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Author's Chapter Notes:
It may be a long time before I get Inu's fight up, but stay posted.
Chapter 28

Inu’s Sword’s Power

Days later, everyone had come to Totosai’s, and after explaining the situation, Totosai said. “Alright, I should have known it would eventually come to this.” “So you’ll do it?” Kagome asked. “Yes, but I don’t have anything here that is made for blood suppressing,” Totosai said. Inuyasha blinked and said, exasperated, “Fine, just get one, and quickly.”
Six days later, Inu had his sword the Teesi, and everyone was under attack by a bear-demon. Inuyasha kicked the bear in Inu’s sword path, and Inu saw a bull’s eye; Inu sliced through the bull’s eye, and a quadruple cross-spinning funnel sliced and chopped up the bear-demon. “The quadruple slicer, is that correct?” Shanaru asked. Inu nodded yes.
The next day, a dragon type popped up out of the ground, and Inu killed the creature by using its fiery-like energy, and by collecting the water in the air from five yards around the dragon, and fusing cold fire, with the water, and blasting the dragon to where it looked like 4th of July fireworks.
After the dragon was defeated, Servici, Forginji, and Sesshomaru’s mother appeared from the rocks. Kagashe turned and said, “If you are here then I suppose you all know about the threat.” Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Yes, his army is heading this way, but I’ve never seen a large army of lizards trying to support bad guys.”
Just then the lizards appeared, and the leader said, “We’re not much, but after the other armies were either killed by the Demon 3, or killed themselves by fighting each other, we’re all that’s left so be strong.” Another lizard asked, “Aren’t they the D… demon 3?” The leader looked at Servici, Forginji, and Sesshomaru’s mother, and said, “Uh… Well… like… I… said… be strong.” As the lizards were preparing to fight Forginji blew melting, skin liquefying, hot air on them, and the lizards turned to nothingness.
After the introductions were made, Servici said, “Hakadoshi is at the east castle. We overheard some of the servants talking before they met with an unfortunate accident.” “Shall we,” Kagome asked. “Yeah, let’s go. I believe you are called the Demon 3 come along, if you want Hakadoshi to die,” Inuyasha said. The Demon 3 followed the group east.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  Inu, Shanaru, Servici, Forginji, and Kagashe I created.
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