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Chapter 18

Another Sibling


A Wolf

“What, they’re gone?!” Hakadoshi yelled, “How do you expect me to win if you can’t even locate Servici?” “Sorry sir, it won’t happen again. We’ll try harder,” the tall lizard with armor on said. “No, I’ve got a better idea, take care of the demon horse,” Hakadoshi said, smirking.
Three seconds later, a scream was heard, and blood stained the rocks. Meanwhile, at the den, Asagi, Dai, Shion, Mooegi, Ai, and Roku had decided to leave, and Asagi said, “Ginta, Hakakaku, I think it is time for us to go, we may be able to help kill Hakadoshi. The tribe nodded, and Ginta said, “Alright you guys take care, it’s gonna be rough. By the way, where did you get the swords?” “An evil wolf had them, before he was killed, by a big girl dog with a crescent moon, three years ago. We think the dog might have been Servici,” Asagi said. “Yeah, but Servici doesn’t have a dog form,” a member said. “Huh, are you serious?” Roku asked. “Then… but…who was it?” Dai asked, looking at Roku. “I suppose that means that there is yet another sibling, and this one sounds powerful,” Hakakaku said. “Yeah, you’re right. Well, we better get going.” Asagi said.
After the six left, Ginta said, “Well, we’d best locate Kouga again.” All of a sudden, the wind picked up slightly, and Ginta said, “I’d say it is either Kagura or Moorie causing this.” Just then out of the sky, an extremely large wolf appeared and landed in front of the den. “Where’s Kouga?” The wolf asked. “We were about to find him, Moorie.” Hakakaku said. “You two, go, the rest of you, stay with me,” Moorie said.
Ginta and Hakakaku left without question, and Moorie turned to everyone else, and asked, “Why aren’t Kouga and Ayame here? Where’s Servici? What happened to my cousin?” “Would you like to sit down?” A member asked. “Yes, especially considering how long a story it is,” another said.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Moorie and Servici I created.
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