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Chapter 12



Future Kagashe got off the ground, and Ayame said, “I know that Kouga and your father fought a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to.” Future Kagashe turned to her, and said, “Tell that to your son, not me!” “You’re the one who started it, by calling me a mango,” Koame yelled. As Kagome and Ayame listened to the two squawking like wet hens, Kagon said, “Hey Ayame it might be best that we split up.” “Yeah, I see what you mean,” Ayame said.
All of a sudden, a whip of light appeared right where Future Kagashe and Koame had been arguing seconds before. Future Kagashe said, “Uncle?” Sesshomaru, Rin, Ah-Un, Kagura, Shanaru, and Jaken landed. “What’s he doing here?” Kagome quietly asked. Upon noticing nobody else around, Sesshomaru asked, “Where’s everyone else?” “They’re…” Future Kagashe started, but was silenced by Sesshomaru’s glare at her and Koame. Kagome stepped forward, and said, “They’ll be back in a few. They just went to get Kagon’s ancestor to complete his weapon.” “Yeah,” Future Kagashe and Koame said in unison. Sesshomaru looked over at them and said, “Silence now!” Kagashe and Koame got on the ground in case he decided to attack. Sesshomaru glared at them and said, “If this Sesshomaru catches you two squawking like a bunch of chickens again he will personally see to your demise. Now get going!” Future Kagashe and Koame got up and left in the direction of the others.
Once on their way, Koame asked, “Do you think he was serious?” “Do you want to push your luck?” Future Kagashe asked. Koame got quiet, and the two continued to leave. Ayame said, “Maybe we won’t have to split up.” Kagome nodded, and said, “Sesshomaru thanks. How can we ever repay you?” “Don’t let Hakadoshi kill you,” Sesshomaru said, “We’ll need your power.” Kagome nodded and said, “We’d better catch up.”
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does. Kagashe and Koame I created.
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