors, that she is being protected by the wolf-demons of the north in a castle,” Myoga said. “Do you know if Kouga is also helping to protect this Servici?” Inuyasha asked. “Do you not know him that well?” Myoga asked, “He is not just protecting her, but Koame as well.”
Everyone looked at each other, and future Kagashe stopped, halting everyone else. Sanku asked, “Uh, what is it, Kagashe?” “Uh, yeah,” young Kagashe said. “Does this have anything at all to do with Ayame?” future Kagashe said. “Yes, Koame is their son,” Myoga said. Future Kagashe started walking again and soon everyone was at the castle.
A young five year old wolf-demon boy, that had Ayame’s red hair, and Kouga’s eyes and looks, was standing at the entrance, with Ginta. “Are you Koame?” Future Kagashe asked. “Who else would I be, you mutt?” the wolf-demon said. Kagashe didn’t say anything, but everyone could tell that she wanted to snap at him. “Are your parents here?” young Kagashe asked. Ginta said, "We’ll go get them. Come along Koame. Please follow us.” Everyone followed Ginta and Koame, into the castle.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko takahashi does.  Kagashe(Future and Present), Shanaru, Sanku, and Servici I created.
Chapter 6 Rin's Request by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 6

Rin’s Request

As everyone was led to a room, Hakkaku, who was sitting against a wall, stood up. “Kagome?” Hakkaku asked. “Yes, it’s me,” Kagome said. Ginta and Koame continued towards Kouga, and everyone else stayed with Ayame, and Ayame said, “They’ll be back.” Kagome asked, “So why are you all in this castle?” “We have to prepare Servici for Hakadoshi, and this is one of the eight castles with which she can go to,” Hakkaku said. “Who is this Servici?” Inuyasha asked. “You mean you don’t know?” Ayame asked who came through the east door. “So you’re Ayame, Shippo said. “Yes, and Inuyasha, is it,” Ayame asked. “Yes!” Inuyasha said. “You should know that Servici is your half-brother’s half-sister,” Ayame said, “I’m not sure if Sesshomaru knows, though.”
Just then, Ginta returned with Kouga and Koame, and Kouga said, “Ayame, Inu no Taisho never did tell him about his older sister.” “Thanks Kouga, Servici is five hundred years older than Sesshomaru, but what is surprising is that the father is Star-Shine, Inu no Taisho’s one and only rival, Ayame told Inuyasha’s team.
Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, Jaken, Kagura, Shanaru, Rin, and Ah-Un, had stopped to take a break when they saw the six half- demons that were running from the horse. The boy with mostly orange hair said, “Hey, Roku doesn’t that look slightly like Inuyasha?” Roku, the boy with mostly green hair said, “Yeah, you’re right, Dai. I wonder who he is.” Dai said, “Is it still after us?” “Why don’t you ask it,” Roku said.
When Rin saw the half-demons problem, she said, “Lord Sesshomaru, can you help them.” Shanaru looked at her, and Sesshomaru drew Tokijin; the group of six stopped when they passed Sesshomaru. The horse was still following, and came to a complete halt, when it saw Sesshomaru; Kagura took out her fan. When it saw that, it backed off, and flew back south.
Once the horse left, Kagura put up her fan, and Sesshomaru put up Tokijin. All six ½ demons were breathing hard, and once they caught their breath, Asagi stood up and said, “Sorry for the problem, but tell me who are you?” “I think you know my half-brother, Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru said. “Oh, I see,” Asagi said. Shion asked, “Do you happen to know where he is? We have some information about a Servici, who may be related to both of you.” Shion was the purple haired boy. Mooegi, the golden haired girl, said, “We overheard Hakadoshi saying that this Servici is stronger and older that both of you two.” “They think Servici was taken east, but nobody knows for sure,” Ai said. Asagi said “That’s all that we heard; I wish we could tell you more, but we were caught listening.” “Very well,” Sesshomaru said. Kagura said, “If you wish to find Inuyasha head north towards the wolf-demon cave.” Asagi said, “Thank you for everything. Well, let’s head north,” Asagi was followed by the other five. Sesshomaru looked at Kagura, and Jaken said, “Uh, where to now?” “Let’s go,” Sesshomaru said. Jaken took a step back for a second, and Rin asked, “Master Jaken where are we headed?” “We are now headed to see Lord Sesshomaru’s mother, girl! I hope she’s in a good mood,” Jaken said, “The last time, she almost decided to kill Inuyasha herself for cutting off Lord Sesshomaru’s arm.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Servici, Starshine, and Shanaru I created.
Chapter 7 The Past of Sesshomaru's Mother by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 7

The Past


Sesshomaru’s Mother

The next day, Sesshomaru’s team arrived at the two-story house belonging to Sesshomaru’s mother. “Sesshomaru, why did you come?” Sesshomaru’s mother asked in a worried voice. “I simply came to ask who Servici is,” Sesshomaru said. Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Come inside, I knew this day would come.” Once at a table, Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Do you remember me telling you about Star-Shine?” Sesshomaru nodded. “He was your father’s one and only rival, they always fought over me, and Servici was Star-Shine’s only child, and I was married to him 700 years before you were born. There was 300 years between Star-Shine’s death caused by Sounga Jr. and when you were born,” Sesshomaru’s mother explained. “So, Servici is Sesshomaru’s half-sister?” Kagura asked. “Yes,” Sesshomaru’s mother said. The group spent the night at Sesshomaru’s mother’s house, and before morning, Sesshomaru’s mother said that she would help destroy Hakadoshi.
Meanwhile, the group of six had reached the castle, and Ginta was at the gate. Ginta looked up and asked, “What do you want?” Asagi stepped forward and said, “We’re here looking for Inuyasha’s team, and heard they were heading in this direction.” “Oh, well come in, Ginta said. Hakakaku said, “I’ll stand guard, you can take them to Inuyasha.” “Okay, but don’t fall asleep,” Ginta said. Ginta led the half-demons to Inuyasha’s team, who were talking with Kouga, Ayame, and Koame at the time. “You do realize that Koame is taking after you Kouga?” Kagashe asked. “Huh! What do you mean?” Kouga asked. “He means that Koame tried to insult Kagashe when they entered the castle yesterday,” Inuyasha yelled. “Inuyasha, Sit boy!” Kagome said. As usual young Kagashe and Inuyasha fell to the floor, face first, but everyone was shocked to see future Kagashe still standing.
“Uh… Okay, why aren’t you on the floor?” Shippo asked. “That power has now been transferred to someone else, and it happened about six months ago,” future Kagashe said. “Who,” Kagome asked. “His name is Kagon, and he is a priest I met two years ago. He’s from your world, mom,” Future Kagashe said, turning her head.
“Uh… hum,” Ginta said, coming through the door. Everyone turned, and Ginta said, “Some ½ demons have come here looking for you.” “½ demons?” Inuyasha asked, as he and young Kagashe got off the floor. “Uh, Asagi, Dai, Shion, Mooegi, Ai, Roku, how have you been? We haven’t seen you since the four war gods were defeated” Kagome said. The six ran forward, and Kouga asked, “So you know them?” “Yeah, we freed them from the four war gods of Horai Island, years ago,” Shippo said. “Oh, so they were the kids that you told us about,” Ginta said.
After a while, the whole story about Servici was explained, except about Servici’s father. “So who was the father if it wasn’t Inu no Taisho?” Miroku asked. “It was his rival, Star-Shine,” a wolf-demon guard said. Inuyasha’s team started asking questions.
While watching Inuyasha’s team, Dai turned to Roku and Roku said, “These people haven’t changed one bit.” “You said it Roku,” Dai said. Thud! Inuyasha’s fist collided with Dai’s and Roku’s heads. “Neither have you two,” Shippo said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Kagashe and Servici I created.
Chapter 8 An Unanswered Question by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
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Chapter 8

An Unanswered Question

Later, Inuyasha, Kagome, Kagashe, Young Kagashe, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Sanku, Kirara, Kouga, Koame, and Ayame left the castle and headed towards the rebuilt village. Kouga left Ginta in charge, and Servici came out of her room, as they were leaving, but they didn’t see her, and she asked, “Who are they?” “They are your half-brother’s half-brother and his friends,” Roku said. “Oh, and who are you six?” Servici asked. Servici had silver hair, golden eyes, and a crescent moon on her forehead, with a curved stripe on each side of her face, with a whitish-blue kimono.
After explaining who they were, Servici said, “Oh, I see I remember hearing that my stepfather wanted the four war gods dead, before he died, I just wish I could have met him.” Ginta asked, “You mean you’re not mad at him?” “It really wasn’t my step-father’s fault that he had to kill my father; it was actually Sounga Jr.’s, so I don’t blame him for what happened. What I don’t understand, is why mom sent me to the east when Sesshomaru was born,” Servici said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici, the Kagashes, Sanku, and Koame I created.
Chapter 9 Kagon's Discovery by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 9

Kagon’s Discovery

The next day after the wedding, in Kagome’s world, Future Kagashe said, “You need not worry you’ll be just fine Souta.” “You think?” Souta asked. “I know so,” Future Kagashe said. Just then a young ten year old boy with short, wavy black hair, and blue eyes, in a tuxedo ran up. Future Kagashe turned to the boy and said, “Kagon!” The boy stopped; he asked, “How do you know my name?” “Uh, we’re friends in the future,” Future Kagashe said, slightly blushing.
“Oh,” Kagon said, “But tell me can I join your team?” “You’ll have to ask my parents, but I’m sure they won’t mind,” Future Kagashe said. “Okay, you’re from the future right?” Kagon asked. “Uh, yeah,” Future Kagashe said, scratching a finger against her head. “I thought as much.
Hey Kagashe,” Kagon said, noticing Kagashe coming towards them; Souta left to find Hitome at this point. “How did you know my name?” Young Kagashe asked, stopping in front of Kagon. “Your mom told me,” Kagon said. “Oh, Okay, you want to come in?” Young Kagashe asked. “Yeah, sure I’ve been standing too long and I think I need to sit…” Kagon started. Crash! Future Kagashe fell face first on the concrete. “Uh, what’d I say?” Kagon asked. “What do you think you said,” Young Kagashe yelled. “All I said was…” Kagon started. “Don’t say the s-I-t word again, please,” Future Kagashe said, getting off the concrete, and starting to leave. “Wait, Kagashe, where are you going?” young Kagashe asked. “To the feudal era, where else? Humph!” Future Kagashe said, storming off. “Come on, we had best find someplace to rest,” Young Kagashe said. Kagon nodded, and followed young Kagashe into the shrine.
Later, Inuyasha and Kagome came in from seeing Eri, Ayume, and Hojo; Kagome asked, “Kagashe, where’s future Kagashe?” “Most likely, driving Koame up the wall, or bothering demons, as we speak,” young Kagashe said. Kagome blinked, and noticed Kagon; Kagome asked, “We’ve met several times, but I never quite got your name, is it Kagon by any chance?” “Uh, yes,” Kagon said. Young Kagashe said, “Eri and Hojo are his parents.” “No kidding?” Kagome said, “So you’re their son I always wondered about that.”
“Well, I suppose future Kagashe is angrier than a hornet,” Inuyasha said. “Yeah, and I guess Kagon discovered the secret,” Kagome said. Kagome bent down to eye level with Kagon. “Kagon, would you like to join us?” Kagome asked. “I should be asking you that,” Kagon said. “So that’s a yes?” Kagome asked. “Totally!” Kagon said, “Though I’m not sure how to explain this to mom and dad.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  The Kagashe's and Kagon I created.
Chapter 10 Kagon's New Weapon by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 10


New Weapon

After explaining the very long story to Hojo and Eri, Eri asked, “Why didn’t you tell us you weren’t really sick?” “Would you have believed her?” Inuyasha asked. Hojo said, looking at Eri, “You know, he’s right.” “We would have called her a nut case,” Eri said. “Isn’t that what she is?” Inuyasha asked. “Inuyasha,” Kagome said, sweetly, “Sit Sit Sit boy!” Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash Crash! Crash! Both Inuyasha and Young Kagashe crashed to the floor. “Thanks a lot, father,” Young Kagashe said, getting up.
“So, you are saying that Kagashe and our son are friends in the future?” Hojo asked. “Hojo, I think they are more than just friends, the way future Kagashe acts,” Kagome said. “You mean they “like” each other,” Eri asked, “Does Kagon know?” “Why would I say anything of the sort to him?!” Future Kagashe yelled. Kagome put her hand to her face, shook her head, took it off, and said, “You are so like Inuyasha; his stubbornness you need no more of.” Inuyasha yelled, “I am not stubborn” “Inuyasha sit boy!” Kagome yelled. Crash! Crash! Inuyasha and Young Kagashe fell face first to the floor again. “Would you please, calm down, you’re going to get us both killed,” Young Kagashe said. Inuyasha didn’t say anything, but got off the floor. “So anyway, can I go?” Kagon asked. “Just a second,” Hojo said. Hojo got up, and went into another room.
Moments later, Hojo came back with something that looked like a dream-catcher, but was larger than your hand. “Kagon, this has been passed down for generations, and it has two other parts; the last person known to have them is Akitoki Hojo,” Hojo said, “You must find him to find the stick and the other item that looks like this wheel.” “And where might I find him?” Kagon asked. Kagome said, “He is in the feudal era.” “How do you know?” Hojo asked. “We see him from time to time,” Inuyasha said. “I see,” Hojo said. Kagon took the item from Hojo and Eri said, “Kagon, Kagashe, Inuyasha, Kagome, good luck.” Everyone nodded, and after saying bye for now; Inuyasha, Kagome, Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Kagon left.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Future Kagashe, Kagon, and Present Kagashe I created.

Chapter 11 The Fight by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 11

The Fight

After returning to the feudal era, and everyone met Kagon, Sanku asked, “So we need to find this Akitoki to use the weapon?” Kagon nodded and asked, “So, does anyone know where he is?” “Just then an explosion was heard in the distance, and Inuyasha noticed Akitoki’s scent. “Well, you want to complete that or not?” Inuyasha asked. Kagon nodded, and the group followed. “Why are you chasing after this human instead of Hakadoshi?” Koame asked. “You know, you could go home to your den,” Future Kagashe said. “WHY SHOULD I DO THAT?!” Koame yelled. “Because you’re acting like an ingrate! Mango!” Future Kagashe retorted. “Hey I’m not a fruit!” Koame retorted back. WELL YOU SURE LOOK LIKE ONE,” Future Kagashe yelled. As the argument, that was getting on everyone’s nerves, intensified Inuyasha said, “Kagome, Ayame could you two get them to stop?” “Sure thing,” Ayame and Kagome said in unison. Kagon also went with Ayame and Kagome to stop the fight. “Why, you and Kouga argued with each other all the time,” Shippo said. “We weren’t that bad were we?” Kouga asked. “Actually yes you were,” Sango said.
The group soon caught up with Akitoki, who was being chased by ordinary bandits. Inuyasha, Young Kagashe, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Sanku, Kouga, and Kirara knocked out the bandits; after the bandits were defeated, Akitoki Hojo got up and said, “Thank you for coming to my rescue once again.” Shippo said, “Wait join us for awhile, there is someone who wishes to see you.” Akitoki looked at him and said, “Good or bad?” “Oh, relax already, you’ll see later,” Shippo said.
Meanwhile, in the area where Future Kagashe and Koame were now fighting, Kagome yelled, “Would you two cut it out?!” The two of them only ignored her; Kagon said, “Don’t worry I’ll stop them.” Kagon walked up to the two and stopped. “Kagashe, sit girl!” he said. Crash! Kagashe crashed to the ground. “Thanks a lot traitor,” Future Kagashe said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Kagon, Present Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Koame I created.
Chapter 12 Sesshomaru's Threat by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 12



Future Kagashe got off the ground, and Ayame said, “I know that Kouga and your father fought a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to.” Future Kagashe turned to her, and said, “Tell that to your son, not me!” “You’re the one who started it, by calling me a mango,” Koame yelled. As Kagome and Ayame listened to the two squawking like wet hens, Kagon said, “Hey Ayame it might be best that we split up.” “Yeah, I see what you mean,” Ayame said.
All of a sudden, a whip of light appeared right where Future Kagashe and Koame had been arguing seconds before. Future Kagashe said, “Uncle?” Sesshomaru, Rin, Ah-Un, Kagura, Shanaru, and Jaken landed. “What’s he doing here?” Kagome quietly asked. Upon noticing nobody else around, Sesshomaru asked, “Where’s everyone else?” “They’re…” Future Kagashe started, but was silenced by Sesshomaru’s glare at her and Koame. Kagome stepped forward, and said, “They’ll be back in a few. They just went to get Kagon’s ancestor to complete his weapon.” “Yeah,” Future Kagashe and Koame said in unison. Sesshomaru looked over at them and said, “Silence now!” Kagashe and Koame got on the ground in case he decided to attack. Sesshomaru glared at them and said, “If this Sesshomaru catches you two squawking like a bunch of chickens again he will personally see to your demise. Now get going!” Future Kagashe and Koame got up and left in the direction of the others.
Once on their way, Koame asked, “Do you think he was serious?” “Do you want to push your luck?” Future Kagashe asked. Koame got quiet, and the two continued to leave. Ayame said, “Maybe we won’t have to split up.” Kagome nodded, and said, “Sesshomaru thanks. How can we ever repay you?” “Don’t let Hakadoshi kill you,” Sesshomaru said, “We’ll need your power.” Kagome nodded and said, “We’d better catch up.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does. Kagashe and Koame I created.
Chapter 13 The Problem by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 13

The Problem

After everyone regrouped, Akitoki asked, “So you need to find a way to kill this Hakadoshi creature, and using your family weapon is the only way?” “Correct,” Kagon said. “Okay, then follow me east,” Akitoki said. The next day Akitoki had led the group to a small rich village and a young man came out. “Akitoki, you’re back! Good to see you; these friends of yours?” the man asked. “Yeah, Uncle Salami, they have helped me several times,” Akitoki said. Salami wore a green and blue kimono, with a yellow sash. An hour after the introductions were made, Akitoki came out with the two items, which he gave to Kagon. “Good luck, I wish I could go with you, but my place is here for now,” Akitoki said.
Meanwhile in the south, Hakadoshi yelled, “What?! Why haven’t they returned?” “I’ll just have to send the Saimyosho,” Hakadoshi said in his normal voice, and snapped his fingers. At that, the Saimyosho that were in a small hole in the cave went north.
Later after sunset, the wolf demons at the castle spotted the Saimyosho, and Servici came out in the light of the crescent moon. Servici put her fingers to the sides of her face out, with her fingers pointing toward the crescent moon on her forehead, which made the crescent moon glow with snow coming out, and destroyed the Saimyosho on the front lines; the rest of the Saimyosho went south. Ginta turned to Servici, and Hakakaku said, “Ginta, I think this may be the fight that she is meant for, but we need to get her somewhere safe for now. Do you think Inuyasha’s team would be willing to take her in?” “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Ginta asked, pointing up to the sky. “Uh… oh yeah, and Inuyasha might kill us if we say anything about it,” Hakakaku said, “We’d better think of someone else.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Kagon, Salami, and Servici I created.  Note: Salami is not pronounced like the meat.
Chapter 14 The New Moon Part 1 by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 14 The New Moon Part 1 The next morning, Ginta and Hakakaku decided to evacuate the castle, and went south-west, and met up with Sesshomaru’s mom by accident.  After Ginta explained the situation Sesshomaru’s mom said, “I’ll take Servici, you get back to Kouga.  But before you go, tell me why didn’t you take Servici to Sesshomaru, or his half-brother?”  “We have no idea as to where Sesshomaru is, and we’ve got our own personal reason as to Inuyasha,” Ginta said.  “Well… okay, come along Servici,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  Servici did as her mom said, and the wolf-demons decided to track down Kouga.  After Ginta, Hakakaku, and the rest of the wolf demons, tracked down Kouga, three hours till sunset, Kouga told everyone to head to the den in the east; the wolf demons left, and Kouga turned around, only to find Inuyasha and Kagome yelling at each other.  “Inuyasha, we can’t go after this Hakadoshi tonight,” Kagome yelled.  “We can get him before the sun sets,” Inuyasha yelled back.  Everyone was already annoyed, and Sanku said, “Are they going to stop?”  “It can’t go on for much longer,” Miroku said.  “Inuyasha,” Kagome said, “Sit boy!”  Crash!  Crash!  Inuyasha and Young Kagashe fell face first to the ground.Three hours later, everyone was in a cave; Inuyasha, Young Kagashe, and Future Kagashe had turned to their human forms, and it was raining outside.  All of a sudden, three monkey sprites walked in, followed by a roar, and a giant lizard appeared.  “Sacred jewel shards,” the lizard roared.  “Oh, great, of all the times!” Future Kagashe yelled.  “Don’t worry,” Sango said.  “Yeah, we’ll handle it,” Miroku said, running outside with Sango.  “Inuyasha, you can’t go out, just give them time to delay,” Shippo said, noticing the look in his eyes.  “Yeah, Shippo’s right,” Kagome said, grabbing Inuyasha’s arm.  Kouga was standing at the entrance to the cave, when Kirara walked up and transformed; she then flew outside, catching Sango and Miroku.  “Why won’t this thing die?” Sango yelled.  Miroku pulled out a sutra, and threw it at the lizard, but another lizard appeared and swallowed the other lizard.  “Oh, now that…” Sango started.  Slap!  “Would you focus for once,” Sango yelled at Miroku.Just then Sanku picked up her cross boomerang, and headed outside.  Miroku yelled, “Sanku, go back inside!” Just as Miroku said that a lightning bolt and a very loud thunder almost hit the lizard.
End Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici, Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Sanku I created.

Chapter 15 The New Moon Part 2 by Kagashe_AliAnn
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Chapter 15 The New Moon Part 2 After the lightning hit, Sanku hit the lizard with her cross boomerang, but the lizard pulled back together.  Inside the cave, Kagome got in front of Inuyasha, and then yelled, “Everyone get out of the way!”  Kouga, Ayame, and Koame moved to the side of the cave, to let the arrow strike the lizard.  The lizard started howling, and Kouga ran out and yelled, “Shut-up!” Kouga then struck the lizard, with his fist and the lizard was quiet.  “Now tell us why did you attack us?” Kouga asked.  “One of Hakadoshi’s men sent me,” the lizard said, “He is after the sacred jewel.”  Just then Ayame came out and it stopped raining.  “Well, well it’s about time,” Koame said, and he walked outside.  “Hey, Future Kagashe, how powerful is Hakadoshi?” Shippo asked.  “I… I don’t really know, like I said I only fought with his men servants, and the seven of us survived only thanks to grandfather’s dog form that wiped the group out,” Future Kagashe said.  “Then how do you know about Hakadoshi?” Kagon asked.  “Two of the demons grandfather saved at one time escaped from Hakadoshi and came to us,” Future Kagashe said.An hour passed by, and the sun rose just as the demon attacked the group again.  Once transformed into their partial demon forms, Young Kagashe, Inuyasha, and Future Kagashe ran out of the cave followed by Shippo, Kagome, and Kagon and the monkey sprites.  “So is this one of Hakadoshi’s servants?” Inuyasha asked.  “You could say that,” Miroku said.  “Watch out this thing seems to glue itself back together, even with sutras,” Sango said, as Kirara, she and Miroku were riding, landed.  Kagome, Young Kagashe, and Future Kagashe blinked.  Future Kagashe asked, “How did this… thing get one?”  “Get what?” Kouga asked.  “The shard, wolf-man, the shard,” Young Kagashe said.  Kouga who was taken by surprise at Young Kagashe’s words, looked at Young Kagashe, and blinked.  “Get used to it Kouga; I did the same thing when I was younger,” Future Kagashe said.  “Excuse me,” the lizard said.  “And just who told you to say anything?” Future Kagashe yelled.  The lizard looked at her and said, “Who do you think you’re talking to?”  “A giant lizard who doesn’t seem to know right from wrong, that’s who,” Future Kagashe yelled, pulling out her Tetsaiga.  Kagome put her hand to her forehead, and shook her head.  “What’s with you?” Inuyasha asked.  “Ugh figure it out for yourself,” Kagome said, taking her hand off her head.  “Can we please kill this… thing?” Young Kagashe asked.  Everyone looked at each other, and attacked the lizard at the same time.  After it was killed, the final Jewel shard fell into Future Kagashe’s hand. 

“What?” Sango asked in shock. “Don’t forget she’s also Kagome’s child, Miroku said. “Uh huh,” Sango said.  “What do you say we move out, before another demon shows up, we’ll need all the strength we can muster to fight Hakadoshi,” Ayame said.  “Yeah, you’re right,” Kouga said.  “Who cares we just need to find him,” Inuyasha yelled.  “Inuyasha, calm down,” Kagome said.  “If you two are going to fight, then I’m leaving,” Young Kagashe said.  Inuyasha and Kagome blinked, and followed everyone else, who were being followed by the monkey sprites.

End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Sanku, Koame, Future Kagashe, Present Kagashe, and Kagon I created.
Chapter 16 Servici's Power by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 16 Servici’s Power By mid point of the next day, Servici and her mother had reached the house where Sesshomaru’s mother lived at, and an hour after they arrived, they went into a large room.  Sesshomaru’s mother said, “I’d like to see what you’ve learned in these years you’ve been away.”  “Alright, but don’t be surprised at my strength,” Servici said.  At that Servici pulled out two fingers, and shot out a whip of light, barely singeing her mother’s hair, and blasting a three foot wide hole in the wall behind her.  Her mom looked at the hole and then looked at Servici, blinking.  “Still want to take me on?” Servici asked.  Her mom stood dumbstruck for a moment, but then said, “Servici, I think you are ready to fight Hakadoshi.”  “You mean it?” Servici asked.  “I really don’t think anyone can beat you,” her mom said, “Which is why I asked your half-brother to come.  I sort of expected you’d be ready.”  Just then there was a knock, and Sesshomaru’s mom said, “Go with my son.”  Servici nodded, and the two of them went to the door, and were greeted by Sesshomaru, Kagura, Shanaru, Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un.  “Who is this?” Rin asked.  “Hush your mouth girl,” Jaken said.  “I wasn’t asking you, master Jaken,” Rin said.  “What is it you want?” Sesshomaru asked.  “Sesshomaru, could you take Servici with you to kill Hakadoshi?” Sesshomaru’s mom asked.  Sesshomaru looked at Servici, and Rin said, “So you’re Servici?”  “Yes!” Servici said, “And don’t any of you underestimate me like mom did.”  “Very well,” Sesshomaru said, and the seven of them left.  “So where is Hakadoshi? Servici asked.  “We don’t know.  We’re still looking for him,” Kagura said. 
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters.  I created Servici.  Read and Review please.
Chapter 17 The Monkey God by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 17 The Monkey God FLASHBACK: A giant lizard was destroyed, and some monkey sprites were following Inuyasha’s team.  “What is it that you want?!” Future Kagashe yelled at them.  Immediately the monkey sprites hid behind Kagome.  One peered out and said, “Do you know where the monkey god is?” “How would we know?” Young Kagashe asked.  “Well, you mentioned Hakadoshi, the reason we are looking for the sacred object,” another said.  “Wait, I thought you were looking for a monkey,” Inuyasha asked.  Everyone had stopped and was listening intensively to the monkeys and the conversation.  (End of flashback.)Later, “And we’re looking for this monkey god, why?” Future Kagashe asked.  “If the monkey god was truly in Hakadoshi’s area, then he may know the location of Hakadoshi,” Miroku said.  “Humph Future Kagashe said.  As they were nearing a village a bunch of humans ran up to the group, and halted.After the humans stopped they all got on the ground, and said, “Please save our village and drive out the monkeys.”  “You don’t mean those do you?” Kouga asked.  “Kouga!” Ayame yelled.  The men looked up at the monkeys, and said, “What’s going on?” “Well, answer them,” Koame said.  “It’s true” a third monkey sprite said, “We did wreck their village.” “Yeah, but we are simply looking for the sacred object,” the fourth one said.  “Oh, well why didn’t you just ask?” a man said.  “What does it look like,” another said, when the four monkeys didn’t say anything.  “It’s a round rock engraved with the monkey symbol on it,” a monkey said.  After the entire day was up, and nobody had found the sacred object, Future Kagashe walked over to a house, and asked, “You wouldn’t be talking about this, would you?” The monkeys walked over and said, “Yep, this is the one.”  Someone had it outside being used to hold up a tree, and then the owner of the house came out.  The owner looked like a young Kaede, except she had a staff in her hand.  The young girl said, “Haven’t you monkeys caused enough trouble already?”Later after all was explained, the girl said, “If it’s an important object, then please take it, the tree was still leaning anyway.”  “It probably wasn’t the best thing to use in the first place,” Future Kagashe said.  “Yes, she’s right,” Kagome said, looking at the girl’s expression.  The next day, Kagome showed the girl how to steak the tree; after the monkey god was released, he told them that Hakadoshi was somewhere south, but could not tell where, other than it had lots of rocks where the creature landed.  Seconds later everyone went south.
End Notes:
Disclaimer I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Tajahashi does.  Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, and Koame I created.
Chapter 18 Another Sibling and A Wolf by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 18

Another Sibling


A Wolf

“What, they’re gone?!” Hakadoshi yelled, “How do you expect me to win if you can’t even locate Servici?” “Sorry sir, it won’t happen again. We’ll try harder,” the tall lizard with armor on said. “No, I’ve got a better idea, take care of the demon horse,” Hakadoshi said, smirking.
Three seconds later, a scream was heard, and blood stained the rocks. Meanwhile, at the den, Asagi, Dai, Shion, Mooegi, Ai, and Roku had decided to leave, and Asagi said, “Ginta, Hakakaku, I think it is time for us to go, we may be able to help kill Hakadoshi. The tribe nodded, and Ginta said, “Alright you guys take care, it’s gonna be rough. By the way, where did you get the swords?” “An evil wolf had them, before he was killed, by a big girl dog with a crescent moon, three years ago. We think the dog might have been Servici,” Asagi said. “Yeah, but Servici doesn’t have a dog form,” a member said. “Huh, are you serious?” Roku asked. “Then… but…who was it?” Dai asked, looking at Roku. “I suppose that means that there is yet another sibling, and this one sounds powerful,” Hakakaku said. “Yeah, you’re right. Well, we better get going.” Asagi said.
After the six left, Ginta said, “Well, we’d best locate Kouga again.” All of a sudden, the wind picked up slightly, and Ginta said, “I’d say it is either Kagura or Moorie causing this.” Just then out of the sky, an extremely large wolf appeared and landed in front of the den. “Where’s Kouga?” The wolf asked. “We were about to find him, Moorie.” Hakakaku said. “You two, go, the rest of you, stay with me,” Moorie said.
Ginta and Hakakaku left without question, and Moorie turned to everyone else, and asked, “Why aren’t Kouga and Ayame here? Where’s Servici? What happened to my cousin?” “Would you like to sit down?” A member asked. “Yes, especially considering how long a story it is,” another said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Moorie and Servici I created.
Chapter 19 The Final Sibling by Kagashe_AliAnn

Chapter 19The Final Sibling

Three days later, Ginta and Hakakaku caught up with Kouga, and had explained everything they knew, when a whip of light appeared killing a giant lizard that was after Shippo. Shippo got up off the ground, and ran towards the group. “Something big is coming,” Shippo said. Everyone looked up, and a girl with a crescent moon, silver, long, straight, hair, golden eyes, a blue stripe on either side of her face, and had on a purple kimono, three furrys, and a yellow sash, landed in front of them. “Who are you supposed to be?” Kouga asked. “My name is, Forginji, and you must be Kouga.” “Oh great, another sibling,” Inuyasha said. Forginji walked up to him and said, “Are you my half-demon, half-brother?” “Shut up, and don’t call me that, again,” Inuyasha growled at her. “Fine, I’ll join you since it looks as if you are all heading towards Hakadoshi,” Forginji said. “Slurp! Slurp! Slap! Inuyasha slapped his neck, and Myoga appeared. “What is it this time Myoga?” Inuyasha asked. “Totosai has requested you all come to his place.” Myoga said.About and hour later, the group was seen at Totosai’s place. “What is it, and it better be good,” Inuyasha said, irritated. “Well, I made seven swords four years ago, and six of them were stolen at that time, and now when I was out getting a whetstone, Hakadoshi took off with the seventh. It may be a good sword, but in Hakadoshi’s hands nothing good will come,” Totosai said. “Well, some half-demons have six of the swords, they took them from an evil wolf,” Forginji said. Everyone turned towards Forginji, who said, “They were the same ones, I saw escape from Horai Island, years ago.”

End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Forginji, I created.
Chapter 20 Closing In by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
The Future Girl will be posted after Spring Break.
Chapter 20

Closing In

After everything was in the open, Totosai said, “Forginji you might not be needed for this battle, but if you wish to help, I won’t stop you.” “Of course, and I see you are also a dog,” Forginji said. Totosai just stared, and Inuyasha said, “He’s a dog?” “You know I hate to say it, but he gives dense a whole new meaning,” Sanku said. “What was that?!” Inuyasha yelled. “Inuyasha,” Kagome said, “Sit boy!” Crash! Crash! Inuyasha and Young Kagashe crashed to the floor.
Meanwhile, Servici, Sesshomaru, Kagura, Shanaru, Rin, Ah-Un, and Jaken had come upon a bloody rock, and a lizard; the lizard raised its head wearily, and said, “Hakadoshi will pay…” It then collapsed, dying. Sesshomaru continued south, and the others followed. “Milord, wherest are we going?” Jaken asked. Hakadoshi’s been here,” Kagura said, “And if I am to remain free, then we must kill Hakadoshi.”
Three hours later, Inuyasha’s and Kouga’s teams had left Totosai’s, and had also found the bloody rock with the dead lizard on it. “Come on we’ve got the trail, now lets move out,” Inuyasha said. Everyone followed, and Kagome asked, “Inuyasha, what’s wrong?” Before Inuyasha could answer, Future Kagashe said, “Sesshomaru’s been here.”
Meanwhile, Hakadoshi was now at a beach. Hakadoshi, his horse, and men were walking towards a mountain, when the Saimyosho showed up. “What? Why is “he” after me?” Hakadoshi asked. Two of his servants looked at him and one said, “I know Naraku had been planning to use Rin and Kohaku to escape before he moved to the other castle, and I guess he failed to absorb Sesshomaru.” Hakadoshi looked at them, and said, “Well, that makes sense. Let’s move out, and go to the castle.” At that the group headed towards the castle on the other side of the mountains.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I created Forginji, Servici, Shanaru, and Future Kagashe.
Chapter 21 The Mask of Kohaku by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 21

The Mask

of Kohaku

As Sesshomaru, Servici, Kagura, Shanaru, Rin, Ah-Un, and Jaken, had come to a clearing surrounded by trees, a boy a little older than Rin came from the side, but stopped when he saw Rin. Rin turned her head and jumped down; the boy put up his weapon and walked over to Rin. Rin said, “Kohaku it’s been awhile.” “Likewise!” Kohaku said laughing. “Kohaku, what brings you here?” Kagura asked. “Hakadoshi is ahead; I do believe that one of the two teams out will kill Hakadoshi,” Kohaku said, “Don’t know who, and don’t care who, but I want him dead. I have already realized that I am no match for him, so good luck.”
“Rin, you and Ah-Un stay here with Kohaku,” Sesshomaru said. “Yes, my lord! Don’t forget to come back and get us,” Rin said, as Sesshomaru, Servici, Kagura, Shanaru, and Jaken left.
Thirty minutes later, Inuyasha, Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Sanku, Kirara, Koga, Koame, Ayame, Ginta, Hakakaku and Forginji had found Rin, Ah-Un, and Kohaku, and Sango said, “Kohaku, weren’t you at the village?” “I couldn’t stand the wait,” Kohaku said, “Hakadoshi is up ahead.” “Are you sure?” Kagome asked. “Yes, I was chased away, and barely escaped from them,” Kohaku said. Kagome nodded, and Kohaku took his mask off. “Um…Miroku, here, take it, you might need it.” Kohaku said. Miroku nodded, and took the mask from Kohaku.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici, Shanaru, Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, Sanku, Koame, and Forginji I created.
Chapter 22 Tsubaki's End by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 22 Tsubaki’s End Hours after everyone left Rin, Ah-Un, and Kohaku, Inuyasha’s and Sesshomaru’s teams met at the castle.  “And just why are you here?” Inuyasha yelled.  Sesshomaru ignored him, and Servici stepped forward.  “You must be Inuyasha,” Servici said.  “What’s it to you?” Inuyasha yelled, pulling out the Tetsaiga.  “Whoa!  Easy everyone," a voice said.  Everyone turned to see Sesshomaru’s mom behind them.  Servici said, “Mom what are you doing here?”  “I’ve come to lend my assistance,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  “So, I take it Hakadoshi is in the castle up ahead,” Future Kagashe said.  “Yes,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  “Well then, let’s not wait for the snow to fall,” Future Kagashe said.  At that everyone swiped through the first line of lizards guarding the castle, and then stormed the castle.As they fought the lizards, Shippo said, “I wonder what the deal is with castles.”  “It’s an ally of protection I’m sure,” Servici said.  “Let’s save the talk until after we beat the stuffing out of Hakadoshi,” Inuyasha said.  As they continued to battle demons, and the demons began to get weaker, everyone stopped.  A woman with silverish-grey hair, and a blue kimono stood before them.  The woman also had a snake-like demon with her.  “Just who are you?” Inuyasha asked.  Future Kagashe blinked, and said, “It’s Tsubaki, the rival of Kikyo, or so I’ve been told.”  Inuyasha looked at Future Kagashe, and then at Tsubaki.  “She is also responsible for what happened between you and Kikyo.  She put a curse on Kikyo,” Future Kagashe said.  Inuyasha yelled, “So that’s it.  Get out of our way or else.”  Tsubaki stood there and said, “Go my Shikigami, attack.”  Demons started to come out of Tsubaki’s right eye; Inuyasha used the Backlash Wave on the demons and the demonic aura surrounding Tsubaki, killing her and all demons she had in her eye.  As she was destroyed, the demon horse appeared.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici and Future Kagashe I created.
Chapter 23 Hakadoshi's Mistake by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 23

Hakadoshi’s Mistake

As the horse that Hakadoshi was riding came into view, Hakadoshi said, “So everyone is here. Is this what you call hope?” Everyone that didn’t already have their weapon ready, got it ready, and Shanaru was given the Tokijin, and was prepared to take down Hakadoshi. Everyone began to battle with Hakadoshi, and the horse, but the only ones able to even touch the horse because of its speed were Shanaru, Kagura, Sesshomaru, Forginji, Servici and Sesshomaru’s mother.
Miroku and Sango had their masks on, and Servici said, “Does anybody have any sort of poison to slow that demon horse down?” “Yes, I do,” Sango said. As the sword with poison was thrown at the horse, when it wasn’t looking, the horse started to slow down, and holler. Future Kagashe noticed a barrier appear all of a sudden, around the horse. She ran up to the horse, and her Tetsaiga turned red.
Hakadoshi jumped off the horse, just as the horse was split in half. As the horse disintegrated, along with the barrier, Hakadoshi looked at it in shock. Young Kagashe saw that Hakadoshi was staring at the horse, and thinking that he had dropped his guard, she ran out towards him, but just as she reached him Hakadoshi looked up. Hakadoshi raised his hand, and hit her to the ground, knocking her out. Inuyasha and Kagome yelled, “Kagashe!” when they saw what happened.
“Okay, who’s next?” Hakadoshi asked. Inuyasha was about to go after Hakadoshi, but Servici put out her hand to stop him. “What?” Inuyasha steamed. “Don’t be fooled,” Future Kagashe said, full of fear, “Kagashe isn’t finished with Hakadoshi.” Everyone looked at Young Kagashe, and Inuyasha said, “Oh, no!”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Shanaru, Forginji, Servici, Young Kagashe, and Future Kagashe I created.
Chapter 24 Hakadoshi's Demise by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 24

Hakadoshi’s Demise

As young Kagashe woke up, her normally brown eyes had turned to red with blue pupils, and had a purple stripe on each side of her face. Her claws and fangs were now longer, also. “Well,” Hakadoshi said, “Are you all going to stand there, or are you going to fight?”
“Are you talking to them?” Young Kagashe growled. Hakadoshi turned around, only to have his arm sliced off. “What, but…but… How can a quarter demon have such power?” Hakadoshi asked.
As the battle intensified, Sango asked, “Just how many times has this happened?” “This is only the first,” Kagome said. Kagome continued, “I was hoping that it would never happen though.”
After Hakadoshi was killed by Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe threw her Tetsaiga in Young Kagashe’s path making the evil aura controlling Young Kagashe dissipate. Young Kagashe looked up at Hakadoshi’s dead body, and said, “What happened?”
“We’d best go,” Kagura said. As Sesshomaru’s team left, Kagon saw a demon in the opposite direction, and turned his weapon in a spinning way, and a web came out killing the demon, that was about to attack young Kagashe. Kagon then ran out to Young Kagashe, and Young Kagashe said, “Kagon, please tell me it wasn’t me.” Young Kagashe looked at her hands that were covered in blood, and then at Kagon.
“Kagashe, why don’t we go find a river to wash in,” Kagon said, grabbing Kagashe’s wrist. Young Kagashe nodded, and got up. It looks like we were right,” Kagome said. “About what,” Inuyasha asked. “About Kagon and Kagashe,” Kagome said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Kagon I created.
Chapter 25 Servici's Assistance by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
I am working on a encore for the Kagashe Trillogy, but it won't be like the trillogy exactly, and there will be no time machine.
Chapter 25

Servici’s Assistance

Future Kagashe walked up to Young Kagashe, and picked up the Tetsaiga. “Um…Kagashe?” Young Kagashe asked. “Yes?” Future Kagashe said, turning her head. “How did you…” Young Kagashe started. Before Young Kagashe could finish her question Future Kagashe said, while putting the Tetsaiga in the sheave, “It has something to do with the demon blood in you, but best to ask mom or dad about that,” “Oh, I see,” Young Kagashe said. “Well, let’s just get to a river,” Future Kagashe said.
Hours later, everyone had reached a river, and Young Kagashe was washing her hands, and Future Kagashe walked to the edge of the river, and said, “Kagashe, don’t worry too much, he would have died anyway.” “But you didn’t find a weakness,” Young Kagashe said. “Don’t worry, we no longer need a weakness, all that is needed now, is to out number and out power him,” Future Kagashe said. Young Kagashe nodded, and then turned around.
“What is it?” Kagon asked. “I think I know who it is,” Future Kagashe said. Young Kagashe came out of the river, and Future Kagashe yelled, “Come on out, we know you’re there.” Everyone turned, and Servici came out of the bushes nearby. “You’re just like your father,” Servici said. “And?” Future Kagashe steamed. “I was told you came to this time earlier, and I figured you’d want to know if you’ll be returning here, or not,” Servici said.
“Wait, what are you saying?” Young Kagashe said. “I can see any-one’s future,” Servici said. “Then, come on, we must be rid of all monsters.” Future Kagashe said. Servici followed Future Kagashe, and found a rock, and sat down.
Just then Inuyasha and Kagome came through the weeds, with another sword. Kagome, who had the sword, came to where Young Kagashe was, and said, “Here, it’s called the Teesi.” Young Kagashe took the sword that was in the sheave. “Wait, what about…” Young Kagashe started. “Shanaru? Don’t worry, even half-demons can’t pick that sword up,” Kagome said.
At the nearby rock, Servici said, “I see a wolf-boy, and…a black haired demon.” “Yes, he’s a quarter demon. I can’t really say anything more,” Future Kagashe said. “I see, well, I don’t see you returning, or him coming here, so I suppose it’ll be peaceful from now on,” Servici said.
“Did she say quarter demon?” Inuyasha asked. “Uh, yeah, what’s up?” Young Kagashe asked. Kagome stood there blinking blankly.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Kagashe and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, Kagon, Servici, and Shanaru I created.
Chapter 26 The Final Departure by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 26

The Final Departure

Days later, Asagi, Dai, Roku, Shion, Mooegi, and Ai arrived back at the village, and Asagi asked, “What happened? We apparently got there three hours after Hakadoshi was killed.” Satloni, who has long black hair, blue eyes, and feudal era topknots clothes, ran up to Shippo who was with Kagome, Inuyasha, and the Kagashes, and said, “Hey Shippo… Who are they?” “They are the kids that we saved from the four war gods,” Shippo answered. “Oh, yeah! I remember, but I never thought that I’d get a chance to meet them,” Satloni said. “True!” Shippo said, “But they’ll probably be around for a while, but Future Kagashe has to leave in two days to save her world.” “I see,” Satloni said, “Tell me did you ever figure out why Kagome’s scent was so different?” “I think so, but don’t say anything, okay,” Shippo said, smiling. “Oh, gotcha, don’t worry, I won’t say a word,” Satloni said. As the two days slowly crept by, and the day for Kagashe’s departure appeared, everyone involved in the Hakadoshi search that had taken place, came to the outskirts of the village, along with Satloni, Asagi, Dai, Roku, Shion, Mooegi, and Ai.
After the goodbyes, Future Kagashe pushed a few buttons on her time-machine watch, and then vanished. As everyone headed their ways, Sanku asked, “Isn’t Kohaku coming?” “I have my doubts,” Sango said, “He said, that he wanted to help Rin in whatever way he could.” “So he joined Sesshomaru’s group?” Miroku asked. “Yes, and I guess that makes… let’s see, 2… 4… 6… 7 counting the creature that’s with them,” Sango said. “They’re getting just as large as our team, and that includes Satloni, and Kagashe,” Miroku said. Sango turned and said, “I suppose you’re right, but we’ve got ten altogether, without Future Kagashe.”
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Satloni, Future Kagashe, and Sanku I created.
Chapter 27 First Plans by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 27

First Plans

In Future Kagashe’s time, Kagon was walking towards the door, of the hut everyone was in, with an annoyed look on his face, when Kagashe popped up. “Hey everyone… Kagon what are you doing on the floor?” Kagashe asked. Kagon had short black hair, and a double headed stick, where at the ends, looked like a large dream catcher on it; Kagon also had on a pair of green pants, brown shoes, and a white shirt.
Kagon got off the floor. “Why?! Why am I on the floor?” Kagon asked. “Because you popped up out of nowhere,” Kagon continued. “You seem upset about something. What is it?” Kagashe asked. “YOU RAN OFF WITHOUT TELLING ME ANYTHING AND YOU EXPECT ME TO BE HAPPY?!” Kagon yelled. “Okay! Okay! First of all, calm down. Second, even if there was time to tell you, you would have requested to tag along, and I can’t ever take you to that particular time…” Kagashe started to say. Kagon glared at her and said, “You think I’m stupid? This is all just a way to get away from someone, isn’t it?” Kagashe put her hand on her head, shook her head from side to side, and put it down. “I thought someone else I know was dense. You’re missing the whole entire point,” Kagashe said. “THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL! NOW SIT! SIT! SIT!” Kagon hollered. Crash! Crash! Crash! Kagashe fell to the ground face-first.
Just then, a five year old boy with black hair, golden eyes, doglike ears, claws, and wearing a red shirt, red pants, and a green subjection necklace on ran up to Kagashe. “Are you alright?” the boy asked. “Yeah, I’m starting to get used to him, but Inu, you better hope that the subjection necklace you wear is never activated,” Kagashe said, prying herself off the floor, and sitting up. Inu nodded, and as Kagon was leaving, Inuyasha asked, “Kagashe, would you like someone else to explain things to Kagon?” “Huh! Oh, yeah, anyone, but after he calms down if you don’t mind,” Kagashe said. Inuyasha nodded, and Kagome said, “I really think I should talk to him, otherwise, who knows what will happen.” “Go ahead, I won’t stop you,” Inuyasha said.
“So, what weakness did you find in Hakadoshi?” Kagura asked. “I really don’t know if there is, but in any case, apparently there are two other girl demons, along with Uncle Sesshomaru’s mother, that are in the family, that can help,” Kagashe said. “So, there are other ways than going north, to get rid of Hakadoshi?” Jin Jin said. Upon seeing the confused look on Kagashe’s face, Jin Jin continued, “The power of lightning, reserved for one demon is north.” “I see, and speaking of north, I believe according to Servici, Uncle Sesshomaru’s half-sister, on his mom’s side, Kouga might have a son during this time,” Kagashe said. Everyone turned to stare and blinked. “How does she know?” Inuyasha asked. “She said that she could see into the future,” Kagashe said.
“So, was Hakadoshi killed?” Kagome asked. “Yes,” Kagashe said, shivering at the thought. “What happened; you just shivered,” Kagome asked. “What I saw happen to Hakadoshi, I would never want to see happen to anyone; I wouldn’t even wish it. Hakadoshi’s one mistake of knocking the quarter-demon out, cost him his life seconds later,” Kagashe said, “It would be a wise idea to find Inu a sword.” “I see,” Kagome said, “The Kagashe of that time transformed, correct?” Kagashe nodded yes. “I think Totosai might be willing to help, he did in the other world,” Kagashe said.
“Let’s get some sleep, we’ll go to Totosai’s tomorrow,” Inuyasha said. Kagome looked at Inuyasha, and he said, “I know, but what choice is there?” Kagashe got off the floor, and said, “Come on Inu!” Inu said, “Alright sis.” The two of them went to they’re sleeping bags, and everyone else did the same. Before they went to bed, Kagome said, “I guess the fight begins tomorrow, the night of the lunar eclipse?” Inuyasha smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right.” The two of them, got into bed, and turned out the lantern which had been lit hours before Kagashe returned. Kagon slept at another hut that night.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Kagashe, Kagon, Inu, Jin Jin, and Servici I created.
Chapter 28 Inu's Sword's Power by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
It may be a long time before I get Inu's fight up, but stay posted.
Chapter 28

Inu’s Sword’s Power

Days later, everyone had come to Totosai’s, and after explaining the situation, Totosai said. “Alright, I should have known it would eventually come to this.” “So you’ll do it?” Kagome asked. “Yes, but I don’t have anything here that is made for blood suppressing,” Totosai said. Inuyasha blinked and said, exasperated, “Fine, just get one, and quickly.”
Six days later, Inu had his sword the Teesi, and everyone was under attack by a bear-demon. Inuyasha kicked the bear in Inu’s sword path, and Inu saw a bull’s eye; Inu sliced through the bull’s eye, and a quadruple cross-spinning funnel sliced and chopped up the bear-demon. “The quadruple slicer, is that correct?” Shanaru asked. Inu nodded yes.
The next day, a dragon type popped up out of the ground, and Inu killed the creature by using its fiery-like energy, and by collecting the water in the air from five yards around the dragon, and fusing cold fire, with the water, and blasting the dragon to where it looked like 4th of July fireworks.
After the dragon was defeated, Servici, Forginji, and Sesshomaru’s mother appeared from the rocks. Kagashe turned and said, “If you are here then I suppose you all know about the threat.” Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Yes, his army is heading this way, but I’ve never seen a large army of lizards trying to support bad guys.”
Just then the lizards appeared, and the leader said, “We’re not much, but after the other armies were either killed by the Demon 3, or killed themselves by fighting each other, we’re all that’s left so be strong.” Another lizard asked, “Aren’t they the D… demon 3?” The leader looked at Servici, Forginji, and Sesshomaru’s mother, and said, “Uh… Well… like… I… said… be strong.” As the lizards were preparing to fight Forginji blew melting, skin liquefying, hot air on them, and the lizards turned to nothingness.
After the introductions were made, Servici said, “Hakadoshi is at the east castle. We overheard some of the servants talking before they met with an unfortunate accident.” “Shall we,” Kagome asked. “Yeah, let’s go. I believe you are called the Demon 3 come along, if you want Hakadoshi to die,” Inuyasha said. The Demon 3 followed the group east.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Inu, Shanaru, Servici, Forginji, and Kagashe I created.
Chapter 29 Inu's Unanswered Questions by Kagashe_AliAnn
Chapter 29

Unanswered Questions

On their way to Hakadoshi, they stopped by the village, and Kagon, who had calmed down, was explained to by Kagome why Kagashe didn’t take him with her to the past, or any other time period.
After, he understood, he and Kagashe talked for awhile, and Kagon said, “Kagashe, I… I didn’t mean to be so rough, but everything has been so crazy…” “I know, but seriously admit it, you enjoyed it,” Kagashe said. “Huh?” Kagon questioned. “I can see strait through you’re tactics that you use, when hiding something. Honestly, though I don’t really mind, if it helps you in some way,” Kagashe said. Kagon looked at her, and Kagashe blinked not realizing he was looking at her. Kagashe said, “Maybe I am like father in some ways; he said almost the exact same thing to mom six months before I was born.” Kagashe looked at Kagon, and Inu came up. “Father says, that its time to go,” Inu said, “We came here for information, but got off-track.”
Once on the road again, Inu asked, “So, how come father didn’t try to stop mom from talking to Kagon?” “You’re telling me you can’t figure “that” out?” Kagashe asked. Inu just blinked. “And people say that I’m like father,” Kagashe said, “Brother, he wanted her to, but knew she wouldn’t say anything unless he did. I also think you know why he wanted something done about it, I mean he goes through the same thing.” “Oh, but why didn’t she say anything?” Inu asked. “She’s always been like that; why he put up with her is beyond me, but I’m glad he did and still does,” Kagashe said. “But why…” Inu started to ask. “Don’t you ever run out of questions?” Kagashe asked.
Three hours later, everyone arrived at the castle, and Sanku asked, “I wonder why Hakadoshi chose east, instead of somewhere else, to await the fight?” “It sounds like he’s running from something, because he usually stays in the same area,” Jin Jin said, looking at the Demon 3. “No, it’s not us, he could wipe us out within a blink of an eye,” Servici said. “Well let’s go find out,” Kagura said.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  I created Kagon, Kagashe, Inu, Jin Jin, Sanku, and Servici.
Chapter 30 The End by Kagashe_AliAnn
Author's Notes:
Hope you all enjoyed the series.  Prepare for The Future Girl, after next week.
Chapter 30

The End

Everyone ran up into the center of the castle, after Kirara transformed, and Sanku got on her; in the middle of the castle, Hakadoshi and his horse stood waiting. A blue clothed demon, with blue eyes, and red fire hair, walked up to them, after appearing at the bottom of the stairs, in a cloud of green smoke. The demon said, “Can you distract Hakadoshi, long enough for him to die?” “Who are you?” Inu asked.
“I’m called Salaco, the demon of lightning, and Hakadoshi is afraid of me, that is why he went here,” the demon said. “We’ll distract him,” Kagome said. They all used they’re weapons at different times, along with powers from the Demon 3, and distracted Hakadoshi long enough for Salaco to surprise Hakadoshi with multiple lightning strikes. While she, Salaco, was doing electrifying Hakadoshi, everyone else attacked Hakadoshi and his horse, which killed the two.
After Hakadoshi and his horse were turned to soot, Kagome turned and said, “Salaco, thanks for the help.” “Ayame sent me to help; she’ll be at the village soon, so you’d best be moving along.” At that she vanished into a pillar of blue smoke. “I wonder what Ayame wants?” Kagome asked. “She was Kouga’s fiancée, wasn’t she,” Kagashe asked. “Oh, yeah, but I wouldn’t think there would be time,” Kagome said. “Time for what?” Inu asked. “Ask, again, when you’re older,” Kagome said.
The group headed down to the village, and when they got there, Ayame and Kaede were waiting. “How’d it go?” Kaede asked. “Well Hakadoshi is dead,” Kagashe said. “What happened to the other two shards, I wonder?” Kagome asked.
Just then a strange whirlwind appeared, and dissipated, revealing a twelve year old Koame. “Is that Koame?” Kagashe asked. Ayame blinked, and said, shocked, “Why yes. How did you know?” “I met him in the other time,” Kagashe said. “Oh, so that was what Kaede was talking about I guess,” Ayame said, “Anyway, Koame, how did you get so fast?” “It’s probably the Jewel shards he’s got in his legs that is causing it,” Kagashe said. “Koame, where’d you get them?” Ayame asked. “A priestess said that she had found them, and that they belonged to Kouga years ago,” Koame said. “Where is Kouga, anyway? I came here looking for him, because he hasn’t been to see us, in years,” Ayame asked. “You mean, you don’t know?” Kagome asked. “Inu, Kagashe, will you take Koame to the house?” Kagome asked. Kagome and Inuyasha stayed with Ayame, and everyone else followed Kagashe, Inu, and Koame. Twenty years later, Kagashe and Kagon got married, after the decision was made to remove the necklace from Kagashe.
In the other time, Kagashe is now 16, the subjection connection now goes to Kagon, instead of Kagome; Inu who is now six years old, owns the Taloga sword. Sango and Miroku now have twin four year old boys, which as fate seems to be are like Miroku, and Shino, Shippo’s son, who is now four is about to find out the difference between demon and human on the quarter moon.

The End
End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Sanku, Inu, Salaco, Kagashe, Koame, and Shino I created.
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