Grade A Romance by Cristin

When a new Girl, Kagome, moves to town Inuyashas' life is changed forever. What's going to happen?

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I do not own Inuyash and company, though with all my heart I wish it was so.

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One: First Glance by Cristin
Author's Notes:
The first chapy! Well it's short but still... well hope ya likez it!



Disclamer: I do not own Inuyasha but this story belongs to me.

Note: a line of ~ = That time has gone by, like one paragaph seperated by these are like a few hours passing by.

a line of - = That it's either a flashback, daydream, or it's telling the story of another charachter.



"So anyways like I was saying before I have to tell you this!"

"Okay okay, what?"

"I moved, and I transphered to your school!"

"Oh my god! Your'e lying!"

"Sango, have I lied to you before?"

"Well not as far as I know Kagome. But seriously you are?"


"Yep? Yep!?!? That's all you have to say?!?"


"Well when are you coming?"



"Yep, tommorow morning."

"Okay looking forward......... to....... it........"

"Sango you okay?"

"Yah, it's just that pervert Miroku. He's looking through my window."


"Well I have to go- oh no he's not spying on me. He just wanted to give me something."

"What is it?"

"An invitation to a pool party."

"What does it say?"

"Says that I can bring a friend."


"Wanna come with me?"

"Sure when is it?"

"Uh...... oh! It says it's July 24th."

"Okay, well I got to go. I'll see you tommorow okay?"

"Okay. I'll tell Miroku you said hi okay?"




Kagome hung the phone up and looked around. She walked over to her closet, and opened the doors. There was junk galore there. She carefully began to move some of her old clothes out of the way until she spotted what she was looking for. She carefully pulled a CD-rom from the bottom and walked over to her computer. She inserteed the CD-rom and sat down in her chair, knocking over a glass of water in the process.


She grabbed a towel from her bathroom, set the towel down over the puddle, and began to press it into the carpet. She stood up, picked the towel up, and walked into the hall.

"Mom?" she yelled

No answer.


No answer.

She walked further down the hall and yelled out their names again.

"Mom!? Souta!?"

Still no answer.

She went down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. She looked around and saw, on the fridge, a note. Kagome's chocolate eyes followed the letters as she read:

Dear Kagome,

Souta and I went to go do some aerins. We'll be back around five-thirty.



PS feel free to do whatever. I trust you.


Kagome looked around. It was true. She was the only one here. The TV was off and all was quite. She sighed, the whole house seemed empty and lonely. Maybe i'll go for a walk. She thought. She went upstairs and started to walk to her room, but then she stopped What am I thinking? she thought I don't even know how to get back here from half a mile away! She paused and started to walk again. I won't go far. Maybe around the block.

When she had stopped she was in her room in front of her closet. She tapped her finger on her chin for a moment and pulled out a green T-shirt. Then she stepped forward a little and reached into the back, pulling out a pair of blue-jeens. After she had changed, eaten, brushed her hair and grabbed her house keys, she headed out the door. She stuck the keys in her pocket and began to walk down the side walk.

She turned a few corners, noting her soroundings, and began to walk down a straight side walk. The trees began to thin out the farther she walked until she came to a small park. There was no one here today. Probably closed she thought. But when she walked over to the gate there was a sign there that read.

Park hours





It was Saturday and it was 3:00, So it's not closed she thought. She looked around It looks disurted. She opened the gate and went inside. It was a small park, the ground was covered with emerald green grass and in the very center was a fountain, around the fountain were a few benches. Kagome sat down letting the trees overhead shade her from the sun. She sat for a while, listening to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the trees above.

"What a wonderful day." she wispered

She was still watching the fountain as someone walked up behind her. She turned slightly to see none other than Miroku, who was wearing his usual short pony tail. He was wearing a black shirt and blue jeens.

"Hi." he said smiling

"Oh hi Miroku!" Kagome said happily

"Miroku hurry it up already!" came a voice

Kagome turned to see a boy about Miroku's age. He had white hair and golden eyes, Kagome guessed that he was a half-demon because of the white dog ears that were at the top of his head. He was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeens, but they were a lighter color than Miroku's.

"Just a second Inuyasha, can't you see I'm talking with a friend?"

Inuyasha wasn't listening though, he was just staring at Kagome. Kagome could feel her face getting warm so she turned around to face Miroku, hoping that he hadn't seen her face start to redden.

"Uhm.... I have to go." she said standing up.

"Okay, well Sango told me that you were coming to the pool party. You are right?" he asked.

Kagome nodded "Yes."

"Cool well we have to go too, see you around Kagome."

"See you." she replied as she started to run off.

Inuyasha turned around to Miroku "Who was that?" he asked trying not to look to interested

"Sango's friend Kagome, she just moved here." he replied "She transphered to our school." he added a smirk crossing his face.

"Keh." Inuyasha turned around "I have to go."

"Where to? Your not going to stalk her are you? What with the way you were staring at her and all."

"Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled as he started to walk toward the way Kagome had left.

"I knew it! You like her!"

Inuyasha faked the most discusted look possible "Shut up, I don't even know her! So how could you say that?"

Miroku shrugged "I just can. I have ways of knowing that kind of stuff."

"Yah well whatever I still have to go." he replied opening the gate "I'll see you tommorow."

Miroku gave a salute "Tommorow then sargent lovey-dove!"


End Notes:

Well that's the first chapter! I know, I know it was short. Chapter two will be longer though I promise. :) Please rate!

Two: Dear Diary by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Alright chapter two! In this chapter things start to heat up!


Cristin (Me): I do not own Inuyasha so don't sue.

Kagome: Yah don't sue or I might just have to sit Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: Hey leave me out of this!!!

Miroku: Ah love birds!

Inuyasha and Kagome: SHUT UP!

Sango and Cristin: *sweatdrops* Really you guys? Again? You know they're gonna kill you right Miroku?

Miroku: *gulps* Uhm....kinda.....*runs off* *(at least tries to)*

Cristin: *grabs the back of his shirt* Your'e not going anywhere bub!

Shippo: Okay can we quit and actually do this now? I love this part!

Cristin: *hugs Shippo* Whatever you say! Your just so CUTE!

Shippo: *blushes* g-gee th-thanks

Inuyasha: *rolls eyes* How pathetic

Cristin: Oh I haven't forgotten you Inuyasha! *hugs him to* I wish I owned you!

Inuyasha: What is that supposed to mean?

Cristin: *stops hugging* Uh....... places! On your mark, get set, go! I don't care just start!





Dear Diary,

Earlier today I walked to the park. It was so pretty! The way the grass shimmered in the sun light, and the way the water in the fountain sparkled.... it was so peiceful too. It was just one of those times when your'e just happy to be alive. But there is something else- that Inuyasha kid. I-I don't know what but.... I had this weird feeling rise in my stomach. There was just something in the way he looked at me.... His gorguess white hair blowing in the slight breeze.....*slapps self* I'm getting carried away! I have to stop these thoughts. But why are they even lurking in my head in the first place? Well I have to go now. See you tommorow night diary.

Kagome set down her pencil. That memory was still so fresh, even though it was about midnight. She couldn't sleep, those visions were clouding her head. She looked up to see Sango sitting by her window. She had come over to spend the night and ride the bus with Kagome in the morning. Kagome closed and locked her diary, setting the keys in her night stand. Sango was staring out the window, apperantly remembering something.

"So Kagome," Sango said

Kagome turned her head to face her friend "Hm?"

"Kagome, do you think-" she trailed off " Do you think Miroku likes me?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Duh Sango, I mean you only told me everything he's said to you over the past year!"

"I know," Sango said still looking out the window "But don't you think I'm ugly?"

Kagome rolled her eyes again Not another one of THOSE talks again! she thought "Sango you idiot!," Kagome yelled "Your'e the most prettiest, scratch that, BEAUTIFUL girl I've ever met! When I hear you talk about yourself like that I just want to knock some sense into you! Your'e prettier than I'll EVER be!"

Sango turned around, her eyes were still unfocused. "You don't mean that Kagome." her eyes focused onto her "Miroku told me what happened earlier today."

Kagome looked a little shocked, she began to blush. She shook her head and looked Sango straight in the eye. "I mean it Sango, and as for that whole incodent I don't know what was going on." she turned around and started to look through her dresser, trying to look interested in a broken watch. Sango turned back to the window and sighed.


The next day after lunch hour Sango and Kagome had to split up. The only class that they didn't have together was History. Kagome had just shut her locker as the warning bell began to ring.

"See you in Homeroom." Sango said. Kagome nodded and the two friends went their seperate ways. Kagome walked down the hall until she reached the classroom, the door was closed. She reached down to open the door when another hand reached for it at the same time. Kagome's hand shot back as she stepped away.

"Oh, sorry!" the person said. Kagome looked up to see a boy. He had black hair and wore a high pony tail. His shirt was green and his jeens were a dirt brown color. Kagome guessed he was another kind of demon, wolf maybe?

"'s o-okay." Kagome said a little fast.

"I'm Kouga." he said.

"I'm Kagome." she answered still looking away.

Kouga smiled "That's such a beautiful name."

Kagome looked up, she was blushing a little. "Uh.... th-thanks."

Kouga opened the door "Ladies first." he said politley.

Kagome smiled "Thanks."


Inuyasha was sitting by the window when he saw a familiar dark-haired girl. He felt his face get a little hot. But it faded when he saw her walking in with and wispering to Kouga. What the hell! he thought What's Kouga doing with her? he felt himself get angry. And why am I... Jealus?!? He saw Miroku staring at him, with a big smirk across his face. Inuyasha folded his arms and looked out the window while giving a big, but quiet, "Feh."

Kagome sat down in the chair across from him talking quietly with Kouga, who was sitting in the seat behind hers. Inuyasha couldn't help but notice what Kagome was wearing. It was a small White T-shirt with one of those black half-sweater things, along with some baby-blue jeens.

"Alright class," the teacher said agusting her glasses "Please open up your text books to page 179."

For such a big book it was suprisingly small and light. Inuyasha flipped over to the page the teacher had said, and then stared out the window.

"So like I was saying," Kagome wispered to Kouga, Inuyasha couldn't help but easedrop on their 'private conversation'. "The cat just kept running in and out of the bath tub like the water had turned its brain to goo. The we tried to catch it, but it was just so slippery and fast!" Inuyasha turned when he had heard the teacher walking over to the two of them.

"Well Kouga if you want to talk to her so much maybe you should get her phone number." the teacher said mochingly "I'm sure she wouldn't mind, right miss Kagome?"

Kagome just blushed and looked away.

"Anyways class you now have a history report because of your classmates poor choices. A five hundred sentance SA on the history of Brazil should do you all good, or maybe on Christopher Columbas?"

The whole class moaned as the teacher walked up to her desk and grabbed the list of names. "Now I will be partnering you all up. First is Houjo and..." Inuyasha looked out the window waiting for his name to be called Hopefully I'll be paired up with Miroku he thought.

"Inuyasha," the teacher said "You will be paired with Kagome."

Inuyasha's ears pricked upright as she said this. Kagome..... he thought as he looked back at the window. "Feh."

Kagome pushed her head into her arms were no one could see her blush Inuyasha? she thought as she felt the hottness fade from her face. She looked up at the clock Good god hurry up! she thought as she buried her head in her arms again. She looked up again to see Inuyasha staring at her a little. When he saw that she was staring back at him he began to blush and turn away. Inuyasha? she thought. Just as she was about to bury her head in her arms once again, the bell rang.

Kagome stood up, letting her thoughts clear as she walked out of the room with Kouga. Then out of nowhere a girl came up to Kouga, slapping his face.

"KOUGA HOW COULD YOU!?!?" she yelled

"Do what Ayame?"

she pointed to Kagome "CHEAT ON ME!"

Kagome gasped and started to scratch her head. "Well uh..... we're not going out- we're just friends."

Kouga nodded "I JUST met her Ayame! She is my new friend." he laughed

"Oh, I'm's just that well.... I-"

Kagome smiled "That's okay, I understand."

Kouga took Ayames' hand and said, "Now come on, we have to get to Homeroom." Ayame simply nodded and walked by his side. Kagome sighed I wonder if I'll ever go out with someone she thought. Inuyasha walked up behind her his face cross.

"Thanks alot Kagome." he snorted "Now we have a big SA to do!"

Kagome just turned and stalked away, not in the mood for his attitude. Kagome walked over to her locker and started to turn the dial. She sighed, today was getting off to a bad start. Just as she started to open her locker Sango appeared and patted her on the back.

"Cheer up." she smiled

Kagome sighed. "I-I just don't know why I feel like this." she said dryly.

Sango stood next to Kagome as she put away her belongings, and grabbed her book. "Well I'll see you at Homeroom." Sango said as Miroku passed by "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Kagome absentmindedly gave an 'Okay' as Sango started to walk away with Miroku. She looked up to see them walking together and she just started to feel worse. Kagome stood there watching them walk down the hall until they were swallowed up by the door way. She sighed. Now she really felt worse. She turned and closed her locker, forgetting about Homeroom. She walked over to the drinking fountain and the looked up to see the sun was out. It's rays catching something shiny. She turned her attention to the shine to see a balcony.

She smiled and she walked over to it, letting the warm spring air come through the small door. She walked onto the balcony and savored the moment. She leaned a little over the rail, letting the smell of lilacs fill her senses. After a few minutes Kagome turned around to head to Homeroom, but in the doorway were a few boys blocking her way.

"Were do you think your going?" one asked

"To Homeroom." she said angrily

"Says who?" another of the three said

Kagome rolled her eyes "I do."

The third one chuckled "Your'e not going anywhere!"

They started to move forward, smirks across there faces. Kagome knew she had to run But where? she thought. She backed up, everytime they got a little closer she moved back. One grabbed the neck of her shirt and pulled it back a little.

"How about taking your little top off for us sweety?"

Kagome slapped his face, she was panicking. She looked back despritly as she felt her back hit the rail. She winced, it was prattey hard... and sharp! The kid felt his face with one hand and winced as he felt the spot where she had hit him. When he looked up she could see the red spot on his face. There also were a few blood spots.

He took his hand from his face and balled it up into a fist, "WHY YOU!" he yelled as he punched her in the face. Kagome staggered back and lost her balance. She was flailing her arms in a hurry, trying to regane it. But it wasn't working, she fell.


Mhawhahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I thought I would do a kinda cliff here, but I won't so keep reading! (and please excuse my evil laughter)


Kagome fell over, reaching out her hand in one last atempt and caught the rail. She breathed a sigh of releaf. She helt on for a little while, but then she felt the rail start to get a little warm. Her arm started to hurt a little and her hand.....was starting to sweat! Oh no! she thought I'm going to fall! She tried to pull up but her arms where to tired and weak, it wasn't going to work. She felt her head start to spin and her eyes started to close. Her grip.... loostened...... one by one her fingers lost hold. She looked down, she was five stories off the ground....... and the ground was cement. There was no way she would survive the fall. So she closed her eyes and smiled, remembering all of her good times. She felt her hand slowly start to slide off the rail, so she started to hum to herself....

She smiled as she tried to hum the rest, but she couldn't. She had passed out and let go. The last thing she felt was someone grab her hand and she slightly opened her eyes to see someone above her-but her eyes were so clouded that she could not see who.

End Notes:


:) I hope you all liked it! See it is longer... but not much..... I just wanted to get a hanger in their... I'm so evil!:)

Three: See you tommorow by Cristin
Author's Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha..... but I wish i did!

What, where-where am I? Kagome opened her eyes slightly to see Inuyasha above. Her head was on his lap and Sango and Miroku were standing next to him. Sangos' face lightened when she saw Kagomes' eyes open slightly.

"Kagome!" Sango said as she rushed forward to give her the biggest hug she had ever received. "Are you okay?"

Kagome nodded weakly, then asked "What happened?"

"Aside those bastards trying to-" Inuyasha broke off.

Miroku sighed "Inuyasha saved you. Then he came and got us and a few teachers. Those kids are being expelled now." he said jerking his head toward a window.

Kagome sat up a little only to be pushed back down by Inuyasha. "The nurse said you can't sit up for a while." he said sternly.

Kagome opened her eyes fully to look strait up into Inuyashas'. His eyes were soft with concern. "Inuyasha...." she wispered, her eyes were starting to fill with moisture.

"Higurashi?" the nurse said as she walked in. Kagome looked up, she looked concerned to. "Are you feeling any better?" Kagome nodded. "Then I'll need you to tell me exactly what happened."

"Uh, sure." Kagome said sitting up a little. She began to tell the nurse all about the three kids and how they had said 'a few things' (leaving out the shirt part). Then Inuyasha picked up where she left off, along with Sango and Miroku filling in a few details. "...and here we are." Kagome finished. The nurse nodded "I see." she muttered something, and then left. Kagome layed back down (putting her head where it was before, seeing how 'comftorable' it was) and closed her eyes. She soon drifted into a comftorable sleep.


"Kagome?" Kagome opened her eyes to see her mother and Souta standing in front of her. Her head wasn't on Inuyashas' lap anymore Man! I should have stayed awake! she thought. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku were sitting in the chairs that were propped against the wall. Sango and Miroku were asleep, but Inuyasha was watching them through half closed eyes. He prodded Miroku awake. Miroku opened one eye and poked Sango in the arm until she opened her eyes.

"Mom? Souta?" she yawned "How long have I been asleep?"

"About an hour." Souta replied

Her mother smiled "It's time we got back home."

Kagome sat up "Okay." She carefully put her feet on the floor. She scooted off the small bed and stood up. She wobbled for a second and tried to step forward, but she fell to her knees. Inuyasha shot up and walked over to Kagome before her mother could even take a step toward her. He kneeled down in front of her, took her hand, and stood her up.

"Come on," he said softly "You can use my shoulder for support."

Miroku proded Sango with his elbow "What did I tell you?"

Inuyasha gave him a glare, wich put him into silence. Kagome followed more slowly, staggering every few steps. Miroku and Sango followed too, close enough to catch Kagome if she fell and far enough to discuss the 'situation'. When they finally reached Mrs. Higurashis' car Kagome was walking more freely. Taking a few steps by herself.

"You three are welcome to come with us if you want." Mrs.Higurashi said happily

"Okay." Sango and Miroku said following

Inuyasha didn't say anything, he just turned around to leave- but before he could Kagome grabbed his hand and pulled him in.

"What the-" he broke off when he saw Kagomes' eyes staring up at him. He sighed and grabbed a seat belt. He pulled it over and buckled it. Miroku and Sango pushed themselves inside and buckled themselves to.

It was a little dark when Mrs. Higurashi pulled up to Mirokus' house, and Sango did something unexpected. She kissed his forehead before he got out. Miroku was blushing furiously when he got out of the car, but as they began to drive away he was jumping up and down, and waving his arms around as if he had just scored a touch-down.

When they stopped at Sangos' house Kagome was asleep, her head propped up on Inuyashas' shoulder. Sango was half asleep but she managed to wake heself up. Yawning and stretching she opened the car door, stepped out, and closed it behind her.

"Okay Inuyasha, were is your house?" Mrs. Higurashi said smiling at the reflection in her mirror.

Inuyasha blushed "Up around the corner and to the left."

Mrs. Higurashi opened her mouth in a yawn and started to drive again.

When they reached a small drive way that led up into the woods Inuyasha said to turn and drive up the small dirt road. Mrs. Higurashi turned and started to drive a little slower. When Inuyasha told her to stop, they were in the middle of a small dirt parking lot. Inuyasha carefully removed Kagomes' head from his shoulder and unbuckled his seat belt. He scooted over to the oposite door, opened it, stepped out, and closed it behind him.

"Kagome, Kagome wake up!" Souta was wispering shaking her shoulder a little "We're home."

Kagome opened her eyes to see Souta holding the door open for her. She yawned and unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car. Kagome walked up the drive way (constantly yawning I might add) and pulled out her house key. She put the key in and unlocked the door while her mother and Souta grabbed their groceries from earlier. Kagome shut the door partially so that her mom and Souta could get in. She walked over to the stairs walking up them slowly, not wanting to trip again.

As soon as she had reached her bedroom she flopped down onto her bed and not to mention, the cat.

"RAOARAEW!" the cat gave out a startled cry, Kagome did to, but much much louder. She again fell onto the ground except this time on her tush. She stood up rubbing her 'backside' when she looked up to see, none other, than Inuyasha in her window.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?!?!?" she wispered

Inuyasha smirked "Well technicaly I'm not in your house."

Kagome sweatdropped "True, but I don't really enjoy someone looking through my window. What are you doing here anyways?"

He pionted at his ears "I heard you."

"Well if your so worried you should know that I sat on my cat." she huffed out


"Listen you-" she broke off as she heard her mother coming up the stairs "Stay here and shut up!" she said as she closed her blinds.

Her mother opened the door. "Kagome I brought you some cake from Soutas' friends' party."

Kagome let out a fake yawn "Thanks mom." she said as she took the plate from her.

Inuyasha just stood listening, his mouth watering from the scent of the cake, What a heavenly aroma! he thought.

"You should have seen the way Inuyasha was acting after Sango left," her mother began "It was so cute. He held your hand for a few minutes and then after that-"

Kagome was chocking on her fork the next second, then she spit it out "MOM!" she yelled. Her face was a scarlet red, well a deep, deep, deep, deep, deep pink color anyways.

From where Inuyasha was standing he could smell the embarresment coming off of Kagome in waves. He himself was a pretty deep pink color.

"Mom! Stop!" Kagome cried out indignatly

"What- why? It's not like he can hear us."

Kagome scratched her head "Still I don't want to talk about it."

Her mother looked to the clock "Oh! It's pretty late Kagome, you should hurry up and get to bed. Even though your'e staying home tommorow."

Kagome nodded "I'll just eat this and then I'll take a shower." she set the plate down.

"Alright I'll see you tommorow hun." her mother kissed her forehead and left the room.

Kagome stood up and closed the door behind her mother. "Finally." she wispered. She stepped away from the door and walked to the window, opening the blinds. Then she opened the glass. "Inuyasha!" she wispered. I know he can hear me. she thought. She heard a rustling of leaves and then saw his white dog ears poke out from behind a bush. "It's okay, she left." She saw Inuyasha pause, lift his head, sniff the air, and then come fully out of the bush. She lifted the window and waved her hand, signaling for him to come in.

Inuyasha slowly nodded and followed. He silently crept in through the window, stubbling and practicaly crashing into Kagome. "Sorry." he muttered as he backed up to a comftorable distance. Which was about seven feet. He looked away.

Kagome just shrugged and grabbed up the peice of cake "Wanna peice?" she asked holding out the plate. He couldn't resist, he turned his head around and nodded eagerly.

Kagome picked up the fork and took off a chunk of cake. She handed it to Inuyasha and took a bite of her own remaining lump of cake. "So," she said as she fiddled with a few crums "Are you going to Mirokus' pool party?"

Inuyasha gave a nod and answered "Yah, you?"

Kagome nodded and popped a bit of frosting into her mouth. "I'm going with Sango, and speaking of the pool party I just remebered that we have that assignment."

Inuyashas' face pailed "Damnit! I forgot!"

Kagome shrugged "I guess we'll get some extra time, seeing what happened today."

Inuyasha pointed at the clock "Don't you mean yesterday?"

Kagome gasped, he was right It's 3:53! He's right alright. she thought "Yah, yesterday." she replied.

Inuyashas' head swung around to the door, he had heard some foot steps.

Kagome gasped and then urgently wispered "Hurry the window!"

Inuyasha bolted upright and jumped to the window. He silently crept through and jumped up to a branch.

Kagome turned and gave a yawn just as Souta walked in. "Kagome, mom said you have to take a shower" he paused "NOW."

Kagome answered "Tell her I'll be in their in a minute." Souta nodded and left. Kagome walked urgently over to the window and called out Inuyashas' name quietly. When he appeared she couldn't help but feel realived. "Inuyasha, are you going to school tommorow?" she asked dryly.

Inuyasha shook his head and wispered "Why? What's the point when your'e not there?"

Kagome felt touched. Her eyes filled with a little moisture, and then she could feel a little of the salt water roll down her cheek, revealing a trail of shimmering tear in the dim moonlight. "Then come here around five o`clock." she paused and spoke a little quieter "That's when my mom and Souta go shopping for something for dinner. But if you see my window closed don't come near the house."

Inuyasha was on the ground now near her window "Why?" he asked.

Kagome smiled "Then that means that they haven't left yet."

Inuyasha nodded and then asked "But why are you crying though?"

Kagome hadn't noticed that a few tears had fallen down her face. She blinked them away and said "Never mind that, I'll see you tommorow okay?" as she wiped some tears off with her shirt sleeve.

Inuyasha simply nodded and turned around. As he walked away Kagome couldn't breath. There was just something about him that she couldn't put her finger on. But she knew it was something she liked.

End Notes:

The End, no not really! I was just kidding! Scared you didn't I?

Four: Sick in Bed by Cristin
Author's Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha.... pitty

Dear Diary,

Sorry that I didn't write last night! Hey that rhimed! Write, night, write, night, write..... woops sorry! Anyways I almost died yesterday. But luckily my knight in shinig armor (get it night, write, knight?) saved me. Well at least he's my knight, I might as well be a pesant girl to him. But then again.... why would he come to my window in the dead of night?(Man that's getting old.) I don't know, but I gotta go! (Uhg did it again) I'll see you soon diary.

Kagome set down her pen, thinking of Inuyasha again. His long white hair, his cute little white dog ears that crowned his head, and ooooooh those golden eyes! She grabbed up her towel and walked over to the bathroom. The door was closed. She rolled her eyes and knocked on the door. No answer. She reached for the door handle, and turned the knob, knowing what was coming next. She pushed the door open quickly and off of the very top of the door crashed down a water bucket "Hahaha, very funny Souta." she said sarcasticly as he walked out from his room.

"How did you know?" he gasped

She shrugged "I'm your older sister Souta. I know these things." she threw him a small wash-cloth "Now clean it up!"

"Souta come on! We have to go decide what we're having for dinner!" her mom called up the stairs.

Souta smirked "Saved by the mom." he turned around and yelled "Coming mom!" Kagome glared and Souta ran off down the stairs.

"What a pain." she said as she rested her forehead in her hand. She began to wipe up the water from the floor, and heard her moms' car drive off. She stood up, and threw the wet cloth into a small hamper. Stretching she walked back to her room. When she had walked into her room she remebered Inuyasha and cautiously opened the window. Then she grabbed her towel and left for the bathroom.


Inuyasha kicked off the covers of his bed, the window was wide open- letting in a little to much sun light. He blocked the sun out of his eyes with his hand to see Sesshomaru standing in front of him. "I'm going out for a little while." he said "I'll be back around eight."

Inuyasha grabbed his shoulder as he turned around. "When did I fall asleep?"

Sesshomaru shrugged of his hand "Two I guess."

He slapped his head "Shit!"

Sesshomaru raised an eye-brow "Something I'm missing little brother?"

Inuyasha shook his head "No I just forgot something."

Sesshomaru gave him a cold stare and walked away. Yeesh what's up with him? Inuyasha thought dryly. He looked around for his clock. But it was nowhere in sight.

"Just great." he sighed.

He stood up, stretched, and walked over to his closet. He swung the doors open and was stunded to see what was inside. There, on the ground, were stacks and stacks of magizines drenched in, he sniffed the air, Pepsi. Above those on the low-hanging shelves were seven broken cell-phones, twelve ripped pairs of shoes and....... a family of mice! On the walls a few cock-roaches were crawling down to the floor and several ants were attempting to pick up a potato-chip. On the hangers were a few pairs of shirts, jeans, and hoodies. But on the shelf above them, were a few cases of sour milk. There was a pile of dirty out grown clothes in the corner, along with his clock.

"Why does Sesshomaru always put his junk in my closet?" Inuyasha sighed heavily. He kicked a few of the magazines into the corner and walked in. The carpet was sticky on his bare feet. Probably from his party, Inuyasha thought LAST WEEK! He rolled his eyes. He grabbed a pair of dark blue jeens from a hanger, along with a white T-shirt and a black hoodie. He walked out of the closet "I have got to clean this thing!" he said angrily as he slammed the doors.


Kagome stepped out of the shower, her hair wet and heavy. She took off her towel and dried her hair, and then threw it into the hamper. She grabbed a light blue robe from a small shelf and put it on. Then walked casually out of the bathroom and into her room, and closed the door behind her. Letting her hair dry out, she walked over to her closet and opened the door. Inside it was neat and clean. All of the clothing was on their own hanger, the floor was spotless, and on the shelves were orginized books and shoes. There was not a bug in site, except...... for... a....

"SPIDER! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she she screamed

Just then Inuyasha had jumped in yelling "Kagome! What..... is......." his eyes stretched wide open as he took in the site before him.

Even though Kagome was in robe, it was still pretty revealing. She pointed at Inuyasha and screamed "OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!!!!!!" That was all Inuyasha needed to hear, he was out in a flash of black and white. Kagome ran over, shut the door, and locked it. She sighed and slowly backed up, her face red with embaressment. She quickly ran over to her window and shut it, just in case, then she closed the blinds and walked back over to her closet again. She walked inside carefully looking over her clothes until she took off a shirt from its' hanger and threw it on the bed. Then she did the same with a skirt. Finally she picked out a pair of shoes and started to get dressed.


Inuyasha sat on the couch, his arms crossed. A million different thoughts raced through his head. His face was reddened and his eyes were unfocused, he was remembering what had just happened. He had first heard Kagome screaming as he was walking by her house, then he had jumped through her window to see what was rong, which was his biggest mistake, and Kagome had been in her robe- he could tell that she had just gotten out of her shower to. Her hair was still glossy and wet, and Inuyasha could smell that her scent had gotten stronger because she was cleaner. He looked up as he saw Kagome walking down the stairs, her hair was drier and she was dressed.

Kagome was dressed in a yellow T-shirt, and she wore a denim skirt along with some yellow flip-flops. She blushed as she saw Inuyashas' reaction, a widening of his eyes. "H-how do I look?" she stammered.

Inuyasha shook his head and turned around, "Fine." was all he replied.

Kagome walked down the stairs a little more half-heartedly than before, stopping at the bottom to stare out across the room. The sun was streaming in through the windows and everything was silent. "So-" she started "What are we going to do today?"

Inuyasha stared out the window and sighed "I don't know, maybe call Miroku and Sango so all of us can go see a movie or something?"

Kagome blinked and thought for a moment, putting her finger on her chin. Then her eyes brightened and she said "That's sounds like a great idea!" then she rushed up stairs. A few moments later she came back down with a phone book and a phone. "Okay, I'll call Sango and you call Miroku."

Inuyasha nodded and took out his phone. Dialing the numbers quickly and putting the phone to his ear, he stood up and walked over to the window and stood looking outside while Kagome ran up to her room. The phone rung a few several times before Miroku answered and when he did, he sounded horable.

A sniffel rose from the other side of the phone and then a weak voice answered "Hello?"

Inuyashas' eyes flung open "Miroku are you sick?"

Miroku sniffeled again "As a dog." he replied

"Do you feel good enough to go to a movie?" Inuyasha asked

There was a slight pause, a cough, and yet another sniffle "I don't know, I'll take some medicine. Call me back in about fifteen minutes."

"Alright. Talk to you in a few."




"So do you think you'll be able to come?" Kagome asked

"I don't know, I'm in pretty big trouble. I'm just happy my parents said that I could go to the pool party."

"Oh please Sango! At least ask."

"Alright hold on." there was a long silence "They said that it's either the movie or the party."

"Oh. Well that's okay, I'll just go with Inuyasha and Miroku."

"Alright. By the way I'm REALLY sorry."

"That's okay."

"Talk to you in a week."

"Alright. Bye."


Kagome sat in silence, thinking of what the party might be like. She sighed Oh well, she thought At least she can still come to the party.



Inuyasha picked up the phone and dialed Mirokus' number again. This time the phone was answered more quickly, and the voice that answered sounded alot better.


"I take it your'e feeling better." Inuyasha smiled


"So are you coming or what?"

"Duh. Is Sango coming?"

"Hold on." he set down the phone "KAGOME! IS SANGO COMING?!?"

There was a pause and then the answer came. "NO SHE'S BEEN GROUNDED!"

Inuyasha picked the phone up and answered "No."

"Oh.... Oh well that's okay! Just us three for once."

"Yah." Inuyasha said as Kagome walked down the stairs "Just the three of us."

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Hope you all liked it! Next chapter will be up real soon! :)

Five: Mall by Cristin
Author's Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha... so no sue'n!

Cristin: I'm bored......

Kagome: Maybe we could do something?

Cristin: Like what?

Kagome: Dress up Inuyasha in baby clothes?

Inuyasha: No. I ain't doin that!

Cristin: Come on! I'll be your best friend!

Kagome: Me to!

Inuyasha: *snorts* Yah right, who needs friends?

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Nope.

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Uh uh.

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Okay, okay, okay, already!

Cristin: *hugglez Inuyasha while Kagome slips on a bib around his neck*

Inuyasha: AH! Oh no! Not again!

Cristin and Kagome: AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! HE'S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Cristin: I call pinching cheeks!




Dear Diary,

So anyways that movie we saw about a month back- wasn't all that great. But the one good thing about it was that Inuyasha put his arm around me. Woops! That's like the hundreth time I've mentioned that this month. Anyways Mirokus' party is in a few hours. I have to get ready! See you soon.


Kagome set down her pencil and stared out the window. That memory is still so fresh she thought But why do I keep thinking about it?






--------------(flash back)---------------


Kagome was sitting in the dark theater eating some popcorn, Inuyasha was sitting to her left, and Miroku was sitting on her right. She grabbed up a few peices of pop corn and brought them to her face, glancing over to her left in the proccess. Inuyashas' white hair looked silver in the dim theater light, and she could see his large figure was outlined in the lights as well. His golden eyes were watching the movie intently, and he seamed to be very content.

Kagome handed Miroku the bucket of popcorn "Popcorn?" she asked.

Miroku nodded and took the small bucket of the buttery snack from her hands.

She turned back toward the movie, glancing, once again, at Inuyasha. He was now drinking some of his pop, Diet Coke to be exact, and staring at the movie screen silently. She turned her eyes back to the movie screen, there was a small girl walking through a forest in the dead of night. Owls hooted their welcomes to the girl, but she was scared. In some previous part in the movie, her family had disapeared, one by one. The girl lifted her head, the night was quiet, not a sound was heard exept for her steady foot steps. She held her arms, glancing up every once in a while.


Then a moan came from behind her "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the girls pace quickened as another moan sounded from behind her, "Nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Leave me alone!" the girl screamed as she began to run. She raced through the forest until she could no longer hear te moans. She stopped at a tree, and rested her hands on the bark. She panted to catch her breath before removing her hands from the tree.... but then she stopped. "Bl-blood!?!?!" she gasped as she pulled her hands away from the tree. "I-i-it's coming from the tree!" she shreaked. She picked up a small stick and began to peel some bark off of the great oak. As she pulled away a large peice, blood began to spatter onto her night shirt, making her back up. She moved her hands to the front of her to stop the flow, soon enough, it stopped. But then as she peaked into the tree, what else could have happend but.....A HAND STRUCK OUT AND GRABBED HER THROUGHT!

Kagome gasped deeply as many other woman and girls in the theater shreaked. Inuyasha pulled his hand slowly from behind himself and rapped it around Kagome, pulling her in closer to himself. She blushed as she wondered ........Wh-wha-......Inuyasha?.

--------------(end flash back)---------------


She sighed as she remembered how good it had felt, sitting there with his arm around her. She locked her diary, setting it aside and hidding the keys. She looked up, once again she was home alone, and the house was quiet. There was a small knocking noise on her window. She looked over- it was Inuyasha. Kagome stood up and walked over to the window, Inuyasha was sitting on a branch waiting for Kagome to open it, cutting a few leaves with his claws. She sighed, he now came around regularly, at least once a week since summer vacation had begun. He smiled as he saw her come over to the window, open it and stick her head out.

"Hi." he said happily.

"Hi." she replied. She backed up and Inuyasha leapt inside. "You know you could just use the front door right?" she asked

He shook his head "Nah, what if Miroku saw?"

Her mouth gaped open "Youv'e been coming around here for a month and your'e still afraid of what he'll say?"

Inuyasha nodded "Yes, actually I do. He may be just annoying sometimes but-" he cut himself off.

"What?" Kagome asked, getting a little more interested. "But what?"

"Nothing." he said a little quickly. He stood up and walked over to her "Your'e still coming to Mirokus' pool party right?"

Kagome seemed absorbed in his gaze. She nodded slightly.

His gaze softened "Good." he said, a smile crossing his face. "Anyways, whatr'e we going to do today?"

Kagome just shrugged and replied "Well Sango and I are going out to the mall for a little while. Maybe you should go help Miroku set everything up for the party." then she added "I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

Inuyasha nodded and climbed out the window. Kagome sighed, Finally! she thought Now I can go to the mall in peice! She grabbed up a small green purse, and headed out her door.



"OH MY GOD SANGO! YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" Kagome said excitedly. Sango blushed, she was in a dark pink bathing suit, with white ribbons on the hip-sides. "Go ahead and turn around so I can see the back!"

Sango did just that, she turned around to face a mirror. "Wow, it really is nice!" She said dryly. She blinked to see something in the mirror "Is that-" she stopped

"Is that a what?" Kagome asked surprised

"It is!" Sango exclaimed "It's on sale!" She took the small tag in her fingers, and showed it to Kagome. The first, original, price was $35.29, but the sale price, was a total bargan! The sales price, along with tax, was about $12.81.

"Wow." Kagome said "That's quite the bargan." She looked up to see a very happy Sango. She turned around and went back inside the dressing room. Kagome sighed, next would be her turn to find a bathing suit.

"Okay, I'm coming out." Sango said as Kagome lept to her feet. She walked out in her normal clothes, a white T-shirt and a pair of red jeens. Her hair was up in a red pony tail and her purse was black leather. "Okay," she said pulling out a quarter. "Which ever way that the nose points, you have to look for a bathing suit." she flipped the coin in the air, it landed on heads and the nose of Washington pointed to a rack off bathing suits that were on sale. Well, practically everything was on sale today, since it was one of those 'Everything must go today' sales.

Kagome walked over to the rack of bathing suits. On the hangers were many different colors of one peices, two peices, and the ocassional three peice. Well there's the yellow one-peice, the green two-peice, but then there's that blue three-peice. Kagome held her head To many choices! she picked up the sky-blue bathing suit and showed it to Sango, who nodded her approvement. Kagome rushed over to the dressing room, chucked her purse at Sango and said "I'll be right back!"

"I'll be right here." Sango replied.

Kagome slipped on the bathing suit, the bottom was skort-like while the top looked like that of a one peice. Then she put the small cover-up skirt on over the bottom of her bathing suit. She walked out of the dressing room "How's this?" she asked

Sangos' eyes widened "Beautiful!" she exclaimed.

End Notes:

Okay there is a new word that my friend uses alot, it's going to be our first 'Word of the story'. This word is known as...... Boshigiday! (boe-shiga-day): Or an exclamation of happiness stronger than Yahoo!,Yay, etc. This will be used later in the story.

Six: Pool party by Cristin


 Toatlly disclaimed! =)


Sango and Kagome walked out of the mall, carrying several bags of newly acuired, flip-flops, sun-glasses, and bathing suits. They looked both ways and crossed the street, reaching Sango's cherry-red convertible. Sango climed in the drivers seat, and started the car while Kagome put all of the newly aquired clothing in the trunk.

"Now," Sango said buckling her seat belt as Kagome climbed in "We'll go to my house to change, seeing that it's only about three blocks away. Then we'll head to the party, since it's going to start in about a half-an-hour."

Kagome nodded and buckled her seat belt as well. As the car started to turn out of the parking lot, a small puppy ran in front of the car. "STOP!" Kagome yelled as the puupy froze in its' tracks.

Sango slammed on the brakes, the car swerved to the side a little and then stopped. Sango panted "Did, I .....hit it?"

Kagome slowly opened the car door and stepped out. When she stood up she was releived to see the small brown dog standing upright, it's back was arched and it's fur was all fluffed out, kind of like a cat. "No. It's okay see?" Kagome smiled and slowly reached for the puppy. She picked it up and started to pet it. "Sango, I think it's lost. Look it has a collar."

Sango peered over the stearing wheel "Thank god. Come on Kagome get in. Bring the dog with you, we'll try to find its owner." Kagome nodded and climbed back inside the small convertible.

Sango quickly drove off in an attempt to get out of the parking lot to avoid angry pedestrians. As they drove down the highway the puppy started to squirm. "Uh... Sango?"


"I think the puppy has to go."

Sango looked astonished "Go? We aren't going to leave it!"

Kagome sighed "No Sango as........ in....... EWWWWWWWWWW!" The little pup had left a small 'present' on Kagome's lap. "Ewwwww! GET IT OFF OF ME! IT'S ALL BROWN AND GROSS!" Kagome's face began to turn greenish, as did Sango's.

The car slowed and Sango turned it into the side lane. "Here!" she said as she chucked a few napkins at Kagome. She held her nose "Holy god! What has that dog been eating?"

Kagome held her nose "Why in hells' name are you asking me?!?!?!" She pushed the dog off of her lap. She opened the door and stepped out, letting the 'present' fall to the ground. She grabbed the napkins and started to wipe off her pants. "Geeze. This dog is just discusting." she muttered.

"Oh Kagome look! I found a dog carrier under the seat!" Sango yelled

Kagome turned her head slowly, fire filled her eyes "WHAT!? YOU MEAN YOU JUST FOUND THAT?!?!?!"

Sango started to shrink under Kagome's stare "U-uh y-yah I-I g-g-guess."

Kagome held her head low for a moment, sighed, and then lifted her head back up. She sighed again "Okay, I'm over it. Now can we just drop this dog off to a no-kill shelter so that the owner can find them?" Sango mearly nodded. "Than lets go so I can take a shower."



Sango walked into her room, and opened a few curtains. She stood in the warm sun light, letting the warm rays shine on her new bathing suit. She pulled a pair of red denim shorts over the bottom of it. She walked over to her mirror, which reflected her image. "Dang." she wispered "I look like a walking valentines day!"

"Sango?" Kagome called as she stepped out of the bathroom, with her new sky-blue bathing suit on.

Sango turned around to see a VERY red Kagome. "What is it Kagome?" she asked a little uncertain.

Kagome looked away "Never mind, it's nothing." The red of her face died down and she turned toward Sango's dresser "Is it okay if I borrow something?" she asked. Sango nodded. Kagome smiled and opened a drawer, pulling out a small denim skirt. She pulled it over the bottom of her bathing suit "Alright," she said as she straightened up "Let's go."

Sango was so giddy (a/n: weird word hung?) that she was tripping over everything, a box, the tv remote, and even a penny (a/n: wow smart one Sango). When they reached her front door she managed to even trip on the floor mat. Kagome sweat-dropped "Sango that's like," she puased "The seventh time you've tripped over something. Are you sure you can drive us their?"

"Yah Kagome, I'm sure." she laughed "I'm just really excited!"

After they had driven off Sango had started to be a little more serious, she was paying attention to the road, but a little excitment started to get to her again. They told a few jokes on the way to the party. Kagome was laughing but stopped dead when Sango turned back to the road, her eyes serious. "Kagome," she said so quietly Kagome could barley hear her.

"Yah?" she replied looking toward her friend "What is it?"

Sango watched the road intently "When was the last time you went out with someone?"

"The fifth grade." Kagome sighed.

"I think that Inuyasha is going to ask you out."

At this Kagome started to laugh so hard it made Sango flinch. She wiped a tear from her eye "Yah right Sango!" she laughed again "If anyone is asking anyone out it's Miroku asking you out!"

At this Sango blushed "You think so?" Kagome nodded and clutched her stomach laughing harder. "Are you done yet?" Sango asked impatiently.

"O-one more second!" she said as she panted, and began to laugh again. Sango sweat-dropped as Kagome's laughter died down "Oaky-okay I'm done." Kagome said as she rubbed her forehead. "It's just, that was so funny!"

At this Sango yelled "I'M SERIOUS YOU IDIOT!" Kagome stopped smiling and looked away, the car fell silent "Look I'm sorry." Sango said as she reached for her friends arm.

Kagome looked up and gave a smile "You have no reason to be Sango." she held Sango's gaze for a while longer and then stared out the window. As they pulled up to Miroku's house they could hear the screams and yells of the other guests, who where either in the pool, eating, or just standing around talking. "Alright which towel do you want Sango?" she asked as she held up two towels, one whit with green stripes and one black with white stripes.

Sango tapped her finger on her chin a moment and then pointed to the first one "I like the white and green one."

Kagome set the towles back inside the car and locked it, handing the keys to Sango, who put them in her pocket. "Come on lets go!"

Sango nodded "I'll race ya!"

"Your'e on!"

The two started to run toward the gate and came to a stop as soon as all the other people came into sight "Dang," Sango said as she looked around "I didn't know that Miroku lived in such a big house!"

Kagome nodded and opened the gate, and the two friends walked in. The house was a three story, and the front lawn was HUGE. In the side they could make out a large pool with about thirty people in it. Kagome and Sango instently found who they where looking for. Turned out Miroku and Inuyasha had been waiting for them. Kagome's expression brightened as she saw them running acroos the lawn toward her and Sango.

"Hi!" the two girls said as Inuyasha and Miroku skidded to a halt.

Miroku smirked "Why Sango you look so nice!" he stepped toward her.

Sango backed up "Don't go trying anything! I'll smack you into next weekend if you do!"

"Now, now Sango do you really have to act like that?"

"Yes! Yes I do!" she said

He put his hand on her shoulder and said in a sad voice "All I wanted to do was walk you to the pool."

Sango began to blush "Oh, th-that's nice of you, b-but I think I c-can handle that m-myself!" she stammered.

Miroku took hold of her hand "Well I want you to just check this out and then I'll leave you alone, so come on!" he ran off with Sango trailing behind, heading to the pool.

Kagome sweat-dropped he was sweet, but he was just a little to enthuistiastic. She turned to Inuyasha who was red in the face, he had obviously been shocked by Kagome's appearence. At his reaction she began to blush to, but she directed her eyes to the ground, as to not meet his gaze. "You-you l-look nice..." Inuyasha stammered as he looked over his shoulder.

There was a moment of silence between the two, and then Kagome embraced, and I mean really, really embraced Inuyasha full on. She was a little out of control of her own actions. God I'm just glad that I was able to stop myself from kissing him! she thought to herself. Then she added His skin feels nice..... wait WHAT DID I JUST THINK!?!?!?! Oh god I'm loosing it!


OH MY GOD! Inuyasha thought She's hugging me, in a BATHING SUIT!.......Although her skin does feel nice..... WAIT!!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!?!?!? I KNOW SHE ISN'T THINKING THE SAME THING! he paused for a moment, his face reddening O-or is she?

He wanted those few seconds to last, but Kagome pulled away, red in the face "I-I'm so sorry." she wispered "I-I didn't mean to do that..." she trailed off as Inuyasha pulled her back to him, holding her in a tighter grip.

"Ther's nothing to be sorry for." he replied quietly


Holy crap! Kagome's thoughts were rushing through her head This HAS to be a dream! Why else would he hug me back! I mean, I'm just his friend right? RIGHT!?!?!? She wanted to believe it was a dream, but she knew it was reality. Why am I stressing out? she thought to herself suddenly Oh my GOD! It feels like there are millions of butterflies in my stomach! Kagome didn't know why, but her eyes started to turn hot and misty, letting a few tears escape from them, falling to Inuyasha's skin.


He only tightened his grip when he felt the warm tears slide onto his skin, he hoped no one could see them, but then again who cares? He lightly began to stroke her hair and wisper things like 'It's okay. It's okay.' He had no clue why she was crying so badly, maybe the hug had upsetted her? No, she would have pulled away by now. Then why was she crying in the first place? As he was wondering he felt the girl in his arms begin to shudder, her crying had stopped and she now was gasping for breath, as if she had practically been choked. He pulled slightly away from her, looking straight into her chocolate brown eyes, and in return she stared into his golden ones. Her face was no longer red, and their faces were only centimeters apart so....damn...close. Until, that is, Inuyasha heard a nose coming from around the corner, and then he made out Miroku's scent faintly. He pulled Kagome away from his arms as Miroku's scent got stronger, as he pulled back Kagome got the hint and started to act as though she was telling jokes.

"So did I ever tell you about the time my mom thought she saw a sasquich?"

At this Inuyasha gave a real laugh "N-no you haven't."

Kagome's face brightened and she laughed "Turned out it was my grandpa wearing a few jakets and small-game pelts! After she realised it was my grandpa she sulked in a corner. I can remember her words were," she made a squicky voice " 'Daddy you scared me in front of my own children!' It was pretty funny."

Inuyasha was smirking "Did I ever tell you about the time my brother got drunk and-" he turned to see Miroku "Oh hi!"

Miroku nodded and looked toward Kagome "Kagome I need your help! PLEASE!" he crouched on all fours

Kagome sweat-dropped "What is it now?"

He looked up with those cute round puppy-dog eyes, pleading for mercy "I want to ask Sango out! But the problem is I DON'T KNOW HOW!"

At this Inuyasha sweat-dropped and said "Dude just ask her out, it's that easy. Everyone knows it's the guy who asks the girl out. Not the other way around. So quit acting like a girl and ask her!"

Kagome nodded "That's the same thing I was about to say. Just ask her so we can get on with our lives."

Miroku stood up, fire burning in his eyes, which of course was a rare sight. "You know what... you're right! I'm sure if I at least try she'll respect me, even if she says no." he turned and gave the two a nod "I'll see you two later." and with that he sped off toward Sango, who had just stepped out of his house.

"Wow!" Kagome gasped "You can see Sango's face reddening from here!"

Inuyasha nodded as they saw Sango's face turn cherry-red, and then they heard one excited Miroku. He was dancing around and jumping up and down for joy. "Oh brother." Inuyasha said as he and Kagome double-sweat-dropped.

Kagome percked up as she saw Sango do the same, and then they started to merrily dance with each other, this time Kagome dropped to the ground, her arms and legs twitching "They're doing the jitter-bug!" she laughed.

Inuyasha and Kagome heard one word come from Miroku's mouth after their little 'celebration' and that word was, of course, his favorite word in the world "BOSHIGADAY!" Of course now there were to many sweat-drops on Inuyasha and Kagome's heads to count. Miroku walked over cooly to the two and said calmly "You were right."

Inuyasha slapped his forehead and muttered "No! Really?"

Miroku nodded "Yes actually. Thanks. Now come on! It's getting dark! The party is about to begin!"


The sun was about set as the last of the guests arrived, and the pool spotlights were turned on. Miroku stood on the very top of a life-guard station, holding a michrophone up to his face, he called "Welcome one and all to my seventh annual Pool Party. On the left by the gates I hope you all collected your gift bags, there is a table still half loaded with them. On your right is the pool, remember why we had last years party canceled? Well we got a new feature, the under water cave! Okay last but not least is the food bar, located in the house as soon as you walk in. Now lets get this party started, on the whistle!" he turned on some music, the sound was so loud that everyone could hear it.

The crowd below was silent, waiting for the signal. Inuyasha leaned over and wispered in Kagome's ear "When the whistle is sounded, we all run over and dive into the pool, it's a tradition at Miroku's parties."

Kagome nodded and turned her head forward. Then the whistle sounded, everyone sprinted toward the pool, and jumped in. On her left Kagome felt the presence of Inuyasha, his red trunks were the most eye catching color in the pool, and on her right that of Sango. She felt the water ripple a bit and turned to see Miroku swimming beside Sango, his black trunks looking more of a navy color in the dim light of the under-water lights. She felt her chest pound as she made out a few small lights, at the entrance to the dark tunnel that lead to the cave. Her friends had all swam up to the top, so she decided to do the same.

When she broke the surface she gasped for breath, and looked around. Her three friends were swimming around neer the surface, catching their own breath. Kagome took a deep breath and plunged back down into the water. She swam down about fifteen feet under-water until she finally reached the cave. It was large, but most importantly dark. Kagome hesitated at the entrance, but ended up going inside anyways. Once she was inside an ice-blue aura seemed to sparkle inside the cave. It looked as though the lights were coming from the fake crystals that lined the ground. She turned her head as a few more of the erie yet beautiful lights slowly began to glow brighter. When she had gotten around to the middle of the cave, the lights had turned green-blue and she was starting to loose breath.

Kagome felt like she needed to inhale, but she knew that would not work, she'd probably fall unconcious and die. She shook the thought from her head and went on. The lights were now a faint lavender color, reflecting on the walls of the cave. She looked around as the lights turned pink, there was a second light coming from above her. I bet that, that's the cave's end! she thought happily. She swam up and soon broke the surface. She wiped some water from her eyes and looked around. This place was beuatiful! It was a large cavern with pearly walls that reflected the lights of the crystals. The crystals here were different too, they were much larger but dimmer. There was also a small water-fall that reflected the lights, making the water seem blue.

"Wow..." Kagome said as she stared in awe "It's so beuatiful......"

She swam to a small shore line covered with sapphire-blue sand. She stood up on the sand, it was warm beneith her bare feet. She looked over her shoulder as she heard the water brake, to see Inuyasha. She looked back to the walls "It's so beautiful in here." she wispered slightly.

She turned around to face Inuyasha who had taken hold of her shoulders "Yes it is." he wispered drawing his face near hers. Kagome's face felt a little hot as his face came even closer to hers. "But not as much as you." Kagome could hardly breath as his lips gently rested over her own. Then he came deeper into the kiss, but slowly letting her get use to the shock, and as soon as the shock wore off Kagome pressed her lips against his, savoring every moment. He rapped his arms around her waist and she rapped her arms around his neck. The moment seemed to last forever until Inuyasha pulled slightly away. Through his half closed lips he wispered "Kagome... Will you go out with me?" she replied with nothing more than a nod and an embrace. At last they reluctantly pulled away, letting their gaze rest into one anothers eyes.

Kagome set her head onto his shoulder, letting the warm feel of his skin settle into her face. She took a deep breath, he smelled slightly of chlorine, from the pool, and he smelled somewhat like colone, but just barley. The rest of him just smelled good, no particular smell at all, just his skin. They stood there a moment, letting the moment last as long as it could, and then they settled down onto the sand, staring up at the cave's ceiling. It was covered in small crystals that looked like star-shine. They sat for a little while before Kagome felt her eyes shut a little. She let out a faint yawn and settled into the sand a little more comftorably, letting her head rest on Inuyasha's shoulder. She let out one more yawn and closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Seven: A Promise by Cristin
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Inuyasha yawned. It had been two days since Miroku's party, and since Kagome agreed to go out with him. He looked up, their, once again, was his brother opening the windows. He always seemed to be going somewhere.... but where?

"I'm going out for a while tonight Inuyasha." he said coldly "I'll be back at about eleven."

Inuyasha rubbed the sleep from his eyes "Where the hell are you going this time?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

Sesshomaru shrugged and turned around saying "Just somewhere with Jaken and Rin." then walked out of the room.

Inuyasha shrugged and fell back onto his bed. He continued to stretch as he got up, sheilding the sun from his eyes with his sleeve. His mind was spinning as he walked into his bathroom, visions of two nights ago flooded back into his head. He had kissed Kagome! And now she was his girlfriend, the very thought filled him with joy. When he had finished getting ready for the day he walked out of his home, grabbing his keys on the way out. As he started to walk down the street he spotted none other than Kagome, who was wearing a bright yellow tank-top, a denim skort, and yellow flip-flops. He hair was tied up in a yellow pony-tail, and she was walking right towards him too. His golden eyes followed her as she walked up to him, and gave his cheek a small 'peck' if you will.

"Hey," she said in a calm voice "How are you today?"

Inuyasha smiled "Good, I'm really really good today."

Kagome coppied his smile "That's nice." she leaned into his side and said in an angry voice "School starts again in two weeks."

Inuyasha gave out a groan of anoyment "Quit telling me then!" he said in a playfull, yet scornful, voice.

"I'm not gonna!" she said back in an equal tone. She glanced up at him to see him smiling back.

"Well what are we doing today?" he asked

"What else! Your'e always complaining what a pig stie your house is! I called Sango and Miroku, today we're cleaning your house!"

Inuyasha seamed to give a sigh, then he said hesitantly "I don't think Sesshomaru would like that."

Kagome snorted "Then he can get over himself!"

Inuyasha smiled "Yah, you're right."

They walked to the park, letting the sun shine into their faces. The grass was now a deep emerald green, and the temperature was getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer. He looked up to see a few cardinals flying through the air, they seemed to dance on the wind. Since they had started walking, Kagome had been unusually qiuet. She was obviously trying hard not to show something, glanceing around time to time to see if anyone was watching. But Inuyasha knew something had to be rong. She stopped in front of him, her eyes wide-open in fear. She stepped back, her hands stiff at her side. Their, about twenty feet away, were the three kids who had almost killed her, but their was someone else with them. A fourth kid. He was wearing black pants, a black hoodie, and black shoes. His face was covered by the hood, but Inuyasha could see his maroon eyes staring at them. And in his hand he held one item. A gun.

"So." he said roughly "You thought you could escape? No, no you could not. Give me that jewel of yours, and I might just make your death fast and painless."

Inuyasha leapt to Kagome's side "Who the hell are you!"

The maroon eyed creep gave the most vitiuos smirk Inuyasha had ever seen. He could even feel Kagome trembling at his side.

"Why, I'm Naraku. Now give me that jewel Kagome, or I'll blow your fucking head off."

"N-n-n-n-no Naraku!" was all she could say.

Inuyasha knew their was a history here, between the two so he asked quickly "Kagome, who is this guy?"

She gulped quickly "His name is Naraku, he follows me because he wants my ancestor Kikyou's jewel. It's worth alot of money and he'll kill to get it."

Naraku gave a sickening laugh that made Kagome shudder, she ran behind Inuyasha and buried her face in the small of his back. Inuyasha glanced at Naraku who was laughing to himself "Give it to me now." he demanded.

Kagome's head shot up and she yelled "You'll have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands!"

Naraku's face turned angry in a split second, he raised his gun and yelled back "That is my plan!" In another split second he pulled his trigger, and the bullet shot off.

In under three seconds flat Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and ducked. The bullet hit the tree behind them, they had barley made it. He grabbed Kagome's rist and ran as fast as he could, trying not to make Kagome stumble. Finally they had out ran him, and they were now in a small forest. It was eirely quiet, not even a bird was chirping, no sounds were being made. The only sound there was, was the steady breathing of Inuyasha and Kagome. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry," she wispered "I'm so, so, so sorry I dragged you into this." She shook her head sorrowly.

Inuyasha looked down at the teary-eyed girl. Her sadness was enveloping him, his eyes softened and he pulled her into his lap. He rested his chin on the crown of her head, and began to rock back and forth as she cried. He didn't like it when she cried, he had no idea what to do. He never did. She rested her fore-head on his neck, and he could not do anything but sit there and let her cry. He patted her back as the crying died down, she shuddered and gasped as the last of the tears fell. Her face was red and a little puffy, but over all she looked fine. She pulled her head away from him and stared blankly down at the grass, the redness fading.

"Now," he said "What is the deal with that guy?"

Kagome still stared blankly but she replied "Like I said he wants the jewel. But the problem is... I can't let him have it. I'm doomed to be followed by him for the rest of my life, which may be cut short someday."

Inuyasha stared down at her in horror, was she serious? Did she really think he'd kill her? Kagome stood up and began to walk back to her home "Where are you going?" he asked as she turned back around.

Kagome stared at him a moment and then answered "To tell my mom so we can move again." she stared down at the ground, fresh tears filling her eyes.

Inuyasha abruptly stood up, fists clenched. He ran over and grabbed her shoulders, holding her steady. Her looked her straight in the eyes, letting his emotions get the better of him he screamed at her "You aren't moving! I won't let you!"

Kagome tried to move his hand as she gently said "Inuyasha, I-" But she was cut short as Inuyasha pressed his lips strongly against hers. All of her thoughts faded as she closed her eyes. The only thing that existed right now was Inuyasha and herself. Gods, she thought I don't want this to end! When she felt him pull away she opened her eyes again, looking straight into his.

"I don't want you to move, Kagome." he wispered "I wouldn't have a reason to do anything, let alone live."

She stared up into his golden eyes, they were unwavering and stared straight into her chocolate brown ones. She heaved a great sigh and said "Alright, I won't tell her this time. But if it happens again-"

"It won't," Inuyasha said sternly "I promise I'll make sure it never does again." He looked away and sighed. He turned back to her.

This was true, he would always keep this promise. That was for sure.


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Here comes Kikyou by Cristin
Author's Notes:

Well the three girls mentioned, Akako, Azami, and Michiko are MY characters. So no stealing! If you wish to use them, please ask my permission.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long update! My friend was in the hospital the whole week. She got in a car reck.... I really don't want to talk about it. But she's better and now I'm prepared to update sooner!


"Did you hear the news?" a red-haired girl said as she walked next to her sister, Azami "Kikyou moved back to town." her brown eyes followed the walls.

"That's great... but I don't think Kagome will think so." her short brown hair bounced as she walked, and her jade green eyes looked towards Inuyasha "You know how Inuyasha gets, Akako."

Akako's brown eyes drifted towards Kagome "I feel bad for her. Kikyou's 'gonna ruin everything that's between them! She moves away for months on end, and then moves back! Just to ruin his relationships."

Azami nodded "I'm jealous of Michiko! She gradguated a few months ago, and she doesn't have to deel with this kinda crap anymore!"

Akako rolled her eyes "What a sister! But wait.... isn't she like, going out with Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru?"

"Oh yah, that's right."

"I wonder how that's going for her!" That two girls laughed and walked further down the hall.

"Akako, your cap's coming off. And I think your stripes are showing through."

"Great, I'll be back." Akako muttered as she gripped her ball-cap tighter to her head as she made her way to the girl's bathroom. She was a tiger hanyou that did not like showing off the proof.

"Poor thing." Azami gripped her gloves tighter on her hands so not to show the signs of beeing a cheetah hanyou "At least I have regular human's ears. And I don't have a tail, thank God." she walked over to the bathroom, and waited for her sister.



"What's up with you today Sango?" Kagome asked as she took a bite of pizza.

Sango was to busy fiddlig with her fork, and she practically jumped at the sound of Kagome's voice. "SHHHH!" Sango said as she looked around "Anyone could have it!" she wispered angrily.

"Have what?" Kagome asked, looking puzzled.

Sango's hand went over Kagome's mouth "Promise not to tell?"

"Mhm." was all Kagome could mutter through her hand.

She pulled it away. "Okay... here goes." she took a long deep breath "SOMEONESTOLEMYDIARYLASTNIGHT!" Everyone stared. "That was 'kinda loud huh?"

"'Yah think?!" Kagome wispered back. "Did you make sure you checked your whole room?"

"Yah, I'm sure of it." She looked around as everyone started to go about their own business again. Sango sighed "I don't think it's in my house anymore..."

"Well as far I see it's either in your brother's room or... Miroku has it."

"What makes you think that?" Sango asked defensiveley. Kagome pointed to the black-haired boy sitting at another table across the room. In his hand he held a small pink journal. The lock had been proffesionaly opened and he was casually reading it. "Oh."

"Get over there!" Kagome said shoving her friend off of her seat.

"Why?!" Sango asked as she pushed against the shoving hands on her back.

"He is your boyfriend isn't he?" Kagome grunted as she continued to push her friend off of her seat "So why not just go and take it?"

"Because I'm sure he doesn't know it's mine! I don't. Write. Names!"

"Kyaa!" the two girls screamed as they fell off of their seats. As they looked up from where their faces had plummeted from the floor they heard a small ticking sound coming from above them. Stupid Miroku.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. I thought you would just come over and start yelling. So why did you just stay here and act as though something terrible were to happen my dear Sango?"


"I well- uh. Oh look a flying monkey!"

"And away she goes." Kagome sighed heaviley.

"So what was that all about?" Miroku asked puzzled.

"Give me that!" Kagome said as she swiped the diary from his hands. Tucking it in her pocket she replied "How should I know? I'm just as confused as you are."


"Ugh, MOM! Can we JUST. LEAVE ALREADY?" Kagome groaned as her mother pulled her through yet another aisle of cloathing "I think I already have enough school clothes. Not to mention school's already started!" Kagome was so caught up in her complaining that she didn't notice a girl pass her. The girl looked so much like her that Kagome had mentally put her out as a reflection of a mirror. The girl had stopped and watched her for a moment.

So that's her huh? she thought. Her long ebony hair was tied back in a bun. She wore a red skirt and a white blouse. She pulled her small black purse over her shoulder and walked out of the store to her car. As she unlocked the silver mustang she looked into the window. Her small white pomerranian was asleep in the back seat. She opened the door and sat in the drivers seat. Starting the car she closed the door and buckled her seat belt. "So that was her." she said to herself as she pulled out of the parking lot. "Good. At least I know who she is."


"Oh that was a close one! I'm really glad Kagome got my journal back!" Sango sighed as she flopped down onto her bed. She opened the pink booklet and started to tare a few pages out. Then pulled out a pen and scribbled over them. Then she threw them into the trash, not even getting up I should mention. "Two points!" she sighed. Hopefully Kohaku wouldn't go snupping again. she thought angrily.

"Hey sis?" Kohaku said nocking on the door "You got a minute?"

"A few hundred." Sango commented "What'cha need?"

"Some help with my homework." Kohaku said as he came into the room, book in hand. "I'm a little confused."

Sango took the math book from his hands. He wasn't very strong in math. But it was a good thing she was. "So what's your problem?"

"Well it's more like problems. You see, I don't qiute get how..." he pointed towards a problem.

"Oh! I see what you mean." Sango said as she took his book from his hands. "Okay, you see this?" a nod "Well if you multiply it by this, and then divide." another nod "And then you..."

"OH! Thanks Sango!" Kohaku said as he took it back "I get it now!" he stood up nad started to the door. Just before he headed out he turned around "Thanks again Sango!"

Sango smiled as he walked out the door casually. Everything was going for the better. That is, until night fell.

End Notes:

Yah, I know. It was short -_- But you can't blame me! Okay, maybe you can but please don't! I went through a terrifying experience last weekend! I almost lost my best friend to a drunk driver! Anyways, I didn't know if I wanted to write about Kohaku. My first idea was of him being kidnapped by Naraku. But overall I hope you enjoyed it!

Nine: An Unsilent Night by Cristin

All was silent. The moon was half way into the sky, and the stars shone brightly. Sango was in her living room- reading a book by the firelight, while Kohaku was in his bed upstairs sleeping.

'Graystripe stared at him, his eyes clouded with releif and gratitude.' Sango read in her mind. Sango rubbed an eye and yawned. It had been a big day for her. And now, sitting on a comfy couch in a warm room in some comfy Hello Kitty pajamas, life. Was. Good. 'Above them, the snow-heavy gorse offered them breif shelter from the storm that raged over their heads.' "The End." Sango said tieredly. She yawned once again, and rested her head in her hands. She reached for the remote and turned on the TV. "Heh, looks like Kohaku was watchin Cartoon Network." sighed Sango. "But looks like Adult Swim's on... Oh Squibillies! I love this show!" she put the remote down and watched.


Kohaku slept soundly. His blankets were spralled out and he was curled up from the slight little chill the breeze brought from the window. A shadowy figure stood in the tall oak outside of his window- maroon eyes watching the boy for a moment. Yes- he would do nicely. He reached into his pocket and found what he was looking for, lighter fluid. He quickly srayed the stuff all over Kohakus' room. He made a trail out of his door and down the stairs, and scowled when he saw a soft light glowing in the living room. Silently he crept down the stairs and stopped at the last step. Good, the bitch is asleep he thought and silently walked through the room. He sprayed more of the fluid through the house and smirked when he saw the fire. Carefully he made a trail to it, making sure he was nowhere near it he watched as the trail caught fire. He ran silently up the stairs, the fire followed closely behind. Clothes, furniture and curtains caught ablaze as the fire made its way through out the house.

Quickly he grabbed up the sleeping boy and threw him over his shoulder. Kohakus' eyes shot open as he felt himself being thrown up in the air "Let me go! Sango! SANGO HELP! LET GO!" he kicked and yelled but fell silent as he saw that the house was on fire. Naraku lept though the window and started to jump tree to tree. Kohaku knew his sister was still inside "Sango! Sango! SANGOOOOO!"


Miroku opened his eyes slightly as his phone rang. Without a word he put it on speaker "Yah." he said sleepily.

"Miroku!" it was Kagome "Turn on your TV! Quickly! Channel 6! Move it!"

Quickly he sat up, reached for his remote and turned the television on.

And now a breaking news flash!

"At 2:45 am this morning a fire caught at 11603 Coral Drive. Only one was found in the fire, Sango Taijiya. She was found unconcous in the homes' living room. Minor burns were found but she is alive and currently at Paulownia Hospital. Experts say that the fire was started manually, there for, it was set ablaze by an outside force. If you have any information on who could have started the fire please call 1-496..."

"Sango!" he yelled as he rocketed forth from his bed.

"Yes! But she's alright. I figured I'd tell you first. Inuyasha and I will meet you there." came Kagomes' voice. She sounded as worried as Miroku looked, her voice thick with concern.

"Alright. See you there." they said their good-bye's and hung up. Miroku grabbed his keys and rushed outside. At least she's alright, he thought. He jumped into his car Hang on Sango! We're coming!


"She will see you now." the nurse said to the three friends "But please be quiet, she cracked her skull when she fell." she led them to a room with the number 274. She carefully opened the door "Miss Taijiya," she called softly "You have visitors."

Sango turned to face her "Thanks. Send them in." she had a bandage wrapped around her head and she had many around her arms, covering her burns. Her eyes were glazed over in pain, but she managed. The three friends came into the room, Miroku ahead of them. He walked silently over and grasped he hands in his.

"Oh Sango." he wispered. He freed a hand and carressed her cheek "Are you alright?"

She nodded slowly "Yes Miroku I'm fine." she gave him a peck on the hand.

"They couldn't find Kohaku.." Inuyasha stated sadly. He was flustered. Who could have done this?

"They said that I was the only one in there." Sango said confusedly "When I asked thm about Kohaku they said that they hadn't found another person or body in there... Wait!" she exclaimed "Where's Kirara!?"

"Calm down Sango." Miroku wispered soothily "I asked and they said she's being looked over by a specialist."

"Oh what a releif!" sighed Sango. Her tied-back hair came loose and covered her face. Miroku took her hair and retied it. Sango blinked gratefully as she settled back down into her pillow. "Miroku, can you get me some water?" she asked after a moment of silence.

"Sure." he stood up and went out the door. Looking back to make sure she was alright one last time he left for a fountain.

"They said my house was burned to the ground." Sango stated quietly. She saw Inuyasha and Kagome nod "Yeah... Inuyasha?"


"You have to find Kohaku for me." she pleaded. She could feel her eyes well-up with tears "Please! Please at least try!"

"I don't know Sango-" he said starkly. He scowled "His scent was probably burned away."

"That's why I have this..." she said quietly. She pulled out a pillow case "Before I passed out I ran up into his room and took it. I thought if I had something with his scent on it, you could find him." her eyes were pleading.


"Please Inuyasha?" Kagome took his hand "Do it for Sango...?"

"Alright." he said giving her hand a sqeeze. "But I think I have an idea on who did this..."

"Who?" the girls both asked.

Inuyashas' face was grim "Naraku."

They gasped.


Yeah I know... Short chapy right? Oh wellz! I'd like to thank my readers for well... reading! ^_^ The story is about half over for all who are wondering. Reviews? Thanks ye kindly!


End Notes:

For all of you who don't know what book Sango's reading- it's Fire And Ice from the WarriorS series by Erin Hunter. Just thought I'd let ya'll know! :)

An Unpleasant Day by Cristin

"So you say you think this man, Naraku, started that fire and kidnapped the boy?" the officer asked while stroking his mustach all the while, brown eyes flicking from person to person.

"That's right." Sango said from her place next to Miroku. Her head was still bandaged up, but her burns had dissapeared. Her dark brown hair was up in a messy bun, and her eyes were close to tears. "How could I have just fallen asleep and let him be taken?!" she wispered to herself. Miroku soothily rubbed her shoulder, and using his free hand he- "Don't even think about it Kazaana!" she quickly said before he had a chance to carress her ass.

"Eh, right!" he said quickly and scooched his chair out of reach of her hand.

The policeman watched them suspicuosly, and took a drink of his coffe "Do you have a discription of this man?"

"Well," Kagome said quietly "He's tall- maybe 6.5? Black hair, and uh... maroon eyes I'm guessing."

"Mmhmm, 6.5, black hair, and yah maroon eyes, sure." though he wispered 'sure' to himself. He tapped the pen on the paper "Do you have any idea where we could find this man?"

"The allies of downtown." Kagome said. She knew he always prefurred the dark, less used parts of towns or cities. She shuddered as she remembered the first time she saw Naraku... She had only been eight.


A small girl ran through the dark allie ways, carefull to make sure not to run into rats and garbage cans. Closely held to her was a small pink jewel that was covered by a cloth, as to not let light escape. She kept running until she was out of breath.

"I " huff "Can't keep" huff "Running forever. Oh mom! Please be okay!" she wispered. Her short black hair covered her face as she drew up her legs to her chest. She huddled in silence behind a large dumpster. Surely the garbage would hide her scent!

"So that's where you wnet." came an uncaring voice. Kagome's eyes shot open as she heard her. Kagura! "You might as well come out. I'm not going to hurt you. That bastard Naraku is sick minded if he thinks I'm going to kill a defenseless kid."

"Kagura, surely you know he will have your head for this?" came a soft emotionless voice. Kanna's blank eyes shifted from the ground to the Wind Sorceress. Her elbino hair shifted slightly to her shoulders from behind her back "This is the third time you have let the child go."

"So let her go," Kagura said simply, her redish eyes flicked to the dumpster "Come on already, what's the hold up? Get out of here before Naraku shows up."

"Before who shows up?" came a wicked voice. His long ebony hair covered his face, and he wore a long black trench coat. "So Kagura? You're going to let that jewel get away from me?"


"Save it. Kanna, get the girl." Kanna simply bowed her head slightly and walked slowly towards the dumpster. Kagome's eyes were clouded over with horror when Naraku lifted the hair from his face. His eyes were blood red! Kanna came over and quietly wispered "Get out of here. Leave the jewel and you may just escape with your life." There was a hint of pleading in her voice.

"No." Kagome said quickly. She bolted from behind the dumpster and started to run. She heard a gun shot, and imediatly felt a grate pain in her shoulder. She'd been shot! "Ahhh!" she screamed in pain through clenched teeth. Gripping her arm she kept running until she could no longer see the dark allies in sight...

Kagome was snapped from her thoughts as she felt Inuyasha's arm come around her shoulders. She looked at him surprised "You okay?" he asked. She nodded her head "Good, now let's get going." He stood up and grabbed her purse for her. She gratefully eccepted it and let him help her up. Once outside the group headed for Miroku's car. But then-

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" came a voice. A girl that looked almost exactly like Kagome came running from out of nowhere and embraced him.

"K-Kikyou?" he asked stunned.

"Excuse me?" Kagome said "Exactly who are you?" her eyes burning with anger.

"Why I'm Kikyou. Ya know? Inuyasha's girlfriend?" she examined Kagome. By Gods she looked just like her!

"You are not!" Inuyasha said as he pushed her away. He crossed his arms and scowled at her.

"Oh I know you missed me you big puppy!" she said trying to hug him, he pushed her away though. She looked back at Kagome "And who are you?"

"I'm Kagome. I'm Inuyasha's girlfriend." her ebony hair bounced as she ripped Kikyou away from him and started to walk off.

Miroku came in between them as they looked like they were about to fight "Ladies, ladies. Please? Can we stop this nonsense?" his hands reached where they shouldn't of had.


A three way crossblow from Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyou. But Kikyou looked sternly at Inuyasha "I wouldn't have expected you." she said hotly. She crossed her arms.

"Do what?" he retorted.

"Why, date a girl who looks exactley like me to ease your pain of my moving away that's what." her eyes glowed in satisfaction as she watched Kagome's reaction. Perfect.

"Is that why you asked me to date you?" she said in a horrified tone. Her eyes grew wider and full of expression.

"What? NO! Kikyou you bitch! Cut it OUT!" he said as he wipped his head from girl to girl, white hair following. "This is exactly what you did before! You bitch!"

"Tisk tisk Inuyasha." she stated coldly "It's not my fualt you're still in love with me."

The hanyou rolled his eyes "Just get the hell away from me!" he grabbed Kagome by the waist with one arm and headed for the car. Sango and Miroku followed closely behind. "Get in the back."

"But it's my car!" Miroku said indignatley.

"I don't care." and they were off.


Get the girl suspicous- Check

Get the guy mad- Check

Have the girl walk in on him and I in a 'private' moment- soon to be check.

Kikyou set down the small notebook in her car as she got out. She had followed Inuyasha and his friends to a eighteen and older club. Wonder what they're doing here Kikyou thought But this just works to my advantage. I just pull Inuyasha into the girl's bathroom, wait for that little bitch and kiss him like there's no tommorow. Piece of cake. She chuckled softly and went inside. She wore a small black leather dress that exposed way to much thie, matching heels, deep red lipstick, and her hair in a bun. "Hey!" came a druken voice. Kikyou turned around unimpressed to see a tall, red headed boy, coming her way. He was drunk alright, she could tell as he staggered towards her "You're hot."

"Yah. I know." she said irritaly. She reached into her purse. Surely it would come in handy.

"You wanna go to my place, and get a little crazy?" he asked, his hands snaking around her waist. She pulled out what she was holding from the purse.

"No. No I don't." she said as she realised the burning liquid into his eyes. Pepper spray.

"Ah! AHH! MY EYES! GODDAMN YOU BITCH!" he yelled. Kikyou just rolled her eyes and disapeared into the crowd of drunks. Carefully making sure that Kagome didn't see her Kikyou made her way to the drinks. Good she said as she spotted Inuyasha He's drunker than hell she smirked and swept her gaze to his friends. Sango was quietly sitting next to Miroku, who was making sure she didn't drink, due to her head injury. Inuyasha and Kagome were dancing, a little to close for Kikyou's concern. She pulled out a small hand mirror and turned around as to make sure they didn't see her. She angled the mirror to watch, and was irate when she saw them kiss. She mentally shook herself. The bitch would pay!

"I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back." Kagome said after what seemed like an eternaty to Kikyou. Maybe she should make her move now. Judging on how long it had taken her to go, it would be a while before she got a good chance. This will have to do. She waited until Kagome was around the corner and set her plan into action.

She rushed up to him "Hey handsom!" she said.

"Ki-kyou, what'er you doin here?" he asked drunkily. He blinked his blurred eyes. What was she doing?

There she is! "Say Inuyasha?" she said as she walked closely up to him, making sure their bodies touched.

"Yeah?" he asked as he tried to pry her off of him.

She kissed him before he could close his mouth, and forced her toung into his mouth.

Kagome gasped in horror as she watched the display. How could he? Tears filled her eyes and she ran as fast and far as she could. She shoved the club doors open and ran out into the empty street. She looked around and spotted an alley, ignoring her fears she ran inside, and started crying.

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Eleven: Saved by Cristin

'He wants her, not me...' Kagome thought pitifully. She had ran until she couldn't run anymore. Hiding behind a large dumpster, filled with trash. She knew it would hide her scent, so he couldn't find her. Quietly she burried her head into her arms, wich were crossed accross her drawn up knees. Her mascara had been smeered by her sobbing, which she could not control. She punched the side of a dumpster next to her, making it rumble and vibrate from the force of the impact. "I'm such an IDIOT!" she half screamed, half wispered to herself. She ripped the small hair band out of her hair, letting it fall over her tear-staned face. She gave a weak sniffel, and slumpped up against the dumpster, not caring about the smell and the cold metal. She reached one hand up and wiped off her face. She stopped though at hearing a noise.

I't better not be Inuyasha!' she silently swore. She wipped around, just in time to see a familiar white-haired.... Girl? 'Shit! Kana!'

"Come," the albino girl instructed. The small miror in her hand reflecting sickening white light from the street lamps. The mirror began to glow and... slowly Kagome stood up.

'Wh-what's happening to me!?' she screamed in her head 'I have no control over my body!'

She followed until they came into a dark ally, and out of the shadows a shape came.



"Kikyo!" Inuyasha yelled as he shoved her away "Get the HELL away from me!" By now several people were staring at the scene before them. Several had seen the crying girl rush out of the building, and many of them suspected the worst as she had ran into the allies. The poor girl probably wouldn't come back out again.

"But Inuyasha! I love you!" she said desperatley. She was losing to a girl who had just run to her death sentence for Christs' sake!

"Bull pucky!" Miroku stated under his breath (lol bull pucky, my grandma used to say that). Sango rolled her eyes.

"You're nothing but a filthy slut!" Inuyasha yelled. Oooooh yes, that got her steamed. But it was true, she was. She had slept with several men, and when she was dating him too! And yet after he broke up with her, with great reason, she had set herself to destroy any relationships he had had except for her. Pitty. She was kinda pretty, but that was only the books' cover, so to say.

"Hey man!" came a druken voice "That ain't no way to treat a lady!"

"Shut the hell up!" he yelled. He wipped his head around to glare at the crowd, which quickly broke up, not wanting to get the life beaten out of them. He turned back to Kikyou who was starting to fake cry. "Damnit Kikyou!" he said harshly "I ain't fallin for anymore of your frickin tricks! Now get the hell out of my sight!"

"She won't win Inuyasha. She can't." and with that she turned around and stormed off outside to her car.

"Damned bitch better stay out of my myspace too." he grumbled. Then he remembered about Kagome and quickly ran to the door, he called Miroku and Sango, who followed without hesitation. The three ran out into the dark allies, Inuyasha following Kagomes' scent. 'Please be okay Kagome,' he thought despratley 'Please don't let that bastard hurt you!'


Now Kagome was panicked. In the short time you readers left she had been stripped of her shirt. 'Oh God help me!' she prayed silently.

"Where is it?" he said roughly as he took out a small pocket knife. He draped it across her arms and aske once again "Where!"

"I-I t-told you that I d-don't ha-have it-t!" she wimpered as the knife was pressed hard onto her skin. She gave a slight cry of pain as blood began to drip from it. He pressed the knife to her stomach. She shook her head as tears filled her eyes "Please, don't" she begged.

"I won't if you tell me where it is,"

"I-I don't know! I swear! My mom took it somewhere! I don't have it! Please STOP!" she screamed slightly as the blade dug itself within her flesh (poor kags). He pulled it up her stomach, still in her flesh, until he came to her bra. "No! P-Please st-stop!" she said inbetween sobs of pain.

"Then tell me where she took it!" he some-what hissed.

"I don't know! I swear to God! I don't-" she was cut short as the blade went deeper, cutting somewhat into her rib cage. She gave out a loud cry of pain as tears streemed quickly down her face, falling from her chin to the ground in the faint moonlight. She felt the blade quickly asend, cutting through her bra and reveiling her bare chest. Blood seeped quickly from her wound and she fell over in a heep, due to the blood loss.

"What shall I do with her?" Kanna asked quietly.

"Nothing," Naraku responded harshly "She knew nothing about where that jewel is. She is no use to us and probably will never be. The wounds are'nt to serious, but she will die eventually if she keeps bleeding like that." he turned quickly and walked back deeper into the ally. Kanna didn't move for a moment, and then followed without hesitiation, leaving a bleeding Kagome behind.


"I think I found her scent again!" Inuyasha said after a moment. They had been searching the ally, by scent and by sight. But Inuyasha had lost her trail behind a large dumpster, but had quickly caught it again. "I smell the scent of Naraku though," he said quietly, reffuring to Kannas' scent, which was mingled closely with Narakus'. 'They must be related' he thought.

"Hey," Miroku said, picking up something green "Isn't this Kagomes' strapless shirt?" either he was still drunk or he was just perverted. But he was right, it was her shirt!

Inuyasha stared in horror. Why would she be back here.... shirtless? He turned around as he smelt... blood!? And not just any blood! Kagomes' blood! That's when he saw her, behind a dumpster, bare-chested and covered with blood. Unconcious. "Kagome!" he yelld as he ran over to her, although he knew she couldn't hear him. He tok off his shirt and rapped it around her, trying to stop the bleeding and covering her at the same time.

"Oh no..." he heard Sango wisper. She carefuly staggered toward them, and sat on her knees by Inuyasha carefully wiping away tears that still clung to the girls' skin. "We should ger her to a hospital," she said quietly "But these aren't that serious."

"But we still should." Miroku said sadly as he stood over them.


When she woke up, she didn't know what to think. She was in a large white room, in a soft bed covered in white blankets. 'How did I get here?' she thought tiredly. She blinked slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the light. She slolwy turned her head to the left to see her three friends asleep in chairs that were a few feet away from her bed. Her eyes drifted up to a wall where a clock was perched, clicking the seconds away. 'It's four in the morning,' she thought 'And I'm in the frickin hospital... AGAIN!' she scowled slightly. "Why am I so damn weak!" she wispered "This is the nineth time for Gods' sake!" she let her head plop back onto the pillow, savoring the softness.

She slowly, and quietly as she could, pulled the covers off her chest to inspect the damage. "Well that's gonna be the nineth scar in the last four years," she wispered half to herself. "Oh and the bleeding stopp-" she froze as she pulled out a small peice of paper from underneath the bandages. Hr fingers slightly drifted accross it for a moment and then she opened it. It was a letter of cut-out letters from magazines and newspapers, which read:

I have him, Kohaku. And he will die if I don't get the money. You know what money I'm talking about Kagome. Tell his sister that if she wants to see him again, ALIVE, that you four will have to come up with twenty thousand dollars. Or your little jewel. Either way, it all works out. You have my word he will be returned safley and that I will forever be out of your pethetic little lives if you give me that jewel. And you know I'm a man of my word. Saturday nine pm. In the ally. Bring the money or the jewel or else the boy dies. It's your choice.


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Total Truth by Cristin
Author's Notes:
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'So he did take Kohaku!' Kagome thought. Great. Just great. A thirteen year-old boy in the hands of the most wanted criminal in Japan. JUST GREAT! Her head fell against the pillow as she gave a wimper of pure defeat. She was stuck. She didn't have that kind of money. And there was no way in the seven hells she was giving up the jewel! 'But it said the money Sango had.' she thought as she gazed at her sleeping friend. Her head injury had almost completley healed, as today she was scheduled to have the bandages removed. This news was just going to give her emotional problems she didn't need.

She gave a slight sigh. She had gotten her friends into this. Even when she was little she had sworn not to have anyone outside her family involved. She had even sworn to try not to make friends. But her sparkling personality had made sure she had never gotten that accomplished. To make things worse, her best friend had almost died in a fire caused by Naraku, making it her fualt in the first place. Things basically sucked in her life.

"Every day," she wispered "I wish I had never found that jewel in the first place." So many years ago, when she had been in kindergarden, she had found the jewel in a locked case. The case had been under her basement stares at the house she had once lived in. She had opened it, only to be cursed to protect it at any cost. So many times she had tried to put it back, and to lock the case, but so many times it would unlock in the dead of night.

"You must find the key" her mother had said "That is the only way you can lock it for good."

Kagome groaned. Her life was terrible! She glanced over at her sleeping companions. 'Or maybe not...' her gaze drifted over each of her companions. Maybe life didn't suck so badly... These people, were her friends. Had excepted Kagome into their lives, no matter how much she warned them how dangerous it was. Then her eyes met a pair of golden ones. Inuyasha had woken up right about as Kagome had groaned. Her eyes were still a little distant, as though they couldn't focus all the way.

"How ya feelin?" he asked. She just turned away. He could understand why, Kikyou, the bitch, had tricked her into thinking something that she shouldn't have. It wasn't right, and Kikyou was going to get what was coming to her. He stood up and grabbed his chair, walked over, and sat beside her bed. "Listen," he wispered "I know it was Kikyou who kissed me but, I take the blame. She took advantage because I was... more or less... drunk. Hell! I shouldn't even have been drinking in the first place! I'm barely over age!" that made her giggle slightly and turn back to him.

"Note to self," she wispered "Never go to Kogas' birthday party again!"

He gave her a mock punch on her arm "See! Now you're talking!" Those two, Inuyasha and Koga, had been sworn enemies ever since their mothers had introduced them, at the age of three! Whenever one looked in the others' direction, there was a fight. Whenever one, say, tripped the other, all hell would break loose in school. SHIT! School! Great, the teachers knew how these high school birthday parties went. They'd check the students for consumption of drugs, alchol, the works. And then they would send any females with drugs in their systems to a hospital to make sure they weren't pregnant! They were worse then parents! This thought gave her a headache. She gave a slight groan of irritaion and flopped her head back onto her pillow. "Something I said?" he asked.

"No," she said "Just the thought of going back to school... I don't wanna.... well you know."

He smirked "You mean you really don't want someone sticking a cutip up your- mumphmphh!"

"Shut UP!" she said after she had managed to cover his over-active mouth. "Now tell me," she said "Excactley how many bottles did you have?" He pointed to his mouth. "Fingers." he rolled his eyes and showed the number seven with his fingers. She imediantly dropped his face, earning it in a spot iy shouldn't have been... square on her chest. (You know what I mean) "Get off!" she harshly wispered. A mumbled "No," came from... well... you know. "C'mon! Get off Inuyasha!" she hissed as she pushed him slightly "That's where I was cut remember?" he imediantly removed his face and smirked.

"Some other time then." he said stupidly.

"In your dreams." she replied. She shook her head. Boys. "Anyways," she said " I know it wasn't your fualt, it was... just the fact that you were kissing her just got the better of me. I'm sorry you guys had to worry over me."

Inuyasha took her hand in his "Kagome, you have nothing to be sorry for." she smiled and he smiled back. And for the first time, since everything became so serious...

They kissed.

It was long, but sweet. Her lips parted oh-so-slightly, as did his, and their tongues danced for supremisy. Then they broke apart for air. "I have to go do something important." he said after a moment "I'll be back in a little while okay?"

She gave a warm smile "Kay."


Now that he had Kagome sure he wasn't a two-timing bastard he felt more at ease. Now all he had to do was find Kikyou, and sever all ties with her. Starting with his cell phone (wich he rarely used) he deleted her off of his list, even though he hadn't called her since the day he broke up with her. That's why she had never really let him go. He had broken up with her, and she had a grudge. She had ruined every relationship he had had. She had even ruined his relationship with another hanyou, Azami. She refused to let him date, unless it was her. The crazy bitch!

At last he had reached his destination, Kikyous' house. He needed to tell her it was over, and had always been. This was it... He was at her door... Just knock moron!... Almost... there...!


"Inuyasha!" Kikyou squeeled. He gave her a cold look. Kikyou lived alone, so of course she was probably thinking he came for one reason... Which he wasn't!

"Kikyou, I need to talk to you." he said sternly. She nodded eagerly and let him inside. 'This is going to break her heart...' he rolled his eyes 'Well I've done it once, and she still isn't over it.' Kikyou motioned for him to sit down and she sat across from him. Her home was HUGE! Well it made sense, seeing as her father was a succesful business man and her mother was a scientist. The walls in her living room were painted maroon, and was bordered by crown molding. Her kitchen was a soft peach and her bedroom was white. White like snow. Everything! Her carpets were spotless and countless maids bustled about on the second floor of the building.

"Shoot!" she said.

"Kikyou, I know that we broke up. And obviously you aren't over it." her face fell "Kikyou you need to understand that we gotta move on. You can't keep holding this stupid grudge against me anymore." Maids were peering over the second floors' balcony, listening to the conversation.

"So what do you want me to do?" she asked in a harsh tone. She had always had a few... mental problems. One minute she was happy and the next... You thought she was going to kill you!

"Kikyou, I ask that you just please move on. Find someone else. Find someone who will love you no matter what. Not for your money but just... For you." she gripped the tea cup that was in her hand, making it give off a soft crack. She gripped it tighter until small cracks began to cascade down the cup, until it began to break. And then....

It shattered.

"Leave." she muttered. Inuyasha nodded and stood up. He quietly made his way to the door and left. Kikyou glared at the door until she heard Inuyashas' car speed off. After a moment she called for one of the maids, who took the shattered remains of her cup and mopped up the floor, but there was still a stain. Her hand reached for the phone and she dialed a number. The phone rang for a few moments and then it was answered.


"I'll do it."


She hung up the phone, an evil grin on her face. "You will be mine Inuyasha!" she laughed evily "And your pretty little slut of a girlfriend won't know what's coming to her!"


Far off in the deepest and darkest ally came a chuckle "Foolish bitch." came the sinister voice. A wine glass was held in the persons' hand, spining the remaining droplets of wine inside. "Doesn't know what's coming to her."



Cristin: I looooooove cliffies! Don't you guys?

Inuysha: No

Miroku: I do!

Cristin: Oh yes, that reminds me!........... (grabs hammer) HENTAI! (wacks Miroku on the head) How the HELL did you get that picture of me in a bathing suit!?

Miroku: (rubs head) I uhhh..... found it?

Cristin: Mhm and I'm a monkeys uncle

Shippou: You are!?

Cristin: NO! There's two problems with your theory. 1: I'm a GIRL! and 2: Do I LOOK like a monkey to you!?

Inuyasha: Yes

Cristin: Inuyasha that was mean! That hurts (puts hands to heart) right here.

Kagome: Anyways we were wondering If you guys (the readers) missed these little character conversations. If you did please tell us and we'll be sure to put more up!

Sango: Yah, I kinda missed being able to say random things that have nothing to do with the series OR the fanfic.

Miroku: I hear you! (pulls out pictures of Sango in swimsuit)

Cristin&Sango: HENTAI! (wacks miroku with more hammers)

Miroku: Twinkle twinkle little star.... (faints)

Sango: He fainted

Cristin: In a manly way

Kagome: Singing twinkle twinkle little star?

Cristin: .....Yes

Inuyasha: Are you a flirt or something?

Cristin: (shifty eyes) Maaaaaybe

Everyone: (stares at Cristin)

Cristin: Okay fine!..... I'm not.

Inuyasha: (cocks eyebrow)

Cristin: Okay! Well that's it for now! Bye all!

Everyone: Bye! (waves)

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Thirteen: Shipps Ahoy! by Cristin
Author's Notes:

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Cristin: So yet another chapter! :)

Kagome: (turns on i-pod)

Cristin: So Sango how have you been?

Sango: Good! :)

Miroku: She's been better than good! She's been naughty.

Cristin: O.O You don't mean....!?

Sango: EWWW NO!

Miroku: Kidding, kidding!

Cristin: So what do you mean?

Sango: (mumbles)

Cristin: Yes Sango?

Sango: I... stoleoneofyourcookies!!!

Cristin: (eye twitch).........NAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNIIIIII!?!?!?!? (what)

Shippou: Now you guys are in for it... You’re a bunch of idiots...

Miroku: Shippou that hurts! (puts hands on heart) right here!

Cristin: HEY! (punches Miroku) You stole my signature!

Miroku: Mary had a little lamb.... (faints)

Cristin: Again with the manly fainting!?

Kagome: (random singing) I NEED A MIRACLE! I WANNA BE YOUR......

Cristin: AHHHH! (covers ears) MY EARS!

Kagome: (turns off i-pod) Woops....

Inuyasha: Yah. Woops.


Everyone but Shippou and Kagome: NO PLEASE DON'T!!!

Kagome: Okay... (walks away)

Cristin: We're screwed

Miroku: What makes you say that?

Cristin: She's gonna get pissed and come back. -_-" And then kick our asses!

Sango: (gulps)

Miroku: (clears throat)

Inuyasha: (looks away)

Cristin: Ano... ANYWAYS I figured that the next charrie conversation will be: Kikyou and the seven hells!

Kikyou: Wait! What!?

Cristin: (maniacal laughter) Oh and remember people I neither love nor hate Kikyou!

Kikyou: You better not hate me!

Cristin: But I love Inuyasha! If I didn't why would I wake up at 5:30 or 5:00 in the morning to watch it?

Inuyasha: Love which? The show or me?

Cristin: (smiles sweetly) Both!

Miroku: (eye twitch)

Sano: O.O

Shippou: (falls on ground in laughter)

Cristin: Truth be told I could die a happy woman if I had a laptop with DSL and a lock of that hair.

Inuyasha: (gulps as random scissors dance into the room)

Kagome: I didn't know scissors could dance!

Cristin: (shifty eyes) Me either... (moves hand, making scissors do the can-can)

Inuyasha: That's it. I'm locking my bedroom door from now on

Cristin: (makes scissors break-dance) Soon your hair will be mine puppy boy!

Inuyasha: (runs)


Shippou: Okay then... (reads script) Yay! I'm in this one!

Cristin: (continues to chase Inuyasha)

Inuyasha: (falls)

Cristin: (maniacal laughter) You're mine! (pins inu to the ground)

Inuyasha: GET OFF!

Cristin: Make me! (jumps up and down on inus' back)

Inuyasha: OW! STOP IT!

Everyone: >.<"

(Total randomness. Sorry if I scared any of you)


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Chapter 13: Shipps Ahoy!

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"Stupid little kitsune brat! Show some respect for the Elementary Basketball Team!" said a young boy. His lighter brown hair was close cut and he had lighter brown eyes to match. A few other boys surrounded him, all wearing the same black and red uniforms. A girl or two stood behind them all, telling them to stop, but there were to many boys for the girls to handle.

From the hand of the leader of the group of boys dangled a small kitsune, who was being held up by his tail. He hated when anyone did that, especially the care takers. "Put me down!"

He shook him "What was that!?" he demanded. The boy had the number '3' on his uniform, and he wore a pare of brand-new sketchers. The kitsune glared and wriggled under his hold, teal colored eyes filled with hatred.

"I said... LET GO!" he said as he disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. The children looked around, bewildered (accept for the girls).



"Kaede?" the kitsune squeaked. An old woman looked out from her place at a small kitchen, sympathy filling her eyes by the look on his face. The poor baby was about to cry.

"Come Shippou," she said kindly as she crouched, arms spread open to catch the small kitsune. Shippou ran into her embrace and started to cry. He was the only one here, along with the care taker, Kaede, at the orphanage. He had lived here for years, and had only been adopted once. His adoptive mother was single, but she had been murdered in a hold-up at a bank. The poor orange haired boy was all alone in the world, and both human and youkai alike looked down on him for being weak and unprotected.

Time and time again the government attacked the orphanage, who could not pay. The small building was in great debt, debt that was only held up by Kaedes' retirement funding from her old job. She refused to let the orphanage go bankrupt until she was able to give Shippou a home. She heard a sniffle and a few muffled sobs. She looked down to see him wiping a few stray tears from his cheeks. "Better now?" she asked smoothly as silk. A small nod came from the kitsune as he looked up.

"Kaede, do you think I'll ever have a home?"

"I would never doubt it for a moment child." Kaede said as she stroked his silky ginger-colored hair. He gave her a tremendous smile and leapt from her arms. He ran over to the door of the small building.

“I'll be back later!” he called as he leapt from the doorway and onto the concrete. Kaede watched him go until she could no longer see his small light ginger colored tail among the crowd. She sighed and shook her head.

“He’s such a nice child. It is a shame that he has to live his life like this.”


“Well alright than Miss Higurashi! I’m letting you go home, but I warn you do not over exert yourself!”

“I won’t Dr. Saito.” Kagome promised. She took a small box the doctor had handed her.

“Good. Now remember take two of the red for infection and one of the blue for pain.” the brown haired woman said. She picked up a small piece of paper, scribbled her signature, and then handed it to Kagome. “You also need to pick up this prescription.”

Kagome took the small piece of pink paper and blinked in confusion. “What’s it for?”

Dr. Saito pushed her large round glasses up to the bridge of her nose and opened her leaf colored eyes. “It’s to keep your blood flow regular.”

Kagome gave a bright smile to the young woman. “Thanks Dr. Saito!” The young doctor bowed slightly and opened the door for the teenager. After Kagome left the small room she walked outside of the hospital. Last night she had done nothing but stare out her window at the quarter moon. It was September now, and that night it had rained hard. The morning air outside the large white building was crisp and a little chilly, which made Kagome shiver and pull up the hood on her white sports jacket. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Mirokus’ number. The phone rung for a few moments, until the young black-haired man answered.


“Hey Miroku!” Kagome said cheerily “Guess who just got out of the clink!”

She heard a laugh “Now you’re comparing the hospital to prison?” she heard another laugh “Well I’m glad you’re feeling better, Kagome.”

“Thankies!” Kagome joked. She giggled slightly “Anyways can Sango and yourself pick me up? I haven’t been able to get a hold of Inu. I think he turned his cell off.”

“No problem!” said Miroku “We’ll be right over!”

“Thanks! I owe you one!”



Ending the call she clicked a few buttons until coming to her main screen. It was one of her favorite pictures. It was of herself, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku holding up Buyo as though he were Simba from “The Lion King”. She giggled at how funny it looked. Buyo was bug-eyed (wide eyed) and was staring down at the floor as though he were going to fall. Miroku had one hand underneath the cats front leg, Kagome had a hold of the other, and Inuyasha and Sango were supporting his back legs. Souta had taken to picture.

She remembered that day too. After they had posed Buyo had jumped out of their arms and landed on Sangos’ head, making her fall to the floor. After picture taking they had the urge to watch all three. The Lion King, The Lion King 2, and The Lion King 1/2 even though they were little kids movies. Kagome had dared Miroku to hit Inuyasha over the head after the scene with the Rafiki and Simba. Sango had caught a picture of the event, before and after and Kagome had recorded it on her cell phone.

“That’s right I still have it!” Kagome giggled out. She clicked a few more of the buttons until she reached her video list. “Where is it...?” she whispered. Finally she found what she was looking for: It was titled “Miroku as Rafiki”:

“Miroku,” Kagome whispered “I dare you to hit Inu over the head!”

“What!?” he whispered back.

“Like Rafiki! Just do it!” she reached slowly behind the recliner behind her and pulled out a thick yard stick. “When Rafiki hits Simba- Hit Inuyasha! Sango you watching?” Her answer was a nod.

Miroku stood and mouthed to Kagome “If I die... I blame YOU!” She chucked the yard stick at him, letting him catch it. He rolled his eyes and lifted the piece of wood over his head and waited for the scene. Sango picked up her phone and....


“WHAT THE HELL MIROKU!?!?!?” Inuyasha yelled. As he balled his hands into fists. He jumped up and Miroku ran, a giggling Kagome video still video recording.

“Sango get a good shot!” she said around laughter as her friend pulled out a camera. The camera clicked and sent out flashes of light.


“Oh so it’s my fault huh?” she called from the basement hallway.

Inuyasha turned around “So what if it is?”

“I’LL! Well... Do something...” she answered uncertainly.

“Like what?” Sango said from behind her.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Kagome complained. She looked around for the yard stick Miroku had dropped. Spotting it she put down her phone. She picked it up. “DO THIS!” she yelled out as she ran up the stairs. She wasn’t visible from the screen. Sango picked the phone up and pointed it toward her face.

“In a world where stupidity reigns my home, Kagome attacks her boyfriend with a yard stick.” she began in a deep voice over voice.




They came into the screen shot, running down the stairs. They ran past the screen a few times and then Kagome struck. A few more times past the screen until Kagome tripped. “Hold her down!” Sango yelled. Sango and Miroku held down her arms and Inuyasha began ruthlessly tickling her. However... they forgot to hold her legs down her legs.


The video stopped. Kagome gave a muffled giggle from her shirt sleeve. “Well that was a good five minutes of stupidity.” Kagome said. She looked up a black mustang crept up the small slope of a driveway. That was Miroku’s car. Sango opened the passenger’s window and stuck her head out.

“Hey Kagome!” she called “Need a ride?”

“Yes! Thank you!” she replied as she ran down the paved walk way towards the car. She opened the door behind Sango and hopped inside. She winced as she hit a sore spot while buckling herself in, and Miroku started to drive away while Sango fumbled with the radio.

Sango stopped on a particular station “Hey Kagome. Does the song Someday ring a bell?”

“By Celtic Woman?” her eyes got big “That song we sang at the talent show... In sixth grade!?”

Miroku slammed his head against the steering wheel. “C’mon! You guys seriously can’t like that song!”

“Well we do so nah!” Kagome replied as she stuck out her toung.

“Ew, no thanks I use toilet paper.”


“Miroku you are such a child!” Sango yelled. Kagome was making a barfing motion in the back seat. Sango rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and turned the music up...

Someday, life will be fairer

Need will be rarer

And greed will not pay

Godspeed, this bright millennia

“So where’s Inuyasha?” Sango asked.

Kagome shrugged “Dun know,” she said “I haven’t talked to him since last night.” She stared out the window.

Someday when we are wiser

When the whole world is older

When we have learned

And Godspeed this bright millennium

“OH MY GOD MIROKU! LOOK OUT!!!” Sango yelled as she pushed her foot onto the break and steered the wheel hard to the left. There in the middle of the unused road was a small boy, holding a soccer ball. His eyes were wide as the black mustang spun to the side of the rode and ended in a...


“Oh my... Gosh...” Sango whispered.

“It’s a miracle we didn’t... Hit him...” Miroku said.

“It’s a blessing we’re okay!” Kagome croaked. The three friends panted heavily and looked outside to see the boy fall down in shock. Kagome gasped and wiggled free from her seat belt, opening the door and running out. She stopped and kneeled down by him. “Hey,” she said as she picked him up and shook him slightly. She looked around and stood up, running to the other side of the road by the car. She shook him again “Hey! Wake up.” she said as she gently shook his shoulders.

“Uh...” his big eyes cracked open slightly as she held him. He gave a tired look of shock as he whispered “Mama?” and fell back into a deep sleep.

End Notes:

BUMBUMBAAAAAA! Sorry for the long update! When you have parents who give you a curfew and homework EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.... Well life just gets in the way... Anyways reviews? Thankies! :D


What Was In That Glass Again? by Cristin

Cristin: Okay! As promised Kikyou go bye-bye now! *Evil smile*


Cristin: Nope. Now this-! *Pulls out big red button w/ skull and crossbones* Is what you get for trying to kill Kagome! *Clicks button*

Kikyou: -_- Oh- *trap door appears and Kikyou falls in* CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!

Cristin: *maniacal laughter* Bye Kikyou!


Miroku: Wow... I can’t believe you did that...

Kagome: *maniacal laughter w/ Cristin*

Shippou: ME next! It looks fun!

Inuyasha: Now there’s something I could enjoy!


Inuyasha: What’re you gonna do? Sit me? You can’t, only Kagome can... But it appears she’s drunk or on crack...

Kagome: *continues maniacal laughter*

Cristin: Inu... PUT. SHIPPOU. DOWN!

Inuyasha: Make me!

Cristin: Don’t tempt me!

Sesshomaru: You should listen little brother.

Sango: When did he get here!?

Kirara: Mew

Inuyasha: Whatever... I’m still throwing him in!



Inuyasha: *rosary glows* What the-!? *slams to ground on back* OWWW! *starts to roll around* GAH! I CAN’T STOP!

Cristin: Back to Kikyou matters.

Kikyou: This is... The first level of hell? It’s not so bad. A little warm but-...

Cristin: *wicked smile* *pushes button*

Kikyou: *looks down at trapped door* Uh-oh.... *Fall* DARNIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!

Kagome: *rolls on floor in laughter*

Miroku: *mumbles* I hope they don’t get to close... It wouldn’t be pretty...

Cristin: Who get close and why?

Miroku: Inu and Kag...

Cristin: O.O I think I know what you meant by that...

Shippou: I don’t think I want to know...

Cristin: Hey look! Barney’s in hell too!

Barney: Please?


Barney: ....... Please?

Kikyou: *yells as falls again*

Kagome: This is great! Barney’s down there too!

Sango: Why Barney!?!?! WHY!?! *Runs off crying*

Cristin: *calls out* BECAUSE HE CUSSED ON LIVE TV!!!

Miroku: And then caught on fire... Oh boy...

Cristin: This is getting boring...

Kagome: You said it.

Shippou: Is Inuyasha okay?

Miroku: Yah he’s just twitching, he’ll be fine. Juuuuust fine.

Cristin: You guys want a pizza? My treat!

Miroku: Alright!

Shippou: Yay!

Kagome: Sure.

Sesshomaru: *silence and follows*


Kikyou: *stands up as telatubbies come closer* WAIT!? YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME DOWN HERE! *Telatubbies come closer and grab arms* I DON’T EVEN LIKE ANCHOVIES!!! *Cries*

Cristin: Poor Kikyou

Miroku: Mhm

Shippou: *nods*

Sesshy: *more silence*

Cristin: You guys want ice cream too?

Everyone (even Sesshy): Yah!

Cristin: Alright everyone! Enjoy the chappie!

Everyone: Bye! *Waves*

Random Smiling Monkey #2: Remember Cristin-Chan doesn’t own Inuyasha, nor does she claim to!

Chapter 14: What Was In That Glass Again?

“Kagome!” Sango called from the other side of the road “Is he okay?”

“Yeah! He’s fine!” She called back, looking at the unconscious little kitsune in her arms. He had called her ‘mama’. Why? She didn’t know, or care. Right now they needed to get the car off the rode and get this little guy somewhere safe... “Sango!” She called.

“What is it?” She called back as Miroku climbed out of the car.

“I need you t-” A car practically flew by as she tried to finish her sentence, not even caring about the wrecked car. She waited for a moment as another six cars passed. “CALL INUYASHA!” Sango gave her a thumbs up and made a mad dash back for the car while Kagome watched the road. No more cars. Quickly looking left, right, then left again she darted across the now-empty pavement. Coming to a stop she heard Sango start to talk and Miroku was checking the car to make sure there was no damage. She looked down at the little boy in her arms, which was starting to stir. She lied him down in the back seat, and took her sports jacket off. Then she picked him up and held him in her arms, covered by the warm coat. It was still pretty early in the morning. The sun had somewhat made its way into the sky, but a faint moon could still be seen- along with a few stars. The chill hung on to the air, and a thin layer of fog carpeted the grass.

“All right. Thanks. See you soon... Bye.” Click “Alright he’s on his way over.” Sang said as she came over to see the little kitsune boy.

“He’s starting to wake up.” Kagome said slightly above a whisper. The boy’s eyes started to part a little and he was beginning to move a bit in her arms. She winced as one of his legs caught her wound, but ignored it. Right now he was the only thing that mattered. After a moment his eyes shot open and he stared around, confused. After a moment his eyes focused and he took in his surroundings. Trying to sit up he wiped his eyes. He lifted his gaze to Kagome, who had been watching him with a small smile.

“Wh-where am I?” He asked, a little afraid “And who are you?”

Kagome hugged him “Thank God you’re okay!” She said as tears brimmed her eyes. Sango joined in the hug while Miroku found one of the water bottles that had been in the car.

‘What the heck is going on?’ the boy thought.

Kagome then pulled away and gave another smile, small tears sparkling in the early light “You’re here with us.” She said “On the East Side of Birch Rd.”

“Birch...?” He repeated. He blinked in confusion as he glanced around. “What happened?”

“You were in the middle of the road,” Miroku said as he came up behind them with the water bottle. “You fainted when the car swerved and barely missed you.” His gaze softened “You’re lucky you didn’t get hurt.”

“Now I remember!” He said as he sat stiff in Kagome’s arms. He winced and held his head. Miroku handed him he water.

“Drink this,” He said. He pulled out a small plastic container “How old are you?”

The boy didn’t know how to count yet, although Kaede had tried countless (a/n: Get it? ‘Countless’?.... Cause he can’t count? *Clears throat* Well I thought it was funny...) times to teach him. He pondered and pondered, and puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore. (A/n: Anyone know what that’s from? Guess right and you get a cookie! :D) Finally after a few moments he held up his two hands. His left hand held two fingers up, while his right had all. “You’re seven?” Kagome asked. The boy nodded and Miroku took out two Tylenol from the bottle and handed them to him.

“Just swallow them with the water. Your head will stop hurting.” The boy took them warily; sniffing at them until he figured they were safe and swallowed them with the water.

“Miroku,” Sango said “Shouldn’t you be calling someone to get your car out of this ditch?” Miroku sweat dropped and gave a ‘Be right back!’ sign by holding up his index finger (a/n: To many fingers! *cries and runs away*) then, ran back to his car where his cell phone resided. Sango sighed while Kagome sat down in the back seat of the car with the kitsune.

“So what’s your name?” She asked as she let the kitsune down.

“Shippou.” He said in a cheery tone.

“Well, Shippou, My name is Kagome.”

Shippou turned as the sound of a large engine came up. There, coming down the road, was Inuyasha’s pick-up truck. And of course, it was his favorite color, red. Kagome seemed to notice this, as she looked too, and practically leapt for joy as she realized who it was. The red pick-up started to slow and then pulled over about ten feet away and above the car. Inuyasha turned off the truck and swung open the door, stepping out and running down the hill, Kagome came to meet him.

“Inuyasha!” She cried out like a happy child. She leapt into his arms and he twirled her around.

“Are you all alright?” He asked after he had let her to her feet. She gave a nod and he a relieved sigh. She gave him a small peck on the cheek and grabbed his hand, leading him back to the others while he pushed a button on his key chain to lock his truck.

They must be future mates... Shippou thought as he watched and scented their emotions. They looked so happy together... Just as his parents had been before the murder. Then he remembered! He had called Kagome his mother! Why had he done that though? They had the same eyes... And that same kind smile. Hell even a similar voice! But everything else was different. What was it about this girl that made him think so much about his mother? Maybe he was just suffering from the loss still.

But just seeing the two so happy together made him think of the family they were destined to have. He was to deep in thought to notice that Inuyasha and Kagome had appeared before him. Inuyasha cocked an eyebrow, waiting for the kitsune to say something. But when he didn’t Kagome nudged him. “Hey Shippou, say ‘Hi’ to Inuyasha.” Kagome said in a sweet tone of voice. Shippou slightly gulped.

This guy looked tough, and rough and... Something else that rhymes! He looked up at the expectant hanyou and said in a very small voice “Hi... Inuyasha...”

He just smiled. “Hello to you too Shippou.” He said as he gave the kitsune a pat on the head. (a/n: What! No punching!? Weird...)

“Can we keep him?” Kagome joked.

“Sure, but you’re cleaning the litter box!” Sango joked as she came over to them. Shippou just made a pouty face at the teenagers and turned around. They all laughed a little at Sango’s joke, and then Inuyasha and Miroku set to work- making sure that the car was in good shape. Kagome and Sango just sat for a while, playing games on their cell phones, and letting Shippou play too. After a few long minutes Inuyasha slammed the hood of the black mustang and smiled.

“Okay!” He said “We’re all set to go!”

Miroku just stretched and leaned against the car. Looking at his watch he mumbled “The tow truck should be here any minute...” He scowled “My dad is going to kill me!”

Sango perked up. “When? I’ll need a video camera! I’ll want to watch that moment forever and ever and ever!”

Miroku gave a fake glare. “Thanks Sango. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

She clapped her hands together over her chest. “Your welcome!”

Kagome and Inuyasha rolled their eyes. Suddenly Inuyasha’s cell phone went off. Kagome and Sango rolled their eyes at the ring tone. (Guess what it is and... Next chapter is dedicated to you! Hint: It’s not ’I like big butts’ for all you wondering! ^^) He simply gave a nervous laugh as he pulled it out his phone and answered it.


‘Inuyasha! Long time, no hear from!’

“Azami!?” Inuyasha said, “You still have my number after all this time?”

Wellll, not reeeally...’ She replied. A nervous laughter was heard on Inuyasha’s end. ‘Michiko had it. I just stole her phone book.’

“Oh,” he said in return “Well hurry it up. Miroku crashed his car.”


“Again,” he answered, making a face. “But seriously what do you want?”

‘Two quick things. One- Sesshy and Michiko are engaged!’

“W-WHAT!? When did this happen?”

There was a slight pause on the other end. ‘About... Hmmm... Two days ago or so.’

“And you’re assuming I give a rat’s ass?”

‘Inuyasha! Such language!’

“Whatever... But what was the second thing?”

There was silence... And then: ‘I was snooping around Michiko’s room while they went out on a ‘date’ so to speak, and found something of Sesshomaru’s you might find useful.’ There was the sound of a yelling that could be heard and large, heavy, angry footsteps. There was a slight screech from Azami. ‘I got to go! Meet me at uhm... Party Mixx at eleven O’clock okay?’

“Okay I guess,” said Inuyasha. Isn’t Party Mixx that club downtown?


There was a click and then her voice was gone. He sighed and shook his head. Azami was one of his best friends. They had dated once, but out of spite, Kikyou had broken them up. It wouldn’t have worked out anyways, seeing as how Michiko was her sister and her relationship with Sesshomaru was extremely intimate. But they barely talked anymore, which was a pity. They had been childhood friends... And Kikyou had destroyed that. Suddenly the hanyou was broken from his trance by a loud roaring sound and the sound of Sango’s cheering.

“Tow truck! Tow truck!”


“Alright, we’re in,” Inuyasha said to his companions. He had already explained the situation to his friends, and they had already dropped Shippou back to Kaede, who had been worried sick. Funny though, Kagome felt a little empty after seeing the kitsune’s sad face when they left. She would sigh every once in a while if she thought about him... Which annoyed Inuyasha to no end.

Inuyasha was wearing his usual red t-shirt and black, baggy jeans. Miroku was wearing a black hooded shirt with lighter blue jeans and a few leather wristbands. Sango and Kagome though... They looked like a prize to be won. Sango was in VERY tight blue jeans and a tight, almost see through magenta top with a small picture of a cartoon rabbit on it. The rabbit was tied up in rope, it’s eyes were large Xs and the shirt read in big, black, bolded words “Bad Aim”. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail that reach to about her shoulder blades while her make-up a was simple pink eye shadow. She also wore leather high healed-boots.

Kagome looked like something between a vixen and a cat. Her hair was too up, but her hair reached to her shoulders. Her make-up included navy colored eye shadow, nothing more. Her ears had large, shiny, blue and silver earrings while she wore a blue and silver bracelet on each wrist. She wore black leather high-heal shoes and a gold chain anklet with a small blue heart. Her apparel consisted of a small denim mini skirt that reached about six inches above her knees and a tight navy blue top with the words “I’m Bringing Sassy Back Baby!” written over her chest area. She also wore fish net leggings.

“Wow...” Kagome said as she glanced around “There sure are a lot of people here.”

“Never been here before have you?” Sango asked with a hint of amusement in her voice. Kagome only shook her head.

But just as Inuyasha had suspected, Party Mixx was a popular club in the Downtown area. It was known for it’s lights, music, clubbers, alcohol and great food. Music played loudly as the group entered the small building, looking around furtively. Lights of blue, green, pink, red, yellow and more flashed through the crowds of dancing teenagers, some drunk some not.

“Ew,” Kagome said as she passed a few females making out. Sango made a face and Miroku looked about ready to join the ‘lovely ladies’ but ceased at the death glare Sango gave him. Inuyasha didn’t seem to be paying attention to the others, he was searching for Azami.

Finally spotting her among the crowd, he told his companions to wait for him as he crossed the river of people. Azami was dressed in a small black leather mini skirt and a neon green spaghetti strap tank top with white lace on the v-neck. Her nails were painted black, and her bottom lip had black lipstick, while the top had green. She also wore forest green eye shadow and black mascara. Around her arms were a few leather bracelets and on her fingers were black stoned rings. Azami wore seven different gold anklets, three around her left and four on her right.

He couldn’t help but smirk at the text on the front of her shirt that read: “I Know What You’re Thinking,” and then as she turned away from him, on her back it said: “You should be ashamed.” He hated that at this club you had to wear some pretty inappropriate clothing. The girls had to look like prostitutes! And the guys had to have at least six pack abs, everyone else was rejected. This club was also one of the scankiest, dirtiest, ugliest places. Some girls came here to have their virginity broken too!

That’s why Inuyasha never came. Some people had even said stuff to him like: “C’mon dude! You have to go! The drugs are good, but the sex is even better!” Also the scents of ‘that’ certain activity still clung in the air. He puked practically anytime he walked into this building. But seeing his old friend their, sitting with her sister chugging down a beer, was enough to make him swallow his lunch for a second time that day. Slowly he approached them and cleared his throat in indication. Akako looked up. She was in a small red dress the shown her stripes easily, but it looked like she didn’t care.

She cleared her throat too, and pointed up to Inuyasha. Azami turned around, and after a moment, smiled up at the hanyou. Quickly she stood up and chucked the bottle to the bar tender while motioning for her sister to stand up too. “C’mon Inuyasha, it’s in my car,” she said as she led them out the door as quickly as possible.


“Hey Kagome,” Sango said as she handed her a small glass “Try this stuff... It’s like... CRAZY INCREDIBLE!!!” Her voice sounded slurred and off a little bit.

“S-Sango are you okay?” Kagome asked, putting her hand on her shoulder. Sango nodded and shoved the small glass at her. Taking it she glanced up at Miroku who shrugged and tried to make Sango sit up straight instead of leaning up against the counter top.

“I drank that stuff- didn’t bother me any,” he thought for a moment “Maybe her head is still having a little trouble.”

The teenage girl just shrugged it off and took a sip. It was bitter, and very strong. She felt like spitting it out and wiping her mouth on the ground, but the look Sango gave her made her keep it in her mouth. So she took another sip- another, another and another still until she started to feel a little lightheaded.

“K-Kagome?” Miroku asked as she and Sango started to sway a little bit.

The girls giggled and stood up, starting to sing. Miroku had to plug his ears to keep out the sound of their drunken voices. Good thing the music drowned it out to the other guests, even though he was sure everyone was drunk enough to not hear it.

“Gets’em every time...” The bar tender muttered as he wiped a small glass clean. When Miroku gave him a blank look he said “Men get it to knock ‘em up a lot. Look, I don’t own the joint, I just sell the drinks to get my money.”

Miroku looked back horrified at the girls, seeing they had started some sort of drunken line dance with the other members. He just sighed and made his way over, praying to dear God above that he could get them out of this one.




“Okay, hold on...” Azami said as she fumbled with a drawstring bag “It’s in here... I just-... Gotta find the fucking thing-!”

“And you call me a potty mouth,” Inuyasha mumbled. He folded his arms and leaned against Azami’s white Porche car. Akako glanced nervously at the road as more and more people pulled in the parking lot. Finally Azami managed to grab a manila envelope from the bag and handed it to the hanyou.

“There’s a bunch of records on Naraku in there,” she said. At the shocked and confused look Inuyasha gave her she sighed. This time though, Akako spoke.

“Our father is a Police Officer and my mother was a member of the FBI. Azami’s mom was also a Police Officer and Michiko’s mother was a undercover specialist.”

“Oooooooh,” he said. Inuyasha fingered the envelope, staring down at it. Why was Azami letting him have this though? He looked back up to see the girls were already back in the car. Quickly as the engine came to life he sprang away, and Azami began to back up her car. Just as she came backed the car beside him, she rolled the window down.

“I’d check up on your friends if I were you Yash,” Akako said out the window “It sounds like Miroku is having some trouble with the girls.” He simply nodded and ran off back inside.

“I pray they stay safe,” Azami whispered “May God let them be safe.” Akako nodded solemnly and clutched the cross necklace she wore.



Inuyasha drove off with is companions in his truck. Miroku was riding in the back with Sango, taking advantage of her drunken state by making out with her, which was a rare event. Inuyasha was busy driving. He had to admit though, what he saw in that club was pretty hilarious. The whole place was in a conga line and hollering something similar to “I want a pickle!”

Miroku had actually been on the floor crying... He was just to freaked out for his own good. Poor guy.

Inuyasha sighed and looked down to see Kagome’s head resting on his shoulder. She had just fallen asleep without a warning. He had shrugged it off. She was just to damn cute to move! He smiled slightly, continuing to watch as she smiled in her sleep.

Learning Something Every Day by Cristin

Chapter 15: Learning Something Every Day

* * *

“Gah! My head huuuuuuuurts...” Kagome muttered as she sat upright in bed. Her left hand flew to her throbbing forehead- not believing the pressure building up in her temples and behind her eyes. “Freaking hangover!” Letting herself fall back onto her bed, on her side left, she looked around her room. Buyo was in the small basket she had bought him a few days ago at a yard sale. The obese cat stood and yawned, rubbing against Kagome’s foot before heading out the door. Smiling slightly the teenager rubbed the sleep from her eyes and reached for her comb.





Her eyes snapped open. It was right here! Right by her- DIARY! It was gone too! Her teeth gritted in anger. Sota was soooooo dead! Pushing herself up off her pink comforter she had collapsed on, she smoothed down her black nightgown and stomped to her door, swinging it open and almost growling. Her hair in a complete mess, she ran over to her brother’s room and flung open the door. Her bloodshot chocolate eyes widened in anger as she saw, on the floor, her brother and one of his friends, Yasuo, picking at the lock of her diary with an un-bent paper clip.

Upon hearing a noise, Yasuo had turned to the door. And, upon seeing Kagome’s expression, his face paled as he tugged on Sota’s shirt.

“S-Sota?” He asked as his voice started to squeak.

“Hold on; hold on,” Sota mumbled “I almost got it-!”

“SOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAA!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO DEAD!” Kagome yelled as she tackled the two boys. They screamed as they fell under her weight and she mercilessly tickled them. All for show. Kagome laughed as the two boys almost wet themselves. Bending over she held down Sota while Yasuo jumped onto her back and started pulling on her hair. Laughing she rolled on the floor until the young boy with dark brown hair and eyes let her go, smiling and giggling the whole time.

“Kagome!” Sota said “Yasuo is picking the lock again!”

“Oh no you don’t!” Kagome said while giggling. She then leapt and tackled the poor boy.


* * *


Ding Dong

Mrs. Higurashi looked up from the magazine she was reading. “Now who could that be?” She asked herself as she went over to the door. Opening the large oak and glass door, she looked out and smiled. “Hello Inuyasha!” She said “Kagome is upstairs. I think she and Sota are having a bit of a quarrel,” opening the door wider she said: “Would you like some orange juice? Fresh squeezed!”

The silver haired hanyou walked in. Today he wore a regular red T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. On his head he wore a regular ball cap and on his shoulder he carried a small backpack. “Thanks Mrs. H,” he said as he took off his hat and set it on the table.

“Mrs. H...” she repeated “I like it! Mrs. H!” Smiling happily she walked off to the kitchen.

Inuyasha chuckled slightly at his girlfriend’s mother. Turning the corner, Inuyasha quickly jogged up the steps to the second floor, where Kagome’s room was and stepped into the hallway.

Oh no you don’t!” he heard Kagome giggle, and then a clatter. Interest and curiosity sparking, he walked leisurely down the beige carpet into the intersection of the three rooms. Her mother’s room was open, and Kagome’s door was open as well. Sota’s was closed though, and the loud sounds were coming from within. Raising an eyebrow he reached for the handle and opened the door.

* * *


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KAGOME STOP!” Yasuo laughed, tears forming in his eyes.

“Only when you hand over my Diary!” Kagome said back, leaning over him as Sota held down his arms.

“Ya know Kags, polka-dotted panties really aren’t your style,” (I’ll give you ten cookies if you can figure out what that quote is from! ^^) Inuyasha said, a wide smirk across his face. A hint of dark pink came to life on Kagome’s cheeks as she leapt up and screeched at the poor hanyou, who had to flatten his ears against his head in response. Laughing like mad men, Yasuo and Sota rolled mercilessly on the floor, holding their s as tears came to life in the corner of their eyes.

“It’s not funny!” Kagome yelled as she held the ends of her nightgown past her thighs. Her face was a good scarlet color by now, and her eyes were shut tight in embarrassment. Inuyasha gave a sweat drop as Sota and Yasuo laughed even harder... And then... Silence.

“I think... I have to use your restroom...” Yasuo said as he ran out the door, Sota on his heels.

“Uhm...” Kagome started, scooting away from where the boys had been on the floor. “I think I’m going to get dressed...” She scooted away out the door, than ran inside her room, slamming the door shut behind her. Sighing, Inuyasha looked down to see, what looked like, wet spots on the floor. Eyes twitching slightly, he scooted out of the room and into the hallway.

Finally he decided he had backed up far enough, right into Kagome’s unopened door. But instead of leaning onto the door, he fell right into her room, flat on his ass, on her floor. Glaring up at his girlfriend, he gave a simple “Keh,” at her tisking.

“Tisk tisk tisk Inuyasha! Backing strait into a young lady's room!”

Rolling his eyes the hanyou shouldered off his pack and reached inside. Pulling out the manila envelope, he stood up and handed it to her. Kagome was wearing a pair of black bell-bottom jeans and a violet t-shirt with her hair up in a high ponytail. “Ya know,” he said as she fingered the envelope “you never cease to amaze me.”

“How so?”

“You have so many different clothes it’s a wonder they all fit in your closet.”

Rolling her eyes Kagome asked: “What is this?”

“I’m not entirely sure, Azami gave it to me, saying something like their was information on Naraku in there. I was to drunk to remember...”

“Then why did you drive us home?”

“I said I couldn’t remember, not that I couldn’t drive.” Inuyasha snapped.

“Okay okay! JEEZ!” Kagome responded as she rolled her eyes. After closing her door and helping Inuyasha to his feet, she unclipped the little seal and drew out a few papers. “You know what surprises me,” she said as she looked over the files “is how Azami knew we were searching for Naraku.”

Inuyasha simply shrugged and said: “Maybe her dad works with that Police Officer we talked to a few weeks back.”

“...” Kagome pondered this for a minute until she muttered “...Maybe...”

In her hands she held at least three pounds worth of white, crisp, paper. Photos, writing, crimes, sightings, partnerships... And much more about Naraku. There were even a few News headlines dating back before Kagome was born. Man Single Handedly Robs Bank, Naraku Breaks From Prison!, Three Women Found Raped And Murdered... The list could go on! A certain picture in particular caught Kagome’s eye. Silently she read the article to herself:

Woman Taken Hostage! 12/20/1989

Sakura Way-Yesterday night a woman by the name of Rin Takashi was taken hostage by a man known as Naraku Murasahiiro. It happened at day break, five days before Christmas Eve, by a Restaurant known as Inari no Kaoru. Police officials and many FBI agents arrived at the scene, taking samples of torn cloth and blood.

Out of all the agents available, only one spoke to us. Hana Kanashi spoke only a few words to us. Hana told us “Naraku is a dangerous criminal who has been charged with criminal offences before. We’ve never been able to arrest him.”

Information on Naraku or where he may be at this time is unknown, and if you have any information please contact...

The paper dropped to the floor. Rin Takashi... The Aunt she had never met! Kagome had only been a small child when they had found her body. It had been a cold, rainy, day in February. The phone in her house had rung nonstop until her mother had picked it up, and when she did she had just slumped to the floor and started crying her eyes out. Rin had been her Mother’s only sister, her younger sister at that, and she had known right after that she had been taken hostage. When she was called the Police had talked with her, telling her they had found the body, ripped open in large gashes and half frozen.

After that her mother and herself had driven all the way out of town. They had arrived at a special building to identify the body. She remembered it well, even though she had only been five.

“Mrs. Higurashi we need you to identify the body for us.” A tall, young, woman asked. Her hair was cut neatly, and draped around her shoulders in a straight, chocolaty, veil. Her yellow/green eyes glowed in a sad way, and her voice cracked a tiny bit. In her green rubber glove covered hands she held a small book and pen. She was dressed in a pair of jeans, a yellow T-shirt that complimented her eyes, and a large black coat with the large white words ‘FBI’ on the back. On her feet she wore regular flat heeled shoes.

At Mrs. Higurashi’s hesitance the doctor in the room spoke up. “Please ma’am. If we don’t have someone identify her we can’t bury her or put the criminal to justice in the court of law.”

Kagome tugged on her mother’s long, denim, skirt for support. “Go on mamma,” she pleaded “You can do it.” Mrs. Higurashi looked down at her daughter, giving her a slight smile.

“Alright dear,” she said in her sweet, soft, voice. She grabbed Kagome’s hand and gave it to the brown haired woman. “Hana, please don’t let her see.” Hana simply nodded, letting her gaze fall to Kagome.

“Believe me, I wouldn’t let Azami see this either.” She murmured.

The doctor nodded and pulled back the sheet slightly down off the woman’s face. Mrs. Higurashi gasped. The poor woman’s skin was tinted an icy blue-green from freezing, and her face was frozen into a look of pure terror. But the worst of it all...

Her soulless, empty, chocolate eyes were open wide.

Tears streamed down the face of Mrs. Higurashi as she sunk to the floor, her hands covering her eyes. Hana let go of Kagome’s hand and went over to her, leaning down she placed an arm around her shoulders. Just barely Kagome could make out their conversation.

“W-was it her?” Hana asked.

“Y-yes,” Mrs. Higurashi stuttered “It was Rin! I have no doubt in the world!”


She shook her head trying to rid her head of the memories. So Naraku had targeted my family from the start... She thought as unshed tears brimmed in her eyes. Anger filled her very being. That monster! He would pay even if it killed her!

“Kags?” Inuyasha asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She jumped a little at the contact and turned to face him.

“Yeah?” she asked as her voice cracked a little.

“Are you okay?” He looked concerned “What made you pale so fast?” She meekly passed him the news clipping, unable to speak. To many questions flooded her mind as she clutched the jewel she wore around her neck. She looked down at it in anger. This stupid little jewel was a beacon of light in a dark valley to Naraku. Her grandfather had even told her that it gave off some kind of aura that could be tracked by demons and advanced technology. What she didn’t get is why the FBI or Police hadn’t found it from her and taken it yet.

Maybe it was because they knew Kikyou was her great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Aunt. Then her face paled more. Kikyou... Inuyasha’s old girlfriend shared the same name. Why would her parents had named her Kikyou? To Kagome’s family the name Kikyou was a sacred name and couldn’t be used again for many more generations to come.

So why? She didn’t know, perhaps her parents had thought she was worthy of having the name. Kagome twisted her face in disgust. That thing worthy? Hardly. She mentally laughed at her own joke until she felt two strong arms wrap her into a protective embrace.

“This is worse than I thought,” Inuyasha said “He’s been after your family before we were even born.” He rested his chin on the top of her head, and she relaxed against his chest. They never got to do things like this. The chase for Naraku was overwhelming their time together and Kagome was a little angry about that. Naraku was probably sitting in his stupid chair, drinking his stupid wine, laughing that stupid laugh with that god damned stupid smug smile of his! Kagome felt like growling, but just the feel of Inuyasha’s protective arms made her stay put and not complain one tiny bit.

“Maybe we could call Sango and Miroku.” Kagome suggested “I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know we have information, Sango especially.”

Inuyasha pulled her back arm’s length to look her in the eyes. “That’s not the only reason you want to go is it, Kagome?” He asked.

She blushed and looked down. “Well maybe we could,” she poked her two index fingers together in a cute way “go see Shippou?”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes “He’s grown on ya huh?” Kagome nodded. “Well then we’ll head there first okay?”

Kagome gave her most brilliant smile and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks!” She hugged him quickly and went over to her bed, where her purse was. Quickly grabbing the little black bag she grabbed his hand and raced out the door.

* * *

“Kagome!” Shippou cried out in glee. He jumped to his feet and ran over to her as quickly as he could.

“Hey Shippou!” She said as he jumped into her outstretched arms. The kitsune laughed as she twirled him around in her arms. Inuyasha just stood watching with a smirk on his face and his arms crossed. “Did ya miss me?” Kagome asked as she stopped. Shippou only nodded and hugged her as best as his little arms could.

He wore a blue t-shirt and some regular blue jeans. His ginger colored hair was up in it’s usual cute bun. His blue-green eyes sparkled with happiness as Kagome twirled him.

“We came to spend some time with you before we visit a friend,” Inuyasha said nonchalantly. Shippou’s smile fell. Inuyasha simply smiled “But then we’re coming back for a little while.”

Kagome nodded. “Don’t let him fool you! It was my idea to come!”


Kagome only giggled slightly. Shippou jumped from her arms and said: “Hold on! I need to show you something!” The couple (A/n: I simply love describing them as ‘couple’! ^^) simply smiled at the young demon as he ran up the steps of a staircase. Kagome looked around at the small room. The walls were a light cream color, with a few pictures dotting the walls. It was shaped like a rectangle, the long sides being the north and south walls.

To the very end of the left side of the room there was a large picture window. It was just simple glass with white sunlight streaming through. White curtains hung loosely and prettily on either side of it, and a little ledge facing into the building held a few purple flowers in small vases. Behind Kagome was a double French oak door, and under her feet was a small white rug.

She was surprised at how clean it was. Either Kaede was ‘Super Cleaning Woman’- which made Kagome shudder at the thought of the old woman in spandex- or not many people came around. Her gaze lifted forward, to where she saw an opening in the wall. It turned out it opened into a hallway. From where she stood, Kagome could see a small, narrow, staircase. It was painted white with a beige rug running down it. It seemed to be held down firmly though. To her right Kagome saw their was a closet on the far wall.

Finally Shippou came running down the stairs with a small stuffed animal in his arms. It was a nekomata plushy. It didn’t look like Kirara much though. Instead of a cream colored fur... Err... Fabric... It was back. The markings on it’s tails, feet, & the little diamond marking on it’s forehead were sapphire blue too, and it’s eyes were icy blue colored. “I named it Aoi.” (a/n: Aoi means blue) He said as he smiled and ran over to Kagome. She took it from his hands and looked at it. It was really, really cute!

“It’s so cute! Look Inuyasha!” She said as she practically shoved the toy in his face.


“Oh c’mon Inu! It likes you see?” She rubbed it against his cheek a little. He rolled his eyes. “So Shippou, where’s Kaede anyways?”

“She went shopping,” Shippou replied. “Can I have Aoi back?” Kagome gave a nod.

“It wants to fly to you! Catch Shippou!” Kagome said as she tossed Aoi into the air. Shippou outstretched his tiny arms and caught the neko plush, hugging it and smiling.

Inuyasha looked around, spotting a clock on the wall. Forty five more minutes, and then they’d see Sango. “So Shippou,” Inuyasha said as he began to take off his white tennis shoes “Do ya know how to make a paper airplane?”

(If I stopped here you’d all try to kill me. Don’t deny it. It’s true.)

“...” Sango was thunderstruck. All this information... And the things Kagome had just said... It shocked her, leaving her absolutely speechless. She looked down at the picture in her hands. It was the picture of the person she hated the most in this world. Naraku. She held back the irresistible urge to shred the picture to pieces, knowing that if she damaged it that her chance of finding Kohaku within this lifetime could be damaged like the fragile photo.

They needed every hint of information they could get their hands on, seeing as though police were only sitting and waiting. She tossed the hated photo into the small pile of papers already on her red comforter.

Miroku gave a heavy sigh from her left, and she leaned on his right shoulder. Kagome looked down at her hands that had rested in her lap. Remembering was one thing, but telling the story was another. All she wanted right now was to be held and cry, but that wasn’t being strong.

Inuyasha sat next to her, reading a paper that had been in the packet. It was Naraku’s birth certificate, an unlikely thing to come across. Inuyasha’s eyes narrowed. “Hey everyone, guess who’s the father of that bastard child Naraku?” Everyone looked at him with sad eyes. “The one and only Onigumo Jigoku!”

“You can’t be serious?” Sango said as her gaze lifted. Everyone knew about Onigumo, a man that had died about ten years ago. He had been a member of the Black Market and had been arrested for drug dealing. Later on Police and the FBI had found out he had also committed in Human Trafficking and Smuggling weapons onto loaded plains. He had also brought a few unwanted children into the world.


One had been Naraku, born from complete lust of two beings. He had been born pure and untainted, but his parents didn’t want him so innocent. His mother, Kurai Hotaru, had insisted they feed his soul to demonic spirits and Onigumo could have cared less. So they tried it, and ended up dying themselves. Naraku had been taken in by Midoriko, the Head Mistress of the orphanage before Kaede, and had called for a priest known as ‘Master’ Mushin Tanashi to come and bless him, which he did. Naraku then had lived a normal life until the age of seven, when he had his first fight.


He had ended up severely injuring the young girl he fought, and had drawn blood. He had an interest and lust in the drawing of blood and soon he had been killing other children when they were walking home from school, according to the information in the documents.


Everyone in the room shuddered, horrified at the new knowledge they now possessed. Sango was on the verge of tears too. Naraku wouldn't hesitate to kill her brother.


“Maybe it would be in everyone’s best interest that we headed to the Mall before we see Shippou,” Miroku said as he gently rubbed Sango’s back. They all nodded.


* * *

Kagome clutched her black coat as wind swept through the parking lot. Man it was cold! Late November had swooped in like an eagle grabbing a mouse from the ground, and the small group was out putting presents on lay away for their families. Miroku and Inuyasha were talking about how they would be sending their parent’s their presents, seeing as though Inuyasha’s father was off doing business meetings in other countries. Kagome hadn’t even known he had a father. He had said he lived with his brother, but had never mentioned his parents. His mother was off somewhere in Canada, visiting a sick relative.

Cold wind blew more on Kagome as she pulled her faux fur tipped hood over her head. On the coldest day of the month they decided to go shopping, and on the coldest day of the month Sango had insisted they park in the very back of the parking lot. Kagome cursed under her breath as she shivered. Sango was wearing her favorite white coat, which was the same style as Kagome’s. The fur on her coat was brown, while Kagome’s was silver-gray. Miroku was wearing a black and blue coat, while Inuyasha’s was red, white and black. (a/n: If you can guess what hockey team’s colors those are, you get a cookie! XD)

Finally the automatic doors opened and teenagers walked inside. Once they got past the second set of automatic doors and they were inside the store, Kagome grabbed a cart. The group all set their coats inside and grabbed out their lists. “Okay guys,” Kagome said “Let’s try something fun and make this a worth-while trip.”

“Like what?” Sango questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“A race.” Kagome replied, smiling. She took out her own list. “We’ll get into groups of two and switch lists with the other group. Then we gather up the things we need until we’re done. When we’re done we go to the lay away counter. Whoever arrives first wins.”

“What about the losers?” Miroku asked.

“Losers buy lunch.” Kagome stated. She was a little nervous about this. She would probably end up buying lunch, since she didn’t know the store as well as the others. But she was pairing with Inuyasha, which made her a little more confident. “Inuyasha and I are a team. Sango and Miroku, you are the other.”

“No dice.”

“Ready?” Everyone nodded, and Miroku grabbed a cart. “Set? No running, remember!” Kagome added. Another nod. “Go!” They all shot off in a fast walk, Miroku and Sango heading to the clothes as Inuyasha and Kagome sped off to the Electronics.

“Okay...” Kagome said as she looked over her list. “An Mp3 player for Souta, a few DVDs for my Gramps, and my mom wanted a game for our Wii fit.”

“You have a Wii fit?” Inuyasha asked. Kagome nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t use it much. My mom does.” Kagome replied. She’d never been interested in video games, only her computer and her writing of fanfiction. (a/n: *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

“What game does she want?” Inuyasha asked.

“I think it was... Uhm... I don‘t really know...I think she said to ‘surprise‘ her...”

“Got it!” He went off down the aisle as Kagome went to the Ipods/Mp3 section in the music aisle. ‘Hmmm... 1 GB... Nine hundred songs and no screen... Thirty dollars... Or 3 GB... Nine hundred songs, eight hours of videos, one thousand nine hundred photos and a screen... Fifty nine dollars... I choose the latter’ Kagome went to the counter and requested for the fifty nine dollar Mp3. When she got it, she turned around and practically ran into her boyfriend.

“Sorry,” Kagome said with a smile as she set the gadget into the cart. Inuyasha set the game into the cart and they went into the DVD aisle.

“What else is on your list Kagome?” Inuyasha asked.

“Well, you’re going to laugh, but uhm... I wanted to get a toy or two for Shippou.” Inuyasha just smiled and gave an ‘I’m off!’ salute. She sighed and looked over her list.


Mom: Wii game *check*, Perfume,

Souta: Mp3 *check*, New Soccer ball, Play station 2 game,

Gramps: DVDs, A new Bible (a/n: I know they’d normally be Shinto or Buddhist, but in my stories they’re Christian or Baptist)

Miroku: ‘The Water Boy’ DVD, Decorative license plate...

Sango: Necklace, Cat toys (Kirara), Make-up,

Inuyasha: CDs, Decorative License plate

Kagome sighed and retrieved the DVDs.

* * *

“Okay Miroku!” Sango said as she looked over the many glistening pieces of jewelry underneath the glass. “I found it.”

Miroku looked over her shoulder to what she was pointing at. It was a silver chain, long and shiny, with a cubic shaped gem on the end. It was clear and you could see through it, almost like colored water. The gem’s color was somewhere between a scarlet and orange color.

“It looks nice Sango,” Miroku said. “How much?”

“Looks about...” Sango looked over it “On sale! Half off-” she paused. “Thirty dollars.”

Miroku gave a whistle “Wonder what she’s buying you.” Sango merely shrugged and made her purchase.

* * *

Butterflies went through Kagome’s . What was she doing here again? She looked around at the very small clothes around her. Oh yeah, that’s right. Looking at lingerie...

Why was she really here? She knew full well, but she was scared at the thought. A blush covered her face when she heard someone snicker not far away. She blinked in embarrassment and turned around.

* * *

Inuyasha looked at the few stuffed toys he held in his hands. He thought Shippou would like this, but he wasn’t sure. He held a small fox stuffed animal, and a large pokemon pillow. Yeah that’s right. Another fox too. The fox pokemon Vulpix... Who came up with these stupid names anyhow? Sighing, he made his way out of the aisle and began to walk back to where he had seen Kagome.

She wasn’t there. He was a little surprised. Shrugging it off he picked up a small hand basket and stuffed in the toys. As he began to scan the aisles in search of Kagome, he spotted her. Why the hell is she looking at... He raised an eyebrow as she turned around as quickly as possible, still with the cart, and ran back to the electronics, her face practically as red as a tomato. He didn’t really get it. (a/n: If you haven’t gotten it already, you’re as dense as he is. But I’ll drop hints ‘kay?)

* * *


WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!? He doesn’t want that from me... Does he? She shook her head to clear her thoughts. What was she thinking!? That certain activity...? On CHRISTmas!? She shook her head. She was either getting horny and desperate, or she just didn’t know. Maybe it was just maturing. She didn’t know, or care. All that mattered was it was sinning. Kagome sighed and twirled her raven hair. Seriously... What was she thinking? She felt ashamed of that train of thought. “Well,” she muttered to herself. “At least I got my thoughts straight. Plus I’ve almost got everything.”


Mom: Wii game (check), Perfume

Souta: Mp3 (check), New Soccer ball, Play station 2 game(check)

Gramps: DVDs (check), A new Bible (check)

Miroku: ‘The Water Boy’ DVD(check), Decorative license plate...(check)

Sango: Necklace, Cat toys (Kirara), Make-up(check)

Inuyasha: CDs (check), Decorative License plate(check)

She sighed once again. All she needed was her mom’s favorite perfume... That was at Victoria Secret... Love Spell scent... She shuddered at the thought of the place. But on the bright side of it all she was almost done. Now she just needed that necklace for Sango, the cat toys for Kirara, the soccer ball for Souta, and the perfume for her mother.

“So we almost done?” Inuyasha questioned as he came up behind her. She tried to hold down her blush, but a little managed to pop up onto her cheeks.

“Yeah, I just need a few things... Can you get Kirara’s cat toys?” He gave her an incredulous look that made her smack her forehead. “Sorry I forgot. Doggy demons don’t like the kitty aisle.”

“Damn right,” Inuyasha said. “To many scents.” He crossed his arms “That’s why I don’t have pets. I can smell that disgusting dog food from here.” Kagome rolled her eyes.

“Fine then, can you get a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball for Souta?”

“Feh.” He walked off.

Kagome wiped the sweat from her brow. “Close one,” she mumbled. She know he heard her because one of his ear twitched back to where she was. She sighed and walked off towards the jewelry for Sango’s last present. Hopefully he didn’t see me... Kagome thought. He looked like... He knew something I don’t...


“Finally!” Kagome sighed as she and Inuyasha made their way to the Lay Away. They panted for a moment and looked around. No Miroku, or Sango. Inuyasha smirked. Chalk one up for the hanyou and his m... Girlfriend. He shook his head. Since seeing Kagome... There his thoughts had been taking a turn for the perverted.

He cursed under his breath. He’d been hanging with Miroku for to long. It was no longer than five minutes later when his two friends arrived, pushing their own carts. Kagome giggled. “Looks like you two are buying lunch!” Inuyasha said.

Sango groaned.

Later (again... Sorry for the skipping)

“Chinese Garden!” (a/n: Yes they live in America) Kagome said as they all climbed out of Miroku’s mustang. “Oh how I love the Chinese!”

“I just like their food,” Inuyasha stated as he leaned against the black car. Sango rolled her eyes.

“At least it’s a buffet...” Miroku sighed as a sweat drop went down the side of his head. He was just glad it wouldn’t cost them much. Kagome shrugged and grabbed her purse, then shut the door.

“Let’s go then!”


End Notes:

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Notes: Next Chapter is Christmas! XD Yayz!

Also: Yes all, I know the Manga takes place in 1997, but I just couldn’t help myself! I wanted Kagome to be born on a date according to her age and the time now. Normally she would have been born in 1982, and would be fifteen... But I wanted her to be born in 1990, and be eighteen! XD Anyways forgive me if I’ve confused you about her age. Yes this is why she was allowed in those clubs and... Etc.

Also I DO NOT hate Rin. She’s one of my favorite characters... But I had no place to put her, and I figured I could use her to lengthen out the chapter. And NO I did not misspell Takahashi. Takashi is just a little short version of it! ^^ (It was in a fanfiction I read) Anyways I’m sorry if I made anyone angry...

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