Drip Drop by Pure Miko
Summary: They say there are five stage of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.
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I do not own InuYasha. This is just a short one-shot and drabble. I was bored so I created it. Might continue it if people like it. Let me know what you think :)

1. Denial by Pure Miko

Denial by Pure Miko
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Hope you like it. ~PM


They say there are five stages of grief:


1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance


Kagome never really experienced "grief." She didn't want to, so she didn't allow it to have effect. When her Jijii died a year ago, of course she was heartbroken, but she felt she didn't need to cry. There was no reason to.


Why do people cry at a funeral? It's not as if crying will bring them back. Crying won't allow them to jump out of the grave saying, "Haha! I tricked you!" No, crying is just an unnecessary feeling that no one needs or wants.


It's pointless.


The time she realized crying was a waste of her time, was when her father passed away. She remembered the heartbreak, denial, and nightmares. Whenever her mother and brother passed the place her father died from a car accident, tears would well in their eyes. Kagome had just walked past, not even glancing at the despicable pole where flowers were hanging in honor of her father.


But why did she cry now? She cried for a being that caused her so much despair, so much longing and so much sadness. She cried for a man who was so dense not to realize her feelings for him.


She couldn't understand the feeling of heartbreak tugging at her chest.


She hated it: the feeling of her salty tears slowly sliding down her rosy cheeks. She hated the feeling of her chest being tightened as she gasped for air. But most of all, she hated him.


Kagome blinked up at the drizzle slowly chilling her skin. She could still hear the quiet rustling. The day no one said anything. No one mentioned it.


They did not care.


She remembered the aching, the disbelief. She remembered looking down at his dull eyes and his cool skin. She remembered feeling his hair for the last time, and kissing his forehead as that one warm tear slid down her cheek.


That was when she lost her mind.


Kagome had jumped back, staring at him. She was like that for moments... "You," she whispered, though she knew he could not hear her. "You made me cry." She sank to her knees, tears arriving rapidly and flowing down her chin and plodding onto her jeans. "Why- why won't they stop?" She looked at him. "They won't stop. I don't cry, but you-you tricked me. You promised me." She slapped his lifeless body. "For what?! To cause me such grief?!" She let out ragged gasps and took him in her arms. Her eyes squeezed shut and she tightened her grip on him. It's going to be okay... In the morning you'll wake up and you'll be with me.


You'll always be with me, InuYasha.

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