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Chapter 22 Tsubaki’s End Hours after everyone left Rin, Ah-Un, and Kohaku, Inuyasha’s and Sesshomaru’s teams met at the castle.  “And just why are you here?” Inuyasha yelled.  Sesshomaru ignored him, and Servici stepped forward.  “You must be Inuyasha,” Servici said.  “What’s it to you?” Inuyasha yelled, pulling out the Tetsaiga.  “Whoa!  Easy everyone," a voice said.  Everyone turned to see Sesshomaru’s mom behind them.  Servici said, “Mom what are you doing here?”  “I’ve come to lend my assistance,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  “So, I take it Hakadoshi is in the castle up ahead,” Future Kagashe said.  “Yes,” Sesshomaru’s mom said.  “Well then, let’s not wait for the snow to fall,” Future Kagashe said.  At that everyone swiped through the first line of lizards guarding the castle, and then stormed the castle.As they fought the lizards, Shippo said, “I wonder what the deal is with castles.”  “It’s an ally of protection I’m sure,” Servici said.  “Let’s save the talk until after we beat the stuffing out of Hakadoshi,” Inuyasha said.  As they continued to battle demons, and the demons began to get weaker, everyone stopped.  A woman with silverish-grey hair, and a blue kimono stood before them.  The woman also had a snake-like demon with her.  “Just who are you?” Inuyasha asked.  Future Kagashe blinked, and said, “It’s Tsubaki, the rival of Kikyo, or so I’ve been told.”  Inuyasha looked at Future Kagashe, and then at Tsubaki.  “She is also responsible for what happened between you and Kikyo.  She put a curse on Kikyo,” Future Kagashe said.  Inuyasha yelled, “So that’s it.  Get out of our way or else.”  Tsubaki stood there and said, “Go my Shikigami, attack.”  Demons started to come out of Tsubaki’s right eye; Inuyasha used the Backlash Wave on the demons and the demonic aura surrounding Tsubaki, killing her and all demons she had in her eye.  As she was destroyed, the demon horse appeared.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Servici and Future Kagashe I created.
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