The True Owner of the 3rd Phantom Sword: Ashrah by SinisterSamantha


As the search for the sacred jewel shards moves on, only two shards remain. The gang is running out of time before Naraku completes the sacred jewel and wreaks havoc on the world. In pursuit of Naraku, the gang stumbles upon their helpful friend Myoga, who warns them that Naraku is not only after the sacred jewel, but after Inuyasha’s father’s last sword as well. Inuyasha and the gang must find the rightful owner of the sword, before Naraku gets to it first. However, will Inuyasha and the gang be able to handle the hidden family secret that will soon be unveiled?

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1.) Myoga and Old Lady Shoga by SinisterSamantha
Author's Notes:

This chapter is kinda short, its mostly a filler.

A nasally voice broke the pure silence of the dark forest.

“Old Lady Shoga!” Myoga yelled through the grass. “Shoga!”

A rustling caught the small flea’s attention, sending him into a panic.

“Shoga….?” Myoga asked as he shook with fear on a tall grass blade.

Suddenly something smacked right into him, and began to squeeze him tightly.

“Oh, my Myoga! How I have missed you so much!” A familiar voice cried out from the silence.

Myoga pushed the voice away, “Shoga! We don’t have time for the lovey dovey stuff right now.”
Myoga was a bit irritated with her love struck ways; this was no time to discuss wedding plans.

“But why my love? Why have you asked me here alone, in such a rushed manner if not for lovey dovey things?” Her eye twinkled in the moon light as a slight blush fell over her face.

“It has to do with Sounga.” Myoga said seriously as he sat cross legged on a twig, which in comparison looked like a tall tree.

“What about the sword?” Shoga’s blush faded, and her face became serious as soon as he mentioned the name.

“Give me the status of it.” Myoga ordered.

“Nothing unusual, it has been dormant since that human that fought against Inuyasha and Sesshomaru wielded it.” Shoga informed as she took a seat next to Myoga.

“Inuyasha’s eighteenth birthday is only days away. In other words…” Myoga trailed off.

“Sounga will soon awaken.” Shoga finished for him.

“Have you informed the girl yet?” Myoga asked.

“No, I still don’t believe she is powerful enough to handle Sounga’s power…” Shoga said shamefully as she looked at Myoga. “You saw how easily Inuyasha was possessed by the swords power, what if the same scenario happens to Ashrah?”

“The great demon chose to give Sounga to her for a reason, she must have a will that Inuyasha doesn’t….” Myoga concluded.

“I don’t see how. She acts just like him; stubborn and a pain the butt.” Shoga revealed truthfully.

“We don’t really have much of a choice but to get it into her hands as soon as it awakens…” Myoga finalized.

“Why do you say that?” Shoga asked questioningly.

“Sounga’s power is bound to attract demons, as well as evil humans.” Myoga answered. “A petty demon wielding that sword would be devastating enough, but can you imagine the amount of catastrophe would occur if Naraku got his hands on it?!” Myoga shuddered at the thought.

“There wouldn’t be a world to save anymore.” Shoga agreed.

They both sighed as they gathered their thoughts.

“Have you told Inuyasha about this?” Shoga asked.

“Are you kidding me?! With his short temper! He’ll kill me for not telling him!” Myoga yelled with pure terror in his eyes.

Shoga shook her head in agreement, “Those two are so alike.”

“I better go before Master Inuyasha wakes up and realizes I have left.” Myoga said as he stood up and whistled to a nearby crow.

Lady Shoga nodded in agreement. “Yes, they both have such short tempers that we had better go.”

Myoga grabbed Shoga’s hand before she took off. “I will meet you and Ashrah in three days, when Sounga will be awakened.” He said as he released her and jumped on the crow.

“I look forward to seeing you again.” She smiled as she disappeared into the darkness of the night.

“Let’s go crow!” Myoga ordered as the crow flew in the direction of the camp.

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