Disappearance by Pure Miko

Kagome is turning 15 years old in a couple of days. She's so excited, especially when her mom introduces the Hot Spring Party and the Scavenger Hunt. But what happens during the Scavenger Hunt? And how will Kagome react?

**Note: Summary may change due to storyline**

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Story Notes:

This is my first published InuYasha fanfiction. This is the one that I'm actually satisfied with enough to send it to the public. I really don't care if this gets 1 view or 100, I'm doing this just for fun. Rates and reviews are appreciated.

Most likely, there will not be any lemon or lime. Of course there will be kissing and/or making out. I'm just not a huge lemon fan. Well, sorry to disappoint you -.-

I do not own InuYasha! It belongs to the genius Rumiko Takahashi. Believe me, if I owned InuYasha it would be crap. Thanks and enjoy Disappearance!

1. The Approaching Birthday by Pure Miko

2. The Hot Spring by Pure Miko

3. The Scavenger Hunt - The Meeting of Friends by Pure Miko

The Approaching Birthday by Pure Miko
Author's Notes:

Hojo sees Kagome.

Kagome sees InuYasha.

InuYasha sees...

Kagome sighed. Studying for midterms was going to be harder than she thought. Especially with her 15th birthday around the corner, she shifted anxiously in her seat. Her eyes darted to the window as she bit her lip. She must’ve zoned out at one point because she heard her teacher clear his throat.

“Miss Higurashi,” he stated, “stay after class for 10 minutes.”

A few kids snickered, and Kagome nearly slapped herself. She always managed to get distracted in class. Sighing again, she fixed her gaze intently on the board. For the rest of the class she jotted down notes and answered questions. The bell rang.

“See everybody tomorrow,” he dismissed.

The students collected their stuff, got up, and bowed. “Thank you.”            Kagome was about to get up as well, when her teacher coughed. She blushed when she realized she had already forgotten her punishment. “Sorry, Yasaka-sensei.”

He nodded and sat down to organize his papers and belongings.

Kagome looked out the window again. Her fifteenth birthday… She shivered with excitement. Every year her mother managed to surprise her with an outstanding gift. Kagome began to doodle in her notebook and surprised herself when she noticed she drew dog ears. She smiled. She liked dogs. Maybe she should get a cute little puppy for her birthday. Now that made her almost jump with glee. She began listing the different types of dogs in her mind. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Munchkin… Oh wait that’s a cat.

“Miss Higurashi, the 10 minutes are now over,” Yasaka-sensei dismissed her without glancing up.

Kagome hastily got up and with a bow she darted out the door yelling, “Thank you!”

She ran down the long hallway, hoping to meet up with her friends. She knew they never ditched her even that one time Kagome had had to stay after school for a whole hour, cleaning the classroom against her will. Kagome slid around the corner and was going to resume her trek when she bumped into a hard sturdy chest. Books flew everywhere and Kagome landed flat on her butt.

“Ow,” she complained, rubbing her bottom. “Next time watch where you’re going—“ She stopped talking.

There they were. Those wide eyes staring back at her. Lips curved into a frown and his shirt ruffled where Kagome’s head smashed into it. Kagome grimaced.            “Oh, it’s just you, Hojo.”

Hojo instantly perked up as it dawned on him that he had bumped into Kagome—his crush and friend. He always relished the feel of her chest pressed against his, even if it was only for a mere second or two. He felt hot when he glanced at Kagome’s splayed out legs and her shirt a bit higher than usual. He squinted. If only her legs were a little further apart…

“Hojo? Hojo!” Kagome waved her hands in his face.


“You zoned out. I didn’t hit ya that hard, did I?” she joked.

“No, not at all,” he flashed a goofy smile and started gathering her books together. “Allow me.”

“Sure. Thanks.”

Turning his back to Kagome, he got her science textbook which had strayed from the others. He turned to hand it to her, but gulped as his eyes widened. Kagome was stretching. Her small uniform shirt lifted and revealed her silky cream skin.            Higher, Hojo pleaded, just a little more…            Kagome’s face flushed. She quickly lowered her arms. “Sorry,” she apologized. “It’s been a long day.”

Hojo inwardly sighed with frustration. He smiled again, motioning for her to take the textbook. “Nothing to apologize for. I understand your 15th birthday’s arriving soon so you must be getting distracted more easily. Any other normal person would stretch.”

Kagome grinned and accepted the gesture. Hojo collected the rest of her books and at the end she hugged him with gratitude. Hojo inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of his lovely Kagome. He wished the hug would last forever.

But it didn’t. With a wave, Kagome set off in pursue to find her friends, who were most likely already at their destination. WacDonald’s. Kagome sighed. If she wanted to gossip with her friends, she had to get there quickly. She slowed down. Since when was she looking forward to gossiping with her friends? She decided to skip out this day. She trotted back to the shrine.

Climbing the large amount of ridiculously small stairs, she breathed in the earthy smell of her home. Reaching the top, she walked past the Sacred Tree before pausing with sudden chill. Kagome turned toward the tree that had been standing in that same spot for generations. It always managed to spook her, but it always had a comforting aura around it; which made it impossible not to stare. Kagome froze.

There on the tree was a young man pinned. His long silver hair flowed out and his red haori had a small arrow wedged in it. His hakama was bind by gnarly vines. Kagome glanced around frightened yet intrigued by the sight. But what really caught her attention were those dog ears perched on his head. As she moved forward to touch them, she blinked. And when she opened her eyes, the mysterious man wasn’t pinned to the tree anymore.

It was like he never existed.

“I’m home,” Kagome mumbled, tossing her book bag on the couch and settling down on the floor at the dinner table. “Mmm,” she licked her lips, “Udon noodles. Yum!”

Mrs. Higurashi ducked her head in the kitchen at the sound of Kagome’s voice. “Kagome! You’re back. Souta’s not back yet because he decided to practice some soccer with his buds after school today.” She smiled. “How was school?”

“It was great,” Kagome lied. “What have you been doing?” Kagome asked, noticing the soap on her mother’s shoulders.

“Doing the laundry,” Mrs. Higurashi replied. She laughed at Kagome’s confused expression. “Buyo can get a little rowdy sometimes.”

Kagome nodded with understanding. She dove into her noodles and hoped the food would get her mind off that awkward experience which just took place. When she was done, she lightly tapped her chopsticks against her chin thoughtfully. Now that she thought about it, that guy did look pretty cute…

She shook her head vigorously. Snap out of it, Kagome! He’s not real! She sighed as her mind battled with common sense. Come to think of it, she had been thinking a lot about dogs lately. That’s why the guy showed up with cute dog ears. She must really want a dog. Convincing herself that’s what caused the vision, she got up and hopped upstairs to her bedroom. Flopping onto the bed, she pulled out her cell phone. Eri, Yuka, or Ayumi… She chose Ayumi, who was the most intelligent of the group. The phone rang twice before Ayumi’s soft voice answered, “Hello?”

“Hey, Ayumi,” Kagome greeted.

“What’s up, Kagome? You didn’t come to WacDonald’s today. We were waiting for 15 minutes!”

“Sorry,” Kagome apologized. “I thought you guys left already so I didn’t bother going.”

“That’s okay. Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?” Ayumi asked.            “No. I wanted to know if you knew any guys with silver hair.” And dog ears, she added silently.

“Silver hair?” Ayumi echoed, puzzled. “I know a kid in our school that got silver highlights.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. Thanks anyway.”

“No problem. Should I ask Eri and Yuka?”

“That’s okay. I’d prefer only you know,” Kagome answered.

“Wow, really? I’m honored. See you tomorrow, Kag.”

“See you tomorrow.” Kagome hung up her phone and stared blankly at the ceiling. Silver hair… It hadn’t looked dyed to her. Kagome focused her attention on what he was wearing. He had been wearing feudal clothes. Did that mean he liked to cosplay? So a silver-haired cosplayer randomly pinned himself to the Sacred Tree, fell asleep, and when he noticed me, he ran away in a second, Kagome thought. Yep, I’m right. Kagome knew she was wrong, but her conscience refused to allow her to spend more time contemplating on a silly thing like that. She glanced at her alarm clock. It’s only 4:00… I’ll take a nap. With that, Kagome snoozed to her heart’s content. Sleep first, study later.


InuYasha woke up to feel a stinging sensation on the left side of his chest.            “What the…?” he muttered, looking around. Then everything came back to him. “Dammit!” he growled. That bitch Kikyo! She had sealed him and that damned arrow could’ve ended his life!

But why did I wake up?

That question floated around in InuYasha’s mind. Wasn’t he supposed to be unconscious? Wasn’t he supposed to be in a coma of some sort? He shook his head. He had to get off the tree. But how? The arrow’s energy was terrifyingly strong, and it restricted his movements. He tried moving his arms. He tried to bend his head so he could pull out the arrow with his fang. He already knew none of those would work. InuYasha glanced around. No one was nearby. Even if they were, they wouldn’t have helped him. Suddenly he saw a girl appear in front of him.


No, it wasn’t Kikyo. This girl looked more… Loose. Kikyo was more proper and cold. This girl was bright with energy. She stared at him and started to move forward. But then he blinked and she was gone. His eyes darted wildly, hoping to glimpse the girl again. But she was no longer in the forest. She just… Vanished.

It was like she never existed.


Kagome yawned. She glanced at her alarm clock. Oh… It’s only 6:00 am… She did a double take. 6:00 am? Oh no, I slept the whole day! She slipped on a bathing yukata and ran to the bathroom. She took a quick bath and brushed her teeth. She slipped on her school uniform and made sure all of school materials were in her bag. Skipping every other one, Kagome ran down the stairs and sat on her spot at the dinner table. She gulped down some cereal and shouted, “Okaa-san, I’m leaving!”

Mrs. Higurashi bustled into the kitchen. “Looking like that?” she scoffed in disbelief. “At least fix your hair!”

Glancing at her tangled strands of hair, Kagome groaned and stomped back upstairs. She glanced at the clock in the hallway. 6:45… Well, I guess I’ll still have some time to study. She brushed her hair and rubbed some lipgloss on her lips and filed her nails. She stomped back downstairs. “Mama, can I go now?”

“Why? You don’t wanna study here? What makes you think studying at school will be easier?” her mother replied, cleaning the table.

“Because, if I don’t understand something my teacher can help me,” Kagome explained impatiently.

Suddenly her mother seemed very excited. “Kagome, study here. I have something to show you.”

Kagome sighed and sank into the couch. She dragged out her textbooks and started studying. Every so often she glanced at the clock. Let’s see… If x squared plus 3 to the fifth power divided by the area of the triangle equals 104… She glanced at the clock again. It’s been 20 minutes, Mom! Hurry up!

As if on cue, Mrs. Higurashi made her appearance. She held something behind her back. “Kagome, you know how your 15th birthday is tomorrow?”

“Yes, Okaa-san.”

“And you know how you’ve always wanted to go to a hot spring with all your friends?”

Kagome’s brow furrowed with confusion. “Yes…”

 “And you know how you’ve always wanted to—“

“Mama, please just get to the point!” Kagome whined.

“Okay, okay,” her mother giggled. She walked over and sat down in front of Kagome. “I arranged for you to have your own private hot spring party this Saturday.”

Kagome gaped. “Seriously?! I know just who I’ll invite! Ayumi, Eri, Yuka, Taichi, Hojo, Yoshi-kun, Saki-chan, Mizuki-chan…”

Mrs. Higurashi beamed. “And that’s not all. I also made my very own scavenger hunt you and your friends can play!”

Kagome scratched her head. “Are you sure they’ll be interested?”

“Of course! The prize is a surprise though. But it’ll be good, trust me.”

Kagome grinned. “I’ll take your word for it.”

Mrs. Higurashi continued, “And your last gift is also a surprise. You’ll love it.”

Kagome reached out and hugged her mom. “Thanks, Okaa-san.”

Mrs. Higurashi planted a kiss on her cheek. “No problem, sweetheart. Now finish your studying and be out by 7:30.”

Kagome studied for the next 15 minutes and shouted goodbye to her mother and Souta. She headed out and as she passed her grandfather she kissed him and said goodbye. Kagome skipped down the stairs. Now she was excited. She hoped this birthday would be perfect.

At 8:00, she reached her destination. She walked to her classroom and invited people to her hot spring party. All of them accepted, especially the boys who wanted to peak at the girls.

“Hey, Kagome-chan,” Yoshi fidgeted, a dark red staining his cheeks. “Could you invite Haruko-chan?”

Kagome blinked in surprise. “Emi-chan? Sure, I guess. You have feelings for her?”

Yoshi scratched his head, embarrassed. “For about 2 years now.”

Kagome grabbed his hand, giddy with excitement. “Of course I’ll help! Text me later!”

With that, Kagome skipped down the hallway and went inside her classroom. Yoshi stared after her with exasperation.

“What did I get myself into?”


End Notes:

I had to include some of InuYasha, even if it was a small bit. You are more than welcome to leave reviews and ratings.

When Kagome bumped into Hojo, why does everyone who read my story think she bumped into InuYasha? Lol.

1): Do Japanese schools use bells? I've gotta research that. I don't remember any bells in InuYasha, maybe I'm wrong.

Forgot to mention, there is hentai in this story. Hojo was getting pretty turned on by Kagome. Rumiko Takahashi never fully went into Hojo's personality, all we know is a bright persistent guy. But I'm going deeper in to exploit who he really is. *Evil grin*

Thanks for reading the first chapter.

The Hot Spring by Pure Miko
Author's Notes:

Chapter 2 - The Hot Spring (And a bit of the Scavenger Hunt)

The boys see...

InuYasha sees the girl.

Kagome sees the guy.

Hojo wishes he could see...


Kagome fixed her hair into a glossy mane tied into a ponytail. She wore a red glitter halter top with big white letters on it that read “CAUTION” and she wore black glitter leggings that showed off her curves and butt. To top off her outfit, she wore black comfort heels and small black hoop earrings. Kagome rarely put makeup on, but she felt this was a special occasion and dashed on some mascara and lipgloss. Smacking her lips, she sashayed out of the bathroom and down the stairs. She posed at the kitchen doorway for her mom who clapped her hands with glee.

“Oh Kagome you look simply stunning! Hold on, let me take some pictures!”

Mrs. Higurashi snapped some shots with the family camera and Kagome posed willingly. They reviewed the plans for the evening and when finished, they couldn’t wipe the grins off their faces. Kagome checked herself in the mirror for the fifth and final time and decided it was time to go.

“Mom, you can come if you want.”

“Nonsense,” Mrs. Higurashi replied, waving her hands dismissively. “This is your night. Go have fun.”

Kagome kissed her mom on the cheek. “Thank you, Mama. I’ll call if anything happens.”

“See you later, sweetie.”

Kagome walked out of the house doors and while passing the Sacred Tree she stopped. She stood there wistfully staring at it. Am I looking forward to seeing that guy? She shook her head. No way.

“Well… I’m off to my party.” Kagome waited for a reply. “I would say you could come but you ran away remember? Hopefully next time you’ll stay.” She was silent for a moment. “I’ll… I’ll miss you.” She blushed when she realized what she had said. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to say that! Well, I did but… Never mind!” She ceased her rambling. Look at me, pouring out my feelings to a tree. She smiled goofily and skipped down the stairs. With a deep breath, she started her walk to the inn where the hot spring was located.


Ayumi poked her head out from her hiding spot. “She’s coming!”

All of Kagome’s 10 friends whom she had invited—5 boys and 5 girls—ducked into their hiding places and whispered anxiously. Eri shushed them.

“In 3… 2… 1…”


Kagome stood gaping at them. “Oh, you guys!” Tears started welling in her eyes.

“Don’t cry, birthday girl,” Taichi walked up. “You’ll ruin your mascara.” And with that, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He pulled away grinning.

Kagome was blushing furiously. “Uh, w-what? I-I didn’t know y-you were gonna d-do that,” she stuttered. “D-did you guys know?”

“Of course we did,” Yuka beamed. “Happy Birthday, Kag.”

Hojo fumed. He hadn’t been told about this! Eri noticed that Hojo was mad and smirked. Everything was going according to plan…

Taichi, Yoshi, Hojo, Sho, and Ryou each shared a dance with Kagome. Even with no music it was still a fun time. They held a dance contest and watched Sho and Ryou have a rap battle. Ryou beat Sho by a long shot and loser had to shave his head.

“No way! You know how long it took me to get these wavy locks?” he joked and the group laughed.

Emi complained, “Can we go in the hot spring now? My back’s aching!”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Aiko agreed, grabbing a towel sitting on a rack.

“If only Saki-chan was here. She would’ve been in the spring already,” Kagome laughed.

“That’s true,” Aiko giggled. “Or she’d be trying to peek at the boys on the other side.”

The girls and guys went their separate ways and once inside the spring Yuka let out a loud sigh of content.

“This is heaven! Wish I could come here everyday!”

Kagome nodded and soon the girls developed a conversation full of gossip about the boys at their school. “Who do you like, Mizuki-chan?”

Aiko instantly blushed and looked down at the water. “Hayate-kun…”

The girls screamed with disbelief and shock. They immediately started arguing and saying that Hayate was not right for Aiko.

“He’s cute okay?! And he has great grades. He’s very athletic and look at his body! He’s the total package,” Aiko defended herself hotly.

“Mizuki-chan! He’s a player! He went out with Yuzuki-chan and after a month he dumped her for Mayu-chan.”

“None of his relationships last long,” Ayumi added.

“I believe that we’ll get together and we’ll stay together,” Aiko replied stubbornly. “Stop meddling.”

The group remained silent until they heard some splashing.

“What’s up with the guys?” Eri got up to look.

“Eri!” Kagome whispered, a blush already staining her cheeks. “Get back down they might see you!”

Eri shrugged. “Let them enjoy the view. Besides, if they see me I see them,” she finished with a mischievious grin.

The girls started sharing unreadable looks with a fire in their eyes. Kagome stared at them dumbfoundly. All the girls rose.

“Where are you going?” Kagome asked, but she already knew the answer and she dreaded it.

“To show the boys what we’ve got.”


“The hot spring is divided,” Kagome whined. She still didn’t now how the girls could walk around buck naked. She wrapped her towel tighter around her.

“Relax, Kagome,” Emi assured her. “We’re just going to flash our butts. They’re definitely not seeing my boobs.”

At least Kagome wasn’t the only reluctant one. Ayumi was hesitant. “What if they catch a glimpse?”

Eri answered, “Same as I said before. Let them enjoy the view.” As she noticed Kagome giving her a doubtful look, she sighed. “Kagome, lighten up! It’s your 15th birthday. There are 12 years old who’ve gotten farther than you.”(1)

Kagome fumed at that but she kept her mouth shut. She kept walking but she heard a faint snap. Like a stick. Was someone following them? She turned around to look. Her eyes widened. The dog boy!

He was still dressed in his haori and hakama. He showed no signs of being tied to the tree. His eyes widened as well. He took a step toward her.

Kagome was careful not to blink. She didn’t want him to leave again. She reached out her hand. He looked at it then he looked at her. His hand extended to touch hers.

“Kagome, are you coming?”

She glanced at her friends who were waiting and when she looked back to see the man, he wasn’t there. Again, he had disappeared. Kagome shook her head in frustration. “Coming,” she replied, trotting to them.

Aiko tugged at Kagome’s towel. “This has to go.”

Kagome sighed. “I guess your right.” She smiled. “After all, I’ll only get this chance once.”

“That’s my girl!” Yuka and Eri pumped their fists. Emi beamed at Kagome. Ayumi didn’t want to be left out so she stripped out of her towel as well.

“Let’s go,” Aiko whispered. “Only for a second okay? We don’t want them getting erections.”

“And remember,” Emi said, “No boobs, just butts.”

Eri rolled her eyes. “Aye aye, Cap’n.”

“Let’s go!” Kagome shrieked and the girls skinny dipped into the boy’s hot spring. She heard gasps of surprise and astonishment.

“What the?!” She heard Yoshi exclaim as she came up for air. “Kagome-chan?” He blushed as he realized Emi was there too. “Hey, Haruko-chan…”

Emi ignored him. Kagome glanced at Yoshi apologetically and the girls swam around the boys teasingly. By their faces, Kagome could tell they were starting to get excited.

Kagome noticed Hojo glance down and she warned, “Look below the water and I’ll kill you.”

Hojo gulped and nodded. He could feel his body reacting. But Kagome wasn’t interested in stuff like that. He squirmed as he imagined Kagome’s naked body dripping with water and her body waiting for him…

He stopped fantasizing when he realized he might just lose himself right there and make a fool out of himself. Hojo sighed with frustration.

The girls suddenly leaped out and flashed their fronts. Emi didn’t of course she just wagged her butt. The girls strode out quickly, giggling wildly and talking about the boys’ reactions.

Aiko coughed. “I looked down.”

Everyone stared at her and stopped moving.

“What’d you see?” They all blurted out.

“They were all turned on.”

The girls shrieked with laughter. By the time they were done, tears were streaming down their cheeks and their cheeks a deep red from laughing so much.

“That’s golden,” Yuka chuckled, wiping a tear.

The boys stared at each other.

“What just happened?” Sho said slowly.

“We just got the opportunity to look at fine girls and we missed it,” Ryou answered.

Yoshi hid his face behind his hands. “Haruko-chan didn’t even acknowledge me.”

Taichi patted his back. “She’ll come around.”

“I hope so.”

After 10 more minutes, the boys decided to get out and change before their skin started getting wrinkly.

They had come out before the girls and they knew why.

“We just embarrassed ourselves,” Taichi chuckled.

“How is this funny?!” Ryou exclaimed. “The girls must think we’re cowards now.”
“Haruko-chan didn’t even acknowledge me,” Yoshi repeated, drying his hair.

Sho cleaned out his ears. “Next time we’ll get them.”

Taichi grinned widely. “I know what you mean. Shall we go check on them now?”

Sho grinned back. “We shall. You guys coming?” he added to the rest of the group.

“I’ll pass,” Yoshi said immediately. “I can’t bring myself to look at a goddess such as Haruko-chan.”

“I’ll pass too,” Ryou said. “I’ve been embarrassed enough.”

All eyes turned to Hojo who had quietly been observing. “You know you want too,” Taichi coaxed.

Hojo shook his head. “I-I can’t handle it.”

Sho frowned with disappointment. “Maybe another day.”

“Did you see Kagome though? She’s beautiful.”

“Did you see that body that Yuka has? Made me wanna melt.”

“Forget Yuka and Kagome. What about Eri and Ayumi? Now that was a view.”

Yoshi cut in, “Haruko-chan was the best looking.”

That caused a disruption between the guys and they heard a soft coughing sound.

“If you guys are done,” Aiko said with disgust, “we’d like to leave now.”

The boys blushed. “Y-you heard all of that?” Ryou stammered.

“Every. Single. Word.” Kagome walked past them smiling.

“What about me?” Aiko asked as she passed the boys.

Sho was the one who blushed this time. “Uhh…”

Aiko’s eyes widened in surprise and she beamed. “Thanks, Sho.”

Sho scratched his head and looked away. Aiko was smiling the rest of the day.

“Okay,” Kagome explained as the group of 11 walked to her house. “My Okaa-san has arranged a scavenger hunt.”
Ayumi clapped her hands. “I love scavenger hunts!”

Everyone else agreed with excitement. Kagome said, “There’s a prize at the end. My mom didn’t tell me what it was though.”

“Whatever it is, I’m winning first place,” Emi interrupted.

“No I am!” Aiko retaliated, hands on her hips. The two bickered for a while but stopped when they reached the shrine. On the door a note said:

You guys are finally back! Hope you had a good time. Welcome to our first scavenger hunt. You will have to find 15 items. Whoever finds the most in the time allotted will win a special prize! So, are you in it to win it? Team 1: Travel 10 paces to the well house to find the first clue. Team 2: Travel 10 paces to the house to find your first clue. Have fun!

A moment of silence. “I’m a captain,” Aiko demanded.

“Kagome should be the captain,” Hojo argued. “It’s her party.”

“No, it’s alright, Hojo,” Kagome smiled.

“It’s not alright, Kagome,” Ayumi scolded. “It’s your time to shine.”

Aiko said, “Its okay, Kagome. I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, guys.”

“Okay,” Ryou said. “Who’s the captain on the guy team?”

“You, man,” Sho laughed. “You’re the most organized one of our messy group here.”

The rest of the guys agreed.

“Okay, we’re team 1,” Emi ordered. “Let’s go people!”

“Hey, that’s my line,” Kagome joked.

Emi grinned. “Sorry, I’ll try to stay quiet.”

The girls set off to the well house. Kagome led the way since she knew the direction like the back of her hand. She took off the note plastered on the door.

Good job, Kagome (Yes, I know it’s you). Your fisrt clue is:I am brown and fluffy.I am kept in a small wooden chest.I am short with stubby little hairs.You will find me if you travel 40 paces to the west.

Kagome showed the note to her friends.

“Do you know what it is Kagome?” Ayumi asked.

Kagome shook her head. “No idea.”

The group started walking, counting as they went.

“And… 40,” Kagome said. Sure enough, there was a small wooden chest in Kagome’s room. She bent down and pried it open. “Aw, so cute!” She pulled out a stuffed teddy bear.

Aiko and Emi, who were not girly at all, just shrugged and said, “Its okay.”

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka melted over it.

“Look at its eyes!” Yuka cooed happily.

“So fluffy!” Eri and Ayumi brushed it.

Kagome realized there was a note on the chest. It read…


InuYasha grunted. If only that kid left the village once in a while. What was her name? Kaeba? He frowned. No, it was Kaede!

“KAEDE!!” He roared at the top of his lungs. Silence. “KAEDE!!”

-At the village-

The villagers whispered with anxiety and fear.

“Was that InuYasha?”

“He has awakened! Will he kill us?”

“You know how disturbed that youngster was—he won’t even bat an eye before sending us to the afterlife.”

Kaede limped out into the clearing. “What is going on?”

“InuYasha is no longer affected by the seal!” a mother cried out, hugging her children closer to her body.

“InuYasha?” Kaede rasped in amazement, gazing out into InuYasha’s Forest. “So soon?” She walked toward the forest.

“Lady Kaede, you must not go!” a man pleaded.

“Please stay, Lady Kaede!”

“Lend us your assistance!”

“Only you can protect us!”

Kaede sighed. “I will stay. But tomorrow morning I shall go.”

The villagers’ eyes were filled with doubt. But they could not question the village priestess’s decisions.

“Yes, Lady Kaede,” they agreed, bowing to her.

-In InuYasha’s forest-

“KAEDE!! That kid can’t be dead already right?! How long has it been?” InuYasha wondered aloud. His breathing stopped. “You again…”

She was here again. Kikyo’s double. She was talking to him but she couldn’t make out her words.

“Can you help me?” he asked. “I want to leave this damn tree and fucking confront that Kikyo!”

The girl stopped talking. She reached forward to touch him, but then she turned and left.

“No, wait!” he protested. “Come back!” It was no use. InuYasha knew he was alone. “Damn that girl,” he growled. He sobered. “What’s with her…? Does she not want to be seen with me? Is she just like the others…?” His ears drooped and soon InuYasha fell into a rough, forced sleep.

 I am small and shiny,I look great with black,I cost a lot of money,Make sure you pay me back.

Kagome giggled. “I already know what this is.”

“What is it?” Eri asked eagerly.

“A birthday present from Souta.”

“What do you suppose it is?” Aiko thought.

“A type of jewelry?” Ayumi suggested.

“Let’s search the house!” Kagome instructed.


End Notes:

I just had to include nudity... even if I didn't include details. Let's just say all the girls have big boobs and big butts lol.

1) Have you seen middle school American kids these days? They've gotten way farther than skinny dipping.

Kagome's friends (all the boys except Hojo and all the girls except Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka) are OC, so they belong to ME. I really want to make a chapter just with Hojo and Kagome, but I'm still thinking about it.

You might not see the point of this story yet, but trust me it gets better *Wink*

The Scavenger Hunt - The Meeting of Friends by Pure Miko
Author's Notes:

We finally meet all of our main characters :) Enjoy this chapter or tell Miroku to kill you with his wind tunnel.

“Please bear my child.”

“Oh you silly tease! Surely a handsome monk such as you has a wife?” the villager giggled.

“Sadly, I do not. I have been looking at you from afar each passing day before summoning the courage to finally utter a word to you. But alas,” he continued, gripping his chest, “you think I am but a tease.”

The woman’s gaze faltered with pity. “You are so genuine! But I’m afraid I am seeing someone already and cannot bear your child.” She lifted his remaining hand off her own and walked back to her hut. He sighed and looked up at the sky.

“Tough luck, eh Miroku?”

Miroku turned around. “Oh, it’s you Shippou. Unfortunately, I am not taken seriously by the beauties of this village.”

Shippou snickered. “You can say that again. I saw that exchange between you and that ‘beauty.’”

“She was quite the package wasn’t she?” His gaze scanned the village. “But not as beautiful as that girl! Wow, look at that body.”

Shippou rolled his eyes. “This outta be good.”

“Kind miss,” Miroku called. “Would you please come here?”

A girl wearing pink and green traditional villager clothes walked up to Miroku and Shippou. “Yes?” Her brown eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Please bear my child.”


She laughed. “When I’m dead.”

Miroku rubbed his cheek. “Why so harsh, fair maiden? I have been looking at you—“

“Save it,” she interrupted. “Everyone in this village knows you’ve been trying to scam every woman here.”

“Scam?!” Miroku gasped. “Hear me out, beautiful woman. Do you see this?” He motioned to his left hand. “This is a curse passed down from my grandfather given by the evil youkai Naraku. The curse will be lifted when I kill him. If I fail, I need a son to carry out my duty.”

“Naraku?” the girl’s eyes sharpened with interest. “That’s the same youkai that—“ she stopped and snorted. “Why should I tell a lecherous bouzu such as you my personal business?”

Miroku leaped up and grabbed her hands. The sudden movement caused a gasp to escape the girl. “You know of Naraku? That makes you perfect for me!”

“Let go,” the girl wrinkled her nose in disgust. “You know nothing of me! Do not claim me as your own!”

Shippou calmly sat watching the argument. “Miss,” he whispered, “was your father killed by Naraku?”

The girl froze. Her eyes immediately softened with sadness and loss. Her heart tore into two and she nearly collapsed to the ground. She controlled herself and instantly her eyes hardened with hatred. “No!” she snapped. “Mind your own damn business!” With that, she slapped Miroku once again and stomped away angrily. But even she could not deny the sadness and grief tugging her down.

Miroku glanced at Shippou. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

Shippou nodded. “We’ve gotta stay here and find out what happened to her.”

Miroku frowned in disgust. “I’ll pound that Naraku for hurting such a fine woman like her.”


So far, Kagome and her team had found 11 out of the 15 items. Those items were: teddy bear, necklace, gift card, a new outfit, an iPad, a good luck charm, a scrapbook, perfume, shampoo, board games, and a makeup kit.

“Four more things to go,” Ayumi observed, while Aiko wiped her forehead.

Kagome was beaming. All the items had a card attached that said ‘Happy Birthday.’ 15 things for a 15th birthday, Kagome thought, thanks everyone.

“The makeup kit says the next item will be in the well house,” Yuka said. “Let’s go.”

The girls trudged to the well house. “Kagome, why don’t you go in?” Eri suggested.

“Yeah,” the girls agreed.

Kagome was about to agree when she giggled. “Are you guys scared?”

“Pfft, no,” they lied, fidgeting and looking at their feet.

“Fine, I’ll go,” Kagome laughed, opening the doors to go inside. She closed them behind her. I’ve never been in here before, Kagome thought, looking at her surroundings. She checked everywhere for the item but couldn’t find anything. Where is it?

“Girl!” a voice boomed.

Kagome spun around, her eyes darting. “Guys?”

“Hand over the jewel!” it hissed. “I can sense its presence!”

“J-jewel?” she answered with confusion. “Guys, this isn’t funny.”

“Hand over the jewel or I shall take it by force,” the voice answered, a harsh wind gripping the well house.

Kagome hugged herself in fear. “Sho this isn’t funny! Stop pranking me!”

The well burst open. Kagome screamed.

“Kagome?!” came Ayumi’s shocked voice. “Are you okay?!” Kagome heard the door being pulled. “What the--?! Kagome, you binded the door?!”

Kagome ran up the stairs. No, no… “I didn’t touch the door!” she pulled it franticly. “Guys, stop! I’m scared!”

“Stop what?!” Aiko shrieked. “Kagome, you stop!”

She heard running outside. “Is everything okay?” Yoshi asked.

“Kagome’s trapped in the well house!” Emi blurted. “And the doors won’t open!”

Kagome heard a strange slithering sound behind her. She turned and her eyes widened. The strange arms leaped out and grabbed her. Screaming with her eyes shut, she was pulled into the well. The last thing she heard was all her friends shouting:


Kagome opened her eyes. She gasped and shrieked. “Ew!”

The strange centipede woman hissed at her. “Stop that persistent screaming! Before I devour you and the jewel!”

“What jewel?” Kagome gasped, struggling from the woman’s grip.

“Don’t act dumb. You have the shikon no tama that youkai have been searching for decades to find. And I have found it,” she grinned wickedly. “If you struggle, you will not go unharmed.”

Kagome pushed against the centipede lady and was surprised when she heard a shriek of pain. Where her hands touched was burnt skin.

“You’ll pay for that, wench!” the centipede growled tightening her grip on Kagome. Kagome’s breathing became ragged and quick.

Kagome held her breath as her and the centipede shot out from the well. They landed on the grass. “Let go!” Kagome yelled. “I’ll give you the jewel, just let go!”
The centipede woman slowly unraveled her arms. “You know what will happen if you attempt to trick me, girl,” she warned.

“You!” she heard a gasp. She turned.

“Dog boy!”

They stood staring at each other. Everything was forgotten until Kagome felt a sharp pain in her side. “Ugh!” she whimpered, falling to the ground. “My ribs!”

InuYasha gaped at her, unsure what to do. “Oi, wench!”

Kagome looked up in pain. “Wench?” she said, her voice slurred. “Name’s ‘Gome…”

InuYasha barely could understand what she said. He didn’t want to, but he knew he had to help. “If you wanna live wench, you gotta take this arrow out!”

“Arrow?” Kagome echoed. She crawled over to InuYasha. “This tiny thing?” she asked, reaching forward. The centipede knocked her over.

“Oh no you don’t girl,” she laughed wickedly. “Not until I get my hands on that precious jewel of yours!”

InuYasha’s eyes widened. She has the jewel?!

Kagome snapped back to attention realizing her life was in danger. She scurried over to InuYasha. “Listen, dog boy. I’ll pull out the arrow if you stop calling me wench.”

“And I’ll save your sorry ass if you stop calling me dog boy,” he retorted.

“Deal,” Kagome smiled, pulling out the arrow. InuYasha winced for a moment before feeling strength flow through his veins once again. With a mighty leap, he broke away from the vines holding him back.

“Prepare to meet your Maker!”


Shippou snored softly in his position on Miroku’s chest. Once again they’d managed to find the best room at the best inn in the village. With his cute looks and Miroku’s fake exorcisms, they could get anything they wanted. He rolled over onto the floor and yawned loudly. Miroku popped an eye open.

“Awake already, Shippou?” Miroku rubbed his eyes while sitting up. “We’ve got an interesting day ahead of us.”
“Indeed we do,” Shippou agreed, his eyes chasing a butterfly that had managed to get inside. “That girl has something to do with Naraku and I’m itching to find out what connection she has.”

Miroku ruffled Shippou’s hair. “Is that all your interested in?” he waggled his eyebrows.

“Look lech, I’m only interested in girls in my age group. Women are good for cuddling, not dating. Too much drama,” Shippou snorted.

Miroku chuckled. He rose to his feet. “Let’s go freshen up and then we can hunt for that beautiful villager.”

Shippou nodded and the duo brushed their teeth and brushed their hair. They took brief baths and headed out of the inn. Shippou spotted a few girls playing over by the garden. “Hey, Miroku, how about you look for that lady while I play with those girls over there?”

Miroku sighed. “What’s the point of being near girls if you never make a move?”

“Shut up,” Shippou blushed, running to go play.

Miroku asked around for a girl wearing pink and green clothes and most pointed out to the barren clearing in the middle of the forest. With a polite thank you, he made his way to where he was directed.

“Hiraikotsu!” he heard someone yell. He walked over and hid behind a tree. His eyes flashed with amazement.

The girl from yesterday was practicing with a huge neko-youkai.

The neko-youkai growled and sprang. The girl was ready with a might swing of her boomerang. The neko-youkai fell on its back. It was instantly up again and pounced. The girl did not look ready this time and before it could catch himself, Miroku yelled,


The giant cat froze in mid-leap and lightly landed on the grass. It stepped in front of the girl and snarled. The girl looked slightly annoyed.

“Who’s watching this time?” she asked with a sigh.

Miroku’s first instinct was to flee but he held his ground. He made no sound.

“You might as well show yourself,” she said, her irritation clear. “You’re not in trouble.”

Miroku hestitantly stepped out in the open. The woman’s eyes widened.

“You!” she groaned, lowering her boomerang. “I thought I told you and your friend to mind your own—“

“Forgive me!” Miroku got down on his knees and bowed. “Forgive my disobedience, fair maiden. But something of you has interested me and I intend to pry deeper into the situation.”

The girl blushed. “A-and what might that be?”

“Your connection with Naraku!”

The girl’s blush instantly disappeared. “Would you lay off?! I’m not revealing anything to the likes of you so stop trying!”

“Please!” Miroku pleaded. “At least can I be honored with the knowledge of your name?”

The girl hesitated. Then with a frown she protested, “Absolutely not! I am not going to see you ever again! Go home!”

“I have no home! I travel but never stay permanently. And I want you to travel with me! Have you ever heard me ask that to the other girls?!”

The girl’s eyes widened. “How did you…?” They stared at each other for a long time. She lowered her head. When she looked up her eyes were hardened with determination.

“My name is Sango. And I will tell you everything about me.”


End Notes:

Miroku: Why are you making Sango so cruel to me? TnT

Me: Did you think she'd welcome you with an invite to fuck her?


Me: Hell no, that would be way OOC. I try to keep the personalities matching the characters.

Miroku: I'm not in character.

Me: I think you are. Now sit back and let me write the next chapter.

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