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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Chapter 14 The New Moon Part 1 The next morning, Ginta and Hakakaku decided to evacuate the castle, and went south-west, and met up with Sesshomaru’s mom by accident.  After Ginta explained the situation Sesshomaru’s mom said, “I’ll take Servici, you get back to Kouga.  But before you go, tell me why didn’t you take Servici to Sesshomaru, or his half-brother?”  “We have no idea as to where Sesshomaru is, and we’ve got our own personal reason as to Inuyasha,” Ginta said.  “Well… okay, come along Servici,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  Servici did as her mom said, and the wolf-demons decided to track down Kouga.  After Ginta, Hakakaku, and the rest of the wolf demons, tracked down Kouga, three hours till sunset, Kouga told everyone to head to the den in the east; the wolf demons left, and Kouga turned around, only to find Inuyasha and Kagome yelling at each other.  “Inuyasha, we can’t go after this Hakadoshi tonight,” Kagome yelled.  “We can get him before the sun sets,” Inuyasha yelled back.  Everyone was already annoyed, and Sanku said, “Are they going to stop?”  “It can’t go on for much longer,” Miroku said.  “Inuyasha,” Kagome said, “Sit boy!”  Crash!  Crash!  Inuyasha and Young Kagashe fell face first to the ground.Three hours later, everyone was in a cave; Inuyasha, Young Kagashe, and Future Kagashe had turned to their human forms, and it was raining outside.  All of a sudden, three monkey sprites walked in, followed by a roar, and a giant lizard appeared.  “Sacred jewel shards,” the lizard roared.  “Oh, great, of all the times!” Future Kagashe yelled.  “Don’t worry,” Sango said.  “Yeah, we’ll handle it,” Miroku said, running outside with Sango.  “Inuyasha, you can’t go out, just give them time to delay,” Shippo said, noticing the look in his eyes.  “Yeah, Shippo’s right,” Kagome said, grabbing Inuyasha’s arm.  Kouga was standing at the entrance to the cave, when Kirara walked up and transformed; she then flew outside, catching Sango and Miroku.  “Why won’t this thing die?” Sango yelled.  Miroku pulled out a sutra, and threw it at the lizard, but another lizard appeared and swallowed the other lizard.  “Oh, now that…” Sango started.  Slap!  “Would you focus for once,” Sango yelled at Miroku.Just then Sanku picked up her cross boomerang, and headed outside.  Miroku yelled, “Sanku, go back inside!” Just as Miroku said that a lightning bolt and a very loud thunder almost hit the lizard.
Chapter End Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici, Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Sanku I created.

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