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Chapter 1

Bad News

It has been four years since the sacred jewel shard search began, and Kagashe is now fourteen, Shanaru is now nine, and Sanku is traveling with Inuyasha’s team. Kagashe, Kagome, Inuyasha, Shanaru, Kagura, Sanku, and Kirara were walking along, when a giant ogre showed up. Everyone prepared to destroy the ogre, and the ogre charged at them. Sanku got the Hiraikotsu ready, Shanaru pulled Tokijin out, Kagura prepared her fan, Kagashe pulled out the Tetsaiga, Kagome prepared her bow, Kirara transformed, and Inuyasha pulled out the Tensaiga.
After the ogre was destroyed, a lizard on two legs walked up. The lizard said, “So you destroyed it. You should know that Ciro is the least of the nightmare.” “Who are you? What do you want?” Kagashe asked. The lizard ignored her and Kagome asked, “What do you mean?” “My name is Jin Jin, and you should know that there is a creature with purple hair, and a spider on his back, which is more powerful than Ciro, was.” “So what?” Kagashe said. “That is only the tip of the iceberg,” Jin Jin said, “Even if Lord Sesshomaru had survived, and you all teamed up, he still wouldn’t have been stopped.” Everyone blinked, and Kagashe said, “How do you know all this?” “It is said that this creature is Naraku’s backup plan,” Jin Jin said, “This creature also has millions of servants under his control, plus a horse, which are all more powerful than Ciro, and the creature is also more powerful than all the servants put together.” “So someone has seen this incarnation of Naraku?” Inuyasha asked, picking up Jin Jin. “Yes, Jin Jin and myself,” a pink creature with floppy ears said, “His name is Hakadoshi.”
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Jin Jin, Kagashe, Shanaru, and Sanku I created.
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