Solaris and Inuyasha 4: Seekers of the sacred Jewel...Again by Tagumon
Summary: thats Right were back
Categories: Humor, Crossover, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Custom
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Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
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Story Notes:

1. Chapter 1 Saving Solaris by Tagumon

2. Chapter 2 Inuyasha's mindquest "Do you think of me" by Tagumon

3. Chapter 3 Kagome's Test "Do you need him" by Tagumon

4. Chapter 4 Sango's test "Do you need me" by Tagumon

5. Chapter 5 Miroku's Test : Stop by Tagumon

6. Chapter 6 Enter Fusion True Solaris by Tagumon

7. Chapter 7 Fusion Solaris vs Inuyasha by Tagumon

Chapter 1 Saving Solaris by Tagumon
Author's Notes:


"However there is one way to save me" the younger me said

"You must gather the Keys of fate"

"we Already have all the keys, Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku and Sango. You must first go on a journey within youre selves."

  "somewhat like a mindquest?" Miroku stated...


"So we find something or learn a lesson to save him?" Shippo said


Inuyasha jumped in the conversation.

"Oh that should be easy enough..."


"Obviously" Kagome and Sango said in unison rolling there eyes...

"you have to defeat an enemy or obstacle... and if you die in there.. You die in reality..."

Inuyasha gave Everyone a look as if he was worrying.

Kagome nodded at him as if saying "ill be okay."  

"Just sit down and concentrate and try to sleep" younger me said

"Miroku dont sit near Sango..."

"To late..." Sango said hitting Miroku

 2 minutes later....

Inuyasha peeked at everyone meditating and tried again 

Suddenly he opened his eyes to a room full of darkness...

  "What in the 7 hells?!" 


End Notes:
Chapter 2 Inuyasha's mindquest "Do you think of me" by Tagumon

  "Where the hell am I ? This place" Inuyasha questioned walking in the darkness then a light appeared...

"I-Inuyasha?!" A figure said

Inuyasha came closer...

"Solaris what are you doing here" he said

"Answer me this, who am i to you just a person you know an aquantaince..." that Solaris said

"A Friend?" Inuyasha said confused

 Solaris smiled "good job now you have to think hard on this one... Choose carefully for if wrong you will die" 

Inuyasha grinned and payed close attention.

 "What am i thinking of"

 he made a OMG kind of face...

 He sat down for a minute, stood up ,walked in circles...

"What was the question?" he said

Solaris repeated it...

"Me?" He said after thinking for an hour

Solaris frowned...

InuYasha frowned too....

"Damn, I thought i stumped you but... correct!" Solaris said

Inuyasha grinned...

"You understand how i feel now?" 

"That i'm more than just a comrade in battle i'm a friend?" he guessed


"You want a...hug?" He guessed again

Solaris waited and got his hug...

"AND" Solaris said

"AND WHAT" Inuyasha yelled

Solaris walked up to him, put his hands up 

"you want another hug?"

"NO!" Solaris screamed grabbing his ears and playing with them

2 minutes of Inu-ear playing later...

"STOP" He yelled


Solaris grabbed his hand and opened his palm...

sure enough the key was there....

"How long was i holding this"

"since you got here you didn't notice?"

And Solaris waved bye and Inuyasha was back in the normal world... 

Chapter 3 Kagome's Test "Do you need him" by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
The Solaris of ILLUSION

 "What is going on here Solaris" Kagome said 

"Kill the demon Kagome..." 

"But theres no De-"

At that instant a huge dragon appeared

"OH CRAP" Kagome said looking at the 100 foot dragon...

for a while Kagome shot arrows and dodged its attacks until it hit her with such force her bow broke...

"INUYASHA!" She yelled

"He's not coming, you're alone"

Kagome ran away as fast as she could...

"Kagome its a endless loop you cant escape, and not only that, but, you really would save yourself and let someone die?!" 

 Kagome froze...

"no...I WILL NOT!!!"

she shot her sacred arrow and it pierced straight through...

"but it didn't work before?" kagome said confused

"BECAUSE before you thought InuYasha would help you overcome the situation of Fighting when InuYasha won't come"

"heres you're key, Return" 

Kagome closed her eyes and opened her eyes. she was back! 

Chapter 4 Sango's test "Do you need me" by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
Sango time!!!

     "HIRAIKOTSU" Sango yelled throwing her boomerang at the dragon...

(same one Kagome fought)

  "okay then what about this!" Sango said chucking a demon exterminating bomb-ball at the dragon... she attached one on to the Hiraikotsu when she caught in on the comeback, and threw it at the dragons head... 

    "DAMN IT NO EFFECT!" Sango thought looking over at Solaris for a brief moment...

    "HA You think a mere Mortal demon slayer can kill me guess again" the Dragon said...

      "Have a taste of you're own weapon GIRL" the Dragon said throwing a black disk that turned into a boomerang like hiraikotsu...

Sango jumped aside but it followed and mashed her chest to the floor...

"No... i will not give up... because people are counting on me!" She said struggling to get up...

She looked up and saw Solaris...

"Sango... Do you need me..." Solaris said

Sango stood up shakily and picked up Hiraikotsu and then fell...


Solaris held his hand up and the dragon vanished.

"Good Sango, that was you're test, you can't do everything alone... stop going after  Kohaku on you're own. you have close friends you know... And Explain how you feel tell people don't hide it... its good you hide it but you should show you're friends."

Sango got up again

"Thank you!" she said smiling

"Heres you're key" He said lobbing it to her...

she caught it and woke up...

"Were Close" Sango said smiling 

Chapter 5 Miroku's Test : Stop by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
lol.... So short

When Miroku Awoke he Noticed 100 women around him and he asked them all "will you bear my children..." Then Sango came and whacked him 

Then Solaris Popped up "Can you stop with that"

he gave me a look

"is this supposed to be it"

I nodded...

he got his key and left 

Chapter 6 Enter Fusion True Solaris by Tagumon

"now all the keys were gathered kagome tie them up and shoot them..."

kagome thought for a moment... "but were do i"

she was quickly stopped by the words that came out

"Through my heart" Kid Solaris said... "Trust me"

Kagome listened and shot... "then the keys glowed red with blood shot into the other Solaris And he woke up with white hair now ... 

"So-Solaris" everyone said stutering...

"What the hell do you want god spit it out already no now im board lets just leave this stupid dump of a castle might as well call it a hassle!" Real Solaris said

Kid Solaris and the others stared in awe and confusion

The silence was broken by kagome saying "Whats with the attitude..."

"Sorry when the keys work a fusion begins now he has all of youre personalities combine into one person" Kid Solaris said 

"Now i get it that totally makes sense Shippo said glareing at InuYasha coldly


End Notes:
Yay call me Fusion Solaris
Chapter 7 Fusion Solaris vs Inuyasha by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

uh oh fusion solaris has a bit of a evil streak

*Kaze no kiza =wind scar

*Bakyryuuha = baclash wave

* Don go desa = Adamant barrage

    "Youd better bow down to me who ever you are because i could waltz up right now and lop you're head off" Solaris said

Inuyasha got aggrivated "Oh yah! why dont you get yore skinny little ass over here so i can beat that fricken grin off youre fricken face"

"oh really so let me get this straight you... think that you... can beat... me correct... well if you want to believe imagination i will help you face the music lets dance...."

"Fine with ME!!!" InuYasha said rushing in recklesly...

"sorry but you're gonna have to catch up to my tune..."

"Lightning dash triple implosion" solaris yelled

lightning blasted through the palace...

"INUYASHA!!!" Kagome screamed loudly.

"Be careful he can use youre attacks too!"

"Oh no" 

“Heh I be done before he gets the chance!!!” inuyasha proclaimed

“okay time for this WIND SCAR!!! 

 “what the f-“ Solaris was cut off

BEWWWWWWWW!!!! the area exploded

Solaris s hair returned to normal it was over

Solaris words were

“Hi everyone what’d i miss" 

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