Solaris and Inuyasha 4: Seekers of the sacred Jewel...Again by Tagumon
Summary: thats Right were back
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Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
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Chapter 2 Inuyasha's mindquest "Do you think of me" by Tagumon

  "Where the hell am I ? This place" Inuyasha questioned walking in the darkness then a light appeared...

"I-Inuyasha?!" A figure said

Inuyasha came closer...

"Solaris what are you doing here" he said

"Answer me this, who am i to you just a person you know an aquantaince..." that Solaris said

"A Friend?" Inuyasha said confused

 Solaris smiled "good job now you have to think hard on this one... Choose carefully for if wrong you will die" 

Inuyasha grinned and payed close attention.

 "What am i thinking of"

 he made a OMG kind of face...

 He sat down for a minute, stood up ,walked in circles...

"What was the question?" he said

Solaris repeated it...

"Me?" He said after thinking for an hour

Solaris frowned...

InuYasha frowned too....

"Damn, I thought i stumped you but... correct!" Solaris said

Inuyasha grinned...

"You understand how i feel now?" 

"That i'm more than just a comrade in battle i'm a friend?" he guessed


"You want a...hug?" He guessed again

Solaris waited and got his hug...

"AND" Solaris said

"AND WHAT" Inuyasha yelled

Solaris walked up to him, put his hands up 

"you want another hug?"

"NO!" Solaris screamed grabbing his ears and playing with them

2 minutes of Inu-ear playing later...

"STOP" He yelled


Solaris grabbed his hand and opened his palm...

sure enough the key was there....

"How long was i holding this"

"since you got here you didn't notice?"

And Solaris waved bye and Inuyasha was back in the normal world... 

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