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Chapter 2

The Final Appearance

“Who are you?” Inuyasha asked, putting Jin Jin down. “My name is Shalokasuo, and actually we are two of several men saved from death by your grand-father,” the creature said. “We really should find out if the stories are true,” Kagura said. “How true, no need to use the time machine, unless it is necessary,” Kagome said.
Meanwhile, Hakadoshi, was in a cave, when two of his servants came in. “What is it,” Hakadoshi asked. “Well, it seems that Shalokasuo survived the attack, because we just checked, and …well there were footprints walking away from the place where he was,” one of his servants said. “What?!” Hakadoshi yelled. The two servants, which were tall toads, looked at each other. “Can’t you two find any good news?” Hakadoshi asked. Hakadoshi got up and went out the cave entrance and told his men outside, “Group A bring me back Shalokasuo.” Group A, which was made up of 300 servants, said, “Sir!” Group A then left.
About an hour later, Inuyasha and his team were heading down a road, when Group A showed up. Shalokasuo looked at them, and said, “Oh no, Hakadoshi must have figured it out.” The fight began, and even three minutes in, everyone realized that none of them were a match for even 1 of the 300 servants. All of the servants, who looked like lizards with swords and armor on were within an inch of all of them, pointing their swords at them; they were about to kill them.
But, when all seemed lost, all of a sudden, a great big dog appeared with a ghostly glow around it. “What?” Jin Jin said. The dog stopped all the swords, throwing them back, and breaking them against large rocks. “You aren’t trying to kill “my” family, are you?” Inu no Taisho asked. “What of it,” said one of the servants. Another said, “Shut-up, or do you want to be killed?”
“Man, I thought we were done for that time,” Inuyasha said. Kagashe got up and asked, “Who is that? He kind of looks like Uncle Sesshomaru, except there isn’t a crescent moon.” Inuyasha looked at her and said, “It has to be father. Even Sesshomaru wasn’t that large.” Inutaisho, looked at the servants, and said, “You are never going to heaven now.”
Then in the blink of an eye Inu no Taisho destroyed the entire Group A; once all were gone Inu no Taisho changed to his human-like form. “Inuyasha, Kagashe, Kagura, and Shanaru, this is the last time I can come to this world, but remember I’ll always be here. There may be a chance to kill Hakadoshi, so good luck,” Inu no Taisho said, then he vanished.
After he vanished, everyone stood in shock, and stared. Jin Jin asked, “Uh… just what did he mean I wonder.” Nobody had an answer to Jin Jin’s question, because nobody knew the answer.
Five hours later, everyone was back at Inuyasha’s Kagome’s, and Kagashe’s house; the time machine was being rejuvenated. “It’s done,” Kagome said, after a while. Kagashe looked around, after putting the time machine on, and Kagome said, “Good Luck!” Kagashe nodded, pushed a button and vanished.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumoko Takahashi.  Jin Jin, Shalokasuo, Kagashe, and Shanaru I created.
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