Solaris and Inuyasha 4: Seekers of the sacred Jewel...Again by Tagumon
Summary: thats Right were back
Categories: Humor, Crossover, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Custom
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Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
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Story Notes:
Chapter 1 Saving Solaris by Tagumon
Author's Notes:


"However there is one way to save me" the younger me said

"You must gather the Keys of fate"

"we Already have all the keys, Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku and Sango. You must first go on a journey within youre selves."

  "somewhat like a mindquest?" Miroku stated...


"So we find something or learn a lesson to save him?" Shippo said


Inuyasha jumped in the conversation.

"Oh that should be easy enough..."


"Obviously" Kagome and Sango said in unison rolling there eyes...

"you have to defeat an enemy or obstacle... and if you die in there.. You die in reality..."

Inuyasha gave Everyone a look as if he was worrying.

Kagome nodded at him as if saying "ill be okay."  

"Just sit down and concentrate and try to sleep" younger me said

"Miroku dont sit near Sango..."

"To late..." Sango said hitting Miroku

 2 minutes later....

Inuyasha peeked at everyone meditating and tried again 

Suddenly he opened his eyes to a room full of darkness...

  "What in the 7 hells?!" 


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