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Okay guys. If you read my first story Crossing time and Magic you'd know that InuYasha and Kagome have kids and those kids land up at Hogwarts. But this story is how they got there, and the adventures they had before they met Harry, Hermione and Ron . And there is another difference this is from Kagome and InuYasha in the beginning. And the last thing I'm gonna say is if you like InuYasha in my Hogwarts story, you'll want to know her past in more detail!

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Chapter 2 The First Full moon by ScarlettMidnight1o

Chapter 2 That first full moon

'Move it monk!' yelled InuYasha as he ran through the forest. Sango had just shown up on Kirara to tell her Kagome was having their first baby. InuYasha wanted to be there for Kagome the moment she was in pain. He just had to go with the monk.

He was holding a the head of the human Naraku. He had defeated him with the knowledge the his pup would be able to live safely. The Shikon no' Tama had been destroyed four and a half years ago. The Shikon Jewel was thought to destroy him, but he was only purified to become human. Now finally after five years of searching InuYasha had ended his biggest threat.

He heard the monk behind him quarrelling with Sango, she was 5 months pregnant and he didn't think she should be moving around.

'Hurry up you perverted jerk she's fine!' InuYasha screamed behind him. I moaned, Kagome wasn't. He hated himself for thought of her in pain, though he was happy with the end result. As he was running he sunk back into the conversation Kagome and him had a week ago.


'You never answered my question' Kagome giggled. 'Do you think it's a boy or girl?'

Kagome was sitting at the bottom of a tree somewhere in the forest, InuYasha had come home early with the monk so they decide to walk around to get some alone time. It was a warm winter, cherry blossoms were already blooming.

'I don't care I'm happy with either.' InuYasha shrugged he really didn't, he was getting a pup either way. He looked down at his wife. It had been a year and a half since Kagome came through the well to live with him forever. He smiled at the huge bump around her middle. She smiled at it too, in truth they were both happy that they were going to have a baby, or pup as InuYasha liked to call it. But they were both terrified too, they had never done this before.

' I still like Kayla.' Kagome said dreamily rubbing her swollen belly.

InuYasha rolled his eyes jumping down from the branch he had been sitting on a moment before. 'That's not even Japanese.' He said rolling his eyes again. Sitting beside her against the tree.

Kagome sighed happily. 'Does it have to be? Beside we can always make the rest of it Japanese mmm.. How about Kayla Amaya no Taisho Higurashi?' Kagome said slyly. She really did want to name her little girl that.

'And if it's a boy?' InuYasha said raising his eye brows. 'I don't think he'd like the name "Kayla" very much.' He said lightly patting her stomach.

'I was thinking about that. I was thinking maybe naming him after you.' Kagome said shyly. ' I mean Kayla has got a "K" like my name so why not name a boy after you?' She rearranged herself to look at his reaction. He seemed scared and undecided. 'Oh come on, you could choose his middle name!' Kagome offered every time she pictured having a son she always laughed at the thought of calling him Little InuYasha.

InuYasha seemed to be playing around with the idea if a second ' InuYasha Choukichi Higurashi Taisho , Choukichi for the lasting luck we got for having the pup.' InuYasha shrugged ' I like it.' Kagome's face lit up.

'Really? Oh InuYasha!' Kagome hugged him excitedly. He blushed, he made her happy. Letting go of him she slowly repeated the names in a whisper ' InuYasha Choukichi Higurashi Taisho, Kayla Amaya no Taisho Higurashi. Oh!' her eyes grew wide as she grabbed her stomach. 'InuYasha look!' She brought InuYasha's hand up to her stomach. After a moment he felt a small kick reach his hand. Laughing, InuYasha kissed Kagome's belly were the pup had kicked. He knew she had to be healthy in there, Kagome was huge, his pup was in there. If you would have told him when he was with Kikyo or even right after he met Kagome that he was going to have a pup he would have split them in half thinking it was a joke. Now he felt like doing back flips.


He didn't feel so joyous now though. As he ran to towards the village her heard Kagome's high pitched scream raging through the forest. 'Kagome!' he called out, picking up a faster pace towards Keade's hut.

As he reached it the small hut he tried opening the cloth to get in. It shocked his hand. Looking around he saw the scroll spell that Keade put on the door. Kagome screamed again.

'Let me in you old witch!' InuYasha howled banging on the walls. Kagome's scream hit a high pitch, which InuYasha only fought harder against the walls.

'Men aren't allowed in InuYasha.' Miroku said calmly behind him. InuYasha hadn't realized they were watching him.

'I.. don't… care… KAGOME!' He followed each word with a punch at the wall. Kagome screamed again only less pain then before, but followed closely behind by a second scream, but it was the worse scream yet. 'KAGOME!' InuYasha screamed absolutely trying to tear the hut apart.

From behind him he hear Sango and Miroku sigh. There was a small pop and a whoosh and a smell filled InuYasha's nose making him dizzy, finally knocking him out.

InuYasha woke up flat on his back in Sango's and Miroku's hut. Their two daughters and son were all over him pulling his hair and attack each ear. Twitching at the uncomfortable feeling he sat up, the little one's cried when their toy was taken away. The crying reminded him of something. He listened to the sounds outside. Miroku's snoring Sango's feet bustling to bring her crying little one's comfort but no screaming.

'How long have I been out wench?' InuYasha snapped remembering the fact that Sango stink bombed him.

Sango rolled her eyes as she patted her son on the head 'About an hour. I've already seen Kagome and the pups, maybe you should too' Then she picked up her son and ushered the twin girls away.

InuYasha slowly walked out, heart pounding. An hour. He thought to himself. Could that hour have been the first of his pup?

The village passed slowly as InuYasha realized that some child needed him, as someone in the world would love him undoubtedly. That some small child would call him father.

InuYasha stared at the mere cloth covering him from view of his new child. He was scared, probably more scared then when he face Naraku for the last time. He was scared because behind that cloth stood a child. A child InuYasha shook his head. This was ridiculous, What could go wrong.

You could fail and the child could die. InuYasha's heart raced. He would never let that happen to his pup. He thought determined. And slowly he walked into Keade's hut.

First thing he saw was Kagome. She was standing there with a small bundle in her arms, who was whining softly. The pink silk wrapped around it. Kagome had gotten her Kayla.

Something then hit InuYasha like a brick wall. What Sango had said. I've already seen Kagome and the pups, maybe you should too. Pups?

A small breath came from the corner beside him, on the bed Kagome must have been laying on an hour earlier as another bundle of silk, only it was red. InuYasha's eyes snapped over to Kagome. 'T-two?' Kagome nodded.

He picked up the child, and Kagome smiled gently and muttered ' First born.' InuYasha nodded looking at his eldest child and unwrapped the cloths.

He could see it's face clearly now, and it's face told him she was a girl. Long thick eyelashes, silver hair exactly like his, dog ears, and the rosy cheeks that Kagome had. InuYasha smiled. Looking over to the one Kagome had he smiled wider. The other one was exactly the same only black hair and no dog ears. Smiling at Kagome he was shocked to find that she was deep in thought. 'What's wrong?' InuYasha asked shocked, Kagome of all people should have been bouncing off the walls.

'That one' she pointed her chin towards the little girl in InuYasha's arms. ' was born with this around her neck.' Kagome lifted something out of her pocket. A sharp intake of breath released from InuYasha. It was the Shikon Jewel. 'I guess I didn't make the right wish after all.' Kagome looked down. Waling over to her he shifted his oldest daughter into one arm and wrapped the second around Kagome's shoulders.

'We'll figure it out.' InuYasha said reassuringly. 'So, who we got here.' He pointed his finger at the two girls in their parents arms.

Kagome smiled brightly. He loved her smile. ' I was waiting for you to show up so we can pick.' She said sitting down on the floor, InuYasha following suit.

InuYasha thought about it for a second. ' Well, she's' nodding at the younger twin ' Looks like you, So she'll be Kayla Amaya no Taisho Higurashi.' InuYasha said with a nod. ' The other one, I don't know.'

Kagome blushed. ' I was thinking…' she trailed off at InuYasha's questioning look. 'That we should keep her first name InuYasha.' She smiled shyly as if expecting him to explode.

'But… she's a girl.' InuYasha stated it confused, ' and InuYasha Choukichi Higurashi Taisho is a boy name.' InuYasha blinked. Kagome straightened with surprise.

'Oh! InuYasha, I meant just the first name. that's neither boy nor girl. And I would love her to be InuYasha. We have to come up with a different middle name though.'

Just then the daughter in his arms opened her eyes. Dark black eyes. Dark beauty. It hit InuYasha 'Kurami, Dark Beauty.' he looked at Kagome, she smiled at her oldest Daughter.

'InuYasha Kurami no Taisho Higurashi. I love it.' touching her Shikon child. She had known the moment InuYasha was born with the Shikon around her neck and her having demonic features, that her daughters both InuYasha and Kayla. Were unique.

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