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Chapter 17 The Monkey God FLASHBACK: A giant lizard was destroyed, and some monkey sprites were following Inuyasha’s team.  “What is it that you want?!” Future Kagashe yelled at them.  Immediately the monkey sprites hid behind Kagome.  One peered out and said, “Do you know where the monkey god is?” “How would we know?” Young Kagashe asked.  “Well, you mentioned Hakadoshi, the reason we are looking for the sacred object,” another said.  “Wait, I thought you were looking for a monkey,” Inuyasha asked.  Everyone had stopped and was listening intensively to the monkeys and the conversation.  (End of flashback.)Later, “And we’re looking for this monkey god, why?” Future Kagashe asked.  “If the monkey god was truly in Hakadoshi’s area, then he may know the location of Hakadoshi,” Miroku said.  “Humph Future Kagashe said.  As they were nearing a village a bunch of humans ran up to the group, and halted.After the humans stopped they all got on the ground, and said, “Please save our village and drive out the monkeys.”  “You don’t mean those do you?” Kouga asked.  “Kouga!” Ayame yelled.  The men looked up at the monkeys, and said, “What’s going on?” “Well, answer them,” Koame said.  “It’s true” a third monkey sprite said, “We did wreck their village.” “Yeah, but we are simply looking for the sacred object,” the fourth one said.  “Oh, well why didn’t you just ask?” a man said.  “What does it look like,” another said, when the four monkeys didn’t say anything.  “It’s a round rock engraved with the monkey symbol on it,” a monkey said.  After the entire day was up, and nobody had found the sacred object, Future Kagashe walked over to a house, and asked, “You wouldn’t be talking about this, would you?” The monkeys walked over and said, “Yep, this is the one.”  Someone had it outside being used to hold up a tree, and then the owner of the house came out.  The owner looked like a young Kaede, except she had a staff in her hand.  The young girl said, “Haven’t you monkeys caused enough trouble already?”Later after all was explained, the girl said, “If it’s an important object, then please take it, the tree was still leaning anyway.”  “It probably wasn’t the best thing to use in the first place,” Future Kagashe said.  “Yes, she’s right,” Kagome said, looking at the girl’s expression.  The next day, Kagome showed the girl how to steak the tree; after the monkey god was released, he told them that Hakadoshi was somewhere south, but could not tell where, other than it had lots of rocks where the creature landed.  Seconds later everyone went south.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Tajahashi does.  Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, and Koame I created.
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