Golden Heart, Sliver Soul by SouloftheJewel

Inuyasha and the gang finds a small abused half-demon pre-teen that looks like Inuyasha's older brother Sesshomaru. When the boy finally mets his father, Sesshomaru makes a startling confession... What is the confession and who hunts the Prince of the Dog demon tribe?

This tale takes place in the Feudal era and in the modren day era.

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Chapter 2 The Undead Kikyo and the Forest Witch by SouloftheJewel
Author's Notes:
 Part of the this chapter is based on the Grimm Brother Hansel and Gretel. And Inuyasha is not mine.

 "What !!!" InuYasha shouted at his brother and his supposed nephew. "You have a kid?!"

Sesshomaru stood and held InuMaru close. "Did you not smell my scent on him little brother?" Sesshomaru asked the fuming half-demon. "Yeah I did but I never thought he was Your kid." "Well then Little brother come forward and met your young nephew." Sesshomaru said pushing his son toward his Uncle. Inuyasha looked at the boy then growled. "He is not my Nephew." "I'm not?" InuMaru asked tears welling up. "Come on Kid stop acting like a pup." Inuyasha said with his hands on his hips."Inuyasha, he is a pup." Sesshomaru growled with fangs bared. InuMaru tried to hold back the tears that were in his eyes.

"Inuyasha SIT boy!!!" Came Kagome's voice behind him. Inuyasha slamed into the ground and Kagome ran over the fallen half-demon's back to the young prince of the West. "InuMaru did inuyasha hurt you?" Kagome asked holding his shoulders. InuMaru Nodded. "H-he said that he was not my Uncle." InuMaru blinked to keep tears from flowed out of his eyes. "So I was right his is Sesshomaru's son." Kagome thought. "InuMaru, your a sweet young man, you are also the prince of the your father's lands. Inuyasha is just a nucklehead." Kagome pulled the young prince into a hug that he very much needed. As Sesshomaru watched he felt his heart melt. "Naomi you would be proud of our son." He thought.

"Come my son, We must get you out of those rags." Sesshomaru said after Kagome released his son from her hug. "Wait a minute Sesshomaru, I think a certain someone has something to say to your son before you leave." Kagome said before she walked over to the sat half-demon whom was playing dead. She pulled him up by his ears and dragged him to the boy while Inuyasha was whining about his ears. "Inuyasha say your sorry to this little sweetheart." Kagome said pushing Inuyasha towards the young prince. "Fine, Look Kid I freaked when I found out you're my nephew so I got mad and I'm Sorry, InuMaru." Inuyasha said looking at the boy. "Really..." InuMaru ran and hugged his Uncle in a tight grip. "Hey Brat what are you doing?" InuMaru answered by tightening his hug. "Sesshomaru will you please get your son off of me." Inuyasha said get a bump on his head from both Kikyo and Kagome. "Ow you two what was that for." "Let him, he needs both of you." Kikyo said looking at the young Dog demon. Kagome nodded. InuMaru let go of Inuyasha's waist and looked at Kikyo and Kagome.

"My fair Ladies are you to sisters?" InuMaru asked his brown eyes sparkling. "InuMaru dear, Kagome is my reincarnation." Kikyo said causing the prince to become confused. "My lady, how can she be your reincarnation, you would have to dead for that." InuMaru cocked his head to the side like a puppy. Kikyo knelt down and brought the boy's hand to her chest causing him to blush. "No my Lady this is not proper." InuMaru said his blushing increased. "How does he know that is not proper?" Sesshomaru asked himself.When his hand touched her flesh felt no heat coming from her body."Lady Kikyo, your so cold." She nodded and moved his heart to the place where her heart would be. He felt no heartbeat. "Miss Kikyo your heart... it's not beating." InuMaru looked down at his feet and frowned. "InuMaru, I am one of the dead. I was revived by an evil demoness that saught to use my powers for evil ways." Kikyo released his hand and lefted up his head to see a frown on his red lips. "Does that me your not my friend any more?" He whispered. Kikyo was shocked he didn't care that she was dead. "InuMaru, I will always be your friend until to day I return to the earth." InuMaru's face brighten and hugged her around the neck.

"InuMaru, do you want Lady Kikyo to come with us?" Sesshomaru asked his son. "No Father, I want Miss Kagome to come with us." InuMaru smiled sencing the love that his Uncle and Lady Kikyo had for each other. "Me?" "Yes, Lady Kikyo and Uncle have feelings for each other. And you have no feelings for Uncle so, Please?" InuYasha and Kikyo looked at each other and blushed. Kagome smiled at the two and said. "Yes InuMaru I will join you just let me get my stuff."  InuMaru nodded and smiled. 

Kagome got her stuff and joined Sesshomaru's group with InuMaru by her side. 

Later that day...

By this time InuMaru was dressed in a white kimono with light blue flower designs on it with a hamaka to match that balloned at the ankle. He had a blue obi with black ankle high boot like his fathers and his hair was up in a high ponytail.

Sesshomaru entered the camp first as Rin ran up to him. "My Lord welcome back." She said her raven hair fluttering in the breeze. "Lord Sesshomaru your back." Jaken said running up to his master. "Jaken, Rin I want you to met someone." Sesshomaru waved his hand and InuMaru came out of the darkness of the forest. Jaken's jaw dropped. "M-My Lord who is this dirty little half-demon?" Jaken said what he would soon regret. "What did you just say?" InuMaru growled picking up the toad by his neck. "I may be a half-demon but I am not dirty or little like you, got it pipqueak." InuMaru then chucked Jaken at a nearby tree. Sesshomaru was shocked at his son's actions he would defend himself if needed. "Rin, this is InuMaru my son." Sesshomaru said as Rin walked up the prince. "It's an honor My Lord." Rin said giving him a little cursy. InuMaru bowed to her and she gave him a big hug. "Miss Kagome you can come out now." InuMaru said to the priestess. 

Kagome came out of the shadows and Jaken was scream his head off about InuMaru but that got him slamed into a large tree. Rin went to find some food in the forest and she had not come back for hours and it was getting dark. "I will go find her father." InuMaru said looking to his father. "InuMaru how are you going to find your way back?" Kagome asked. InuMaru cut open his hand and three drops of blood fell out. When they hit the ground three bright blue flowers grew with an open bloom. "I will live a trail of flowers so that I and Rin will find our way back." InuMaru said. "He has inheired his mother's powers as well as my own." Sesshomaru thought as dug his claws into his hand walked into the forest bright blue flowers flowing behind him. 

In the forest InuMaru looked back to see the flowers glowing the color of the moon lighting up the forest. He then continued walking toward until he reached a large house with ravens and blackbirds on the roof. "Hello boy, Why have you come?" A old voice came out of the house. "Hello, my sister a little human girl around the age of 8 came into the forest looking for food. Have you seen her?" InuMaru said. " Yes child, the girl in here in my kitchen eating. Come in and join her." The woman said. InuMaru climbed the steps and entered the house. Just then the door slamed shut and the woman cackled. "Half-breed you will be a tasty treat." She said using her powers to put InuMaru into a cage where Rin was. "Rin you alright?" "Yes Maru," Rin said. The witch sniffed at the cage. "My My a royal. I haven't had a royal in a long time." InuMaru growled.

"She sniffed does that mean she can't see." InuMaru thought. "I can kill her but this plan must work." InuMaru removed his kimono top off and covered Rin with it. "Maru what are you doing?" She whispered. "Rin what ever you do don't move but breathe though your nose and when I yell your name come running out." Rin nodded before InuMaru was dragged out of the cage. He looked over to see a pair of bright green eyes shining in the darkness of a cage on far wall with a cloth of it. He then turned his attention to the witch. "Get in boy." She said as she set him before the hot oven. Playing dumb InuMaru said. "I don't know how..." "Brat It's easy." The witch said forgetting that it was red hot. She climbed in and InuMaru slammed the oven door on her. "Rin help me." InuMaru shouted to his adopted sister. Rin ran from the cage and to InuMaru's side. Rin pushed with all her strength as InuMaru fought to latch the door. Once it was done, the witch's screams of fear and pain ended.

InuMaru pulled Rin to his chest as they watched the witch burn. InuMaru looked over to the covered cage where he had seen the pair of the green eyes. Releasing Rin, InuMaru walked over to the cage and pulled the cloth off. A small form looked up at the Dog Demon Prince with fear in it's eyes. The form was girl around his age with long bright auburn hair black feathered wings coming from her back and pale skin covered in bruises and scars. "Don't worry I will not hurt you." He said opening the cage. The girl crawled out wearing rags. She was so thin that you could see her ribs. Her wings folded back. "Come on you can trust me." He help her stand on both feet before she fell into his arms from not having strength in her body. "Who are you?" InuMaru asked. Brown met Green. "I am Melody." 

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