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Chapter 13

The Problem

After everyone regrouped, Akitoki asked, “So you need to find a way to kill this Hakadoshi creature, and using your family weapon is the only way?” “Correct,” Kagon said. “Okay, then follow me east,” Akitoki said. The next day Akitoki had led the group to a small rich village and a young man came out. “Akitoki, you’re back! Good to see you; these friends of yours?” the man asked. “Yeah, Uncle Salami, they have helped me several times,” Akitoki said. Salami wore a green and blue kimono, with a yellow sash. An hour after the introductions were made, Akitoki came out with the two items, which he gave to Kagon. “Good luck, I wish I could go with you, but my place is here for now,” Akitoki said.
Meanwhile in the south, Hakadoshi yelled, “What?! Why haven’t they returned?” “I’ll just have to send the Saimyosho,” Hakadoshi said in his normal voice, and snapped his fingers. At that, the Saimyosho that were in a small hole in the cave went north.
Later after sunset, the wolf demons at the castle spotted the Saimyosho, and Servici came out in the light of the crescent moon. Servici put her fingers to the sides of her face out, with her fingers pointing toward the crescent moon on her forehead, which made the crescent moon glow with snow coming out, and destroyed the Saimyosho on the front lines; the rest of the Saimyosho went south. Ginta turned to Servici, and Hakakaku said, “Ginta, I think this may be the fight that she is meant for, but we need to get her somewhere safe for now. Do you think Inuyasha’s team would be willing to take her in?” “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Ginta asked, pointing up to the sky. “Uh… oh yeah, and Inuyasha might kill us if we say anything about it,” Hakakaku said, “We’d better think of someone else.”
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Kagon, Salami, and Servici I created.  Note: Salami is not pronounced like the meat.
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