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Chapter 15 The New Moon Part 2 After the lightning hit, Sanku hit the lizard with her cross boomerang, but the lizard pulled back together.  Inside the cave, Kagome got in front of Inuyasha, and then yelled, “Everyone get out of the way!”  Kouga, Ayame, and Koame moved to the side of the cave, to let the arrow strike the lizard.  The lizard started howling, and Kouga ran out and yelled, “Shut-up!” Kouga then struck the lizard, with his fist and the lizard was quiet.  “Now tell us why did you attack us?” Kouga asked.  “One of Hakadoshi’s men sent me,” the lizard said, “He is after the sacred jewel.”  Just then Ayame came out and it stopped raining.  “Well, well it’s about time,” Koame said, and he walked outside.  “Hey, Future Kagashe, how powerful is Hakadoshi?” Shippo asked.  “I… I don’t really know, like I said I only fought with his men servants, and the seven of us survived only thanks to grandfather’s dog form that wiped the group out,” Future Kagashe said.  “Then how do you know about Hakadoshi?” Kagon asked.  “Two of the demons grandfather saved at one time escaped from Hakadoshi and came to us,” Future Kagashe said.An hour passed by, and the sun rose just as the demon attacked the group again.  Once transformed into their partial demon forms, Young Kagashe, Inuyasha, and Future Kagashe ran out of the cave followed by Shippo, Kagome, and Kagon and the monkey sprites.  “So is this one of Hakadoshi’s servants?” Inuyasha asked.  “You could say that,” Miroku said.  “Watch out this thing seems to glue itself back together, even with sutras,” Sango said, as Kirara, she and Miroku were riding, landed.  Kagome, Young Kagashe, and Future Kagashe blinked.  Future Kagashe asked, “How did this… thing get one?”  “Get what?” Kouga asked.  “The shard, wolf-man, the shard,” Young Kagashe said.  Kouga who was taken by surprise at Young Kagashe’s words, looked at Young Kagashe, and blinked.  “Get used to it Kouga; I did the same thing when I was younger,” Future Kagashe said.  “Excuse me,” the lizard said.  “And just who told you to say anything?” Future Kagashe yelled.  The lizard looked at her and said, “Who do you think you’re talking to?”  “A giant lizard who doesn’t seem to know right from wrong, that’s who,” Future Kagashe yelled, pulling out her Tetsaiga.  Kagome put her hand to her forehead, and shook her head.  “What’s with you?” Inuyasha asked.  “Ugh figure it out for yourself,” Kagome said, taking her hand off her head.  “Can we please kill this… thing?” Young Kagashe asked.  Everyone looked at each other, and attacked the lizard at the same time.  After it was killed, the final Jewel shard fell into Future Kagashe’s hand. 

“What?” Sango asked in shock. “Don’t forget she’s also Kagome’s child, Miroku said. “Uh huh,” Sango said.  “What do you say we move out, before another demon shows up, we’ll need all the strength we can muster to fight Hakadoshi,” Ayame said.  “Yeah, you’re right,” Kouga said.  “Who cares we just need to find him,” Inuyasha yelled.  “Inuyasha, calm down,” Kagome said.  “If you two are going to fight, then I’m leaving,” Young Kagashe said.  Inuyasha and Kagome blinked, and followed everyone else, who were being followed by the monkey sprites.

Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Sanku, Koame, Future Kagashe, Present Kagashe, and Kagon I created.
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