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Chapter 29

Unanswered Questions

On their way to Hakadoshi, they stopped by the village, and Kagon, who had calmed down, was explained to by Kagome why Kagashe didn’t take him with her to the past, or any other time period.
After, he understood, he and Kagashe talked for awhile, and Kagon said, “Kagashe, I… I didn’t mean to be so rough, but everything has been so crazy…” “I know, but seriously admit it, you enjoyed it,” Kagashe said. “Huh?” Kagon questioned. “I can see strait through you’re tactics that you use, when hiding something. Honestly, though I don’t really mind, if it helps you in some way,” Kagashe said. Kagon looked at her, and Kagashe blinked not realizing he was looking at her. Kagashe said, “Maybe I am like father in some ways; he said almost the exact same thing to mom six months before I was born.” Kagashe looked at Kagon, and Inu came up. “Father says, that its time to go,” Inu said, “We came here for information, but got off-track.”
Once on the road again, Inu asked, “So, how come father didn’t try to stop mom from talking to Kagon?” “You’re telling me you can’t figure “that” out?” Kagashe asked. Inu just blinked. “And people say that I’m like father,” Kagashe said, “Brother, he wanted her to, but knew she wouldn’t say anything unless he did. I also think you know why he wanted something done about it, I mean he goes through the same thing.” “Oh, but why didn’t she say anything?” Inu asked. “She’s always been like that; why he put up with her is beyond me, but I’m glad he did and still does,” Kagashe said. “But why…” Inu started to ask. “Don’t you ever run out of questions?” Kagashe asked.
Three hours later, everyone arrived at the castle, and Sanku asked, “I wonder why Hakadoshi chose east, instead of somewhere else, to await the fight?” “It sounds like he’s running from something, because he usually stays in the same area,” Jin Jin said, looking at the Demon 3. “No, it’s not us, he could wipe us out within a blink of an eye,” Servici said. “Well let’s go find out,” Kagura said.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  I created Kagon, Kagashe, Inu, Jin Jin, Sanku, and Servici.
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