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Chapter 16 Servici’s Power By mid point of the next day, Servici and her mother had reached the house where Sesshomaru’s mother lived at, and an hour after they arrived, they went into a large room.  Sesshomaru’s mother said, “I’d like to see what you’ve learned in these years you’ve been away.”  “Alright, but don’t be surprised at my strength,” Servici said.  At that Servici pulled out two fingers, and shot out a whip of light, barely singeing her mother’s hair, and blasting a three foot wide hole in the wall behind her.  Her mom looked at the hole and then looked at Servici, blinking.  “Still want to take me on?” Servici asked.  Her mom stood dumbstruck for a moment, but then said, “Servici, I think you are ready to fight Hakadoshi.”  “You mean it?” Servici asked.  “I really don’t think anyone can beat you,” her mom said, “Which is why I asked your half-brother to come.  I sort of expected you’d be ready.”  Just then there was a knock, and Sesshomaru’s mom said, “Go with my son.”  Servici nodded, and the two of them went to the door, and were greeted by Sesshomaru, Kagura, Shanaru, Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un.  “Who is this?” Rin asked.  “Hush your mouth girl,” Jaken said.  “I wasn’t asking you, master Jaken,” Rin said.  “What is it you want?” Sesshomaru asked.  “Sesshomaru, could you take Servici with you to kill Hakadoshi?” Sesshomaru’s mom asked.  Sesshomaru looked at Servici, and Rin said, “So you’re Servici?”  “Yes!” Servici said, “And don’t any of you underestimate me like mom did.”  “Very well,” Sesshomaru said, and the seven of them left.  “So where is Hakadoshi? Servici asked.  “We don’t know.  We’re still looking for him,” Kagura said. 
Chapter End Notes:
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