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Chapter 24

Hakadoshi’s Demise

As young Kagashe woke up, her normally brown eyes had turned to red with blue pupils, and had a purple stripe on each side of her face. Her claws and fangs were now longer, also. “Well,” Hakadoshi said, “Are you all going to stand there, or are you going to fight?”
“Are you talking to them?” Young Kagashe growled. Hakadoshi turned around, only to have his arm sliced off. “What, but…but… How can a quarter demon have such power?” Hakadoshi asked.
As the battle intensified, Sango asked, “Just how many times has this happened?” “This is only the first,” Kagome said. Kagome continued, “I was hoping that it would never happen though.”
After Hakadoshi was killed by Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe threw her Tetsaiga in Young Kagashe’s path making the evil aura controlling Young Kagashe dissipate. Young Kagashe looked up at Hakadoshi’s dead body, and said, “What happened?”
“We’d best go,” Kagura said. As Sesshomaru’s team left, Kagon saw a demon in the opposite direction, and turned his weapon in a spinning way, and a web came out killing the demon, that was about to attack young Kagashe. Kagon then ran out to Young Kagashe, and Young Kagashe said, “Kagon, please tell me it wasn’t me.” Young Kagashe looked at her hands that were covered in blood, and then at Kagon.
“Kagashe, why don’t we go find a river to wash in,” Kagon said, grabbing Kagashe’s wrist. Young Kagashe nodded, and got up. It looks like we were right,” Kagome said. “About what,” Inuyasha asked. “About Kagon and Kagashe,” Kagome said.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Young Kagashe, Future Kagashe, and Kagon I created.
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