Like Snow by xXmika_ookamiXx

Random one-shot. A Christmas Eve tragedy for the Higarashi family. Just what exactly is that tragedy though? Read to find out.

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It's rather short, just to tell you.

1. Christmas Eve Tragedy by xXmika_ookamiXx

Christmas Eve Tragedy by xXmika_ookamiXx

Like Snow

Powder, like snow, fell in the kitchen, then laughter was heard. "Kagome!" Souta laughed. They had been attempting to make cookies, though they soon started throwing flour in each others faces'. Kagome laughed under her breath, then stood, dusting herself off. Then she turned to help Souta stand, patting him off as she did so. "Now, let's get this cleaned up, ok?" Kagome laughed. "Sure Sis." Souta smiled lovingly at his sister.

Within fifteen minutes, the floor was clean and the cookies were in the oven. With a triumphant smile, Kagome and Souta made their way to the living room and turned on the TV. Sitting down they snagged the remote from the arm of the couch. Flipping on a channel they settled in to watch a Christmas special.

Twenty minutes later they were back in the kitchen and they were pulling the cookies out of the oven. "Mom's gonna love this!" Souta declared as he smiled. "Yeah." Kagome nodded in agreement as she set the cookies out to cool. Kagome was eighteen and at the moment was visiting her family for Christmas. Her friends from the feudal era were waiting in the village for her return.

Kagome's mom had run out to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Christmas Eve traffic was horrible though and Kagome guessed that her mother would not be home until late that night.

Nine o'clock rolled around and Kagome talked Souta into going to bed and not 'waiting up for Santa'. She warned him that Santa might not come if he stayed awake the whole night, and that the faster he went to sleep, the faster Santa would come. With a yawn, Souta made his way to his room, getting ready for bed.

Kagome stayed up, in the living room, waiting for her mother. Soon ten o'clock rolled around and her mother was still nowhere to be found. Kagome started feeling slightly worried, though constantly reassured herself. When eleven-thirty rolled around Kagome was getting ready to go out and search the stores. Though, as she was getting ready she heard a knock on the door.

Slightly relieved, she answered it, hoping to find her mother, or at least grandfather. Though the person she saw surprised her. "Inuyasha? What are you doing here?" Kagome asked, confused as to why he was there. "You weren't in your room, you usually are by this time." he stated, sounding as if he had just pointed out the obvious. Kagome smiled then remembered her earlier problem, "Inuyasha? Can you stay here with Souta? I have to go look for my mother. I'm worried that somethings wrong." Inuyasha seemed confused, but nodded his head.

Kagome ushered him in, then stepped out. Cool night air rushed past her, sending goose bumps up her arms, through her jacket. She quickly walked toward the stores her mother had been planing to go to. Commotion in the distance caught her attention before she got there though. Flashing lights, sirens, and the shout of people all around a fire in the middle of the road. Kagome stopped, a feeling hit her, and she just knew it had something to do with her mother.

She broke out into a run. Time seemed to slow down as she approached the fire. Her footsteps echoed in her ear. Every other sound except that of the roaring fire seemed to die away. She ran toward the fire now able to see her mother's car in the bright orange. Tears started falling from her eyes silently. Just as she was about to reach the fire an arm reached out and grabbed her, stopping her. Kagome struggled against the arm adorned in red. "Let me go! That's Mama!" Kagome continued to struggle. The person pulled her back against him and whispered in her ear, "No Kagome, you can't. Do you want to get burned?"

"But that's Mama." Kagome whimpered. Inuyasha turned her around and embraced her. She cried into his chest. "Hush now. It'll be alright." Inuyasha whispered, knowing exactly what she was going through. He, himself, had lost his mother at an early age. He knew how hard it was and just couldn't pull his sarcastic side through at this point. He kissed the top of her head in a reassuring way. Kagome tilted her head to look back at the fire, but stopped half way through the movement. A single snow flake hit her cheek, almost bringing on another sob.

Her mother always loved the snow. The fact that the snow flake hit her where her mother would kiss her cheek somehow reassured her. Everything would be alright, it's not the end of the world and she would make it. She would push through and make it. The next flake caught her attention as it drifted down, it hit the top of Inuyasha's ear, causing it to twitch. She giggled under her breath then sighed sadly.

The snow was much like her mother, innocent and pure. She would miss her, but she knew her mother was still with her, just as long as she remembered her.

A/N: Kinda a sad one-shot. Well there..... wow, first story I've ever completed. I think ima cry now. * sniffle * Tell me what you think.....please? I'm just tryin to find my writing style, I'm trying new and different things. My author notes probably won't ever be grammatically correct. When talkin to someone you don't exactly use the correct grammar. Anyways, I have no idea where this story came from, I just sat down and started typing, not looking at it till I was finish, I think it may have taken me ten whole minutes to write this. Maybe not even that.


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