Kagome's Poetry Assignment by RebaJean
Summary: Kagome gets the Inu gang to help her with her poetry assignment for school. Only she gets a bit more help than she wanted.
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1. Chapter 1 by RebaJean

2. Chapter 2 - Flip Side by RebaJean

Chapter 1 by RebaJean

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Kagome gets the Inu gang to help her with her poetry homework.

Kagome -

Guys, for school I need . . .

Can you help me with this, please?

Poetry - haiku.

Poems of just three lines

syllables five seven five

of nature mostly.


Inuyasha -

Uh, duh, I dun know . . .

What was this poetry thing?

What was that again?


Shippo -

Inuyasha's mean

When he bops me on the head

Kagome sits him.


Rin -

Run around the hill

See flowers, flowers, flowers

A great place to play!


Jaken -

Once I was a lord

Now follow Sesshoumaru

Reduced to nanny.


Miroku -

Monk's cursed hand gropes

reaches down to grasp her rear

red hand print on face.


Sango -

Touch me again, Monk

and your thick head will shortly

meet Hiraikotsu!


Sesshoumaru -

A lecherous monk

comedy of the absurd,

fondles taijiya.


An untrained miko

whields the shikon no tama

her power runs wild.


Disgusting hanyou,

lover of the zombie bitch,

my erstwhile brother.


Inuyasha -

Brother . . . naw . . . sister

Stuck up, prissy, girly man

Never gets my sword!


Kagome -

A loud clash of swords

Now friends we must end this game

Brothers fight again.

Chapter 2 - Flip Side by RebaJean
Author's Notes:
After over-hearing the Inu gang's discussion, Kagura voices her own thoughts.

Kagura stiffled a chuckle. Half the time she watches Inuyasha and his band for amusement rather than to report back to Naraku.  The Inu gang poetry fest descended into the typical sparring match between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. While still amusing, her thoughts turned to her own group.




heart shriveled by hate

absolute power he seeks

dark, deluded fool





longing to be free

wind blows my tethered feather

evil holds my heart





empty eyes, dark stare

small hands hold vacant mirror

gateway to the void


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