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Author's Chapter Notes:
I am working on a encore for the Kagashe Trillogy, but it won't be like the trillogy exactly, and there will be no time machine.
Chapter 25

Servici’s Assistance

Future Kagashe walked up to Young Kagashe, and picked up the Tetsaiga. “Um…Kagashe?” Young Kagashe asked. “Yes?” Future Kagashe said, turning her head. “How did you…” Young Kagashe started. Before Young Kagashe could finish her question Future Kagashe said, while putting the Tetsaiga in the sheave, “It has something to do with the demon blood in you, but best to ask mom or dad about that,” “Oh, I see,” Young Kagashe said. “Well, let’s just get to a river,” Future Kagashe said.
Hours later, everyone had reached a river, and Young Kagashe was washing her hands, and Future Kagashe walked to the edge of the river, and said, “Kagashe, don’t worry too much, he would have died anyway.” “But you didn’t find a weakness,” Young Kagashe said. “Don’t worry, we no longer need a weakness, all that is needed now, is to out number and out power him,” Future Kagashe said. Young Kagashe nodded, and then turned around.
“What is it?” Kagon asked. “I think I know who it is,” Future Kagashe said. Young Kagashe came out of the river, and Future Kagashe yelled, “Come on out, we know you’re there.” Everyone turned, and Servici came out of the bushes nearby. “You’re just like your father,” Servici said. “And?” Future Kagashe steamed. “I was told you came to this time earlier, and I figured you’d want to know if you’ll be returning here, or not,” Servici said.
“Wait, what are you saying?” Young Kagashe said. “I can see any-one’s future,” Servici said. “Then, come on, we must be rid of all monsters.” Future Kagashe said. Servici followed Future Kagashe, and found a rock, and sat down.
Just then Inuyasha and Kagome came through the weeds, with another sword. Kagome, who had the sword, came to where Young Kagashe was, and said, “Here, it’s called the Teesi.” Young Kagashe took the sword that was in the sheave. “Wait, what about…” Young Kagashe started. “Shanaru? Don’t worry, even half-demons can’t pick that sword up,” Kagome said.
At the nearby rock, Servici said, “I see a wolf-boy, and…a black haired demon.” “Yes, he’s a quarter demon. I can’t really say anything more,” Future Kagashe said. “I see, well, I don’t see you returning, or him coming here, so I suppose it’ll be peaceful from now on,” Servici said.
“Did she say quarter demon?” Inuyasha asked. “Uh, yeah, what’s up?” Young Kagashe asked. Kagome stood there blinking blankly.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Kagashe and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Future Kagashe, Young Kagashe, Kagon, Servici, and Shanaru I created.
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