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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you all enjoyed the series.  Prepare for The Future Girl, after next week.
Chapter 30

The End

Everyone ran up into the center of the castle, after Kirara transformed, and Sanku got on her; in the middle of the castle, Hakadoshi and his horse stood waiting. A blue clothed demon, with blue eyes, and red fire hair, walked up to them, after appearing at the bottom of the stairs, in a cloud of green smoke. The demon said, “Can you distract Hakadoshi, long enough for him to die?” “Who are you?” Inu asked.
“I’m called Salaco, the demon of lightning, and Hakadoshi is afraid of me, that is why he went here,” the demon said. “We’ll distract him,” Kagome said. They all used they’re weapons at different times, along with powers from the Demon 3, and distracted Hakadoshi long enough for Salaco to surprise Hakadoshi with multiple lightning strikes. While she, Salaco, was doing electrifying Hakadoshi, everyone else attacked Hakadoshi and his horse, which killed the two.
After Hakadoshi and his horse were turned to soot, Kagome turned and said, “Salaco, thanks for the help.” “Ayame sent me to help; she’ll be at the village soon, so you’d best be moving along.” At that she vanished into a pillar of blue smoke. “I wonder what Ayame wants?” Kagome asked. “She was Kouga’s fiancée, wasn’t she,” Kagashe asked. “Oh, yeah, but I wouldn’t think there would be time,” Kagome said. “Time for what?” Inu asked. “Ask, again, when you’re older,” Kagome said.
The group headed down to the village, and when they got there, Ayame and Kaede were waiting. “How’d it go?” Kaede asked. “Well Hakadoshi is dead,” Kagashe said. “What happened to the other two shards, I wonder?” Kagome asked.
Just then a strange whirlwind appeared, and dissipated, revealing a twelve year old Koame. “Is that Koame?” Kagashe asked. Ayame blinked, and said, shocked, “Why yes. How did you know?” “I met him in the other time,” Kagashe said. “Oh, so that was what Kaede was talking about I guess,” Ayame said, “Anyway, Koame, how did you get so fast?” “It’s probably the Jewel shards he’s got in his legs that is causing it,” Kagashe said. “Koame, where’d you get them?” Ayame asked. “A priestess said that she had found them, and that they belonged to Kouga years ago,” Koame said. “Where is Kouga, anyway? I came here looking for him, because he hasn’t been to see us, in years,” Ayame asked. “You mean, you don’t know?” Kagome asked. “Inu, Kagashe, will you take Koame to the house?” Kagome asked. Kagome and Inuyasha stayed with Ayame, and everyone else followed Kagashe, Inu, and Koame. Twenty years later, Kagashe and Kagon got married, after the decision was made to remove the necklace from Kagashe.
In the other time, Kagashe is now 16, the subjection connection now goes to Kagon, instead of Kagome; Inu who is now six years old, owns the Taloga sword. Sango and Miroku now have twin four year old boys, which as fate seems to be are like Miroku, and Shino, Shippo’s son, who is now four is about to find out the difference between demon and human on the quarter moon.

The End
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Sanku, Inu, Salaco, Kagashe, Koame, and Shino I created.
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